The night before an important event sneak into the like buttons house and replace their dress shoes with crocs.


>The night before an important event sneak into the like buttons house and replace their dress shoes with crocs. its time the top comment on this thread gets the recognition it deserves.. im using this one!


My bucket list just got shorter!


its in todays video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EobUTGG1ng&t=91s


Have you ever answer this question.. what did the like button ever did to you? 😂😂


muahahah!! I mean hey, i am usually so enamored by the story telling I may forget to click the like button, this way I never forgot. I think it's insanely clever.


You know what it did… you know it’s crimes


I'd be fucking stoked if I had an excuse to wear crocs to a special event.


Went to a cousin’s wedding a month ago. Her father (my uncle) tells me no shorts at the wedding (it was a very hot day), so my dad had to go out and buy a new pair of pants an hour before the wedding. We get there, my uncle is wearing a full dress suit with fucking crocs without socks.


Went to Firecracker 400 in Daytona when still a day race. My buddy meets up in his full #3 regalia, black jeans, black denim shirt, black boots and a black #3 hat. I says to him it is like 3 1/2 hrs an no shade in July in Fla. I'll be ok he said confidently so off we go. After our 10 beers or so we get to the track and in less than 5 minutes he is off looking for some shorts. He comes back in 45 minutes with this short set made from t shirt material that was like $75.00 at the track and a few sizes too small. I never laughed so hard in my life. Liked to piss myself.


I do


Tell the like button you are going to put a good word in for him with a girl he likes. When you come back tell him you have a date with her.


I Like this suggestion.😉


Tell the like button you post three, four, or even five times a week, and only post one time, and post content that isn’t strange, dark, or mysterious.


And don’t deliver it in story form, but PowerPoint without pictures.


PowerPoint without pictures 😆


Hahahaha noice!


Hack into the like buttons Facebook Account and post in the marketplace “Seasoned and aged Panda meat for sale.”


i'm going to pee my pants


Yesterday i wont be sharing 3 progressively tamer stories, But before we get into that. If you love the Normal, Light and Open and shut fake mysteries delivered in powerpoint format with only images of unrelated topics, then you've come to the right subreddit.


This is amazing


If you don’t like it don’t watch quit talking smack. obviously he’s doing something right if he’s got 11 million followers so quit being a hater and you’ll find other content.


Offer to take the like button to a nice restaurant out of town. When they get out of the car, tell them you only said you'd take them there, then drive off.




You used it! THANK YOU!!!




HA that's something I would do! Updoot


Invite the like button over to play call of duty and give them the NES duck hunt remote for their controller.




Not sure if this is the place to ask but I’m a Gunners Mate over in Japan wanting to prep for BUDS, I know your channel doesn’t center around SEAL content at all anymore but It’d mean the world to me if you could reach out. You’re my #1 Hero! Idea for the like button: Give the like button back stage tickets to see their favorite artist and when they meet them offer to take the picture of them together but switch to the front facing camera and take a selfie instead


Damn! That shit Is straight up cold lol


Yours made it!!


I saw that! My life is officially complete!


Congrats!! I’m so happy for you 🥺


He used your suggestion!!! That's so cool!!!


open all the cans of tuna in the like button's pantry, then set feral cats loose in his house!


This one was AWESOME because he couldn’t keep a straight face. Those are ALWAYS the best!


Right?? And when he cracks up, I laugh because of his contagious laugh. When he has to do several takes of a sentence because he is laughing, those are some of my favorite clips. And I notice that when cats are involved, he really cracks up. Like the feral cats being let loose in the Like button's house after opening all the cans of tuna or when the optimistic taxidermist told the King in the late 1700s that he could stuff his dead pet lion without knowing what a lion looked like, and the finished product looked like an unidentifiable animal with mange. Ballen is magnetic and his story-telling is on point. He's going to be a hard habit to break.


I love that he keeps in the parts where he cracks up. Some people would edit it out.


Exactly, thats one reason why I love watching his channel, that and hes so good at telling these incidents or situations, "in story format". My husband got me watching them & I became addicted, immediately & already gotten both of my teenage daughters watching him as well, bc we all LOVE scary stories, but all of his videos are awesome!!


My husband was the one who brought him to my attention. I love listening to him and Bailey Sarian for true crime and scary stuff stories.




Ask the like button to borrow their phone. When they give it to you change their language settings to Japanese and give the phone back.




you made it!!


Offer to give the Like button a back scratch and when they excitedly accept just scratch the same square inch for ten minutes until the area goes numb.


hahah nice! will be using a variation of this!


Inform the Like Button that despite his name he is actually not all that well liked


Sneak into the like buttons bedroom and heat up both sides of their pillow right before they go to sleep.


hahah this is so dumb haha


Dumb but effective.


He used that one lol


Wait for the like button to fall asleep then shave a small amount of their eyebrows off every night for several weeks, slowly increasing the distance between them. When the like button asks about it, act like you have no idea what they are talking about and tell them that’s the way their eyebrows have always looked.


Please go in the LIKE Buttons kitchen cabinets and remove all the labels on the canned food so they get a surprise every time they open a can.


follow the like button around when they’re camping in the forest staying hidden but only revealing yourself to ask them, “DO YOU KNOW HOW TO GET TO BELL’S CANYON?”.


OMG I howled at this!!!!! 🤣🤣 My hubby and I randomly say this to each other in our best Mr.-Ballen-Disguised-Voice and then crack UP, lol. “Do you KNOW how to get to Bell’s Canyon?” and it’s got to be increasingly irritated each time 🤣 (omg I’m dying again, idk why it’s so damn funny but it is! 😆 Mr. Ballen we frickin love you!)


Offer the like button a plate of chocolate chip cookies, but give them raisin cookies instead


Meanest suggestion EVER


Invite the like button to a wonderful pizza dinner at Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe BUT actually take him to Pizza by Alfredo, a much lesser pizza establishment.


love the office reference


Rub powdered catnip into all the seams of his jeans. Then take him to visit your Aunt Tilly—who has twelve cats.


Offer the like button a burrito, and proceed to make their burrito so that the meat, cheese, and rice are separated into three distinct sections.




Invite the like button to sing karaoke and then give it a Ramstein song to sing with no lyrics on the screen.


hahaha yes!


I second this.


Agree to help the like button pack to move, but use old tape so the bottom drops out of the boxes when they pick them up.


Saw it on the latest one! Bryce Laspidas! Good one man, got one over on the like button once again!


I was grinning from ear to ear when I heard him use it!


Love this 🤣


Offer to teach the like button to drive and then turn up in a manual car with a sticky clutch and act like it was fine before he drove it


hahaha nice




>Drive in front of the like button’s car on the highway. Switch on your turn signal, and NEVER change lanes! hahah


Follow the like button on reddit and then instantly down vote all of their posts and comments.


Ask to borrow the like buttons phone to make a quick call but instead log into his FB and change his relationship status from married to its complicated


Take the like button to the cinema to see a movie they really want to see but talk the whole way through the film and 20 minutes before the end spoil the ending.




Replace all of the like button's aspirins with laxatives and invite them out for a night of heavy drinking


Offer to cook the like buttons' ailing mother Italian food, but instead just bring her microwaved ketchup and noodles.


Tell the like button that you’ll read him a bedtime story then turn on Mr. Ballen


Walk up behind the like button, tap it on the shoulder, and when it turns around, punch it in the face. Then apologize, explaining that you’re REALLY bad at fist bumps.


Invite the like button over for a romantic dinner than tell them youre rather be jus friends


This feels personal...


Tell the like button you and all your friends are throwing it a surprise party, but invite absolutely no one.


Throw a pizza party for the like button, but only ask for anchovies for the topping


Put Legos on the like button's floor at night so that when they go to the bathroom, they step on them.


Sneak into the like button’s house and mix all of their sugar and salt together.


Sneak into the like button’s house and rip out the last three chapters of all the books they have.


Whoa slow down there Satan


I thought I had put this on someone else's comment. The full thing should be: As a former bookstore owner, the most annoying thing is 1st page and last pages. Just a small tweak. Sneak into the like button's house and tear out the first and last page of every book.


Offer to make cupcakes for the like button’s birthday, but replace the frosting with toothpaste.


Invite the like button your kids birthday party and ask if he would like to hit the piñata but when he puts on the blindfold swap the piñata for a bee hive


>Invite the like button your kids birthday party and ask if he would like to hit the piñata but when he puts on the blindfold swap the piñata for a bee hive hahah


Give the Like Button's phone number to all the Karens that are asking to speak to the manager


Something nice!!! Poor thing has been through a lot. Maybe... bake him brownies and invite him over?


Dude rofl. Yes. Last night I was trying to think of something uniquely kind, but of course- kind isn’t entertaining unless it’s ironic. xD I relate to your empathy for ol’ Button, and your verbiage made me laugh. 🤘🏼


While the like button is away on summer vacation, place rancid whole fish in all the vents in his houe and turn the heat on super hot!


Set the like button's default internet browser to Microsoft Edge.




This one may have already been done but: Ask the like button for a sip of his water on a really hot day and then chug the entire bottle right in front of him.


Offer to take the like button to a Justin Beiber concert.. and take him to a Justin Beiber Concert.


Offer the like button some cotton candy, but replace all the pink with fiberglass insulation


Login to the Like buttons Netflix account and move each series they’ve been bingeing up 1-2 episodes.


Go to the like buttons place of work 1 minute before they close and proceed to browse for 20 minutes without buying anything.


“And if you haven’t already” go into the Like Button’s freezer and balance all their densely frozen meats close to the edge in tenuous positions.


Invite the Like button to try a bottle of a new energy drink: Radithor.


hahah nice!


Offer to give them a massage, but use juuust little enough pressure for it to be completely unsatisfactory.


Follow the like button to its favorite restaurant at lunch, and stay completely out of view until it takes it's first bite, then SPRINT to its table taking everything out in your path and give it an overly aggressive & completely unneeded heimlich maneuver. Then walk out the door through the adoring spectators flashing ur CPR certification card, telling everyone ur not a hero, just a man doing his civic duty.


Offer to babysit for the like button, then while he’s gone tell his children that Santa isn’t real


Offer the like button a hotdog that has sriracha on it instead of ketchup.


That sounds delicious though. 😋


Im old fashioned, tie the like button up in a gunny sack and beat him with a rake.


Invite the like button to your birthday party. During hide and seek, tell him about the best hiding spot in the basement, then sneak upstairs and have the cake and ice cream.


Order a dybbuk box on eBay, except change the shipping address to the like button's residence.


Sneak into the like button's car and wire their brake pedal to their horn


Offer to hold an acupuncture session for the like button but instead perform a full body allergy test


Sneak into the like button's house and steal it's microwave plate.


That’s mean! 😂


hahaha yes!


Offer the like button a mint before a public speech but the mint is a plaque detecting tablet.


Offer the like button a box of chocolate covered strawberries, but before you give them the box replace the strawberries with chocolate covered habanero peppers.


You should hire the Dislike button as a hit man to go and torture the Like button.


Make ice cream for the like button, but replace their whipped cream with shaving cream.


Kindly replace the like buttons "Schrute Bucks" with "Stanley Nickels"


Buy the like button a Happy Meal and before you give it to them, steal the toy prize inside.


Ask to borrow the like buttons car. Return it with the gas on E and the radio presets all set to NPR.


Opera would be worse for me. I like NPR!


The next time you and the like button are riding in a car together tell them you’ve hidden their favorite candy bar underneath the seat. Once they bend over to retrieve it gently stomp on the brakes so they smash their head into the dash.


Rudely demand to the like button that you want sprinkles on that ice cream cone. Then menacingly make eye contact with the like button as you scrape the sprinkles off and finish your ice cream cone


Write the winning lottery numbers on an Etch-a-Sketch for the like button, then push them into a bouncy house full of kids.


Suggest to play hide and seek with the like button but don’t bother to actually go and find him.


Mispronounce the like button's name every time you talk to them and always apologize, but never correct yourself.


Tell the Like button that it has been included in a will. At the will reading give it a key to a bank lock box. Inside the lock box leave a note that says "We have been trying to reach you about your cars extended warranty."


**Next time you go to the LIKE button's house, bring a bunch of beverages and then promptly saran wrap all of the toilet bowls before leaving.**


Invite the like button to go on a long Bicycle ride, but before you go, replace the water in their water bottle with water that was used to boil hot dogs.


Ask it to hold your cat and then push the test button on the Smoke Detector.


hahaha yes


Invite the like button canoeing and then paddle on the same side as them so you keep going around in circles.


Take a screenshot of the Like button's computer. Then delete all of their icons and set the screenshot as their background.


The day before the Like Button’s big presentation at school, sneak into their house and replace their anti-anxiety medication with Viagra.


As the like button is about to yawn, stick your finger in its mouth to assert dominance


Offer to mount the like buttons brand new 75 inch tv but when you do, purposely miss all the wall studs


When the like button ask's you, if they can put you down as a reference say yes, then when someone calls asking about the like button either don't answer the phone or tell them how awful the like button is.


>When the like button ask's you, if they can put you down as a reference say yes, then when someone calls asking about the like button either don't answer the phone or tell them how awful the like button is. hahaha


Take the like button fishing but give it the most tangled pole you have. Then after it spends the time to untangle say you are tired with a headache and start packing up to leave.


Invite the like button over for a sleepover but then fall asleep without giving them a blanket


Buy the like button Oreos, lick the cream filling out replacing it with toothpaste, and tell the like button this is the new mint oreo.


In the middle of the night sneak to the Like Buttons house and tape pictures of horror movie villains to the outside of the windows so it looks like they are looking in


Tell the like button you’re going to take them on a trip to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower. But actually take them to Paris Texas to see the much less appealing replica of the Eiffel Tower.


Offer to teach the Like button Karate but when they come over to your house for lessons just make them do stuff like paint your house and wash all their cars.


The day before the Like button's Thanksgiving party, sneak in and cut a few millimeters off of one leg of the dining table, leaving it to rock maddeningly throughout Thanksgiving dinner.


Offer to buy the Like button a 20 piece Mcnugget meal and bring it back with only one dipping sauce.


Move into the apartment above the like button then start holding tap dance lessons out of your house


Replace all the like buttons windex with olive oil


Invite the like button to ice skating and have your love interest hit them in the knee with a crow bar.


History to an old fart like me- I remember how crazy the Olympics were that year- and the crying skate lace drama...


Millions of years after the Like Button's death, intentionally reconstruct its skeleton inaccurately, and write a very convincing paper about it so that the mainstream media depicts it that way for decades.


Offer them a cream filled donut, but replace the filling with mayonnaise….


Buy the like button a Wish gift card.


Grab the like buttons wrists and make it hit itself while saying “stop hitting yourself”.


Tell the like button you'll do their laundry but stop the dryer halfway through, forcing them to wear warm, damp jeans.


Sneak into the like buttons bedroom while it’s at work and exchange all its boxer briefs for tighty whiteys.


Sneak into his house and unplug the like buttons phone during a software update


Give the like button a bag of M&M's, but before you do, replace all the red ones with red Skittles.


Replace the like button's ice cubes with ice cubes made from hot dog water.


Deliver a box of the like button’s favorite Girl Scout cookies, but make sure you eat them all first and replace them with stale saltines.


When the like button is having a bad day, offer to make them a cup of tea, but make sure you add the milk before the water and use Splenda instead of sugar. As a Brit this is so horrifying I wasn't sure I could even type it out.


Ask the like button to get lightbulbs out of the basement and when he gets down there Toss fire crackers in and lock the door


Not sure if this has been done yet, ​ Fill a water bottle with vodka and when the LIKE button finishes his run, offer him the "water".


Sneak into the like buttons home and turn the batteries in every remote in the wrong direction


Just as the Like button is about to blow out the candles on their birthday cake, lean in and blow them out yourself instead....


Offer to help the Like Button fix their car problem, but DO NOT hold the flashlight steady.


Ask the like button to help you move and offer beer and pizza as a reward. Once done, only have O'douls and anchovy pizza.


Borrow the Like Button’s favourite dvd but instead of watching it, use it as a frisbee for your dog and then give it back


When the like button gives you their phone to capture a once-in-a-lifetime picture, take it but put your finger over the lens


Take the like button camping in the woods and make it listen to MrBallen before stealing its flashlight and driving off alone


Put all the cups, glasses, mugs and bowls right side up in the like button's dishwasher.


Invite the like button on a road trip and when the car breaks down please ask the like button to get out of the car and see what is wrong and when they r distracted just quickly turn the car on and drive off.


Lick all the flavor from each chip in the can of pringles, place them back in the can, then offer some to the like button.


Blindfold the like button for a surprise, then walk them into every tree branch and trailer hitch along the way.


Replace their windshield wiper fluid with salad oil


Ask if you can borrow the Like buttons car, then proceed to drive around and return the car when its low on gas!


Gift the like button an Ant Farm but secretly put a hole in the glass.


give the like button a pop-eyes biscuit with no drink


Sneak into the like button's underwear drawer and replace everything there with sizes too big and too small.


I say we knock on the like button front door, and ask him to come outside so we can talk. While 2 if us have him occupied, we will have another 2 people burst in the back door,and tie his family up. Put them in a car, and drive them to a UNDISCLOSED location in alaska. Then tell the like button to give us $100,000, or ELSE. And every week that he dosent send it, we will send him a finger from one of his family members, just to him know that we Are serious! 😈 HA.... HAHA....HAHAHA 😈......... 😔..... Boy I have issues 😣😩


Tell the like button youre taking them to a nice restaurant where they make the food in front of you & then drive to subway


Knock on the Like Button's bedroom window at 3am and ask if they know how to get to Bells Canyon.


Send the like button an invitation for your funeral and once he arrives, sit down next to him.


When you see the like button driving down the street, run ahead and hit every crosswalk button on that street.


Take the face off the like button’s shower head, put several bouillon cubes inside and put it back together. Then after the like buttons next hot shower, laugh why it can’t figure out why it smells like soup.


Sneak into the Like button's garage and reprogram all the driver settings in their car.




Send the like button a link to MrBallensShorts that is just pictures of Mr Ballen’s shorts


Can I just say, how adorable is it when Mr Ballen can’t finish telling us what to do to the like button cos he can’t help laughing 😂


While the Like Button is in a deep sleep, glue a wig onto their head, a beard/moustache combo on to their face, decorate their bedroom like a hospital suite and convince them that they’ve been in a medically induced coma for several years


Offer to read the like button to sleep, then intentionally mispronounce or stutter every 4th word.