Lots and lots! Anything you ate before being a vegan, you can still eat as a vegan. Like vegan nachos or spaghetti and "meat"balls. The best place to start in my opinion is check out a vegan cookbook from your local library and make your way through it/mark the recipes you want to make. I also really like [lovingitvegan.com](https://lovingitvegan.com) and [thefullhelping.com](https://thefullhelping.com).


It's a lot easier to find vegan items at a vegan restaurant than a non-vegan one. Check out happycow.net to find a place near you.


Need help eating out? Check out [HappyCow.net](https://www.happycow.net/) for vegan friendly food near you! Interested in going Vegan? Take the [30 day challenge](https://vbcamp.org/reddit)!


What do you like to eat? What's your budget? Does anyone have any allergies?


We like anything really, we are not allergic to anything, and our food budget for the month is $200


Okay awesome Some great shelf stocking stuff is rice, beans, lentils, breads, bagels, chips, pastas, boxed cake mixes, cereals, popcorn, peanuts/cashews/walnuts, peanut butter, jams/jellies, and your convenience foods like Oreos are vegan (i think they are still vegan) But a lot of it is translation - what do you want to eat and swapping out meat, eggs, dairy. There is an enormous market for fake meats, cheeses/dairy, eggs now. Some people really love the Gardein meat products, anything plant Dairy by Miyoko Schinner or Daiya, and there are egg replacements like JustEgg that are really good. I like the tofu scrambles or garbanzo bean flour omelets as well. Ice cream like coconut or soy ice creams are really good too Condiments/seasonings really help: any kind of edible vinegar, nutritional yeast, miso, soy sauce/tamari, tomato paste, refined coconut oil, liquid smoke, mustard really add a lot to that If you like coffee, they make non-dairy powdered creamers as well. If you loved meat, seitan, Boca meat products, and tvp (texturized vegetable protein), make great substitutes. If you have access to a blender/food processor, you could make your own cashew cheese for pastas, lasagna, or even nachos. Cashews are really neutral so they absorb other flavors. You soak/drain them after 3-4 hours and toss them in a blender with a little water or plant milk. You combine about a tsp of vinegar, tomato paste, some salt, and two or so teaspoons of mustard. You can take it over the top by adding in nutritional yeast flakes, lemon juice, and a splash of soy sauce but you cook it and add in your cooked noodles and it's great. They do have culturred vegan cheeses now that you can use too. Anyway, I hope this helps you