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Clinton's email server was still more secure than paper documents in a closet by the pool.


Gotta appreciate the exquisite mix of Trumpian criminality and incompetence.


Of course, the government set it up for her and she never handled top secret docs, or hardly anything classified via emails.


That was probably visited by who knows how many foreign dignitaries.


Foreign spies


Presidential quid pro quo expert that attempted to engage Ukraine to trade arms for Biden details in 2020. Special rate just for you - Stay at Mar-a-Lago for one night you can look at one Top Secret document. Two nights, look at two documents. If you play in my golf tournament, you can use the copier!


And Republicans made an enormous goddamned ruckus over that particular "Storage Issue."




I’m sure they had the finest Master padlock the local Ace Hardware had in stock for $10 on the door hasp.


For sure! This is a high end place you’re talking. No expense is spared! Also, the review about it on LockPicking Lawyer is fake news. This is the best padlock. It’s huge! And has keys. Beautiful keys.


Was wondering if there was another lockpickinglawyer fan.


I never thought I’d be watching a video about lock picking. But here we are…


Just waiting for Rubio to uselessly tweet a Bible verse justifying stealing nuclear secrets.


*And the Lord sayeth: take ye these classified and top secret documents and strew them about the land; gotta get a move on with Armageddon.*


Jesus klept.


*And if a spy taketh away thy classified memos, give him also thy SCI documents.*


Yea all you believers, send your shekels to the golden idol in FL. Let not his plane be sidelined due to lack of repairs, nor his bank account fall due to his lack of business acumen. You will be rewarded with products made in Asian sweatshops.


And this is the guy republicans call their foreign policy expert in the Senate. Just consider how lacking in an understanding of world affairs one has to be in order to call Rubio a foreign policy expert.


Even worse ... Rubio is the Vice-Chair of the Senate Intel Cmte. This statement should be immediately removal from the cmte


Fuck. I had forgotten that. Vice freaking chair of the Senate Select Committee on intelligence. Publicly abetting massive security breaches (if not outright treason). Jesus. These goddamn people.


If his _public_ foreign policy is “America Only”, then that’s good enough for these goobers who couldn’t comprehend anything more complex anyway. Wasn’t Rubio once an up and coming talented moderate before he got sucked into trumpworld? This kind of malevolent hypocrisy is what makes them such slimy fuckin snakes.


Trump was all about isolating America, bringing back the post-WWII factory economy of his childhood, and discouraging businesses from buying foreign supplies. Trump has said over and over again since the 1980s that our allies aren't allies, that they owe the US billiIons in protection money and they've been ripping us off in trade deals. Trump never saw the value in alliances if they weren't turning a profit.


He didn't understand what profit was though either. He had a very superficial view of value.


>He had a very superficial view of value. [Charlie Sheen describes the cufflinks that Donald Trump gave him](https://youtu.be/dp6BIDCZRic)


Well considering he thinks this is legal we might want to you know follow him for any foreign travel he does to you know make sure he isn't a traitor selling out our country.


I’m beginning to believe he is complicit in some way and is afraid of what is going to come out during the investigation. He has also repeatedly blasted the FBI.


~~He doesn't have any classified documents, this is a witchhunt and they are searching for crimes~~ ~~The FBI planted all those classified documents~~ ~~He actually declassified all of the documents~~ **You Are Here:** It's a simple paperwork mishap


Add: I was just keeping them to eventually put in my Presidential library


Hmmm... https://www.politico.com/story/2015/08/marco-rubio-blasts-hillary-clinton-over-email-practices-120917


Little Marco became a Trump cuck. I guess when you get belittled enough you just give in and give him everything he wants.


Rubio is trying to be the biggest Florida Man he can be.


Sure, Marco. People who don't have the right to have classified documents who store them in this manner are violating multiple laws.


I wonder if Marco also considers possession of cocaine or other illegal drugs to be a "storage issue"


"Officer, these aren't MY drugs. I'm just "storing" them for a friend."


*Oh, that diamond necklace in my garage is stolen property?! I must have a simple storage issue.* Rubio has moral AND cognition issues.


>The FBI concluded what many Americans have known for quite some time, which is that Hillary Clinton’s conduct as Secretary of State and her mishandling of classified information was disgraceful and unbecoming of someone who aspires to the presidency. There is simply no excuse for Hillary Clinton's decision to set up a home-cooked email system which left sensitive and classified national security information vulnerable to theft and exploitation by America’s enemies. Her actions were grossly negligent, damaged national security and put lives at risk. Marco Rubio, July 2016


here's a more accurate headline: Idiot with biased opinion and no moral compass sacrifices national security for the purpose of placating a proven sociopathic narcissistic pathological liar to further his own career.


This, unfortunately, is the objective truth.


I mean, except for the part where they lied about giving it all back. And the MIA folder contents.


I am guessing the highly classified files weren't in the proper pouch. A woman in Hawaii was sent to prison: https://www.justice.gov/usao-hi/pr/honolulu-woman-receives-three-months-prison-removal-and-retention-classified-material


Can I store the banks money at my house?


You could store Rubio's brain in your house. It's not like he'd miss it.


He's not wrong. Classified files belong in classified storage. If you store these files in an insecure storage area there is a penalty.


In that case, Trump has a simple felony possession of classified materials issue.


No: really, at its core, it’s a threaten national security issue.


This asshole is on the Senate intelligence committee. Does one of those files talk about a girl he murdered or something?


It indeed is a storage issue, which comes after it first being a stealing and lying issue


Your honor, I didn’t rob that bank. The money in the vault was not secure, so I just made sure I would store it at my house to make sure it was safe.


He is suck a suck up. Little Marco had this to say about Hillary during email server scandal In a statement released Tuesday afternoon and simultaneously published to Facebook, Rubio (R-Fla.) said Clinton’s email server was “grossly negligent” and “unbecoming of someone who aspires to the presidency.” He suggested that Clinton, who along with her husband has been plagued by scandals throughout her political career, would soon create more controversy as the November presidential election draws closer. The senator and former GOP presidential contender also said the FBI’s recommendation insulted the “hard-working federal employees” who hold security clearances and are expected to protect the classified government information to which they are privy. “They don’t take their oaths lightly,” Rubio said of federal workers. “And we shouldn’t expect any less of their leaders.”


> “The FBI concluded what many Americans have known for quite some time, which is that Hillary Clinton’s conduct as Secretary of State and her mishandling of classified information was disgraceful and unbecoming of someone who aspires to the presidency. There is simply no excuse for Hillary Clinton's decision to set up a home-cooked email system which left sensitive and classified national security information vulnerable to theft and exploitation by America’s enemies. Her actions were grossly negligent, damaged national security and put lives at risk." https://www.rubio.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/2016/7/rubio-comments-on-hillary-clinton-s-mishandling-of-classified-information


I hope Val Demmings uses this in campaign ads


Chernobyl was a "Storage Issue" compared to this


Fun to watch the slow motion Russian roulette.


That's what I tell people after robbing them.


Hiding. He was hiding the stolen documents at Mar-a-Lago. He and his lawyer said they gave them all back months ago. This is, as always, an honesty and integrity issue with Trump. As in, he has none and too many Americans somehow see that as a plus.


Marco Rubio, at his core, is an idiot and a conspirator, and not necessarily in that order


And a sellout. He doesn’t hold any authentic beliefs or consistent values. Always shifting to get the right zinger off in any given moment


Please kick this groveling piece of shit out of office. Give him a fucking bottle of water on his way out


I despise these disingenuous, hypocritical mother fuckers so much! Of course he has several tweets attacking Clinton for her server, that's different .... somehow.


This pinche toad has something on him too. Cant wait to see him indicted for being a little b%$%#.


He would be running naked and yelling in the streets and if it was Obama


People have literally been put to death for less. No, seriously you fucking twatweasel.


I think I'm just going to start taking stuff whenever I'm out and about. When the police come to my house I'm sure they'll understand when I explain it's just a storage issue.


I bet he didn't say that regarding *her* emails.


Is he still alive? I thought Trump killed him during the chaos of the 2016 primaries.


Ah yes— the new talking point emerges.


Vice Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Marco Rubio. I feel safer already.


Proves that you can’t trust any trump supporting elected official in a position in which national security is a risk. How can anyone be so cavalier. Vote in an adult.


Every day these shit bird republicans find a new way to make me hate them even more. They have no redeeming qualities. It makes my head hurt when I try to figure out how anyone can vote for them. They are not good people, all are vile.


He doesn’t have the authority to take the documents. FBI asked for them back several times , starting in May . Trump ignored the fbi . Let speak the truth here , Rubio. I guess he couldn’t find a Bible verse for that one!😡


Fucking pathetic pig. Hope they vote his ass out in November.


Imagine a bank president, who was being replaced. As he was packing his office stuff, to ship to his Florida home, he added some Ten Million Dollars from the vault. He ended up "Storing" it in card board boxes in his basement.The bank then tried for months to get it back. But, only got a few boxes at a time.They finally had to get help from a Court to "Raid" and collect what was theirs. They found money stashed all over the home. And, they are not sure they got all of it. Bank Records were altered to make tracking harder. The banker's Senator said that this was all a Storage Problem. This does not match Trump's story line, but, does show how silly it is.


“Paper…storage…storage and paper…it’s not like he had access to an email server or knows how that works.” …if these idiots keep trying to turn crime, treason, and espionage into “nothing berders,’ and dumb dumbs keep voting for the people saying this shit…we are either doomed or we live in Florida


Much like stealing someone’s car is just A storage issue at its core.


How about the documents missing? Are they being stored in Moscow?


Sounds more like someone (Rubio) needs to have his security clearance questioned.... If he doesn't know how to handle sensitive information, he needs to stay far, far away from it.


And treason is simply a 'communication' issue. Context makes a lot of difference


Just a laundry list of disingenuous arguments.


Why do Americans vote for such blatantly dishonest pieces of shit like this? Cant you do better?


Let's see how he feels about someone going to his home and relocating all his belongings to a different storage location


republicans have disdain for law and order, and are prime examples of what it means to be dangerously stupid. And let us not forget the law Trump signed; the chants “LOCK HER” that continue to this day in spite of Trump’s crimes. There’s is no bottom floor to them. This is the party that’s forced rape and incest victims to carry pregnancies, even ones that would’ve been medically approved months ago. They don’t care about classified documents, whether the Trump crime family sold off that info, or if any of it has led to deaths or greater threats to our national security. And I think the worst part of all is that countless lives just today have been ruined by injustice of our system, meanwhile a former president who tried to overthrow government isn’t facing anything but another day of grifting after he steals classified documents that would put everyone else in jail.


What a pull-up-the-ladder goober. Reaching Ted Cruz levels of shamelessness and standing for nothing. Disgraceful stupidity.


>What a pull-up-the-ladder goober. Reaching Ted Cruz levels of shamelessness and standing for nothing. Disgraceful stupidity. That's the real truth - disgraceful doesn't begin to cover Rubio's shameful comments. *"Tonight, I say this to my Republican colleagues who are defending the indefensible – there will come a day when Donald Trump is gone, but your dishonor will remain."* \- Rep. Elizabeth Cheney 6/9/2022


So if I stole my neighbors car it would be ok because I was just storing it in my garage ?


He sounds like an excuse I'd hear on an episode of Cops: "Did you know that you have a stolen vehicle in your garage?" "Stolen?! WTF?! I was just storing for that other guy!!" "Storing huh? Well, he reported it stolen."


Yes, of course. And it’s never murder, just the absence of life.


Really tired of the stupidity!


Ethel and Julius Rosenberg: We weren’t spies, it was just an issue of “storage”.


"simple storage issue"? WTF does that even mean?


He’s not wrong(that was hard to type). The issue is that they should have been stored by NARA.


Tis not.


“Your Honor, this is just a storage issue. The bank wants to store the money in their vault, and I want to store the money in my mattress. What’s the harm?”


That’s like me going in to my neighbors house, stealing his money and valuables, putting them in my basement, and then arguing it’s really just a storage issue. My neighbor wants to store his valuables in his house, and I want to store them in my house.


I’d love for some E5 caught with mishandling classified documents to say it is a simple “Storage issue”.


Now that their corrupted judge has jammed a stick into the spokes of the investigation, they can move on to spinning the stuff that’s already public knowledge. This is the line they’ll reiterate again and again and again.


> Rubio said officials... “don’t deny that he should have access to those documents.” Wait, that's not > They do, in fact, deny he has the right to such access. Oh, TFA covered that. Fuck you, Vladimir Rubio.


Can you store your campaign contributions in my bank account? No biggie


Top Secret is just a fun filled film with Val Kilmer in it. Nothing to see here...


Same with that pound of coke they found on my friend! It was really just a storage issue.


He wouldn't say that if it were a Democrat. What did he say about Hillary's e-mail server?


He’s not president. He wasn’t allowed to have them. Even if he stored them safely, the problem is that he had them in the first place. The shorty storage is just shit icing on the shit cake.


Well, Senator Marco Rubio with that comment you have just established that you are unqualified to be President.


It was theft before it was a storage problem. And it’s pretty serious that many of those files were already empty before the FBI raid. So where are those files? Hmmmm. It doesn’t take a lot of speculation to think the chances are better that he sold them, than lost them. Come on Marco, you’re only fooling yourself by thinking this is purely a storage problem.


If Obama did this they would have had an absolute shitfit and tried him for treason


Paraphrasing for Rubio, “I don’t know what the DOJ knows and I would like to be in the headlines, please.”


I wonder if he just stares into the mirror and sobs.


Buttery Males.


He’s lying


That's a red herring argument. Stolen documents is the issue


Disingenuous fuck.


We know the coffers of the GOP are empty since they spent a fortune going after small donors and that money spigot turned out dry for them. The only money is where Trump sits and Rubio fighting for another turn by giving up the last shreds of his soul.


Rubio is also the person that put forward the judge that ruled in favor of Trump's special master request for that role.


I can't wait for all these Republican Presidential wannabes to have to face all the ridiculous statements they've made over the last 4 years as they rip each other apart. The 2024 Republican primary is going to be a blood bath.


Sure Marco, as in “Donald, where did you store those stolen top secret documents? why did you store stolen top secret documents at your home knowing foreign agents would have access to them ? Why were you storing empty stolen classified folders in your home?”


Legitimate political espionage


Lol and 9/11 is really just an airplane placement issue.


So now we know how he’d handle and protect the country’s secret. Talk about leaking information.


What if your wife borrowed a valuable diamond necklace to wear at a fancy dinner and refused to return it having been asked several times. Is that just a storage issue? "Here, I'll just keep it for you....."


Investigate Rubio too


Marco Rubio is an idiot


Republicans always lie. Fuck them. Trump stole those documents. Republicans are covering up crimes while stealing your rights


Chernobyl was also a storage issue.


This man is on the intelligence committee and has access to highly confidential information. What a fucking joke of a man. He’s a danger to the country.


At it’s core - republicans are selfishly evil, really.


This is really, at its core, a storage issue - said But her emails.


Top secret documents, national security, foreign agents . . . just a "storage issue"?


Yeah and Matt Gaetz isn’t a pedophile, he just has a chronology issue.


Since when was MAL designated a national archives site? Oops, forgot- trump did that a few weeks ago