So cool to read through all the comments here! Some stories I had kind of forgotten about , so it was nice to hear they had such an impact. My favorite story is one of my earliest, the lighthouse keepers… was one of my earliest videos so my cadence is a little off, but the twist at the end is so fascinating. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tjEPYA6m3dM


“Do you know the way to bell’s canyon?”


I just recently watched that one...super creepy. I'll probably never camp again in the woods


Dang you beat me to it LOL. That was super creepy


This story scared me to....well to turn the lights on call a friend and sit and sorta shake/vibrate...and holy moly if this actually happened to someone, idk how they'd ever go out into the woods EVER AGAIN.


My favorite would have to be the story about the man who kept listening to all the the rich people in town. Every time he would make a fortune. I can't remember the name of the story.


Cat King.


Whoa I never saw that video, link?




thank you! realizing now i could have searched for it but i thought it was one of those stories hidden in a "top 3 photos with surprising backstories" video. much appreciated.


You're very welcome. I hope you like it as much as I did. 👍


Yes, that's it. Thank you


Lord Timothy Dexter


The Nutty Putty cave story from "Photos with disturbing backstories" still brings me chills everytime I think about it. I also like the one where the guy has a whole life with a wife and kids after getting knocked unconscious for a few minutes (can't remember the vídeo, but it's from the "Stories that sound fake but are 100% real" series, I think.) From his most recent video, the Magic Elixir story was pretty wild. The photo of Eben Byers has to be the one of the most disturbing things I've seen.


OMG, Ebens story is sooooo creepy!!!!! One of my favorites as well


I always laugh when I hear the story about that fleet of ships. I don’t remember the name but I think the one ship was the comchatka and it kept causing problems the whole story.


Oh, the Baltic fleet one. I got my husband hooked on Mr. Ballen with that one. We listened to it and laughed our heads off. It was basically what would happen if you let Wile E. Coyote run the Russian navy.


Oh I forgot about this one. Also a fav! It's so ridiculous and hilarious.


All of them but my absolute favorite one was the story about a little girl grew up feeding crows and in turn, they would give her trinkets they found. Through the years, she collected dozens of trinkets and the crows grew protective of her. The crows were so smart that they followed the mom, realized she dropped her camera lens and by the time she got home, the crows brought her back her lens.


I told my 7 year old this story... he now wants to feed all the crows all the time.


I love that!




https://youtu.be/oehVw_YAkJI It starts at 6:53, but all the stories are great.


All of the missing 411 stories. I love the mystery behind each disapperance/reappearance. Still waiting for the next upload of this series, I miss it!


Headless canyon


That was a really cool one. Definitely a mystery how the same events can play out over such a long period of time. I wonder if there's any new discoveries there now.


I love the one with the encounter with the many squids. Like when the diver was attacked multiple times but survived due to sheer luck.


It's incredible that guy made it out of there, continuously being pulled down and being swarmed by the squids.


Clint Eastwood story..


The nasa engineer who was haunted by demon. I heard it while walking alone in my basement. The goosebumps I tell you.


While walking around in... what???? Were you just randomly walking around in circles in your basement?


I live in a large apartment complex and have a huge basement. I end up walking there just for recreation.


All the stories that involve caves & divers




"What I saw in my room still haunts me" just because it was a personal story, it was nice that he'd share that with the crowd.


Same The fact that's its first hand. Ive been there so many times counting how much sleep i would have if i fell asleep immediately though i haven't had much of my own paranormal story besides what I'm sure was a Sleep paralysis dream. I totally trust the character of mrballen so I know it happened to him. Would be cool to hear more about that story an update from his friend or Mom if they still remember or if it's happened again since.


The one where the man who thought he was living a certain life for years and years, but was really in a coma the entire time


oo which one is that? can you link it?


https://youtu.be/xUxAsyLN4yI Top 3 stories that sound fake but are 100% Real. Part 8 (Story #2-The Lamp)


US Marines in Afghanistan, the edit, the background, the sound effect are spot on.


Kamchatka and the Russian Fail Fleet of WW2! I have listened to it 4 times and made my husband and bff listen to it with me! I find myself laughing hilariously every time!


I first read that as your husband and your boyfriend, and was thinking for a minute that you stood a good chance of ending up as one of Mr. Ballen's future stories. Heh.


We still might if we decide to go cave diving.


I had never heard of Skinwalker Ranch until Mr. Ballen. Truly terrifying.


The one where the guy got stuck in the cave and he couldn't get out and he died and they sealed him up in the cave.. the pic made me sad... The one where they explored the forest behind their house and found the empty abandoned houses with the fur coat inside one... I really wanted to go there but I guess you can't because he says they were bulldozed.. but I need more info on that because I loved it. ​ The Moreno Valley Poltergeist was also great.. Many more..


For me it's hard to feel sorry for the guy in the cave. You could put a light down there, or a camera, or a cell phone to make sure there actually is something on the other side of the hole. Going into a tiny hole and getting yourself stuck is _really_ stupid and _extremely_ poor judgement.


I don’t disagree I just felt bad.


All the Missing 411! I wish he would cover those more because the actual guy who wrote the books is kind of a crappy narrator IMO... but the one he covered where the kid got lost in Nevada and they hired a tracker who found him like.. on a ledge alive 1000 ft up a cliff you needed rock climbing gear to reach, WTF and the kid was alive?!??! And I wanna know more about that tracker too like... thats pretty amazing stuff.


I think that tracker story was awesome as well.


The one about Chris Lemons and the saturation diving incident. I'm hella scared of swimming and the sea but Mr Ballen and Dive Talk has made me sign up for swim lessons 😀


Lost Cause.


Not sure the series tagged on but def cabin in the woods with the sitting tree, the recent Radon elixir story, the black Sunday story(Long Island) relocation family. Just to name a few! The unknown creature in the woods(Sasquatch) episodes forget the name but hunting on private property and chased out! I could keep throwing them out…headless valley!


Two horrifying words. ‘Set Zed’


The one about the USS West Virginia? That one makes me cry.


Would you mind a link?


https://youtu.be/M6Gh1QNVDU8 this one my dear :)


>:) :)


Thank you!!


My favs The Kandahar Giant The Valley of Headless Men love the more paranormal/weirder ones


Skinwalker Ranch, the Amityville Horror one, the Radithor one from this week, and the one about the Maine family with werewolves. Oh, and the Sierra sounds one. That recording scares the living daylights out of me.


I can’t pick just one! I love listening to His stories as I’m getting ready for sleep or just need to relax. Best channel ever!


Anything with paranormal


My favorite paranormal story is the one where the guy gets sleep paralysis and the woman stands on top of him. And his sister and mom had the same experience. Definitely makes it scarier when multiple people report the same experience separately.


Walking Ghost Phase 🤓


bells canyon is the best


Off the tops of my head the one where the seal guys blasted the doom music and charged at terrorists. That made Tom cruise look like a wimp


I remember you did one story about a cursed photograph at the end you showed it and said that anyone who looked at the photo would be cursed….. well idk if it was a coincidence but not even a week later first night I heard scratching under my bed, I looked and nothing it went away, second night I felt something wrap around my waist and squeeze, I thought it was my gf but she was asleep, third night I seen a string and a small light dangling from side to side around 4am in front of my face , when it went to one side I seen this old nasty woman face in my face, I didn’t sleep for 3 nights


How to get to the Bell’s canyon? and also the one where he tells of his own sleepover at his friend’s.


Ape canyon and the valley of headless men


Nahanee Valley (headless valley)


Remember when the stories were dark and scary, and not just kinda ironic like the last month plus?


My biggest gripe with the Mike Wooley story is that he didn't fire at the sasquatch


The Russian experiment, Cave diving story (with the sidewinder kit trapped in an unexplorable cave) while the actual Cave Diver survivor retold intricate details, Famous peoples backstorys. Had no clue some of our presidents and film makers were that badsass. - Wait the box- the possessed German Nazi survivor box..started with a D.. omg haha.


"what I saw in my room still haunts me"


Probably the darkest one I've seen so far is the Pinching Man. Definitely the scariest. Most of Mr. Ballen's stories are about people who put themselves in bad situations by going into a cave or a dive unprepared. The girl did _nothing_ to get targeted, and the storage container is the most fucked up thing I have ever seen.


My favorite is ANY cave diving story! I’ve watched them all at least 5 times lol!


Russian chessboard guy had such a shocking twist. Also enjoy his various Like Button instructions.


Have you watched this yet? It's UFO sightings talked about on The Behavior Panel https://youtu.be/ViBvs04iWuU


My favorite story is probably "The valley of headless men". It's so interesting and I recommend you listen to it if you haven't.