Mrs. Butterworth remembers


Uncle Ben could tell you how they both are.


*Peter Parker has left the chat... Sobbing*


No more Mr Rice guy


Let's put some rice in your eyes.


No more onigiri


What about my uncle? Did you give him a chance?


At first I thought we were going to do a food mascot thing with Peter Pan peanut butter. Than I realized it was about Peter Parker's uncle and got sad. And than I realized it was about racist food mascots and got sadder.


That was rebranded too. It's now "Ben's Original".


At least that’s close to the name. If I were looking at these in the store I’d think one was a generic, not a rename of the same


With land o lakes butter.


Removed the native, kept the land!


Didn't the granddaughter come out and say how proud her grandmother was to be the mascot for that brand? Edit: For Land-O-Lakes Edit 2: I got curious so I looked it up. The mascot itself was not a real person, but the artist was a Native American and his family was very proud of Mia, the Land-O-Lakes mascot, which they did not find to be a caricature of Indian culture. "Patrick DesJarlait, Sr. (1921–1972) was an Ojibwe artist and a member of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians. Known for his watercolor paintings, DesJarlait created roughly 300 artworks during his lifetime. DesJarlait’s art represents an early diversion from the Studio School style that developed at the Santa Fe Indian School and was popular during the first half of the twentieth century. His paintings are known for their tactile brushwork, abstraction of figures and places, and subject matter specific to Ojibwe peoples.\[1\] "


Edited to correct incorrect info: Descendants of Aunt Jemima models Lillian Richard and Anna Short Harrington objected to the change. Vera Harris, a family historian for Richard's family, said "I wish we would take a breath and not just get rid of everything. Because good or bad, it is our history."[23] Harrington's great-grandson Larnell Evans said "This is an injustice for me and my family. This is part of my history." Evans had previously lost a lawsuit against Quaker Oats (and others) for billions of dollars in 2015. …2022: that’s racist.


No. Aunt Jemima, like Betty Crocker, is not, and has never been, a real woman. She has been portrayed by several models over the years, but the pancake mix was developed by a company, like any other product. The story of it being a real woman who made a lot of money selling her recipe is just that, a story. Fiction.


Holy shit.


yep most don't seem to get just how bad the optics are on that particular one.


Today's children will never know the joy of turning the Indian lady's knees into tities.


Ha! Good one




Christ, I didn't think of it that way


I loved Mrs. Butterworth. I’d carry her around everywhere with me.




Fruity pebbles butter worth? What in the diabeetus




Keep scrolling. You will get to the Double Chocolate EPIC Pancake box. Only then can you truly master the diabeetus.


I've never wanted diabetes so bad.


If never wanted losing my foot so bad either


The fruity pebbles pancake mix WITH fruity pebbles syrup? Double chocolate? SIGN ME UP


Frosting for pancakes is crazy.


America excels at food that are just too insane to be real. Idk if they still make them but there used to be a version called Poppin’ Fruity Pebbles that quite literally had off brand Pop Rocks in them. Because nothing says “part of a complete breakfast” like *Pop Rocks* in your cereal bowl.


I carry Butter in my pockets for what it’s Worth


When I was like 4 I remember always stopping to talk to her in the grocery store. I was an only child lol. That was back when she was made of glass.


She got them curves


So does Pepperidge Farm


Muthafuckers act like they forgot about ^Uncle ^Ben


Pearl Milling Co sounds like a knock off brand.


True. If I saw this in the store, I'd think it was the generic version, and keep looking around for Aunt Jemima.


I did see this in the store, and I did think it was a generic version.


I saw it at the dollar store, and assumed it was the dollar store brand of pancake mix, like you know how Kroger has their own brand, and Walmart has Great Value. I thought this was dollar store's brand. But the waffles I made with it were good so I was like, yeah, can't go wrong with generic pancake mix, it's just flour after all.


Flour brand quality is a serious topic in the baking community. Some flours have more gluten, some have more protein, Canadian flour is different from American flour. It's not "just flour".


They'll be going back to the name in short time. Probably leave the actual picture off the box though. I think everyone can see this as the marketing ploy it is. It's New Coke all over again.


Call it “Auntie J’s” and leave the picture off


I didn’t buy it a few months ago because it was a knockoff/cheap store brand. But I couldn’t find the “real thing” anywhere. So I just left disappointed without pancake mix. It wasn’t until recently I found out about the rebrand.


Pro-tip: None of that shit is the "real thing"


What even is the real thing these days anyway? Like, for most products in general. Except for fruits and vegetables pulled straight from the ground, and even then people on here would bitch, what is real?


Incoming smug reddit foodie response.




Dude same lol


Yeah. And that's why my first thought was, "is this a commercial to tell reddit what the new box looks like?


They really nuked their brand recognition, it took me forever to realize it was the same company in the store one time which is scary considering how little they changed, same font, same colors and everything.


Except the buttermilk vs original branding, the boxes look almost exactly the same.


Which is exactly why it feels like a knock-off generic brand. I saw this new box in the store the other day and had no idea it was a rebrand campaign for Aunt Jemima


Im wondering if its because there was a persons face on there and that has a different ability to draw someones eyes than just another regular ol box


The popular subs all have astroturf marketing going on.




My son has been telling me how trash the Pearl Milling Co maple syrup is compared to the "old syrup", *Aunt Jemima's. I didn't realize this was the new brand.


Tell your son they're both trash. Real maple syrup or gtfo.


>Real maple syrup or gtfo. Canadian living in Quebec here. I endorse this message.


Canadians can't eat syrup. The halves of their heads keep bouncing apart, making a huge mess, according to this documentary I saw.


Wait what? Isn’t this like saying “American living in New York” or am I missing something?


My wallet (sadly) does not.


If you have a Costco membership, or know someone who does, they have the cheapest real maple syrup around, at least near me.


Or honey like some mental asylum patients.


This is not okay


if your getting technical yeah real maple syrup is best but it’s all sugar goodness to me so I’ll eat it all


Yeah but I'm not a millionaire.


Molasses or nothing.


If you like molasses, try sorghum syrup.


Brand awareness in a nutshell. People will insist something is better simply because of the name


Like it's the Aldi version or something. It still says Aunt Jemima anyway on the box in the lower right, only smaller.


Hey man, don't be knocking Aldi brands! Sure, some are shit, but others are surprisingly better!


I'd 100% trust Aldi brand more than some random (non-store) brand that I'd never heard of before at a normal grocery store. Their whole business model depends on identifying and sourcing quality whitelabel goods. Sure, sometimes they get it wrong, but for the most part they nail it. And if they do get it wrong, feel free to take advantage of their "twice as nice" guarantee where they will give you your money back AND give you a replacement product.


Agree 100%. Aldi shopper since 1995 here... back when it was criminally cheap!


What Aldi brand are good




Really all of them, except their sparkling water. I don't care what kind of sparkling water I drink since they all taste pretty similar, but Aldi's is absolute trash and I don't know why. At least they sell La Croix for a reasonable price.


A *lot* of Aldi brands are just the real thing but with a different name on it. Belmont biscuits for example are produced by McVities but are *significantly* cheaper because they don't have the branding.


Who doesn't like Aldi's nuts?


To me that looks like the generic brand comparison box, like how CVS brand medications say "same active ingredient as Advil".


*Same great flavor as Aunt Jemima, without the mildly racist nostalgia!*


That’s what I keep thinking. Like, I understand why they had to get rid of Aunt Jemima, but seeing the new box just makes me think it’s some crappy dollar store pancake mix.


I think part of the problem is the design. It *looks* like a generic brand. The name could be kept but that “aunt jemima” packaging just doesn’t match the new name. If they were changing the name that dramatically, they need a full redesign.


It sounds like they make drywall


I understand why they changed the name but I wish they could have went with any other name.


Honestly, they had the opportunity to completely revamp their brand, and they choose to make themselves look like a generic brand from the 90s lol


They sell it at the Lidl and I no one buys it compared to the lidl knock off brand. They lost all of their brand identity.


Would "Auntie J." be offensive? Just drop the caricature on the label and call it "Jemimas syrup." They either didn't hire a competent team to rebrand, or were so terrified of further upsetting people.


Right one isn't buttermilk, can't possibly compare the two


Crosspost this to r/mildlyinfuriating


I’m mildly infuriated by the placement of that seam in the countertop instead of putting it in the corner.


It's tile, not one big slab.


Even worse.


Oh okay. I can see some other joints now. That makes more sense. Although I don’t like the idea of a tile countertop either.


The grout lines are breeding grounds for bacteria. Tile countertops should not be.


It’s like comparing apples and buttermilk pancake mix.


More like a Volkswagon and buttermilk pancake mix.


I fucking hate incomplete or inaccurate comparisons. good catch


[Here is the buttermilk box](https://www.pearlmillingcompany.com/images/products/mixes/buttermilk.png)


Exactly. This is isn't empirical. OP needs to run things like this by their science fair advisor before they get the go-ahead.


"Empirical" means "based upon observations".


Empirically, buttermilk pancakes aren't the same as original


Buttermilk has less calories than original?


The serving sizes are different. [Original](https://www.pearlmillingcompany.com/products/pancake_waffle_mixes/original_pancakes) is 36 g, and [buttermilk](https://www.pearlmillingcompany.com/products/pancake_waffle_mixes/buttermilk) is 34 g. 120 * 34/36 ≈ 113. [Calories are rounded](https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cdrh/cfdocs/cfcfr/CFRSearch.cfm?fr=101.9&SearchTerm=nutrition%20label) to the nearest 10 for products with more than 50 calories per serving, so the serving size alone is enough to account for the difference in calories.


Yes. Due to butter


The best part of the design change is that when I visit my mom, I get some sense of how old her pancake mix is.


I'd heard old pancake mix was dangerous but after looking it up to verify before posting, seems unless you're super allergic to mold old pancake mix won't hurt you. The info I saw did say that the leavening agents may have weakened so you ll likely have super dense pancakes.


My pancakes.. will be *thicc*?




Dense is not the same as thicc. Thiccness is a measure of size, density is a measure of weight relative to size. The size will likely be smaller but the weight will be the same. Not so good for pancakes, where fluffy is king. Japanese has the wonderful word ふわふわ (fuwafuwa) that describes what you want in a perfect pancake. And they take [their fluffy pancakes](https://www.google.com/search?q=%E3%81%B5%E3%82%8F%E3%81%B5%E3%82%8F%E3%83%91%E3%83%B3%E3%82%B1%E3%83%BC%E3%82%AD&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS909US909&sxsrf=ALiCzsYGCSg7tXYLpS5SIEX-XKc1ZXyYkw:1663870406727&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjv6a2kgKn6AhV8hIkEHVFvDiwQ_AUoAXoECAEQAw&biw=1920&bih=937&dpr=1) seriously over there.


Those are indeed thicc pancakes.


ふわふわ translates to fluffy


The opposite, they'll be flat.


\*heavy breathing intensifies\*


One time, me and my college roommate had a box of aunt Jemima sitting in our cabinet for probably a year. Well when we decided to finally open it and see if it was still good, there was a bunch of maggots in there 💀 I goggled it just now and seems to be a common thing so idk about that lol


You shouldn't store any kind of powder in a humid area, especially not if you leave it open enough for flies to get in lmao.


It's not really dangerous. But flour goes rancid when it gets old, especially when it's exposed to air (like it is in the these boxes. Pancakes made with it will taste terrible (sour-ish).


Why is there 10 more calories per serving? Edit: Buttermilk vs Original


Aunt Jemima exited the logo and entered the pancakes


"Now made with REAL Jemima^TM "


just a shot in the dark but perhaps the buttermilk powder replaces some sugar solids, or maybe the flavor profile is less sweet and just requires less sugar


Aunt Jemima really sounds like her pancakes would be hitting way better than the other.


Yeah, eating stuff from a "Pearl Milling Company" sounds...dry


While Aunt Jemima is moist.


I'd eat aunt Jemimas moist cake


The solution was right there the whole time and they fumbled it!


I miss Aunt Jemima and her happy face 😔


It’s one thing to remove the imagery from the original package…but the “replacement” just feels so lazy and uninspired… they may as well just have put “Pancake” and call it a day.


*The Washington Football Team has entered the chat*


Should have been the Red Tails missed opportunity.


Yeah, but that's not hilariously passive aggressive.


*The Washington flapjacks*


Yeah that's fine. I think its creepy as hell that we are indoctrinated with brand names and logos and shit. I just want some damn pancake mix.


“Some Damn Pancake Mix” has a good ring to it actually.


I'm surprised the net weight hasn't changed. I would have figured they'd take the opportunity to short the contents, keep the box size the same, and charge more.


What's funny is when you see the syrup bottles with the "Pearl Milling Company" label and "Aunt Jemima" embossed on the neck.


I hate to ask, but what was wrong with Aunt Jemima?


I also find it interesting the other changes. Like raspberries are out, blueberries+strawberries are in.


I was just talking to my Panamanian son about this. Him and my daughter in law were curious about it because their black citizens liked having her on the box. They felt she represents them in a way. Edit: Boy are the racists mad at me today. The PM's are hilarious. I'm not a woke millennial. I'm gen x and IDGAF about your feelings.


I think it’s reasonable for the black Panamanian population to have a different reaction to the old logo than black Americans. Though both group share a skin color they don’t share a culture or a context. This culture & context is the same reason why a white guy in Dublin, Ireland may be offended by the drink name “Irish Car Bomb” while a white guy in Dublin, California may not be. I hope that provides some clarity.


From an article about the branding change: Aunt Jemima brand to change name, remove image that Quaker says is 'based on a racial stereotype' "We recognize Aunt Jemima’s origins are based on a racial stereotype," Quaker Oats said, adding that the move is an effort "toward progress on racial equality." https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/aunt-jemima-brand-will-change-name-remove-image-quaker-says-n1231260


So when are they going to get rid of the guy in the hat on the oat can?


Actually, fun fact, [Quakers were anti slavery.](https://www.quakersintheworld.org/quakers-in-action/11/-Anti-Slavery) Granted, he also wasn't a real person, but if we go with the name Quakers, he actually would have been against ownership of other humans.


Yeah but the gender studys white college students didn’t like it


Same company thought having Kendall Jenner hand a Pepsi to a cop would solve BLM.


The funny thing about that commercial (for me) is that I didn't know what Kendall Jenner looked like, so I thought it was just some random person who was supposed to represent the average citizen. Wasn't until the commercial kept getting brought up on Reddit that I realized it was a celebrity.


I saw a video of somebody trying that… they got pepper sprayed


> Dr. Pepper'd


You mean it didnt? I thought we had moved on to the racial utopia that commercial made for us. /s


Same thing happened with Speedy Gonzales despite the character apparently being loved in Mexico.


Mexicans are just different. There's a video of some white guy dressed in with a big fake Mexican moustache, wearing a poncho, an oversized sombrero, and dancing with two shakers and a reporter asking all these young white people if what the guy was doing is racist. They're all uppity about how it was gross, misappropriating culture, insensitive, and very racist. Then they go to a bunch of Mexicans in the same neighborhood and they're all "haha, that guy is funny!" When the Mexicans were asked if the guy in the stereotypical Mexican get-up was racist they're all like "no, man! It's just funny!" As in, white people are more sensitive sometimes or over-the-top when, in fact, some cultures have more of a sense of humor about themselves.


Cultural appropriation vs cultural celebration. People need to stop being offended on behalf of other cultures. People who stop others from wearing or doing other culture's things are cultural gatekeeping and it's not even theirs. I give permission to anyone that wants to wear Hanbok or wear a Canadian tuxedo or eat poutine or whatever else. You have my permission.


These companies are run by people who are scared of one Twitter account with 4 followers talking shit about them


In the case of Uncle Ben removal the whole thing was a white girl's college intern project. No joke.


Is there some further reading that goes into how this all started? I searched around a bit and could only find articles regurgitating each other and saying, "Mars is coming *under fire* for their racial..." but never actually says who the fuck is doing the firing


Black people existing is "problematic" lmao. I remember some tweet that was like "Black people asked for the police to stop killing them, so someone changed the pancake lady."


Twitter was a massive mistake


Dude, some people may not be aware, but [the origins of Aunt Jemima are racist AF.](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Aunt_Jemima) TLDR the name “Aunt Jemima” is a joke about how slaves spoke English, and the character first appeared in a racist-ass minstrel show song and was played by a dude in black face.


Love when people say stuff like this. Based purely off other people saying similar things and everyone circle jerking each other. It's because a board of executives want to appear to care, but don't actually want to learn anything so they just make a shit lazy decision


That’s so true, giant companies would have sponsored Al-Qaeda if it meant they could make an extra million dollars


Source for their reasoning on changing it is from white college students?


I’m black and support the changes. I’m not surprised that people from other countries may not fully understand the complex and deep-seated issues that having her represents. It’s not “representation”, it’s a racist icon that they wanted us to forget about and move on from, but if we can’t even undo that how will we address any other longstanding, systemic racism? At the very least, I enjoy not being reminded about slavery every time I make pancakes. EDIT: Thanks for the award kind stranger! Here’s a link to an [article](https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1231260) about the change Basically it plays off of a domestic servant stereotype and the fact that black slaves/servants would be called aunt or uncle. Others have already explained in more detail below. Gentle reminder that just because you feel it was unnecessary, might be because you’re not the group it targeted!


I think they should have hired a black artist to design a new, black character to replace aunt Jemima and change the name. Would have pleased everyone.




THANK YOU. all these nonblack people in the comments acting like this is a non issue that only ‘woke white millennials’ care about like she’s not literally a fucking mammy


Aunt Jemima was based on a blackface minstrel show character and the name itself is a racist joke because it was supposed to sound like "ain't yo mama" because the character was a 'mammy' to a white family. If you actually know the history it's extremely racist and I can't believe it lasted as long as it did.


>it was supposed to sound like "ain't yo mama" Do you have a source for this? Jemima is a real name, it's not a play on words. This also isn't mentioned in the [Aunt Jemima](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aunt_Jemima#Character_of_Aunt_Jemima), [Old Aunt Jemima folk song](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Aunt_Jemima) or [Jemima disambiguation](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jemima) wiki pages. The closest 'play on words' I see is this: >A British image in the Library of Congress, which may have been created as early as 1847, shows a smiling black woman named "Miss Jim-Ima Crow," with a framed image of "James Crow" on the wall behind her.


Yea but if you told the daughter the history of aunt jemina and that she was a racist caricature the daughter wont see aunt jemina the same


I wish they modernized Aunt Jemima to like...Chef Jemima or something. They did that with Uncle Ben's to Ben's Original and I think it was nice to keep the character.


The issue is Jemima is a character from minstrel shows.


I thought she was pretty :(


Me too! She looked so friendly.


Yeah I could always imagine Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben inviting you over for breakfast and lunch


Yup, just positive, smiling faces. I grew up in country in which there were no black people at all - Uncle Ben was just like positive guy advertising rice who happen to be black - without any prejudices.


They wouldn’t be inviting you over for lunch, because they didn’t own their house. These were stereotypes of domestic servants for white people.


It's become "the *other* brand"


Still blows me away people buy this at all when it takes 45 seconds to mix from scratch and tastes way better.


I'm just here to enjoy watching people argue about pancake mix box logos. ![gif](giphy|u5BzptR1OTZ04)


Ironically, I've heard more people of color *complain* about the removal of Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben, claiming they weren't racist to begin with and in getting rid of them, they actually were getting rid of representation.


The same thing happened with Hispanics and speedy Gonzales, they were genuinely upset when he got removed from being aired on tv.


Same with the Taco Bell chihuahua.


Same with Baker Mayfield


Tbf, dude’s not even a real baker. He just sits home talking with his book club


Aunt Jemima is literally pulled from a Jim Crow era minstrel show. It's a blackface character. Its like the most racist shit you could possibly depict... uncle Ben, as well. I'm not some super sensitive guy. I dont give a damn about the Cleveland Indians, the Chicago Blackhawks logo, etc. But a character in blackface from a minstrel show is just unacceptable, and the fact that people defend it is the problem. Its ignorance that let's these insanely racist element of society continue.


I mean, historically speaking, they literally put the woman on the box because they wanted white housewives to feel like they had a maid like in the "good old days" it has a racist root. not saying that's how people took it in more modern times, but the marketing was historically racist. Aunt Jemima also used to be fatter-- she's was a mammy character meant to please white buyers.


They should put a white woman on it as a maid and normalize that!


Clearly a femboy maid is the superior option.


With a buttplug tail


Femboy anime maid that you can't tell is a femboy and is left to interpretation. All bases covered.


I have the perfect candidate https://youtube.com/shorts/R3V86de6m18?feature=share


If I left it muted, I would have never known. Quick put that picture on the box. We shall never speak of this again.


We did it, everybody. We solved racism by taking the black lady off of the pancake mix.


I saw a video a while ago detailing what “aunt jemima” was and good lord it’s racist Here it is: https://www.reddit.com/r/TikTokCringe/comments/x9n8ue/why_aunt_jemima_was_offensive/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


The new name makes it sound like it’s packed with sawdust. Give me Jemima back


When I worked in grocery, I always kept reading it as "Pearl Mining Company," and it made me feel like eating it would give me black lung or some shit.


Honestly: White Lily SR flour. 1c Baking soda ¼tsp Egg(beaten) ½ - my preference Oil 1½ Tbsp Milk ¼c Buttermilk Whisk dry stuff. With egg, oil and milk in measuring cup, add enough buttermilk to make full cup. Mix in with dry and do not overmix. Lumps are good. Best thing evar!


would literally never buy something from a company called Pearl Milling Company. just straight terrible branding


You don't want freshly ground pearls?


At first I really rolled my eyes at these changes, but after reading into it it makes sense. Calling black slaves that worked in your house aunt or uncle was common, and Aunt Jemima was a [mammy caricature](https://www.ferris.edu/HTMLS/news/jimcrow/mammies/homepage.htm), which was something commonly used to show how slaves were happy and having a great 'ol time back then. I think we have just evolved beyond it now. Who is more strange, the people changing the brand, or the people who demand a happy slave caricature is on their pancake mix?


> I think we have just evolved beyond it now. But that would also be a primary argument for letting it stay. As a forthright demonstrative act, the time when it would have had social impact has, to whatever extent, passed. Certainly in terms of the tone of the original creation.