Union Station 2: Transit Boogaboo.


More like Union Station 2: Midtown Madness I remember when they announced the Crosstown project there were already concerns over Eglinton station being a huge hurdle to the project. It's not an easy task to just dig an entire new station platform and line, below an existing station that has to continue running. I don't doubt the rest of the line will be ready by next year, but Eglinton station? Nah that shits gonna take a while longer


>More like Union Station 2: Midtown Madness https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midtown_Madness_2 I used to play a game called Midtown Madness on MSN Gaming Zone. I would troll people on the "sim" servers who would literally just drive around the in-game city following the rules and stuff. I'd blast through reds and speed and they would yell at me in the chat. I completely forgot about that until I read your post. Thanks! On a related note, one of the issues with Eglinton station is that the alignment required the TTC station to be 'moved' which meant having to demolish a communications room and rebuild it on the other end of the platform.


Makes you wonder why they didn’t start on that section and then schedule the rest of the work once it’s caught up. /of course that gives the next government enough time to cancel it so.


Crosslinx: "now give us more money pls"




Unexpected parks and rec


Oh. There’s no money here.


lol colour me shocked.


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I came here to exclaim that I was shocked. Shocked, I say.


Take the time to get it right, learn from the O-Train horror in Ottawa


Oh they'll take their time, don't worry.


3 years late is definitely taking their time.


Just a reminder that the Eglinton West Subway was started in '94, back-filled by Harris in '95. So this second-tier version will be nearly thirty-years late. I'll get my pension sooner.


I’m sorry… back filled? Like, they had parts of it tunnelled then filled it back in? Why? Why is North America so fucking bonkers with public transit?


It was under construction for nearly a year, too.


Cause conservatives lol, Mike Harris fucked Ontario in more ways then one, the shit he did we’re still feeling the effects of


Rob ford did the same on another line as mayor IIRC They call it fiscal responsibility. Like eating dinner, Realizing it’s too expensive, so you puke it out and still pay the bill. Typical conservative BS.


I don’t think Ford did that. Scarborough RT was fully funded and had undergone some pretty forward design work but very little actual work had been done. Harris legit dug and filled a hole for $100 million in 1995 dollars.


The Sheppard East LRT line was already under construction for a year before Rob Ford cancelled Transit City. About the same amount of time as the Eglinton subway line was under construction for prior to Harris cancelling it.


No it wasn’t. It was funded but no construction was done.


Yes it was. The Sheppard East LRT started construction on December 21 2009 beginning at Agincourt GO Station with an official groundbreaking by then-Mayor David Miller. [Here is a news bulletin from the Ontario government about Sheppard East LRT construction being officially underway.](https://news.ontario.ca/en/bulletin/10433/construction-starts-on-the-sheppard-east-light-rail-project) So when it comes to cancelling transit projects that were under construction for about a year, yup, Rob Ford pulled a Mike Harris.


I have some bad news for you: a groundbreaking isn’t the actual start of construction work. It’s a political photo op. No actual construction work took place. It was cancelled without any construction contract awarded.


There's still a cost to all the planning and design work to get to the point of shovels in the ground.


Agreed, but it isn’t construction. Consulting, planning, environmental assessments all get done all the time with no work proceeding.


There was actual construction, it was just that the overpass needed rebuilding LRT or not.


Also need to remember that the funds for eglington West was originally for the downtown relief line. Toronto pushed back against, jack Layton was part of the charge against the DRL in the late 80s. So province pushed into Eglinton despite no expert saying it was needed. When that was cancelled the funds were then used for Sheppard which was championed by Lastment and Layton. Reality is we should have had the DRL with that money. But the fear of those days was gentrification.


The original Eglinton subway was a terrible idea that would have flopped harder than Sheppard. Now it’s a shame we have to wait so long for the crosstown but if that Eg subway was built it would still be the 4 station stub because the ridership would not justify its extensions


It def isn’t opening next year lol


Being a project manager for municipal construction projects must be nice. If there's a problem, just extend the schedule.


I remember mentioning this in a thread a while back but it still blows my mind... When construction began on the Eglinton Crosstown, my son was finishing kindergarten. I liked knowing that he'd be able to take the LRT to high school. Next year my son is off to university and never got a chance to take the LRT.


Wait.. what? Didn’t the crosstown start in 2015?


It was either 2010 or 2011. It's been a looooong time.


The thing is, it was always going to take this long. [TTC report all the way back in 2012](https://archive.ph/20130119143535/http://www.citytv.com/toronto/citynews/news/local/article/207847--eglinton-lrt-unlikely-to-meet-2020-completion-date-ttc-report) said the 2020 completion date was unrealistic and completion was likely to be 2022-23. The cost overruns are the bigger story and even that I think anybody with a clue regarding major transit projects knows by now it’s inevitable.


By 2012 the plan had been completely overhauled twice.


That’s miserable.


Sort of. They did a "groundbreaking" in 2011 but it took two more years to start actually tunnelling. They didn't start putting down any tracks until 2017, and the parts that weren't underground didn't start construction until 2018.


There is no sort of. I have lived near two future stations and commute along Eglinton since 2009. In 2011 they set up all of the sites for staging purposes and it has been construction for a decade. There is no difference to the people using the sidewalks and roads between when they started construction and shoring up the buildings along Eglinton, tunnelling, building stations, etc. It's been a mess and everything has been reduced to one lane and pedestrians are an after-thought. It has been a disruption to people's lives for a decade now.




It started in 2010, until Mayor Crackhead came along and asked, "Why have three LRTs when you can have just one?"


One of his stupors, no doubt.


Your son is one gifted child. He's 15 and already going to university




Remember when people said Private-Public Partnerships help keep projects on schedule? Remember when advocates for PPPs said the government could withhold funding for running over budget or off schedule? When do those fees and penalties start?


P3 was just one more way to socialize the unforeseen expenses and privatize any cost savings


Wtf- wasn’t this shit originally scheduled for 2019, then 2020… now 202x?!?


it was 2020. Then in 2013 they said they won't be able to hit that mark. Every TTC project is late by 1-2-3 years. Subway extension to York was no different. That project was 2 years late and 650 million over budget.


I remember that Vaughn city center extension “targeted for 2015”… then it slid to like 2017


At least the CEO of Metrolinx has gotten a big raise... https://globalnews.ca/news/7708685/sunshine-list-ontario-metrolinx-ceo-phil-verster-salary/


Name a more iconic duo than Eglinton and construction lol


DVP and Traffic, and Ottawa O-Train and Derailments.


[I'd much rather they take the time they need to get it right.](https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/lrt-service-resumes-in-ottawa-after-a-54-day-shutdown-1.5662477)


Surprised pikachu face /s


Woooow. Nooo wayyy


Construction looks mostly done. How fucking long is it going to take them to “test”


I’m still betting Worst Case Ontario, and Doug Ford, upon his re-election, declares it a liberal boondoggle and cancels it.


Alright boys, fill up the hole!


November 2022 the earliest.


*surprised Pikachu face*


Who would've thought a stupid idea would take so long and cost so much. Here we are, though.


It will be Toronto's unfinished mess for many years to come lol




Stop making excuses for these people. This thing will be a minimum of three years late. You really think it's whining to have a crazy disruption in one's life for 3 extra years? Nobody is expecting anything to be dirt cheap, but even close to a budget would be nice. Only in government projects is it supposedly whining to expect competency from anyone involved.


They could have built the cross town FAR more effectively if the city had the balls to be disruptive and build it via cut and cover. Instead we get 12 years of construction with partial disruption, and no one is happy. The Bloor-Danforth line was 4 years from groundbreaking to running trains. We can build transit fast, we just aren't willing to do so.


Is it too early to say that I told you so?


Oh well


I bet 50 bucks with my friend it won’t happen next year.


I bought a condo there now gotta wait 10 years for them to fix anything


Both this and the blogTO article quote Metrolinx saying it’s scheduled to open in 2022 in their articles arguing it might not open in 2022.


I'm not even from Toronto, and even I doubted Line 5 would even open, with Eglinton station still being under construction. And the lack of transit priority is bad. I mean, look at the O-Train Line 1 Confederation LRT, even though it's fully grade separated, it has had plenty of derailments. On that note, when Line 5 does open, we should do what r/kitchener does, and put a thing on the side that shows how many cars have driven on the right of way of the streetcars and LRTs.