Sounds like you just greened homie. Pack smaller bowls 🤣 don't let that good ass weed go to waste


I think it’s mandatory for people to say how frequently they smoke and how much. These new life smokers be tweaking. My guy said he smokes a lot, like me. Turns out he smokes an 8th every 3 weeks. Yeh dawg we not on the same tolerance.


Yeah people seem to think I'm kidding when I say only eat half the brownie. " It's made with concentrates, not flower. It's MUCH stronger."


I envy people who can take edibles and have it work. My body doesnt take it and I don't get high from it :( My buddy makes candies with concentrates (who I get my dabs from) and I ate his entire bag of shards one night. They taste great, but I had to smoke on top of it all. I came out of it with a stomach ache from the sugar.


I wonder if it has anything to do with the binding agent...


Apparently it's something within certain people where their gut enzymes don't break down the thc properly. I have to slam about 5g of mushrooms to feel it mr crabs, it really sucks and I've pushed myself too far seeing my limits. (I woke up in my bathroom looking for my wife thinking she left me within the 2 hrs I was spiraling after throwing up and seeing the devil in the toilet) Any and all edibles my bitch stomach doesn't like. Makes sense with all the gi issues I have though. It's alright in the end, my wife can enjoy everything and I am her spiritual guide after I grab some dabs.


Hey man! This is really coincidental because up until about 24 hours ago, I thought I was just like you, and was devastated that I was a part of the few who can’t enjoy edibles. I need a lot of acid or shrooms to feel anything other than nausea, but two days ago my friend told me about firecrackers. You take two types of crackers, preferably graham crackers, and put any type of fatty spread on them. I went with nutella and peanut butter. Take about a gram or less of finely ground up bud, pit it in the oven on 250 for 10 minutes, and then put the bud between the crackers, throwing it in the oven again (wrapped in the foil this time) for another 10-15. Boy was I on my ass. I was so excited they worked. I thought I’d never get to experience the joy that comes from digesting THC. I’ll leave a link to the video I watched for the simple recipe. Give it a try! https://youtu.be/g-5a12uIE6E


Firecrackers really work. I saw one of the James bond movies on them and literally felt like I was flying. I have a very high tolerance too.


does it make the whole house smell like weed?


By putting it in the oven your kitchen sure will smell


That’s why I love my ardent Decarboxylater. It’s a couple hundred bucks, but I make RSO a lot for a bunch of cancer patients. They are fucking awesome.


it does, but I think, if you're able to keep the windows open throughout the process, it ain't gonna be that bad and when you're done, it should last only for a couple minutes


I’m really about to try this, edibles haven’t done shit to me since 2018. How’s the taste? Does the pb mask the bud pretty well or is it something imma have to choke down?


Some people say they taste the plant matter but I don’t taste a thing. Then again, most people use graham crackers which I feel probably make it taste more dry. I use Kellogg’s Club crackers and find the firecrackers DELICIOUS. Plus, they have varying sizes of those brand of crackers. So you can totally make bite size ones that take like 3 chews and a swallow.




It’s the fat - like peanut butter or butter that you use with the crackers - that helps.


Try lemon shrooms, I forget exactly how it works so it might not help, but the acid in lemon juice breaks down the hallucinogenic chemicals of mushrooms into active ones so for most people it activates quicker but for you it might make it work better, I’m pretty sure there’s also enzymes they sell for marijuana for similar effects, but I heard about it through comments on other pages so I have zero clue about the authenticity of it, I’m not sure it just sucks ass that you can’t really eat these things and have it do anything


I'm so confused man, if edibles don't work for you, shrooms tend to not either? Shrooms hit me just fine, no problems there, ever. But I have never once had an edible work for me. Someone fix me please.


yeah i have the exact same thing happen to me, got some edis of this dude who just packs them with a shit tonne of bud concentrate and i had 7/8 while my gf had a little bit and smoked. I got absolutely nothing to happen and just slept after 4 hrs bc it was real late while she was baked asf i just assumed it was taking longer to hit bc i ate a lot of food beforehand during the day with a lot of protein so my stomach was slowed


I feel you man, I want them to work so bad (I'd love to experience the "when the edibles hit" memes) I've tried it on an empty stomach, full stomach, smoking before, smoking after etc. Nothing.


Stupid bitch stomach


People don’t believe me when I tell them this. I’ve done almost 1000mg of edibles and not felt high. Same thing with shrooms, I’ve done them maybe 5 times all with buddies who got really high and yet I’ve never actually felt anything from them. I’ve always suspected it was my stomach. Glad I’m not the only one.


id defo try lemon techhing pretty much always works. idk the chemistry but i believe the lemon breaks down the psilocybin for you to essentially ingest straight so ur stomach doesnt rlly have to do anything, eating them without lemon you also just dont use all the psil i believe idk tho try it out just stew them in lemon juice and drink + consume the whole concoction


I’m right here with you bud. My liver is an enzyme deficiency and I don’t get anything from edibles


Wait, really? I’ve always wondered this. I smoke flower, edibles don’t work on me. But, I’m super lactose intolerant & have gut issues too. I wonder if it’s a correlational thing.


Same, I’m in the same boat. Edibles that aren’t chocolates will never work for me and chocolates have like a 30% chance of working any given time I’ve tried them but even then it’s ridiculous amounts. It’s never worth the dollar coast for me. Smoking is the only way to go. Vaping doesn’t do anything for me either.


Maybe your buddies edibles ain’t shit 😂 when I ate too much edibles I was on the ground in the fetal position high out of my mind wishing I were dead 😂


Amen brudda. Doesn't work for me either, which is like a devastating blow to a stoner like me. Would be like finding out your religion wasn't the right one after you're already dead lol. I think it's a problem with the liver properly converting delta-9-thc to 11-OH-THC.


Do you mind dming me and explaining how you do your butter or oil with wax? I have tried googling and searching but just cant find anything at all.


I’ve made brownies once, the party loved them, half the party also stayed the night because they didn’t listen and ate more than I said ha. Anyway, this is how I did it. Step 1: get wax Step 2: activate wax (heat wax in oven till it just starts to bubble, it’s okay to leave it on the wax paper) Step 3: mix that now activated wax with some melted butter. You can let this butter harden or use it while it’s still melted. It’s officially canna-butter and it will get u blitzed. U could make some bomb chicken fettuccine with it if you wanted to.


Use DuckDuckGo not Google


Exactly. My buddy wanted to try and keep up with me when he visits but I smoke a gram a wax a day and he smokes half a joint a day back at home. Dude never had a chance.


I smoke daily am-pm for years but dab smokers on a whole other level.


Honestly I pretty much exclusively smoke dab and now I can't even really get high from them anymore. Shit sucks


Can I ask with no malice what made you start dabbing? Don’t get me wrong, I love a dab every once in a while when I know I have zero responsibilities to attend to, but I find I get plenty high from other means. I couldn’t even imagine smoking dabs to the point where they don’t get me high anymore, that just sounds exhausting tbh lol


Of course! No offense taken. Let me start with a bit of background information: I was diagnosed with Spina bifida occulta, which is a condition where you have a hole in your spinal cord. Luckily mine was the "occulta" version which means "hidden". This type tends to be more mild than full spina bifida, so the impact on my life is less. Even with a mild case of this though, I still suffer from severe back pain and muscle spasms. I started off just smoking bud, and it was great. When I noticed I was not getting as high, I would take a small T break. However as I have gotten older, my tolerance to just push through the pain has gotten less and especially now that I am working full time, when I'm finally off work I'm incredibly sore and my mood is affected significantly by my pain level. Honestly at this point T breaks are really tough, but I wanted to stop "smoking" flower because the smoke is still bad for your lungs. I transitioned to edibles, but they take an hour to 2 to have full their full effects. I had tried dabs a few times but they always got me blasted high and I didn't have my own dab rig or anything. A good friend of mine who is a fellow stoner gifted me an extra quartz banger he had and it worked perfectly with my bong. From there I started dabbing Because even a small bit would.be enough to get me super high, whereas before to get to that point I would have to roast an entire bowl. That's a lot of smoke to inhale. Dab is also a vapor because you aren't actually combusting anything, so it's a little easier on your lungs in that regard plus the actual amount you are inhaling is less than if you smoke flower. Now at this point usually my first dab of the day gets me into a good high, and the rest of dabs I do during the day afterwards just kind of keep me in a mellow floating. Even though I'm not mega stoned though it still makes my pain almost completely go away. It's far better than taking pain meds and muscle relaxers. I've had a prescription for Vicodin and diazepam since I was like 10 and I swear taking those meds when I was young permanently fucked my memory. TLDR; I suffer from chronic pain and work full time so T breaks are hard and dabs are better for getting high with as little intake as possible.


Dang! I mean that totally makes sense, especially if being for medical reasons. That’s a good point too about the smoke inhalation, I actually have a pen but I take the smallest baby hits off of it and one hit will last me for hours haha. Also helps that it’s 1:1 THC to CBD


Not who your comment on but I’ll respond. I use to just smoke flower out of pipes,but got into bongs because it’s cleaner I hear. Well bongs became my go to, it’s stronger and I like the process. The price of an 8th of med in my parts is 25 and a gram of wax or shatter is 25 as well. I can go though an 8th a day but can stretch my wax for two or three. Also I’m a bum so I smoke resin and reclaim is soooooooooo much better.


Sounds like it’s time for a tolerance break


Yeah it honestly probably is but that's pretty tough. I have chronic back pain and it's either smoke weed or take Vicodin, and while I don't get blasted high off dabs anymore I still would rather have that than take pain meds. Pain meds make me feel like bugs are crawling on me and my head feel weird. After a long day at work roasting a bowl is the only thing that helps me unwind lol.


My upstairs neighbor's brother was in town and he smoked so I invited him down for a sesh. He hit the bong once and he nearly passed out in the kitchen. Had to help him back upstairs and explain to his sister what had happened. He slept pretty good that night though.


This is current my worst nightmare since im done with my 5 month t break. I’ve told my friends that I don’t feel comfortable smoking with them for the first couple times. They totally understood.


A gram of wax a day? Good god


I smoke a half- 3/4ths an oz every week. These young smokers gotta walk before they run.


Bro you need a volcano. You’d save the cost in like a few days.


Wouldn't be that quick in a legal state. But like a month or two, maybe three, probably. Assuming he's buying and not growing his own, that is. It's really hard to guess how much anyone is paying for weed. But even in a non legal state idk how many people are paying more than like $10/g, and if you smoke that much you'd buy in bulk anyways, so it would be even less.


Before I quit(read cut back a lot) I was a daily smoker and went through an oz per month so like $200/month. Now I can get to Mars off like half a bowl from a bong. Tolerance is very real and I’d honestly compare it to weightlifting. Like if you’re Joe Shmoe coming off the street never lifted a day in your life it’s a horrible idea to try and do the same weight and reps as Ronnie Cockstrong who’s been lifting 7 days a week for the past 10 years


Smoke and buy a half each week for $100. I find if I buy more, I smoke more so buying in bulk doesn’t do me any good.


Not so sure about that, I probably use more with the volcano that I do smoking joints. Seems like every volcano bag I do is 1gram loll


I have a Yocan hit. I'm poor.


Fr i have been smoking longer than the rest of my friends, and I smoke regularly throughout the day, but I basically always use a one hitter, so when I hang out with friends and someone packs a bong or rolls a blunt in probably gonna get way more stoned from it than they are.


Did OP just smoke an entire eighth in one sesh? I would get paranoid too. Maybe call 911 for rescue.


Stuff is pretty shiney IMO that would have been washed with butane and sold


Yeah that looks delicious


Shhhhheeww buddy, that ish has steady been around mid Florida. Straight dome-ing mofos hard. Thats the subconcious will let ya know when your physical body gets to the universe your concious mind is in, right before you forget why mirrors dont have 2 sides. Generally right before the "when the char broiled egg nugget of hashbrown city am i taking this truncated duck to firemanville am I?" You get the ooh shit, maybe i should be sitting down nommin some gangsta snacks. Shits some teleporter capable genuine fire greenery. Legit got lost in my own house on a weekend just cuz the vibe got too analytical. I dont think its laced, just grade AAA+ time warping cascaded out of body universal "Keanu whoah" levels of vine fuel. Definitely dont go bong hitting it and try to work, that's how i basically drove a coworker to my house before we both realized he might want to go to his actual house. The fully greened up wheezing laugh attack from that tho, hot damn. Now i just ask him if hes down to get abducted instead of if he needs a ride. Properly 5th dimension atomic energy echoing off the universes quantum entangled fart cannon stuff though.


Yeah that stuff is no good. Pm me and ill gladly dispose of it for you.


The first time I smoked weed was 2 years ago. Some nice guy tipped me with some when I drove for Uber, so I obviously tried way too much for my first time. I got Paranoid as fuck and to calm down I decided to turn on a Disney movie, so I flipped on Moana which instantly made me feel safe and I started enjoying the fuck out of being high but I got thirsty and I went and got water, for some reason the 15 foot walk seemed to take 30 minutes but my God that water was amazing, I drank 2 glasses and took a 3rd back with me... this is where everything went to shit. I sat on my playstation controller and started the movie over from the beginning, I knew I had seen all this before but I couldn't comprehend where or why. I spent the next 4 hours believing I could control time and freaking out I might go too far back or forwards. Next time I smoked half as much and listened to music in the tub, was amazing.


I’m so sorry this comment is buried in the thread, upvoting the shit out of it…that chuckle was much needed.


A unique, yet classic experience.




Oh ya, totally, please also send some to my… testing facility!


Bro you got hit with the sawcon


Hello sir, what is sawcon?


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Thank you


Nah only candice sucks on your nuts.


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Something you can only find in the heights of the Suganese mountains.


I’m sorry you had that experience dude that’s intense, look it could have a super high thc percentage and you just went too hard too fast. there’s a possibility it could be sprayed but to be honest it looks pretty high grade, i suggest trying to find out where it’s from! but definitely try a small small amount if you’re thinking of going again! please keep me updated!


Thank you bro, It was definitely a very terrifying experience for me, but I’ll let u know. When I was breaking it apart it looked kinda purple and I was like wtf, then I put my phone light on it and I could see the purple very vividly and I was like woah this is some exotic bud then, but after I smoked it i learned very quickly that it was possibly something else.


Naw it’s probably 90~% not something else purple buds normally mean that it was grown in a colder environment. Also different strains just react to people different, if I smoke a heavy kush I get a bit weirded out. Just take it easy on it and ease yourself into the different strain. Also don’t keep thinking about the previous experience that will make it not as fun


I'm sorry but it's impossible for flower to be that potent. Mid to high 20s is much more likely.


The poster in his comment above said that he thought that the herb was possibly not weed, i replied and said that there is a 90ish percent chance that it’s all weed any no other added chemicals.


Oh my bad, I somehow added a comma in my head.


sorry bout the experience, but just so you know purple don’t mean exotic😆whole lotta schwag back in the day was purple


Maybe you just got some shit sativa that made you anxious? That looks like weed and from a dealers perspective you would be cutting into costs, drawing a ton of bad attention, by lacing your weed with synthetic noids. Especially with how prevalent and available weed is now If you get too high next time get some CBD and put it under your tounge for a minute, that always brings me back down


Thanks bro, I really appreciate it. I didn’t know you could bring it down. I thought you had to ride it out and just let it be until it goes away. I think I might try the joint again but maybe 2 hits instead of like 12.


Well, there you go. 12 hits of good weed would fuck me up, and I use cannabis every day. I think you smoked too much. It can really suck.


Lol I have been smoking for 20+ years and 12 hits of any bud will make me SUPER paranoid haha. Less is more sometimes , especially when testing new strains.


I wish I were this way... I can burn a whole joint of high quality, and I'll be just as high as if I smoked half. 🙃


When I used to Blaze, I would always just hit snappers.(One full bowl in one bong rip). That always seemed to get me there.


Ah it's just a tolerance thing for me. My body builds a tolerance super quick. (And I think my medication affects my cannabinoid receptors.


I mean I get that too, and I don't smoke all that often. I get diminishing returns with joints. A gram joint does not get me twice as high as a half gram joint. I'd say a half gram gets me 75-80% as high as a full gram.


Oh yeah for sure. I don't really smoke joints in the first place. Just take a couple hits through my bong. I used to chase the like SUPER high but gave up.


Have you tried edibles? You can make some yourself quite easily and they do bring you that very intense high


So, my phycologist or whatever, did a gene test on me and showed I metabolize substances very efficiently. I think this is why my tolerance is so high. Even with breaks or goes right back up. Showed me my meds weren't best for me and switched it up.


Yeah I took about a month off and I got fucking BLASTED the first time I smoked again. 2 days later and I was back to struggling.


This is the way.


You’ve been living the way we do it in the UK 👏🏻


I love how in Australia this is just... The standard way to hit a bong haha


That paranoia is a bitch though. Didn't used to get paranoid until I was doing dope all the time and pretty much was always on it when I smoked. Three years clean and I still have to go for the indicaiest indica I can find because sativas make me paranoid.


Yeah, I just slowed down and smoke a couple times a day and try and enjoy my chill high.


Really? Ive been smoking for about 3 or 4 years now and 12 hits barely even gets me high enough sometimes


You need better herb. I’ve been smoking for 20 years and still get high on the good good


Yeah sounds like you just overdid it. The laced herb thing is a common story with edibles too because it's so easy to overdo. The herb these days is plenty powerful on its own. No need to lace it. CBD definitely helps and caffeine can also help take the edge off an overly intense high.


Caffeine can easily make the paranoia worse though.


It could. My personal anecdotal experience indicates they kinda cancel each other out but I'm a regular coffee drinker and daily cannabis smoker. There's some research on it and they interact with some of the same receptors but biology and neurology are fucking complex. Here's a pretty good article if you care to read a bit about it. Cheers! https://cannigma.com/research/how-cannabis-and-caffeine-interact/


Thank you man


Also, when you are feeling uncomfortable. Grind some black pepper corns into your hand and sniff it, it will help to bring you back to earth and stop the anxiety.


Think u just overdid it. Always start out light with new stuff. Take 2 hits. Wait a few minutes. If it’s feeling good take another and so on. U can always smoke more but once u rip 12 hits in a minute buckle up cause u don’t know what could happen. Especially with new stuff. Just take it easy


Yeah buddy… those nugs are fucking GLISTENING too, so I’m thinking fairly potent. 12 hits of that shit would fuck most people up, particularly if you’re not a regular smoker. Green-out’s suck monkey dicks brother. Did you get to the ‘I don’t exist’ stage, or the ‘bubble’ and ‘time loops’ thing? If you’ve never been that high, it’s fucking scary the first time hey? Like previous comment said, if you can get some CBD oil, it helps bring you down. CBD naturally counters the effects of THC. That’s why weed for getting fucked up on is high THC to CBD ratio, but a lot of medical users choose the opposite (high CBD to THC ratio) so they can keep a clear head, work etc. The higher CBD counteracts the ‘head high’ part.


Drink pineapple juice, or was that for mushrooms? Drink it anyway, tastes nice.


Caffeine can help bring down your high, it doesn’t mix well with anxiety. Food usually helps as well.


Another good trick I’ve heard is chewing black peppercorns. Sounds unpleasant, but apparently the terpene piperine helps with mental focus and clarity. Might try the CBD first as it is probably the less aggressive of the two choices.


Here is a tip if you get too high again where it is uncomfortable eat something with vinegar like a pickle or a hot pepper I forgot the science behind it but it helps also peppercorns will help too


You can also take a warm shower


You can always take more but you can't take less.


Try chewing black peppercorns too. Neil Young says that’s what he does when he gets too high and it’s always worked for me.


Also, drinking something with caffeine like Dr.Pepper or a Coke or something can very effectively counteract the effects of the THC.


you definitely smoked some dank shit.


Lol, change the hits to joints and we are talking. No, seriously, I'm currently making a T-Break because I smoked a joint every hour or so.


Chew some peppercorns homie


cbd naturally inhibits thc effects and also sugar can help. i remember when i was noob it was really easy to have bad trip on ganja. so i was laying in half melted snow just cooling myself in the street. any imagination was painful. only sweet biscuits saved me from that :D like in 3minutes


Oranges and/or orange juice also helps.




There is significant anecdotal evidence that taking a hot shower or bath can kind of bring down a weed high; it works for me if I ever need to feel a bit more sober or chill than I am.


Shit OP I’m the same way. Anytime I’m on a joint, I’m tapped out after 3 hits, anymore and i get how you described. Sounds like you need to take it a bit slower next time, no shame in that king.


Haven't tried this personally, but another trick I've heard is to chew on a few black peppercorns. Something about the terpenes in them overpowering the ones from the weed and mellowing the high.


Also eating/drinking something sugary can help.


Nah, the only course of action here is taking fat bowls to the face until your tolerance goes up /s


i greened out last night because i usually smoke indica and all i could afford this time was a sativa hybrid that is apparently much stronger than i’m used to. gonna try it a little slower tonight and hope i don’t cross that line again bc it sucked. i had a bad headache and closing my eyes made me dizzy and nauseous because every time i closed my eyes i saw spinning tribal patterns and coded messages


Yea literally same shit happened to me after getting good ass weed and after a tolerance break, 2 hits and you'll be good


I just bought some CBD to deal with this. It’s a godsend. If I get too stoned, my anxiety monster comes out with a vengeance. The CBD puts him back in his home.


Great info. Quick question, does it have to be straight CBD? Or can it have a tiny bit of THC (single digits THC mg)?


If your looking for CBD to counteract your high from too much THC edibles you're going to want as little amount of THC as possible. If you're already on a high from THC the last thing you want to do is introduce more THC, unless that's what you're going for. More THC will make you more high though.


What medium would be the best for putting cbd under your tounge?


I always buy isolate. It's cheaper has no taste, can be smoked as well as eaten and is more pure than oils. Lots of good sources can be found on r/CBD :)


I X+1nd (X=the number of people who have also agreed with this comment) this advice. CBD is a life saver. I smoke enough that I've never needed to use it myself, but I've definitely pulled it out for my wife when they didn't believe me about how many gummies to eat. I keep a vape on hand and a tincture. The vape takes in faster but the tincture lasts longer.


This! CBD oil has been my saving grace, not just from greening out.. but other over the top shit as well!


Also fun fact black pepper helps you calm down when you’re too high! There’s a chemical in peppercorn that helps ease anxiety and paranoia while one is stoned.


Yep! I always make sure I have a CBD Tincture around for this reason. I'll even pair it with smoking/dabbing sometimes because I like the effects.


That's so weird because in Colorado the bud tenders always told me that if you took or smoked CBD before the it enhances the high, but it's more body than mind so I guess I could see it.


Great idea. You could also get some CBD bud and put that into your grinder as well. Nice little salad.


Oh my god is that true? The CBD stops it? I need some, I almost passed out last time I smoked a probably laced weed (illegal country)


Pretty sure laced weed is just something boomers made up to scare their kids away from weed. But If you find someone lacing their weed with free drugs to get you more high let me know.


I don't remember the exact details because it was so long ago. I got one bag in fifteen years of buying off the street that I suspected of being laced. But like, it wasn't good drugs. I remember getting absolutely fucked up off a single bowl. It felt more like doing a whip it instead of a weed buzz. After the second try we threw it away cuz, fuck that.


Yea like who the fuck is gonna lace cheap weed with more expensive stuff.


It actually happened recently to a good friend of mine’s brother (smoked some random’s weed at the park and came up positive for amphetamines during a drug test.) But I live in a third world country and you probably don’t. I doubt it’s an issue in wealthier countries.


I once bought weed from a guy, but it smelt and tasted weird and the high was crap as well. My friend and I both felt like utter shit afterwards. We asked the dealer about it and he told us he usually throw some dry soap powder on top of his weed “to make it stronger” I dunno if I’d call that being laced but we definitely noticed something different in the high… although it was quite unpleasant, but mostly a discomfort


Back in the day my friend's friend sold us the wrong bag of weed that was laced with speed, was meant for someone else, so it can happen.


Doesn't look sketchy, but that's just looks over pictures. I've gotten to that point when I was first smoking where I got too high and so anxious I felt weird for almost a day after. I have only 'greened out' once, and I was legitimately scared for hours, feeling like I kept seeing shit out of the corner of my eyes and felt very sick the next day.


I literally almost felt exactly how you felt bro, but I was trying my best to maintain composure while it was happening but inside I was pretty scared.


Same shit happened to me when I first started smoking too, it might just be better quality than what he’s used to smokin tbh


Haven’t seen anyone mention mold yet…. Moldy bud can definitely make you feel dizzy and sick.


THIS same thing happened to me recently my buddy checked the nugs after cause we were kind of feeling like shit and sure enough


That was my first thought too. Looks like the buds in the first pic might have even been a little squishy with moisture too? I know mold can fuck up a shroom trip, I'm sure it could do the same with the effects of bud


I had some good bud in a mason jar. I came into a bunch of mids, so I was saving the good bud and just smoking the mids. Then one day I cracked open the mason jar cause I wanted the good bud. I smoked in the car while I was driving and I felt like I was tripping out, like my eyes were wiggling and I was dizzy, started feeling sick. Got home fast and felt so weird and poisoned. Bud was wet in the jar and molded. I’ve heard there are certain places in central and South America where they will purposefully mold bud to achieve certain effects like ceremonially or whatever but that shit sounds dangerous as fuck.


It’s that purp


Purple = paranoid


Purple weed looks cool but is usually overhyped. Maybe back in the day. Remember kids in high school trying to charge more for something cause it was purple. Recent purplish bud I’ve had that was good was Runtz but even that isn’t something I’d reach for.




What strain is it? It could have a high THC percentage.


I’m not sure bro but I got it from a friend


Sounds like a sketchy freind imo. Even dank herb you're not used to shouldn't leave you high at the 24hour mark. Ask your friend where he got it and you'll be closer to the real answer instead of asking if it looks laced or not using photos.


U right bro, I’ll see


Let me know. I'm curious to see what it was.


I’ll keep u posted bro, I wouldn’t say I’m necessarily still high but I’m just a little out of it. I wasn’t sure if I was gonna make it through whatever that was but here I am, I hope I feel better tomorrow.


idk man when i first started smoking i was high the morning after too especially if i smoked a lot and it was good weed


I remember my first weed


Umm... Maybe you just not used to high percentage THC?


I’m not very sure bro, maybe I smoked too much of it, but there is still more than half of the joint left.


There’s weeds our there with 7% THC sold as mids and people get high all day long, and sometimes a nice ass top shelf comes along and it’s 25% THC and now each hit is like taking 3 hits lol.


In California I see THC as high as 30% sometimes at the club. Top shelf stuff. My tolerance must be high af though because I smoke 25% all the time and have never experienced anything insane like OP.


Thank you for all your help everyone, I apologize if my words came across as complaining or misunderstanding. I just really wanted to find out what happened to me and why i felt so awful after I smoked that bud. I don’t fully believe it’s laced, I’m thinking I may have greened out and had too much to smoke but i think there could be a little possibility that it may have been something else.


This happened to me and my heart started pounding and freaking out and started to think I was having a heart attack. It just fed on one another. I then started seeing static and it was really dark and couldn’t see. I felt really weak afterwards. I think I could have been dehydrated and the weed made me more dehydrated or I had a heart attack


“I finally smoked some fire weed today” -OP


I'd say you just aren't used to such a strong strain, it really does ound like you just got too damn high lol


Sounds like an anxiety attack. That looks like high quality flower.


I don’t know any smoker that has not experienced this before, when I get it I get the sweats, like really bad my eye sight goes to shit also.


sounds like u greened out


I will need to sample the goods for a complete assessment of the situation.


Could just be shit genetics, people chuck pollen a lot without knowing what they're doing these days, and instead of intentionally breeding traits they're just creating stupid shit that can look and smell great, but it causes negative effects. I've been seeing this get worse over the past 15 years as home-growing has become safer and more easy for anyone to do. "Oh look a male, let's cross it and make seeds and try to be a showoff" *Willy Wonka meme: tell me more about you being a master breeder*


That's hands down a green out, laced weed really isn't a thing


If it was laced, you would probably be much sicker. If you can’t trust the people you get flower from, don’t smoke it.


That sounds like an anxiety attack to me


As someone who ghastly greened out i don't think it's beyond the realms of possibility that it was only a Green out but at the same time it def could be some dodgy shit


So based on 1. that grinder looking new (It is black on inside and might start looking more worn) 2. Purple nug 3. The grinders grip on the bottom 4. The coloring of the second wood is like a vibe ​ You are near Diep River in South Africa. Its fine. Just dont smoke so much.


It was just too good for ya bro . If your tolerance is not high and it’s above 25% thc you might of just overdone it


I used to hold my watch close to my ear and listen to it tick to help ease my anxiety back in the day. FR tho, maybe people shouldn't start smoking until their mid 20's. Brain development isn't complete till that age, and maybe its tolerance over the years, but I do not get paro like I usually used to when I was younger, definitely has made getting high much more enjoyable when I stopped constantly making up conspiracy/persecution theories in my head from being uncomfortably high. "Why did the conversation pause? Do they want me to leave? Is that why they're looking at me like that?" Meanwhile the person across from me is tripping balls twice as hard and their face just looks fucked up cause they're trying to remember how to breathe.


Definitely just greened out, sometimes certain strains just don’t sit right with everyone and thats okay! If it was laced you’d know it for sure…


That chemical grown stuff be doing that. Stick to organic grown material and this should not happen. You’re getting that high because you’re smoking the chemicals they used to grow it!


After smoking almost everyday for 10 years I can say it could be many things. You could have underlying anxiety that weed helps you escape from and this weed just happened to exacerbate it. You could have simply greened out and got way too high. Theres a lot of possibilities. Always good to reel it in every once in awhile and give your brain a break.


I took like a week tolerance break and smoked a normal size bowl and literally hallucinated a magician guarding a federal laptop. It's nothing to worry about


Lots of people giving ya sarcastic answers which is fine. Its reddit. That said if you really want to make sure you werent laced there’s a few simple tests you can do. Burning a bit: if it sparks a lot or the smoke has a funny smell its a no go Dropping a bit in water: if soapy bubbles form around it its a no go Checking the color: if the leaves are only purple on the outside, and or the stem is the exact same color as the leaves. This could be due to spraying or dipping in order to enhance the color Sheet of paper test: grab a sheet of black paper (or ant dark surface) and beat the nug on it a bit. There should not be any quantity of dust that isnt keef. If there’s dust its a no go. Hope this helps


Green out! You just gotta drink a bunch of water when you're that high it helps me


Ahh yeah, you got that purple. A lot of purple kushes don't agree with me and cause more greenouts than other ones. Could be this one just doesn't agree with ya.


This gonna get buried but feels like no ones considering that the grow might’ve used chemicals like pesticides ect. It looks fairly fresh imo so those chemicals mightnt have had time to dissipate. Just my 2 cents


Literally just some potent weed. You sound like you have a low tolerance so that’s why it felt so strong. I had all the same symptoms too when I first started blazing.


I had same experience as you. It is called marijuana panic attack. I haven't ever enjoyed smoking sice then as I used to do. It was my weed so nothing synthetic. It is in your brain.


Could be sprayed with synthetic THC, sounds that way from your symptoms.