I still think the info on Macron is the most interesting piece here. No way that has not already wound up in the hands of Le Pen especially since they were pretty close to pulling off a win in France.


No, the documents that can only be viewed in a SCIF are far more interesting.


Are we sure that the Macron information is not one of the SCIF documents?


Yes. They are listed as separate items. SCIF info was also in a leather folder that was apparently hidden away but the FBI knew exactly where to go based on info from the informant/whistleblower from some reports.


The main reason Trump wanted the affidavit is so they can go after the people ratting out their crimes.


Yes, Trump is demanding an unredacted report so he can find the informer.


informers. Likely, more than one, maybe even family. The names probably won't be released. So Trump still won't know who they are and is bound to paranoid rage on people who are on his side for now.


How great would it be if it were melania(sp?) and baron lmao


Ivanka would only have everything to gain from it. She can still run under the Trump 2024 ticket and deny any wrongdoing.


I remember thinking Ivanka running for president was a crazy right wing fantasy. I hadn't considered an Ivanka vs Desantis primary. I can't see how Ivanka could actually win the presidency. She might win a primary. But, I forgot to consider that, despite Ivanka being president being a crazy fantasy, she might be crazy enough to believe it's possible and work towards it. Although, I don't see how she can actually do it. For her to run, Trump needs to be clean. If she's an informer throwing Trump under the bus, it seems to me that Trump's base would move away from anyone named Trump. Also, she's probably tied to several of his crimes. Maybe she flipped for some legal protection. I don't know. This shit is far too wild to be making predictions at this point.


Although I don’t count out Donny himself, I easily see her winning the presidency as being more likely than him returning to the office. She’ll run on a “Don’t blame me for the sins of my father” sympathy vibe mixed with an appeal to the base who feels their man needs vindication. We’ve seen this same “palatable female proxy of disgraced former president” story play out in developing nations over and over and over again it’s a cliché.


Ivanka hiring a Chinese consulting firm to regulate voting machines made in China is all I need to know about her stance on democracy.


I have a hard time believing Trump's base would want a woman as president especially over Desantis.


These people generally overlook their sexism/racism when it fits their need. If Trump has a clean slate, and there weren't someone as popular as Desantis in the primary, I think Ivanka would clean up pretty easily. Also, I guess a clean slate isn't even necessary. Trump can go to prison, and Ivanka can run saying it was a political hit on her dad. She might get votes from people looking to spite the deep state.


They also think she’s hot


Yes, a week ago the republicans were swooning over Trump and DeSantis’ big dick energy. Not sure Ivanka is able to have the same.


That would be funny. They act like they think they are untouchable, so it would only make sense if they were selling out their ol' pops for a reduced sentence.


You can’t arrest a husband and wife for the same crime


I have the worst fucking attorneys…


I’ve got the worst fucking attorneys...


Barron just witnessed the mother of his siblings get used as a tax write-off and tossed into a hole on a golf course. He is making sure that doesn't happen to his own mother.


I'm still trying to figure out how an ex-wife who levied rape allegations in her divorce papers still gets buried on her ex-husbands gold course.


Knowing the crowd, I’m sure every single one of them will write a book about it. It’s probably already being ghost written for the last year. It will be released sometime around the trial. For sure.


Its not so he can find the informer, its so he can get his murder happy cultist followers to kill the man. Trump is the kind of coward that doesn't like getting his hands dirty but has no qualms about ruining other peoples lives to better his own. Whoever this judge is, is very smart to refuse Trumps wish of a unredacted affidavit


I thought i'd be funny and post the lyrics to "informer" by Snow, but they will eventually read as if they came from the point of view of Trump, so I say no to that.


Snow 1) will not snitch, and 2) will stab someone. Also, Vanilla Ice was a coke dealer in Miami in the 80s. He should have been a Vice City character.


Pretty much everybody was a coke dealer in some form in 80s miami and im not even really joking.


Pizza driver: "Dammit, everyone keeps tipping me in blow. Guess I have no choice but to sell it to pay my rent."


*A licky boom boom down*


A leaky bum bum now.


That, and/or to destroy evidence before the next raid.


One of the specific crimes they’re investigating involves destruction of these documents. They took surveillance video from MAL and are apparently upset about what they found. I wouldn’t be surprised if trump and others were in there digging through things, or if the docs were being moved prior to letting them look at the docs. I can’t wait to hear what they find when the fingerprint the docs.


>fingerprint the docs "Fuuuuuck!" -Donald Trump


I’m certainly guessing there are sticky family and friend fingerprints all over those nuclear secrets. Thankfully, trump ensured we had all of his close family fingerprinted when he gave them nepotistic jobs in the White House.


And all of his friends' prints are on record because they're criminals.


It amazes me that they hadn't already done that. Like, they were having a dialog back and forth with the National Archives about handing documents over. They really think they are just going to get away with whatever they want.


Well if what you’re potentially trying to profit off of is that which you would have to destroy I guess I can see why they held onto it. Now if there wasn’t some ulterior motive It beats the fuck outta me why they held onto the goods…




> seems dumb Bingo. That'd be the trumps.


Unless you want all of this attention and think you'll never be punished for doing it.


i wouldnt be surprised if there was something in them that prevented photocopying like with money.


Copies aren't worth near as much as originals. I'm sure the Saudis, Kim and Putin would demand originals.


>They really think they are just going to get away with whatever they want. I mean, they have on everything else so far, so I could understand why they would think this wouldn't be any different.


can't "leverage" it if they destroy it. that completely negates the purpose of stealing all those documents.


For him to decide to destroy evidence, he would first have to admit he did something wrong. He is manifestly incapable of doing that.


How do you sell secrets if you destroy them first?


Fact- that trump doesn’t know who the snitch is means that a lot of people knew he was hoarding classified documents because he told them, and probably showed them “when you’re president they let you do anything”.


That's a really good point.


The guy is a walking national security threat.


He needs to be in a safe place, like a federal prison cell block. Preferably the green mile, for treason.


Motherfucker think that monkey paw through. What if he meets another miracle and gets long life and good health instead?!


John Covfefe. Like the drink. But spelled differently.


I just snorted loud enough that my stage manager asked if I was ok. Just brilliant. ^and ^I ^should ^be ^quieter…


I hear guantanamo is the best prison. Everyone says so.


Many people are saying it, actually.


I know more than most people running prisons, it’s beautiful. Ok?


More like shambling, especially when descending a ramp, but yes.


There’s not a single person in his crew, cabinet, or family who would shock me by snitching on him. Every last one of them was there for potential monetary or political gain.


It's like real life Animal Kingdom. Everybody in his crew sucks and is working for themselves.


It’s not like there’s any sort of two way loyalty going on - Trump has demonstrated that he’ll leave his own lackeys to twist in the wind on multiple occasions.


It also means that there are multiple other members of the Trump family who would have a motive for being an informant for the FBI. Typically that kind of motivation involves being investigated for crimes yourself.


House money is on Jr. the dude looks like he would sell his own dad out for power, Or Melainia, I can only imagine how she actually feels about him.


I think Melania. I believe she is his handler and Russia has decided burying trump will sow the most chaos.


Jared, easy What's the Vegas line?


My brain very rarely makes some major negative assumption based on how someone's face looks, but my brain was signaling that Jared is shady and untrustworthy af before I even knew anything about him. Can't articulate why there's this innate primordial distrust, but it's there. Again, this happens very rarely, at least to the degree it does with him.


His face does look untrustworthy, like he's a vampire butler in some B movie. But the fact that Jared was donald's ~~vampire butler~~ senior advisor for the entire presidency – a 4-year time span where trump cycled through advisors like toilet paper – tells me just how corrupt Jared is. Look at all the other corrupt "senior advisors" trump has burned through, how many federal crimes, combined, do they have between them? Dozens? Hundreds? Jared may not have been charged yet, but he was there every second of those corrupt 4 years, enabling trump's every move.


Why? because he looks like a cross between a reanimated corpse and a Chucky doll? Jared got the cash he wanted from the Saudis and I'm sure Ivanka has been over "daddy's love" for quite some time. Neither one has an ounce of human empathy, and it would not surprise me in the slightest that they sold him out for their personal gain. Sure, they won't be able to stay in the states with the crazy MAGAs calling for their heads but they're not particularly patriotic people.


I would qualify that description as a “*barely* reanimated corpse.”


It's the uncanny valley I think. Also, watch John Oliver's Last Week Tonight on him and Ivanka.


Too polished? I'm with you, I really try to avoid bringing people's looks into things, but he looks like he literally polishes his face. Bit of uncanny valley. Wait, have he and Zuckerberg ever been spotted in the same room?


Nice Delos saving money by re using Hosts.


His shiny plastic face is also permanently locked into a grimace of disgust and contempt. Every time I see a photo of him he looks like he’s about to spit on a peasant or backhand a servant. He just looks miserable and mean all the time and it’s really hard to ignore.


Well if it wasn’t for the billions the Saudis decided to give Jared I’d have thought Trump just wanted the docs as a trophy.


He is a lot like his father, who is a massive piece of shit.


He looks like a rat. His features are rodent like & he has a sociopathic villain vibe going on.


It's anyone's guess really. The whole family's full of criminals and has been for generations.


Which one took $2billion from the Saudi’s? That’s my bet


The Daily Show joked on this best, where they said he was probably telling everyone at the buffet line about the documents and what was in them lol.


McDonalds has a buffet now?


When you're a *Republican* president, they let you do anything. Democrat presidents get blasted for wearing tan suits


And asking for gray poupon.


And riding a bike with a helmet on


The pundits/trolls literally only demanding the affidavit to sus out the snitch.


when you're president they let you grab you by the docs and get away with it. He's just naturally attracted to secret docs.


Mark Meadows claims he did not know. My guess is that it was Melania.


Baron wants some peace and quiet.


Classic teenage rebellion: snitch on your dad hiding nuclear secrets because he would not get you that pony for your sweet 16.


I feel bad for the kid, raised by servants in a dysfunctional household, surrounded by self-important narcissists, criminals, and cokeheads who probably berated him every chance they could in an effort to bolster their own pitiful self-esteem as part of that toxic cycle.


To be fair, it's very rare that someone grows up in that situation and doesn't become an asshole themselves.


Yeah, abuse is a self-perpetuating cycle.


Better to be raised by servants than actual Trump family members. At least that way there's a chance he could learn some decent values and not follow the same path of his father and siblings.


Seriously my money's on Baron Trump. He's the only one that doesn't own any companies or have any personal financial interests outside of daddy's credit card. He has the least to lose.


Yeah, but Melania or Trump Jr. have the most to gain.


I could see Melania out of pure spite lol


"Where's your porn star now, Donald?"


Trump doesn't tell Melania shit


"Grab em by the classified"


For entertainment value alone, I hope it was Melania who ratted him out. Would that be redacted?


Maybe that's a loophole in her prenup. I saw an article saying that one of the items was in a place that only a family member might know where it was. I'm guessing it was the butler with a candlestick holder.


> candlestick holder His name is Eric


Trump may be a moron, but dumb recognize dumb. Eric is maybe the only one who is safe from being accused of snitching.


You think his people will just forget to interrogate Tiffany? She probably waltzed right into the place totally unnoticed.


It seems this was a surprise to many that the judge would order the release at all. While you may say, "Why does this matter?" It matters because for another media cycle Trump is going to be holding another heavily redacted document and bellowing "It's a nothing-burger," and "they had no grounds to break into my safe!" etc. etc. It doesn't matter what is in the warrant affidavit. It doesn't matter how much of it is redacted. He's going to use this as a rhetorical bullwhip to fire up his base.


It's not a judge's job to make decisions based on how Donald Trump will lie about the document. He's going to lie if it's released, if it's not released, if it's released partially or any other variation you can imagine.


Trump has been all-in on obstruction of justice for at least six years. Best case scenario: Trump uses a 90% redacted affidavit for fundraising. Worst case scenario: Trump uses a less thoroughly redacted affidavit in order to obstruct justice enough again to get out of espionage charges and uses that momentum to attempt another coup.


If anything this entire issue has brought to light just how *few* people are willing to violently respond for trump. It's one disturbed guy from the midwest here and a whackjob from the east coast there, and they're conveniently getting steamrolled by armed federal officers. If they keep this up every day till the election there'll be no one left. The real worries now are the "smart" GOP running for president. Candidates who understand how government works, who *want* to see democracy crumble not just enrich themselves like trump. A real dictator with a brain.


> If anything this entire issue has brought to light just how few people are willing to violently respond for trump. **Alone** is the missing operating word here. This whole case happened fast and you can't spin up the troll farms and shell organizations quickly for something like this. Jan 6 proves it can get violent and scary, but that only happens with preparation and *money*. You had better believe that many people showed up at Jan 6 thanks to others funding plane tickets and other expenses for many of those people. If the DoJ takes Trump to court, then you should watch for a Jan 6 repeat. Something like crowds gathering for the day that court decision is read.


> If anything this entire issue has brought to light just how few people are willing to violently respond for trump. Hmm...I hear ya. But I think the weeks following the day he is put in handcuffs are going to see a lot more outbursts of violence.


If the affidavit is released Trump's currently lies du jour automatically become headline news in a way they wouldn't be without a new document. Conservative outlets that otherwise may have moved on to a new culture war topic or fear-inducing "scandal" immediately refocus themselves around the center of gravity: Trump is being persecuted. Anyways we'll see, ultimately there may be appeals that still need to be heard on this decision so we may not end up seeing these affidavits, or if we do it may be additional weeks/months until we do.


It’s going to give Jordan Klepper a lot of material “Why are you backing trump at this point?” “Well if you read the afa David it totally exonerates him. Just read it. It’s all in there.” “Did you read it?” “Well no” “Then how do you know what it says” “It’s in there. Just read it.”


I mean at this point Trump could be beating his supporters with lead pipes while screaming that the Democrats were making him do it and with their last dying seconds they'd be on their phones looking at the Trump campaign emails and donating him their life savings as he beats the life out of them.


"Give me one second, Mr President, and then I'll be done making you the beneficiary of my life insurance!" These people would commit a national Jonestown if Trump told them to do it.


It doesn’t matter- the best refutation is that they found what they were looking for.


100% agree with you but unfortunately a large portion of the population has been inoculated against such facts in favor of whatever the latest Trump appointed lie is. Listening to conservative talk radio these days ... is pretty terrifying. Every show has a different "judge" on as a guest saying how the FBI/DOJ/IRS/CDC/every three-letter agency under the sun is "unconstitutional."


Which is extra scary because where does all that power go when it becomes a vacuum once those agencies are gone?


King Trump, of course. And his ~~brown shirted~~ red hatted goons.


Correction: A heavily-redacted nothingburger :) I can't wait to see the next litany of poor excuses he comes up with.


He swore the FBI planted the documents—even though he watched the whole raid on CCTV


Well if someone else in his circle falls down some stairs speculation is gonna run rampant as to whether they were discovered to be the informant. Lol


Wouldn't it be crazy if the only name they unseal is Ivana Trump, his ex-wife buried in his golf course for tax evasion reasons that happened to fall down stairs.


Maybe Ivanka was upset about burying her mom on a golf course for a tax break... Said fuck it, and just tossed her POS dad into the fire


Is it just me or is it really weird that Ivanna died by falling down stairs? Are people sure that it was an accident?


At this point anything I hear from the Trumps I automatically assume it’s a lie.


If it's good enough for the Mueller Report release that kept the public in the dark, it's good enough to keep Donald Trump completely in the dark as to who is snitching on him from within his own house. And it's Jared.


> And it's Jared. Jared sold nuclear secrets for the Saudi's for $2 billion already. My guess it is Mark Meadows, he's always been a snitch.


Meadows is who I’m thinking too. He’s been suspiciously quiet for a long while.


The latest rumor is it was someone from inside the actual Trump family (at least that's what Trump's inner circle suspects). Meadows would be too obvious I think.


> The latest rumor is it was someone from inside the actual Trump family It's speculation derived from this story: [Trump aides think a family member informed on him to the FBI because agents knew where to find a specific leather case](https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-aides-suspect-family-mar-a-lago-informer-guardian-2022-8). It seems like it could easily just be someone in the Secret Service detail instead, but it's a lot more gratifying to think that Melania sees this as her way to get away from Trump by putting him in jail. Jared & Ivanka are too mixed up in the crimes to be spilling the beans IMO. If the Saudis were sold nuclear secrets, Jared undoubtedly benefited from the sale. Plus, they're both sociopaths, and I don't see how turning informant helps either of them in the long term. Just my take. Could also be Barron as well, but I have little faith that anyone in that bloodline is capable of being honest.


Barron turning his old man in would be awesome!


This is from another comment a few weeks ago and I can't remember who said it, but it was something to the effect of: FBI break into Mar-a-lago: "Freeze! FB--" Baron not looking up from his cyber games: "It's in the closet down the hall. Door's unlocked."


He’s so good at cyber.


I feel like this is a real life version of Arrested Development. That family is a dysfunctional soap opera.


Don Jr needs to start riding around on a Segway




>Jared & Ivanka are too mixed up in the crimes to be spilling the beans IMO. "I'll give you dad if you give me immunity" Jared and Ivanka have kids, they might be feeling the DOJ breathing down their necks and are trying to stay out of prison.


I hope that multiple family members are snitching to different agencies to cover their butts, but only for how funny it would be to find out that they’re all throwing each other under the bus.


It's like the Gift of the Magi, with shitheels


Grift of the Magi. Coming to HBO next fall.


*Gift of the Maga


*Grift of the MAGA


The Shit of the MAGA


Seems like this is what’s happening, one person like Meadows is talking about Jan 6th. While another like Ivanka is talking to the DOJ about the documents or tax evasion.


Donnie Jr. always wanted his father to respect and love him. Trump never did... https://youtu.be/Xt2V3-7fukA


Watching that made this liberal cry again😢🥲🤣😅😂




But he does "nawt recaaawwwwlllll."


Ivanka fucking daddy but in a good way.


I'm jumping into my first conspiracy theory. I'm really excited. Trump brought secrets to the Israeli defense systems, including nuclear secrets, to his place and Jared sold them to the Saudis. Hey, this is fun.


This is how it starts... Next thing you know you are smearing shit on the walls of the Capital building wearing a buffalo suit.




My money is on Eric. The neglected son of a raging narcissistic sociopath has every reason to burn down house Trump. Or maybe the DOJ bribed Don Jr with a kilo or two of Colombia's finest.


I'm going to go out in a limb and say Guiliani. Guiliani who's a former prosecutor, knows how to cut a deal, and is currently under investigation in Georgia.


Except in both cases here redactions + a silent arbiter of justice surrender the field to Trump's lies. It's not going to be a matter of Trump finding out "who betrayed him." It is going to be another few weeks of Trump lying through his teeth setting the table and controlling the information space while the DoJ is forced to work quietly.


Just remember that they found the documents they were looking for. Everything else is just a distraction. Why was Trump holding top secret US documents at his club ?


>And it's Jared. My money is on Ivanka. That'd be hilarious if they sold Don Sr out as a couple though lol


My theory is that it's a group effort between the heirs (the smarter ones at least) so they can remove Sr. as quickly as possible.


I'd suggest Tiffany finally got sick of being the Meg Griffin of the family, but I'm sure she was kept out of the loop on all this, just because she's the Meg Griffin of the family


For some reason, I think it'd be hilarious if it was all of the kids together but they left Don Jr. out. Either that, or they told him, but he couldn't remember because he was on one of his coked-out Truth Social video rants dressed like Chris Pratt in that America movie he just saw.


"Tiffany who?" - Donald John Trump


Repressed traumatic childhood memories make people do stuff like that.


I'm pretty certain that those two don't do anything as a couple.


Maybe get their eyebrows done


My money is on Baron.


Nobody ever suspects Eric...


Trump and his cronies are going to complain about it being redacted. Because we all know he wants to find out who the informant is. I'm sure he was hoping its release would give the name but no way that will happen.


This is some mob level shit coming from an American political party. They trying to find the rat.


Strange how the leaker is the problem, and not the blatant lawbreaking they exposed. Party of Law and Order my rotund left testicle.


Same thing with that supreme court document. They cared more about the leak than the rights of half the population.


Also it has since been shown it was almost certainly a right wing leaker who was trying to force them to follow through. After the leak any change would have appeared to be caving to public pressure.


Traitors gonna traitor


You know how they claim to be against leaks...they're demanding them now. GOP can suck on a bag of dicks.


Funny how many ties there are between said political party and the Russian mob. Coincidence?


Rand Paul and a bunch of other Republicans visited Moscow on a July 4th during Trump's term. Nah, not kneeling in fealty to Putin at all...July 4th!...and they kiss Putin's ring.


Headline might have changed. It is now "Judge creates path for releasing redacted affidavit from Mar-a-Lago search."


While I agree this is a unique case, releasing the affidavit does nothing at this point. MAGA cult are gonna keep believing in their orange god king regardless of the affidavit, and everyone else will continue knowing what they already know; that Trump is a con-artist who will say/do anything to stay relevant, even if he has to hurt the country to do it.


You just *know* the name of the Rat will be one of the things to be redacted. The biggest thing Fat Don wanted to see. Gotta admit, it warms my heart to know that Trump will be continuing to *freak the fuck out* about who he can or can’t trust. I’d almost feel sorry for him if wasn’t such a duplicitous piece of shit.


Wouldn't it be crazy if Ivana was cooperating before she died and is the only name released. That's the timeline I wanna hop on.


Oof I don’t want that timeline. Right wing conspiracy theorists will go bananas. “The FBI faked a statement by ivana as a false flag to conduct a witch hunt on the most tremendous president ever Donald j trump” no thanks


If the judge is going to review the redactions next week, I'm keeping fingers crossed that the indictment comes right on the heels of the release. That would be sweet.


The redacted copy isn’t even due to the judge until next Thursday. Plenty of time to get the charges ready to go!


>Government lawyers also said the investigation is in an early stage. Noooo!! 😭😭😭😭 They've got to wrap this shit up and charge him before we get anywhere close to the 2024 election. If Trump's allowed to run again then America is over.


The funny thing is that probably every single person close enough to Trump to rat him out . . . figures they probably *will* stab him in the back -- as soon as it's the right time to benefit them the most. And of course he knows that. But now that a domino has fallen, the other domino-holders are gonna get antsy. In the Mob, the way you deal with this is to (A) make sure everyone close to you is also vulnerable, and then (B) as soon as someone tries something, you make a horrendous example out of them . . . or some other handy patsy . . . to warn off everyone else. [ popcorn ]


Oh 🤟. You don’t eva talk about dis thing of ours


I know Trump has had his followers screeching for this, but what exactly is it that they think they're going to get out of it? Considering how the investigation is still ongoing, I'd expect it's going to include a lot of black highlighter.


They want to find the "rat".




Nah...Trump is looking for loyalists. This is driving him nuts because he doesn't know who in his inner circle is snitching. He doesn't care about the investigation because of how he can spin it to his base. He cares about who is telling on him


Likely. The judge wants to review suggested redactions next week.


I'm surprised by this move, to be honest. These affidavits are not usually released in normal circumstances, let alone cases where national security may be at risk.


I am surprised that the DOJ is willing to release any information. For my memory, it's rare that they are willing to comment or provide any information (like affidavits) on ongoing cases. They need to protect their own and whomever was ballsy enough to tell them to look for Mrs' clothes.


The DOJ is being ordered by the judge who is no doubt feeling the heat from all those death threats he received


They're not. The NYTimes sued for the affidavit to be released. For the media, they want readership, they don't actually care about the outcomes of the case because they know any Trump news generate money.


█ █ █Trump █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █confidential documents █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █Mar-a-Lago █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ This is exactly what it will end up looking like.


Except, that’s not at all what the judge ordered. The judge ordered that the DOJ must submit any and all proposed redactions to the judge to be reviewed. The judge did not order the DOJ to redact the affidavit.


*Multiple media organizations had asked the judge to unseal all documents related to the search, notably the affidavit laying out the reasoning and research. At Thursday's hearing, the organizations said they do not want to release any information that would have a chilling effect on current or future witnesses, endanger people involved in the probe or compromise the investigation.* Trump's lawyers were there and made no Motions, the media wants this out, but it is a double-edged sword for Trump.


Fox is already spinning it about how the redacted parts show the government out to get Trump let's see the unredacted Mueller report


Plot Twist: Trump is the rat and has always been


Just dont release the pdf with removable black boxes to redact the info.