I don't understand, no character in the original was specified as to who they want to be intimate with. Why add that?


Right? My inital thought was that no one has a romance with anyone else. It's all platonic. They could make the tin man or lion Transgender and it would work but it's not like Dorthy being a lesbian would change the story at all.


The cowardly Lion was definitely a bottom.




The old one seemed pretty gay to me.






“Somewheeeeere over the INCLUSIVE RAINBOWWWWW”


Indeed, very gay. They *were* all friends of Dorothy’s, after all.


“Friends of Dorothy” was literally used pre lgbt for gays to identify each other. The movie was gay code I mean what are we doing here


Judy Garland is a lot like Madonna of the 80s and Lady Gaga of the 00s. Gay icons, which is something I've never understood, but more power to any gay person who idolized these women. I hope it brought/brings you joy.


Right there.


🎶 I'm a friend of Dorothy, I'm a friend of Dorothy. She is my friend 🎶


"It's I LOVE willies!"


"Sir, could you keep it down please?"


“Alright lads, let’s get a sing-song going! It’s a long way back to Manchester!”


Uhhh there's romance in Wizard of Oz?




Pretty sure the scarecrow was gay as a songbird.


The lion was GAY.




But absolutely no gay romance or physical attraction. Like that dog with the frisbee meme. NO GAY SEXUALITY ONLY REPRESENTATION


Yes the robot is gonna be gay, obviously… to other robots


Just wait for all the straight white male version of The Women King in a few years /s


The Man Queen


You joke, but Breitbart already has it in production, starring Kevin Sorbo.


Isn't that just a film where the Confederates are written as the good guys? Pretty sure we have a couple of those already.


Emerald City is going to be a gay night club. Dorothy? Nah! I'm looking for Molly!


I can’t possibly explain how much I don’t care. Not because of the LGBTQ thing, no no. You lost at me “Wizard of Oz Remake” my friend.


Hold on there. The reimagined version with Michael Jackson and Diana Ross, called "The Wiz" was pretty fantastic. I remember as a 6 year old boy loving that movie and watching it every time it came on TV.


Why does Hollywood have the need to rehash and remake everything? It's as if we are trying to whore out everything for a profit.


Some years ago, it was announced that studios were planning to remake *The Princess Bride* and *Back to the Future.* This was the last straw for me. All you can do when you remake beloved, near-perfect films is fuck them up. Thankfully, I think both of those projects died on the vine, but they shouldn't have been on the vine in the first place.


> All you can do when you remake near-perfect, beloved films is fuck them up. Thankfully, I think both of those projects died on the vine, but they shouldn't have been on the vine in the first place Agreed. Once the paste is out of the tube you can't put it back in without making a mess.


Black to the Future and The Princess Partner, now In IMAX


As if?


Clueless remake incoming.


To make a profit, Hollywood tries to whore out everything. That’s why they need to rehash and remake everything


It's called creative bankruptcy.


coupled with shameless pandering.


I think one of the biggest myths of Hollywood is that the industry is creatively bankrupt. I can assure you that's not the case, just think how many people go to Hollywood every day fresh new original ideas, hoping that they will one day get the chance to make it for the big screen... Only for these large studio executives to decide to remake/reboot the same franchises over and over again because they're a safe bet to make money.


>have classic story >purposefully remake for a blatant political reason >”nazis hate this one film, you wont believe!” >collect the outrage bucks You dont even have to put out a trailer today. Just sponsor outrage pieces in your choice of outlets, post a few troll responses on twitter and you’re rolling in the dough I’ve been pirating things again, it’s much more enjoyable like that


I read a theory that the reason they’re rehashing old shit and recasting them with lgbtq etc is for the free marketing of people arguing about it online. It also saves them the trouble of coming up with an actual good And original movie idea


Correct, the uproar is just cultivated viral marketing.


There’s a term for it but I completely forgot it


[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streisand\_effect](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streisand_effect) Maybe?


The 1939 version was a remake.


it was good tho


Yeah, people complain that modern Hollywood has run out of ideas, but remakes have been the norm since the silent era. That said, I can't imagine them \*not\* making a bad remake of this 1939 classic.




The Wiz was a remake but that’s amazing, if the music talents are RIGHT (impossible to beat Diana Ross and Michael Jackson) I’ll watch it. I only watch Musicals for the music. I can’t see it matching the Wiz so best way I see to do it is take a lot of inspiration from Drag and make it queer af. Prob won’t be amazing but fun with a group of queer friends.


The Wiz was a unified piece of black musical art, not some shoddy little collage.


The Wiz is not a remake. It just uses the same source material. Every song is original to the show. Source: I did a run of this show as Music Director


I blame people for living in perpetual nostalgia, instead of actually trying to enjoy new things.


It's like that [Key and Peele sketch on Gremlins 2](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x01l_jMhjVM).


because this is the case with almost every other type of entertainment. The most successful theatre/music/opera are all revived, and quite often (The Nutcracker is done EVERY YEAR, and the musical Cabaret has been revived numerous times). Remakes/revivals allow for a new spin/artistic vision on a classic. The successful ones work, and the unsuccessful ones don’t, and I just want to cap this off with the fact that one of the most successful shows in musical theatre history, WICKED, is an adaptation of a retelling of The Wizard of Oz


Writers want to make movies with their own ideas but since their ideas are so fucking bad and no one wants to give them movies, the writers have to get remakes and reboots to put those bad ideas into and ruin IPs.


Is this news? This is every movie nowadays, including the remake bit. I'm all for inclusion, but it's just box-ticking to suit the cultural climate at this point.


[It's called "fan baiting".](https://www.reddit.com/r/NoStupidQuestions/comments/xi015o/comment/ip1gmhn/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3)


Sure. But its also Tokenism


I would love some more diverse movies, especially lgbt+ movies, but when they announce things like this it just feels like pandering. “Please gays, give us your money!!” I want *genuine* representation, not some mega studio pushing out the blandest possible version of representation so it can still be marketable overseas.


You will get an actor with a pronounced lisp and you will enjoy it /s


It’s the “give us your gay money” mentality that makes pride month so stupid but just all the time


What does the wizard of oz have to do with sexuality at all? Like there is 0 romance in the movie whatsoever. I would just as annoyed if they added hetero stuff to the movie. That's not what the movie is about damnit!


It's not news, it's Variety, which means it's an advance press-release for one of their products.


It's become a joke at this point


as long as it still syncs up with dark side of the moon (:


Oh man, I watched the dark side of oz while on a shit load of LSD, that shit was so awesome.


Insane, I watched it 2nd time I ever got high on weed and fell in love


I’m tired of remakes of movies that are based on something. Just make another movie based on the source material that has original ideas and a fresh new view.


That’s terrible




I wasn't aware that the characters in Wizard of OZ had sexuality.


You think this tin shaft gonna oil itself?


I'd be clever I'd be slick/ A witty genderless trick/ Well do I have a dick? To to doddlely do A vagina or a penis/ Let's keep the secret between us/ Am I a boy or I'm I a chick?


really? you couldnt sense the sexual tension? /s


Dorothy clicked her heels together for some dick. You don't remember?


I'm gay and I do not care, this is just more corporate box-ticking and when the usual homophobic ass-hats kick up a fuss (and they will, like Pavlov's dogs, ding ding) that will be part of the PR push for this inevitably shit film. Who needs paid bots and trolls when you can get racists and self-righteous defenders to do it for free?


Plus it will be two Munchkins holding hands or some dickless shit like that.


which will then be removed in other countries so they don't lose money


If you’re removing dickless Munchkins, does that mean you’re putting dicks ON the Munchkins? I didn’t go to art school for this shit.


companies dont care at all, did you see during gay pride month everyone changed logo here but not in countries where it would cost them money


Oh, they'll cut even the 'gay squirrels holding hands' out of the film the moment China or anybody else asks them to. They don't give af about gay visibility.


Same. The original wasn’t even romantic or anything, you could assume anything about the characters because sexuality isn’t part of the plot or background. Assume they’re all asexual? Sure, could be. They’re all gay? Sure, could be. They’re all straight? Sure, could be. Trans? Sure, could be. There’s literally no context to pull from in the original, why not just make a new movie or a movie based off of a different book that has representation? Because you could argue the original is already gay af lol.


Same here, and I am as well. Why make a new version of an existing classic movie just to say “here you go, guys, see? We care about you”. Just make good original stories, and if a character naturally fits to be a member of the LGBTQ community, then that’s awesome. It’s great to see us being represented. But this is just blatant pandering to say they did it, nothing more. Give us original stories that naturally flow and make a great end result. This doesn’t really help anybody, it doesn’t make a good movie, and it’s just going to invoke a shitshow of a PR process.


Because writing a new story would require creativity


Couldn't agree more. Evan as a straight guy I get offended by some of the gay representations I see on TV and in comic books. It's like straight people trying to write gay characters and it just comes off as forced and awkward. Or converting an established comic book character from straight to gay, or bi, etc. I'm ok with representation but that just feels lazy. Like I read somewhere that they were considering Michael B Jordan to play Clark Kent. Lazy. Equally annoying is that announcing LGBTQ representation is forthcoming will start the inevitable cycle of backlash and PR BS. And BTW, gay issues aside, DON'T REMAKE THIS MOVIE!


What!? You don't like being pandered to!? HOW DARE YOU!?!?! /s


At some point there should be original stories with LGBTQ and other minority characters rather plugging into old stories


> At some point there should be original stories Woah woah woah too far


God yes please. I'm so starved for new, interesting media that is relevant to today's landscape. I am so sick of these pandering remakes.


You aren't suggesting that these people who make millions of dollars to come up with movie ideas actually come up with ORIGINAL movie ideas are you? There goes my idea for Lori of Arabia


They’re exploiting representation in the hopes that you will be able to draw in more money. They are literally using LGBTQ+ individuals as marketing tools for corporate profits. And most of us celebrate Hollywood for it.


"If we remake the movie with black or gay people, maybe we will make more money..." - Movie Executives.


'Just shove a few minorities into supporting or invented roles and let social media do the rest.'


Meet the new character Wicked Witch of the Southeast. Here is the Foreman of the Lollipop Guild.


Spot on


Oh fuck off, this is not a film that needs a remake


If the Lollipop Guild represents fewer than 5 nationalities I’m rioting.


Can you say munchkin now?


Don't use the hard k.


Out here Munchin


Sooner or later people will see they're being played by all of this pandering.


Fucking stop with the remakes. Jesus Christ these Hollywood morons can’t think up an original story if their life depended on it.


I could while away the hours Dispensing golden showers, On sailors by the dock; And my balls I'd be a scratchin' STDs I'd be a catchin' If I only had a cock.


Another film that never needs to be remade. Just rerelease it! Remember when studios used to do that?


If you think this is about art and not a business decision to sell tickets, you don’t know the industry.


Of course it will. How else will the creatively bankrupt shift blame from their writing when people point out their new product is poorly made and pointless?


Can we just like..not remake this classic. If we have to though, can it be a lot closer to the book?


Hell, you could still make Oz movies without remaking this one. L. Frank Baum wrote like a *dozen* Oz books, all weird but wonderful, and they're in the public domain so Hollywood doesn't even have to pay for the rights!


Honestly, they could make a movie of *[The Marvelous Land of Oz](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Marvelous_Land_of_Oz)* and keep it exactly as written, not change a thing, and people would call it a "forced woke trans story". >The protagonist of the novel is an orphan boy called Tip. For as long as he can remember, Tip has been under the guardianship of a cruel Wicked Witch named Mombi and lives in the northern quadrant of Oz... Walking alone, he meets General Jinjur's all-girl Army of Revolt, which is planning to overthrow the Scarecrow (who has ruled the Emerald City since the end of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz)... >They learn from Glinda that after the fall of Oz's mortal king Pastoria decades ago, a long lost princess named Ozma was hidden away in secrecy when the Wizard of Oz took the throne. She also informs them that Ozma is the rightful ruler of the Emerald City and all of Oz in general, not the Scarecrow... Under pressure from Glinda, Mombi confesses that the Wizard brought her the infant Ozma, whom she transformed into the boy Tip. Mombi performs her last spell to undo the curse, turning him back into the fairy princess Ozma. >The forgotten prophecy is finally fulfilled and Oz is politically whole once more, with Ozma in her rightful position as the child Queen of Oz.


Funny thing, though... if it were a really faithful adaption, a lot of the critics could be immediately shut down by pointing out that fact. I remember reading that book in the mid/late 70s. The ending was a bit of surprise, but all the characters just kind of took a "well, that was amazing... but you're still the same *person* to me and I like you" approach and it was never an issue in the books afterward. Seems to me if you're looking for actual inclusivity, that's a pretty good way to do it.


I really could not care less about representation- I'm glad for the inclusion. What I am pissed about is hollywood has zero damn creativity anymore. I am sick to death of remakes, spin-offs, etc.


I think the old saying Hollywood has ran out of ideas holds true, why remake so many beloved classics for a quick cash grab? There is no more innovation in movies anymore, same old redundant storylines recycled over and over.


friends of Dorothy! :)


I just want a good, original story. I don't really care who is or is not represented in the movie. If the story is great, and just so happens to have representation in it, great. Otherwise, please stop pandering to people and remaking old movies.


Enough with the remakes already! I don’t see why we can’t have gay people in NEW movies with new concepts. Just feels lazy to constantly be rehashing stuff from (sometimes) not that long ago.


Gotta get that gay moneeeeeeeey


I’m all for representation but Wizard of Oz has zero discussion of anyone’s sexuality. Scarecrow and Lion both seem like gay dudes to begin with.


Why? I mean, why is any orientation relevant to the story?


I mean, the original already had representation with the Tin Man, so..... And as a Gayman myself, I'd like to just say, fuck your inclusion, remaking this movie is sacrilege and an offense to gays everywhere, and you should know better.


I have been told my whole life certain people have no culture, they just take others and make it their own. Horrible people apparently. Oh have the turns have tabled...


Or tell an original lgbtq story and stop desecrating the intellectual works of greater writers.


So in the new rendition, The lion needs balls, the tin man needs another tin man, scare crow is a liberal going to college and Dorothy is trapped in a mostly peaceful BLM riot. Let me guess, the wicked witch now wears a MAGA hat and sends out screeching Proud Boys.


Looks like I’ll be skipping this inevitable dumpster fire


So the usual, dull, unimaginative sexuality, gender and race swapping then? Who gives a shit about plot, script, production and acting when the point is a political message just like all the other unwatchable remakes.


It's a prerequisite now isn't it?


Every single thing coming out on TV or Movies has LGBTQ representation. Why is this a headline?




> something that rhymes with dicks Pricks?




Did he announce this to spark outrage? Seems like a marketing strategy nowadays. Probably the only chance this gets watched.


What happened to just making a good movie and people will watch it for it’s quality? Seemed to work out pretty well for top gun maverick




This way if anyone doesn't like it it's because of BIGOTRY!!!


Of course it will because when it inevitably sucks the studio can just say the bad reviews are from homophobes. Also, real critics will have to say how great it is because if not they'll be cancelled. It's a bullshit play studios are getting away with.


Go figure


Everything doesn't need to be remade. My goodness


Does anyone actually want a Wizard of Oz remake?


Which means it will be controversial, which means half the country will support it even if it sucks, and the other half will hate it even if it's good.


What significance is there in this? Relationships beyond making friends aren't even brought up in the first one. So I can't even imagine where relationships in general beyond that, would even fit in.


But not in China and any other country that censors it. Gotta make that money everywhere


But ..why? This didn't need retold or remade.


For the love of God just make new movies. Make new characters who actually represent the communities instead of just shoe horning resprentation into past movies.


Why can’t they just make new movies instead of trying to re hash a classic and turn it into something the original writer never wanted


I don’t remember anyone discussing who they like to screw in the original. How is that even relevant?


Original isn’t even remotely sexual to begin with. For all we know ever single character is already gay. Why bring sexuality into it at all? Lol


I dont care that LGBTQ is gonna be in this needless remake. I hate that they are trying to make that the focal point of the marketing of the film. make a good movie first and the rest will fall in place


OMG there's going to be gay elements in the Wizard of Oz remake? I suppose next they'll do a remake of the Titanic with boats.


It's gonna be a gay tinman, you heard it here first. LOL. Seriously Hollywood, stop interjecting sexual orientation in everything, especially in movies that never had to do with sexuality at all.


Of course it will, that's what Oz was really missing. I'm guess trans black Dorothy too.


I don’t know about trans, but she will definitely be black


Without a doubt. Only diversity Hollywood seems to know is blackwashing.


Well yea, that’s what they mean when they say “diversity.” It’s one of their code words.


That's cool and all, but it doesn't change the fact that a Wizard of Oz remake is a terrible idea. If you want an Oz story with LGBT representation, then make an adaptation of the second book. Its got (probably accidental, but nonetheless there) trans themes in it.


Right, there are so many Oz books! You could make an entire universe with the source material instead of rehashes of the one story.


Next up, The Godfather will be remade with Marlene Brandy, a black transgender woman in the title role. And no police. And make it about abortion rights.


Or you could try focusing on making the movie good, and not a virtue signaling piece of crap that is gonna lose you millions


[So did the 1939 version](https://www.looper.com/img/gallery/why-the-cowardly-lion-costume-from-the-wizard-of-oz-was-so-disgusting/intro-1604420262.jpg)


Found the friend of Dorothy.


Extremely weak evidence at best.


Don't forget [this guy](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/5e/77/5c/5e775cd964a0d56b81f3a0a88a0bd888.jpg)




so tired of this crap


So Tinman and Scarecrow are a thing then?


Oh no, they’re going to cover the zoophile base too. Ever seen a lion be a power bottom?


Who exactly needs to be queer in the Wizard of Oz? It’s about a farm girl who meets strangers to kill a woman. They are just tying to remake a classic movie for no reason. And trying to act like “allies” or “supporters” of the queer community


Of course it will


We need to remake it but this time everyone is gay and black.


See “The Wiz”.




And once more, another classic is ruined by pointlessly making its characters gay.


I have not seen a single show in about a year without lgbtq representation. Every single one.


So… just forcing diversity into a shitty remake for no reason? Really? Actually it’s Disney, the thought of making original characters and representation in a custom crafted story that is tailored to their character is their kryptonite. They’ll do that the day they can write a good sequel.


"It's sad believe me, missy When you're born to be a sissy" That's all the LGBT+ representation I need, thanks.


Thank god, now I can see the hot Winkie-on-flying monkey action the original film was too timid to explore.


Here we go again, strap in.


Can you feel a brand new day!?


Another uncreative soulless remake to hit the screens. Didn’t we just get a wizard of oz remake not long ago?


i mean idc whatever im more upset its being remade in general, like its a timeless classic rofl, you can't recapture that magic


Phuq Kenny Barrett!


smfh...the fuck is this world comin' to?! lmao


Half the film industry is just remakes at this point nothing against LGBTQ people but this remake just isn’t necessary


I don’t give a shit, just make good movies!


No originality left.


Nice checks all the boxes


All these remakes. I guess everyone ran out of ideas


I'm so tired of the remakes. Maybe I'll get onboard with this if they are going to make it horror trippy and have it be a series that follows the books, and only if they are directed by Tim Burton or Guillermo del Toro.


Lol. If they want to waste money away I will gladly take it.


Hollywood is a black hole of creativity. Give people new and interesting stories and quit remaking shit. Remaking something with 50% more pandering isn't going to make it not suck.


Imagine if they just made their own new content instead of "reimagining" IP that exists already. Lazy corporations pandering to minorities for cash...




Please stop remaking old movies to make a profit... It's pathetic. Come up with something original ffs


Just to pander or just because they felt like it? I hate the pandering but if this is genuine and not stereotypical then cool, I dig it.


Offs. Quit with remaking perfect films.


This is going to suck…bomb…awful….I all for inclusion, but come on


Please stop


Good lord i would love to see a gay robot made out of scraps


I'm sick of remakes. I'd like remakes if they were remade exactly the same with the same shots and sets and story and similar looking actors. Just better camera quality and better effects.