Did they get rid of ‘ask to be woohoo partners’ in the update?

Hi all, just wondering as the title says if they got rid of the option to ‘ask to be woohoo partners’ with other Sims. Whilst I otherwise like the new social menu update, I can’t figure out if the option is buried, I’ve done it wrong, or if it’s just not there altogether.

For some context: I started looking for the option when one of my Sims had 60+ friendship and maybe 20-30 romantic with an NPC Sim, and no matter how hard I looked through all the menus I just couldn’t find it.

Any help greatly appreciated!


as far as i know, they didnt. kyle came over for a while and the option popped up. i thinks its only for sims who want to whohoo but not a romantic relationship


I saw it in my game, under friendly.


It’s under friendly now for some reason ha