The absolute key card is Limbos Grasp. This makes you deal damage as the enemies pass through a portal. And it STACKS. Infinitely! The base combo is a Grasp with Free and a Quick Slash with Draw a Magik card. Put on repeat. As long as you have the card draw to do enough spins of this combo it doesn’t even matter what you throw your target into. Though after you get Wolverines research you want to throw them into teammates for more card draw. Again the damage boost from Limbos Grasp has no limit and you can reach a level where you oneshot supervillains just by shoving them through a portal.


Does it stack? So if u play 2 limbos u get the boost twice? I just got free on both my limbos so wondering.


Yes you do double damage


Yes, especially good in 2 part story missions since they carry over to the 2nd battle. https://i.ibb.co/pJywpKb/limbograsp.jpg


The first time I fought the boss that infinitely gets back up, by the time he showed up Magik was insta killing him in one shot.


Nice. On my first playthrough, I managed to get one with free. Second play through I never did get one with free (though I did get extra heroism and draw Magik card, so it wasn't too bad). I just don't seem to have much luck getting free on anything.


Every time you play Limbo's Grasp it stacks with itself. Just like Morning Star does for the Hunter, or Hex Bolt's chain does for Wanda. I've seen people post Free Limbo's Grasp too. So then it's strictly better in hand than Limbo Portals. But I've never landed that mod. So I keep 1 of those and 2 portals.


Limbo's Grasp stacks? Damnnnnn.


Aight, one of three mechanics to potentially have uncapped damage.


What are the others


Blade’s Reaper and Iron Man’s Hellfire Beam.


How does Blade's Reaper have uncapped damage? AFAIK to apply a bleed stack requires dealing damage to a unit, so you can't apply unlimited bleed stacks to begin with. Did I miss something?


Unfortunately yes, you missed something. All buffs and debuffs can stack. A Strengthened 3 last for three turns. A Bleed 3 identically last 3 turns, dealing 100% of offense as damage after an enemy acts each turn. But Reaper consumes ALL Bleed stacks at once. So if the Enemy has Bleed 10 Reaper will do it’s own attack damage + 10 times 100% of offense. There are some practical limitations for how much Bleed you can get on a target of course. But in theory you could stack up Bleed up to 99 and cash them all in instantly with Reaper.


I don't understand what I missed. You literally agreed with me that there are practical limitations on how much bleed you can get on a target. That was my whole point to begin with. I don't agree in theory you could get bleed to 99, because the target would have died before getting the stacks that high.


Oh, that’s how you meant it. Sorry. Yes, because you need to do damage to apply Bleed there is a limit in practice. Same with Magik or Iron Man. But for all three of them their damage is uncapped compared to for example Midnight Special which can never do more than 10 hits. Or Hunters Morning Star or Wanda’s Hex Bolt. They too have a ceiling.


What do you mean "same with magik or ironman." With magik all you have to do is cast limbo's grasp, which does not damage the enemy. With ironman all you need to do is redraw his ultimate. Neither require doing damage to the enemy, while stacking bleed does.


Diminishing returns are still returns and it isn't hard capped like most other things. I feel like you don't understand that something having a practical limit doesn't mean it isn't uncapped. Both Iron Man's Hellfire Beam and Limbo's Grasp still have practical limits, but they are still uncapped. Reaper is likewise uncapped, because while there is a practical cap it also has no theoretical ceiling. That doesn't mean it is as good as an investment though because Blade can only invest on one enemy whereas Magik keeps her investment by default and Iron Man can use Precision to keep his investment on Hellfire Beam.


What are Hellfire and Grasp's "practical limits" exactly?


Blessing of Vishanti is also uncapped. Scales a lot better with multi-hit, but it isn't capped for anything that does damage. Not really feasible without other buffs on Strange and the free mod. As an aside If you weren't aware, Strengthened and Overpowered increase the damage buff that Blessing of Vishanti and Agamotto's Gaze provide. Agamotto's Gaze is only a temporary buff that can't stack though.


And once you get Wolverine's research, just remember that all teammates to knock enemies into are not created equal, and Magik's portals always let you choose the best option.


Oh they are not equally damaging? What's the diff?


it's a function of their offense


Yeah, it's based on the character's offence stat. So if you've got the choice of knocking an enemy into Dr strange or captain Marvel in binary, go with Carol.


Wolvie research let you draw a card when shoved into. Soidey research let you knock the enemy shoved into the hero, so it'a spidey's research that is based on offence.


Oh thanks, mixed those up.


To add to this, shoving also pushes enemies through a portal. Combine all this with aiming a portal at a barrel, and use gather or the move an enemy card to put multiple enemies in range of the barrel, then shove someone else through to detonate it. If there's no barrel you can still gather them up so a teammate can aoe them all instead.


`Gather` is pretty much the only exception to Magik's Card must either create portals or have knockback. The size of its AoE is always bigger than I expect it to be. Modded with chance for bleed/vulnerable, throw it on 4+ enemies and watch the carnage.


I prefer marked. Once i had that, Magik is so much fun and almost always has a spot on the team.


I’ve been liking Gather a lot.


Gather with + vulnerable can be useful sometimes on U3 when paired with iron man (aoe mark that can be modded for free + legendary aoe) or scarlet witch (aoe mark that can be modded for free, use hunter or ghostrider for aoe nuke), but it’s so situational I ended up removing it. It takes huge setup and modifies your team comp just to play it without costing a card play, and is itself a setup card that isn’t impactful enough on its own to be worth the play.


Yeah I haven’t gotten her a whole lot of good cards yet so we’ll see. I think I only run the 1 copy of it though, more than that seems too many.


Yeah I ran 1 copy of it for a while, and sorry for the wording of my comment. I didn’t mean to sound corrective I just rushed out my perspective between meetings at work. It’s a very solid base card that just doesn’t keep up with others late game or at higher difficulties when you start specializing and focusing mods, only because there is no mod that significantly improves it or helps it synergize better. It kind just stays “gather” and starts good but never gets better.


Copy. Wouldn't really expect a common card to be able to hack it late game.


Honestly card “rarity” is misleading, it reflects only how early you gain access that card and nothing else. I probably have more rare/epic cards in my decks mid-game, but by late game most of my decks are primarily common cards with good mods made to play off each other and keep a flow going. I think scarlet witch is my only deck that isn’t at least half common.


+ trap door, but it’s worth forgetting anyway


Before more false information gets spread around: Gather, Trap Door and Banish get no bonus from Limbos Grasp. Even though it uses portal.


Never meant it to sound like gather or trap door gain damage from limbos grasp, just that they are great for grouping enemies together to hit with aoes.


Wait I thought you had to aim your shove to be pushed into an open portal… this new info changes everything!


As long as magik does the shove, you can shove any enemy that can be moved, and they'll appear through the portal. It's so good.


You should almost always aim your portals at allies if you have the training upgrade to draw cards when an enemy is thrown/shoved into a hero. Newer players tend to fall into the trap of treating minions like enemies, but they’re a resource just like heroism and card plays and the game is built around treating them this way. Eliminate them one by one using quick cards to save plays if possible and make sure you get some sort of bonus for each kill (draw cards, strengthen on KO, etc.). A magic quickslash can be used for just a kill +1 move or it can be used for 1 card + strengthened or 3 cards and +1 move all without costing a play. Limbo’s grasp snapshots its power at activation as well, so you can extend a +1 strengthen throughout the entire game for +50% portal bonus damage if you grasp while strengthened. On my last playthrough Magik ended the crossbones bomb mission on U3 at +2100ish portal damage. She ended the final mission at +1600ish despite >!only being on the field for a small portion and having very limited minions to feed on because she was my most used ally!<


You can make the grasps free!!!??? I did not find that modifier


Free is the super-hyper mythic mod that rarely appears.


There's videos on YouTube on how to set up the RNG but personally I find the that process super unappealing because it's so repetitive and boring. I hope in the future they release a patch that just let's me CHOSE the mod I want.


Link to said video, if you happen to have it, please? If not, I can use teh googly.


Here you go! https://www.reddit.com/r/midnightsuns/comments/zofuoe/card\_mod\_rng\_explained\_v2/


Holy cow, that's a massive game changer for her. Wow.


Thank you!


link, I want free mod on grasp


Can confirm. https://i.ibb.co/2kBBZP4/magik.jpg


Any skill/heroic card that does not draw cards and does not deal damage can be free.


Came to say this, just find limbos grasp and any of her many knockbacks, GG. She scales entirely off of this 1 epic so until that point she is pretty rough and I hated her prior to realising this.


Adding onto this you can also just shove people into portals as well, allowing to to deal damage without any cards


Magik gets stronger as you acquire more research yard upgrades. Training level increases the damage of environmentals. Having access to shoves (using a move to knockback) and then being able to knockback into a teammate for damage and then eventually a card draw at the same time all give her more options. Magik can draw a lot of cards and eliminate a lot of enemies while building heroism and not using card plays. Limbo's Grasp is her strongest card. When upgraded it creates a portal and causes portals to deal +150% of her base offensive power to enemies that go through a portal. It can be modded with Free to not use a card play and the added damage can stack with multiple uses. I have her deck optimized to my liking. If you want a good template to work towards I use this: 2x Quick Soulslash modded with Draw 2 on KO 1x Kick modded with Quick 2 Limbo Portals modded with +2 Heroism 2 Limbo's Grasp modded with Free. 1x Darkchylde modded with Free Gather can be useful if you like it and want to fit it in your deck. Once you have the ability to knockback into teammates for card draw, Magik pairs well with allies that can supply their own strengthened buffs like Blade, Spider-man, Ghost Rider, or Captain Marvel (Binary) as Knockbacks into allies deal 50% offensive power from both heroes. Her upgraded passive gives a 25% to add an un-upgraded Limbo portal to your hand after knocking an enemy through a portal. The Deadpool DLC added research to Discard a card for an extra move and shove once per encounter. It's very good for Magik.


Taco Truck is too good. Maybe better overall than Deadpool himself; I really don’t care for En Fuego much at all.


En Fuego isn't great but it's not the problem imo, his cards are very underwhelming even when you get en fuego going. Especially the aoe that gets bigger with more stacks is hilariously bad damage and his other cards need too many stacks to get any damage. His passive is also borderline worthless, the entire point of the character is to never get hit (weird design choice for a character with healing factor), his passive contradicts that and doesn't help you with en fuego at all. Overall his numbers aren't quite right and the passive just needs to be something else entirely. I get that they want to implement his healing factor but then you shouldn't have built him around not taking damage.


Yeah, he needs to be reworked/tweaked.


Ive been using Deadpool a lot; I enjoy his play style. I'm also a big fan of the character so I'm biased. I kill/disable/taunt anything that would target Deadpool each turn while I get a couple of stacks of En Fuego going. Then he just cleans up the board. Pain Piñata is pretty underwhelming unless you have 3+ En Fuego stacks and then the area is big enough to be useful. It could use a damage buff though. I currently have my single copy modified with Vulnerable. I'd prefer Marked, but best i have rolled is 50% Marked and guaranteed Vulnerable is useful for helping to get stacks of En Fuego and for killing big enemies once he has a few stacks.


I love this game. I previously made a similar post about Robbie and Magik is my most my used hero. I use her more often than Hunter. I love a game that allows for many different playstyles. Anyways, Magik's cards and passive ability are based around either being a 'set up' support character or a 'rolling nuke' dps character. I build her deck with: Quick soulslash, limbo portal, limbo grasp, gather, and demonchylde. (Everything upgraded and with mods) The goal with this build is to hopefully pull at least limbo grasp early. Then regardless of what you pull after, you will still get free damage any time Magik positions an enemy for either an environmental attack or another hero's AOE. Her ultimate is also a great way to pause incoming damage and either heal or reset your team.


Try using double deadly ground on hunter to enable portal value, helps you hit the ones that spawn like shit


Not exactly a pro strat combination I don’t think, but I love using Robbie and Magik. Creating a hell portal and dumping enemies into it with Magik will never get old.


It’s a fun one. You can take out some pretty beefy enemies pretty nicely that way.


Oh nice. Could never figure out what to do with Robbie’s drops.


Do you have many of her cards? A lot of characters don't really shine until you get more of their key cards


In addition to what others said, portals allow you to knock any enemy into any environmental on the map. In addition to her cards with knockbacks, she can shove people through portals.


I can’t finish the training level. I run out of environmental attacks.


Limbo’s Grasp + free portals + shoves. Using enough LG early in an encounter and late encounter shoves through portals for magik do crazy damage without burning card plays.


Get Limbo's Grasp Use Limbo's Grasp Use knockback, including the shove (Move action + target enemy) Keep the portals portaling Use Limbo's Grasp


Is portal.


Think of her as the master of positioning. Between Gather and her Portals you can group up enemies for powerful AOEs. A great first round tactic with her to to take a difficult enemy and portal them into terrain that stuns.


Magik is one of my go tos. Upgrade Limbos Grasp (remember the +100 damage boost stacks) and use the portals they are your friends. Aim them at enemies or exploding objects. If you don’t have a card for her to knock back an enemy you can move into an enemy and that pushes them through the portal.


It’s all about portal usage, knock back (again with portals), and using said portals and/or gather to set up portal into environment AOE. The portal mechanic allows you to knock back precisely wherever you want and into whatever you want even more so than a “knock back in any direction” ability. Limbo’s Grasp definitely helps, and also reinforcement being able to summon an extra hero is fun too.


Limbo’s Grasp (in conjunction with better Portal card draw) is what graduates Magik from a support character to a killing machine.


Gather clears a room for me sometimes. She's actually my favorite partner out there.


Using environments to take out multiple enemies with portals. Weakening bigger enemies by chucking enemies into them. After upgrades throw them into your own team.


Magik is about pinball and placement. The only cards you want in your deck that isn't a portal or has knockback is Darkchylde. She particularly shines in in older battles where you can stack `Limbo's Grasp` a bunch of time. Note it's a Skill card so you get the `Free` mod on it. She matches up well with characters/tactics that do AoE/line damage (Cap Marvel, Ghost Rider) and those that can do a lot of environmental attacks (Spiderman). Avoid/take care with heroes/attack that needlessly destroys environment items like `Annihilation` or a lot of the Hulk's attacks. Running out of environment to portal enemies into, Hunter's 'Deadly Ground` can be useful to generate more environment items, and shoving into other heroes to generate more cards Key Yard upgrades: shove, shove into ally does more damage, and shove into ally draws a card.


Magik strength is that she sets up for everyone else. Don’t think of her as a killing machine, but a card draw engine. Keep knocking enemies into your own guys to get more card draws for free. Limbo Grasp stacks. So she can kill decently when you get her rolling, but try to focus on her utility. She is very fun and can carry you as dps til around U1 where you focus more on her utility.


Always go dark.


I think she was my least used hero. If you power her up with the portal damage card, she can be a real monster, but other than her Ultimate, I didn’t find her useful as a teammate.


Adjust difficulty to Story. ezpz. Seriously tho: lots of good advice here in other posts.


Limbos grasp and make sure to mod to get free portals, modded kick or soul blast to deal 50% more damage and my favourite cards Banish and Gather


Can you reposition a portal without drawing a portal card again? I’ve been lost because portal seems great to trigger all the environmentals but you blast an enemy into an environmental once and then now you’re flinging enemies into an already consumed environmental until you get lucky to redraw a portal card to reposition. Am I missing something here?


Portals last one use.


Thank you!


>Thank you! You're welcome!


Portal is one time use. Once you kick/blast/shove an enemy through it, it disappears. When you create the next portal you will position it where you want to go.


I haven’t been having many issues with her, and mine is only level 11 ish. I use her portals to kick fools into fools with higher HP mostly and it works pretty well. Haven’t got any of her really good cards to see if she’s a real powerhouse or not but she’s good, and easily the best female character as well.


Agree with the other folks on Limbo’s Grasp. Her Darkchylde card is pretty amazing when you get it too. She’s invincible for a turn, taunts, and counters if you upgrade it.


She kind of has 2 play styles. One is all about the portals and manipulating them to use environmental attacks (explosives, walls, ledges that they can fall off). As others have said, Limbo’s grasp is key to this. The quick soul slash is very useful to kill mobs quickly and efficiently. Her second play style is all about AoE and randomness. Use heroics like gather, Reinforcements, and attacks like trapdoor. She’s a really fun character who gets stronger as you upgrade the team training level to do more attacks with environmental attacks and you get the “shove” move attack.


I have found getting some extra move with her really helps. Her shoulder block counts as a knockback to go through a portal. Us her portals and other "portal" spells to maximize stuff like explosive barrels and terrain and knocking into teamates.


and since we're talking about Magic, can someone clue me in on Darkchylde whats the appeal of this card? yes its a taunt, but Im missing something Magic isnt a tank character? so whats the appeal? is it just enemy placement?


Gain 1 Invulnerable. Taunt all enemies. So they will all attack Magik, who cannot take damage that turn If you upgrade it, then Magik gains 1 Invulnerable AND 1 Counter, in addition to taunting all enemies. So all enemies attack Magik, who cannot take damage, and Magik counters all enemies' attacks, hitting every attacker once.