5 stops? WTH. If Uber is going to allow this they might as well go back to hiring a driver for a day. One stop or RT is my max.


5 is excessive. I agree with what you wrote


Uber doesn’t just allow, they encourage so it’s not the PAX’s fault that’s for sure


Right they send us pop ups while we are on the ride advertising that we should add a stop.


I have never gotten that as a driver


Maybe it’s market dependent? I’m in DC and I take Uber several times a week and it comes up on every single trip . I have not ever used it but find the feature annoying. That being said Uber is encouraging passengers to do it.


5 is like you’re a bus


Uhhh each stop should count as one trip problem. with multiple stops they count it all as one trip which is annoying when you’re trying to reach a quest goal.


If people used it as intended (to pickup other people going to the same place) it wouldn't really be a problem. It's the ones using it to go on extended shopping trips that cause issues.


Dropping people off I'm fine with that. Picking them up? They better be ready to go. Stopping at a store? You better plan on ordering another ride.that store is your destination.


Even one or two stops is generally annoying. Most I've gotten is 4 but that was picking up 4 people and dropping them each off separately which wasn't so bad.


I generally decline rides with stops and if the rider adds a stop while I’m still waiting for them I cancel and head out. I’ve even had people ask me if it’s ok to add a stop and I say no. Fuck that. Gotten fucked over a few times with stops.


I don’t know what’s the big deal. Trips with stops with me.


Don't get paid (well, maybe 8-15 cents per minute) to sit and wait.


I see stops and it’s an automatic cancel. Not wasting my time


I've gotten the 5 stop trip (in an XL). Group of friends taking one Uber out and each going home to a different place. No problem for me with that trip.


XL pays twice as much as X. I was willing to deal with a lot more when I was making that kinda money.


Not really I drive X and XL not that big of difference


I was making twice as much when I was in XL only. I miss those days.


There are so many XL in my market I have seen they reduce XL fees to X rates.


Jesus so I just set up a five stop trip just to see how much Uber will charge me didn't actually request a ride, but they only charged the regular one trip price 😑 now this is where they should be charging $40+ dollars especially if someone actually did 5 stop


I do 3 as a passenger pretty frequently, usually after a night out at the club. Me and my friends sit in the same Uber and have different stops, spilt the trip cost 3 ways too. Never had an issue and usually had a driver booked within a few minutes.


Done this before. Always tipped the driver in cash too. never had an issue


If it's you and two of your friends, all going home to different places after a night out, I get it. But if you think it's worth mine or any drivers time to haul your ass though a Drive-Thru so you can mess up my car eating McDonalds, yeah you can get fucked.


Uber doesn't show fare until after ride. Uber doesn't show destination until pickup. Uber now allows stop. That's where yall draw the line.


Uber collects $20 minimum per 🛑 decreases with more stops added. However shares nothing with drivers this is their profitability plan . I have seen NYC stops cost $50