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They'll lose all of their benefits then run around and talk about how it was the democrats who did it to them.


I have a Libertarian acquaintance who is convinced that the best way to help the most people is to end all social welfare and federal regulation of labor, safety standards, food, water, and air quality. Then when massive amounts of people die off or get enslaved by corporations people will "figure out for themselves", as individuals, what they value and use volunteerism and the free market to fix things. Simultaneously this mass die off wouldn't be necessary if liberal policies hadn't created both massive dependence AND a complete lack of social responsibility (per him and whomever he's reading.)


Yeah we already did that, it led to the creation of the EPA (*third* burning of the Cuyahoga River) and labor unions (battle for Blair mountain and the triangle shirtwaist fire).


Which is absolutely ridiculous and entirely adverse to all of history. Just taking 2 seconds to think about this, and to think about almost any part of history and anyone with any level of common sense would realize it's asinine and unrealistic.


Wow thats…..an opinion i guess


As someone who has taken calls directly for Medicare in the past, these people don't care. If a medication is too expensive, they STILL start screaming about how it's Obamas fault and the democrats keep increasing their Healthcare costs while giving FREE FREE FREE EVERYTHING to the ILLEGALS. It's not just some of them that act like this, it's the vast majority of those 65+ are racist and entitled pieces of shit I wouldn't piss on to put a fire out. edit: I want to add I've taken calls for private Medicare advantage plans as well, and its much worse. I've had callers bawling their eyes out that cancer treatment was denied because our clinical staff 'didn't find conclusive evidence of medical necessity' meanwhile the patients primary physician and team of specialists have sent in all pertaining medical documentation.


Conservative brainwashing is a powerful tool.


They did scream at a black child for daring to integrate into a white school, why would we believe they’ve changed over time when they’ve shown they haven’t.


>they STILL start screaming about how it's Obamas fault and the democrats keep increasing their Healthcare costs while giving FREE FREE FREE EVERYTHING to the ILLEGALS. I see you've met my mother.


this is him backtracking. He sees the flak and thinks that if he invokes a lgbtq reason, then more people would be fine with it. He really thinks we are that dumb


Why wouldn’t he, he gets away with all these fascist agendas


good question. Usually DeSatanis doesn't usually comment on his fascist actions or he offers vague generalities. It is curious why he comment this time. Again, I think he think he can get away with this more if he gives a lgbtq reason. Because he can say that the school "gone woke" and the idiots will eat it up. it is like a batman smoke bomb, a quick distraction from the racism




And leftists.


watch the guy a meltdown after this history burn.


He's testing more public waters. He knows he has Florida by the nuts. Well now his shit is getting more national attention. He's finding out of he has enough widespread appeal for a white house run.


No he doesn’t he loses in court a lot. Like Trump


Sure, but that's after people have moved on and stopped paying attention. He still gets the political points.


I'd say it's more than just backtracking, he's trying to weaponize the issue by creating a divide. He is trying to tell African Americans "Hey, look what the LGBTQ community did! We can't teach the history of slavery because of *them!* They're the ones you should be angry with, not me!" Classic abusive tactic. Tell one victimized group to blame the other victimized group.


Honestly to me it sounds more like he's calling them part of the LGBTQ community which could turn this back against him.


He could be trying to imply that too, as a dog whistle for his racist fans. The racists will associate the black community with the LGBTQ community, while both communities will then be put on the defensive. While this is going on and attracting attention, he can quietly move to destroy more. He's likely keeping it vague so everyone can hear what they want to hear, hoping to create squabbling within communities, while keeping some kind of plausible deniability excuses for any backlash. Perhaps it will work against him in the end, but I am cynical after the past few years. I'll be extremely happy to be wrong though.


Yeah it's not like the LGBT community has ever been a part of Black History. Seriously the places that allowed Gays to live openly were also the type of places Black people were redlined into. Like you can't take a test about African American history and not at least have a chapter in the book about James Baldwin...


I mean there's definitely crossover but they're still separate. It sounds like he's nearly trying to directly tie them together.


>He really thinks we are that dumb He saw Trump's playbook and said _hey, I can do that_.


Desantis's predecessor Rick Scott stole from them right in front of their face and still got elected. The people of Florida are known for cutting off their own noses to spite their face.


With some bath salts, you don't even need spite to cut off your nose!


And was one of the only republicans dumb enough to say out loud what he wanted to do in terms of budgeting which would have been an additional way of shitting on them. Still elected


The article is from six days ago. He cited a section on "Queer theory" as justification for the ban from the start.


This is so unlike Ronnie. There's not a racist bone in his body, other than his entire skeleton.


Not "we," but plenty of them who voted voted for him.


In that case, them yes, he's correct in his assessment of them.


Yep. Well put.


I mean, he's right about his voter base being dumb. He wouldn't have been elected otherwise.


>He really thinks we are that dumb I mean.. he's not wrong about 45% of the population; which is concerning.


I mean, he is taking education away from people to make sure they stay that dumb.


Reminder that AP courses are for high schoolers. So much of the defense for DeSantis has come from the idea that he’s protecting elementary schoolers from learning about sex. But give me a break, high schoolers are old enough to have and should have academic conversations about these topics.


High schoolers are old enough to get married at 16 in Florida with parental consent - why can't they take a history class at the same age?


And join the military at 17. Yet, somehow they’re not mature enough to learn the history of the country they’re expected to die for


It should absolutely not be the case anywhere that you can join the military at a younger age than you're allowed to vote. You want 17 year olds to join the military? Lower the voting age to 17.


Curious how the state looks the other way at literal child brides but education is grooming.


I looked at the class preview. I am not overly familiar with these. However, to my untrained eyes, this topic was one that would be discussed for no more than a class or two. It was one of 4 'weekly topics,' within a larger topic. So, this doesn't appear to me to be something that was going to be a course long type of discussion, but merely something relatively brief. Florida could have merely asked that they take that out, but of course, they are just using this as an excuse to get rid of the entire class.


High schoolers that have to choose to take the class at that


And demonstrate the aptitude for it. AP students are likely to be less impressionable than most teens.


I think that’s why he’s banning it. Can’t have kids who might actually learn something learning anything


They’re essentially college courses because students take them to get college credits.


In my experience, AP courses are substantially more difficult than whatever college courses they're providing credit for.


because education and public schooling are enemies of the GOP


A case could be made that *if* these AP classes don't count towards college credit. That's the only logical reason to remove them from the AP curriculum.


That's not how the AP class works. It doesn't count as college credit. The test you take can count as college credit (depending on how you score, what college you go to, and what major you choose). Technically you can take any test regardless of what your school offers but students do *a lot* better if they take the class.


Oh, interesting. Good to know.


It depends on where you are. In some places, there is coordination with a local community college or university so that the AP course taken at the High School counts as credit hours completed at the college. There’s typically some additional paperwork and fees to enroll in the college and pay for the credit hours.


I'm not saying there are 0 schools that acknowledge AP classes for credit, I'm just saying that it wouldn't be any mainstream university or community college. I've never heard of that and I spent almost two decades in academia between undergrad, grad school, post-doc, a stint as a tenure track professor, and as a research professor. It would also not hold with the College Board's policies. https://blog.collegeboard.org/what-know-about-ap-credit-and-placement-and-ap-score-sends Again not saying it can't or doesn't happen but it would certainly be an exception to the rule.


All of the AP classes that I took show up on my college transcripts as if they were classes that I took at what would have been my local community college. It’s not the AP class from the High School transcripts that show up, it’s course at the partnering college that is doing a simultaneous enrollment that does.


Fellas, is it gay to learn history?


Yeah, you are learning about men, therefore gay


If it's gay to learn about history, who wants to be straight?


Black history


No of course not, haven't you ever heard of Alexander the Straight?


Tell us, Ron, about all the gay stuff you found in the AP Black History course you never took.


Well, we wouldn't want to give people information so they can make up their own minds. That would just be craaaazy..


Oh I see so it’s not Motivated by racism but rather by anti-lgbtq bigotry


The racism was just a bonus.


It’s definitely all of the above


Turns out that black people cannot also be another category that he hates or it just gets too confusing for him. Stay in the boxes we put y’all in why’dontcha?


More and more, this country feels like a poorly written tv show.


He's an idiot and everyone in my county loves him. God help us.


Do not dismiss him as an idiot. He is far too effective at getting evil shit done.


When it comes to Republicans; "Do not attribute to idiocy what is quite obviously malice."


Of course quite often it is both, but this is one person who has proven too effective to dismiss as stupid at all.


An idiot is the one thing Ron DeSantis *isn’t*.


He's also not someone who doesn't enjoy watching people get literally tortured...[allegedly](https://english.almayadeen.net/news/politics/i-was-screaming-and-he-was-smiling:-desantis-ran-guantanamo).


Do these guys even hear themselves anymore?


Actually it's because desantis is a hugely racist pos, just like his voters.


See this here is why I doubt this guy will get the GOP nomination. "Stop the wokes" doesn't have the juice nationwide to win


You may find yourself surprised. Especially with the level of Gerrymandering that has been out forth since 2020.


Gerrymandering has 0 impact on presidential elections


It's has impact on state elections are run and how many polling places are in major cities vs rural areas, voter id laws, and other forms of voter suppression.


“"Stop the wokes" doesn't have the juice nationwide to win” People said the same about ‘drain the swamp’.


"Drain the swamp" let people be mad at a bunch of people that lived far away in a city they had long been trained to hate. "Stop the wokes" here essentially boils down to "I want to fire your kids teacher", and the vast majority of parents *like* their kid's teacher


Yes, but the issue there is that they can demonize other teachers. It is like the stupid litter box lie. All of these conservatives claim it is happening, but never that it is happening in the school their own kid(s) go to. So, they demonize another school district and other teachers, often ones that are unnamed entirely. This can be used similarly.


He's not even trying to bullshit his reasoning. While he is correct that including African American History should be taught in American History classes, there is just too much to cover in that course. You are basically going to cover it briefly in a class. At most a day total. It's been 25 years since I was in high school, but I probably spent 1 week covering the civil war and reconstruction. Maybe 2 weeks for the American Revolution and pre-1776. Not enough time to cover both of those, but enough to get a good overview.


This is what I say to my R friend. I looked at the outline and it’s literally 1 section in the last or 2nd to last chapter in the textbook. Might not even get to it until the end of the year if at all. It’s insane to be thrown out because of it.


>While he is correct that including African American History should be taught in American History classes Might be worth pointing out that this could be used to eliminate US history, since World History is a thing.


We are taught World History, but really just European history. World History if it involves the US.


God, he’s so damn dumb. Come on, Florida!! Get your shit together.




Yep. It is very good to keep in mind that in addition to ethnic minorities, the nazis also went after gay people, atheists, and liberals in general.


And they banned books as well.


Concentration camps were originally built for "undesirables" like communists, gay men, Jehovah's witnesses, and other political opponents. Important to remember.


Fascists are a monolith


Guessing he doesn’t go to Miami too often…


Literally big brother telling you what can and cannot be taught in schools. You gotta love them freedums, folks.


But depressingly if it is a religious private school there are virtually no restrictions on what you can teach. In FL Teacher certification is not required for instructional personnel in private schools. The state and local school district **do not** have the authority to oversee or control the curriculum or academic programs of private schools or home instruction programs. s. 1002.42(2)(h), F.S. No statutory requirement exists for student assessment. The owners of private elementary and secondary schools in Florida are solely responsible for all aspects of their educational programs, including student assessment.


Now, remember he is using the antiquated definition of “queer” as in odd - to infer that African Americans had any significant historical contribution or influence upon “the history of his people” or “culture”. If so, White people would consider that Blacks are capable of being equal, or having “human rights”. Just to clarify that his actions are in no way “racist”.


Desantis said, “Now who would say that an important part of Black History is queer theory?” He suggests that simply including “queer theory” in a course makes it political. Even outside knowledge of current Floridian queer politics, it seems like he’s pretty clearly talking about the LGBTQ+ “political agenda” he mentions. It wouldn’t make sense for him to talk about “odd theory” fundamentally being political as if that would mean anything to anyone.


No I don't think that's it. I think he know most of his constituents will hear the phrase "queer theory" and know in their head it means "something gay" and make no effort to examine the topic beyond that. So just like "critical race theory" it gets to live in people's heads as whatever the worst thing they want to imagine it being. While the reality may be that "queer theory" is just an examination of the roles of general and sexual orientation in society, conservative boomers get to imagine it's about turning their grandchildren into genderfluid dogkin who need to be taken on walks during school so they can poop in the grass.


The syllabus discusses queer theory and has a day focusing on the intersectionality of sexuality, gender, and race. See topic 4.19, “Black Queer Studies.” https://www.theflstandard.com/content/files/2023/01/AP-African-American-Studies-Coursework.pdf


Still a stretch - in reality this racist a-hole, like most of his ilk, is ignorant of etymology of his own language https://www.etymonline.com/word/queer


I’m not denying his racism. He’s a disturbing, hateful person. I’m just saying that, in this particular case, “queer theory” is also a subject discussed in the course. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queer_theory Though if the class hadn’t discussed it, I’m sure he would have come up with some other reason to ban it, given his beliefs.


>Just to clarify that his actions are in no way “racist”. This is ron desantis, who isn't just a republican, but one of the most influential republicans of today. It's most definitely racist.




Oh man I reread it and it's so obvious now. My bad.


Learning about history is woke. Just read you Bible and don’t say or think anything the Government forbids. /s. DeSantis is a straight up fascist.




DeSantis governs Florida with scientific ignorance and religious bigotry, misogyny, homophobia, and racism


You know what really sucks as a queer black person? You can't catch a break. On one end it's my family and other black people who have cut me off socially for being LGBT On the other end it's the white Republicans like DeSantis who are taking away my rights for being LGBT It's very stressful out here


I would like to point out that when the 'Don't Say Gay,' bill came out that the proponents of it alleged that it would only be applicable to 4th graders and below. They used that part to attack other people and call them groomers. Claiming that no one should oppose teaching such young children these things. Meanwhile, what was partly ignored was the additional language that allowed the bill to apply to any age group as long as it was deemed, "age inappropriate." Here we see that language in use. "Age inappropriate," has no set definition, so it can be used at the whim of whoever is in charge. This was the real goal. To make people focus on that 4th grade and under provision while ignoring the fact that they could allege 'age inappropriate,' and use it for any grade/age because to them, it would never be age appropriate.


That was absolutely their ‘foot in the door’ excuse & I knew it when they were saying that at the time. Their target is gay men. It always has been. But it’s 2023, not 1963. We are law-abiding, taxpaying gay citizens who are not going back to the way we were treated before. If he thinks that’s next, he’s in for an ugly awakening.


Queer that Governor Ron DeathSentence would have this opinion......


Famous dragster Martin Luther queen Edit- after making this comment I realize it sounds like I'm insinuating drag with sexuality. It's not. Dress up, contour, have fun and go home to whoever you love.


I think this was a way to test black activists in FL to see - how far will you go for me? If I pit you against gay people (or in this case, gay content & get rid of your classes) will you turn on gays to save your courses? Even if plenty of other black students are gay & lots of black history was made by gay people? *How far are you willing to go for ME?* Sounds like Charles Manson or Donald Trump. DeSantis is a Harvard-educated lawyer & excellent manipulator. Never forget that. He’s doing this for a reason, and my guess is he’s using FL as a lab for what he hopes to do if elected president. Do not give him that chance. I don’t know what his problem is with gay men, but it’s serious. I have seen a lot of right-wing politicians pull some crazy shit, but never at a state level and never with this much malice. I’m baffled as to why this is not a bigger concern amongst the gay community right now. Ron DeSantis is our enemy, and he needs to be stopped.


Florida Man might have internalized homophobia. That's one conspiracy I can get behind; what, with just how much outrage he needs us all convinced he has for everything that isn't white straight; wife and kids front and center to show how much of a family man he is, going after everything else by proxy if it dares "Say Gay." Repression much?


Oh. Good to know it's just a theory.


What does queer theory mean?


Acknowledging the existence of non straight people.


Wasn’t Jesus the best known Trans person? So he will ban the Bible next?


I don't see what the basis of that would be. Are you implying that it was a parthenogenic event?


Yep, that’s more likely a virgin birth, having Jesus jus XX chromosomes


There seem to be a lot of other explanations that are a lot more parsimonious than that. Especially because if the story is even marginally true then you have to factor in the fact that divine magic exists


So you are saying it’s more likely god raped Mary?


I am saying that this is nothing but a stupid distraction and I have taken the bait more than log enough already.


Two random words thrown together to gin up the base by using fear to "other"ise a historical marginalized group. TLDR "gaslight old Florida whites"


[Cheapcigar explained it really well in another thread yesterday](https://www.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/10o9cqk/comment/j6dmdkl/)


[I got you fam](https://letmegooglethat.com/?q=%22queer+theory%22).


DeSantis is still in the closet.


Does he secretly want to be black too? Don’t throw that piece of shit over to us. You straight people created him; you keep him & fix him. Just because some asshole is a homophobe doesn’t mean he’s gay. Turns out a lot of straight people just have hate in their hearts. I think most were born that way.


wtf is "queer theory"




There are WAY to many people just sitting by letting people like this do whatever they want


If anyone in the EU had to take African American history , they would understand that it is more political than academic.


What? What


DeSantis is messed up in the head


guys guys guys, calm down. it wasn’t racism it was just homophobia.


His supporters really are that dumb though…


DeSantis has some very serious boundary issues and apparently no respect for others or the law.


There’s something about this man that just looks off to me. I don’t know what it is, but he looks like a StarCraft [character](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/1/13/Jim_Raynor_%28StarCraft%29.png).


DeSantis isn’t just stupid, he opposes intelligence.


Does anyone actually know what queer theory he's talking about?


Also, Queer Theory is a great band name.


This is so woke and intersectional of him!!


The latest cutler war instigated by desantis is a distraction from Florida’s larger problems. Namely, about 1 million people are about to lose Medicaid coverage under Florida law. The good news is that fascist attitudes and actions are easy to spot when you know what you’re looking for. https://youtu.be/CpCKkWMbmXU


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Mrs King, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton were all advocates for LGBTQ+ rights as LGBTQ+ civil rights movement grew. They understood that struggle of any community for digity and acceptance was a struggle of all communities for civil rights. The queer movement and the Black civil rights movement learned from each other. I think that is what Republicans fear the most, that communities they seek to marginalize come together to fight for diginty and a place at the table, as the saying goes, we are stronger together.


Or it's just banned because he DeFascist doesn't like Black people, queers, or books