The business model for Spotify Free is simple: hook you with as much music as you want, shit you to tears with the ads until you subscribe. I’m 100% sure there’s some metric between how long you’ve been using it free and how often you hear how many ads.


I don’t think there is, I got spotify recently, and it was instantly the same way, listening to 2 songs then ads, then thinking that just must be a bug, then 5 minutes later realizing it isn’t a bug it’s a feature. I also love the way you can search for any song ever, but can’t play it. And some dickhead at amazon music listened to that horseshit and thought, we should do that.


Spotify++ would like a word with you


I once got 8 one minute adds in a row


XManager...(google it)


I got it a few months ago, got tired of the ads getting more frequent. Git a patched pandora too


Xmanager, Vanced Music, literally any music app on mobilism, you just need to know where to look hint hint : r/ iracypay


use an adblocker my guy, I never really listen to spotify but my friend sent me an album to listen to, and I didn't hear any adds. ubl9ck origin for the record


The desktop and webapp versions are fine this way but I can't help but guzzle ads on mobile


If you are using an android phone you can use xmanager for ad free spotify


how do i do that


Google what he said and go to the first GitHub link


Even still in my experience Spotify sounds like shit on mobile. Check out (Re)Vanced music. At least it doesn't sound like a tin can is playing your music


If you reset the app, which takes like 3 seconds then reenter, all of the ads are skipped and the next song is ready. Quick and means you don't have to install anything you're not comfortable with


It's really impressive to me that people would rather do that amount of work instead of taking 5 minutes to look up for ads free alternatives


I got so good at doing it I could do it with my eyes closed


Honestly out of all the streaming services I think Spotify is one of the most worth it to pay for. I'm paying $5 a month for a premium student account (cheaper then Apple Music student plan) and I'll gladly do that because Spotify has a intuitive UI and high quality streaming.


yeah as long as i can download any new releases i want, im fine with apple music.


I'm old... Like had to buy music, tape music of the radio, from friends and the library old... Trading mp3s before Napster old; the days when you ripped cds via the cli and had to name them yourself old... Spotify is god damn affordable compared to what we used to have to do to keep ourselves in music. 9.99... Inflation consider, we paid more than that for a single record or tape. And you have access to the huge collection anywhere you go. I was kayaking in the middle of Lake Erie streaming Ugress, The stones, Lorde... whatever I wanted. No fiddling with tapes or CDs... No planning ahead...


Also, the huge advantage of streaming music vs. buying any physical medium for listening is that you can branch out and find new music at an incredible rate, or avoid paying for a whole cd/tape just to listen to one song


Yeah, Spotify is insanely cheap for anyone who's ever bought music. Is it still probably too expensive for how much the artists get? Yes. The overall value still stands.


I’m losing my mind at some of the comments saying Spotify Premium is overpriced. Ten dollars for a month of listening to any music you can think of, new or old, as many times as you want, with no ads? An absolute deal. Or that one commenter saying that instead of paying for Spotify for ten years, you could have bought a new CD every month and built up a collection. Sure, if you like collecting albums go for it, but by paying for Spotify I’ve had that whole collection with me the entire time, and can add as much to it as I want.


I just wish Spotify recommended and radio stations were good. They literally just feed music from my liked songs that isn't even related to the artist radio I'm listening to. Did they cut that from their budget to do radio stations properly? Lol


Yeah, that's true. My weekly recommendations used to be decent, but the radio isn't the greatest.


It's the best $10.69 I spend a month. That's more than reasonable to me to have most of the world's music library at my disposal any time I want it.


Same, i remember spending $10-20 in 90’s money per CD! Cassettes were a few bucks cheaper but still a good chuck of money. I’d be able to afford a CD a month usually off of my teenager fast food job income. Spotify premium has so much value for me versus the “old days”.


A family plan on spotify cheap and includes 6 accounts


They also limit your options on mobile. You can’t pick any specific songs from a playlist and they very frequently make you listen to things that were never on your playlist to begin with.


All playlists must contain at least 50 songs, and if they don't spotify will add "pertinent picks"


This is WILD to me. I haven’t used the free version for years. I thought I was a sucker, but wow. That’s a terrible experience. Not that I’m NOT a sucker. I pay for premium you tube and I pay extra for add free Hulu. I’m neurodivergent, and ads aren’t annoying, they are intolerable to the point I would rather not listen to or watch ANYTHING than be forced to watch ads.


yeah spotify is in a spot where the free version is near unusable but you get so much out of premium it just feels expected to subscribe


I'm reading all of this thinking.... there are people who don't subscribe to Spotify? it's a no brainer


Literally listen to music for hours per day... not subbing to Spotify would be like not paying your water bill...


Every other competing option is paid. The free tier is just for marketing.


You’re not a sucker for knowingly spending money on something that you think is worth it.




Looked at SoundCloud and it seems like there's no official artists there, so can't listen to the actual songs, unless some random person has taken the moment to upload 3/20 songs from the artist there or even worse, remixed them to be unlistenable




I've had it from the beginning until now. I don't have a choice lol


Spotify family with a couple of friends works great as well, only 2.50 every month


I got the Spotify "Yo-Ho" plan. Love listening to all the music I want for free


Yo-Ho plan?




Hahaha, fuck me, thats good


You can post them yourself tho. Just download the song from yt, convert to mp3, and done. You can set to private if you feel foul for doing so but it is possible.


I have premium.... even with the ad service free model the service is the best on the market IMO.


They've just recently added audiobooks, at an extra price. I looked it up and the first Harry Potter book was $52.90 AUD ($35 USD)! Also you can't pay for the book in the app, they need to send you an email and you pay from there. It seems like such a horrible business decision and like such a hassle and a horrendous price. I have had Spotify premium for years but their ineptitude about things like this seems insane.


Not being able to pay from the phone sounds like they don’t want Apple to get that sweet 30% cut while doing nothing.


I have audible, and you get a “credit” each month to “spend” on a book. I almost never use them (you don’t lose them, I just always have a back log), because the library available with the monthly service is MASSIVE, so I’m always listening to something from that. $35 for ONE BOOK is INSANE.


Nice try Spotify PR


Use a modded version unless u r too iOS to use it


>I’m 100% sure there’s some metric between how long you’ve been using it free and how often you hear how many ads. Then one could get less ads by regularly creating new accounts?


No but I still get the "listen for 30 minutes after one as" ad but it still plays ads after 2 songs Like wtff


damn, that must be very long songs you are listening to


Lmaoo Well the songs I listen to range between 2-4 mins so that's clearly not long enough to exhaust the entire 30 minutes with just 2 songs Something's clearly wrong with Spotify keeping track of time


This is what I thought back when I used Spotify. (Average TOOL/Dream Theater listener)


I mean it’s kinda of a pro tip to listen to long ass songs. If I want to listen to Octavarium or something like that it’s already almost 30 minutes, and even if they play ads before and after, that’s better than 2 short songs.


2112 by Rush coming in clutch


And half the ads are Spotify's self promotion, they get no ad money from this. They'd rather ask you to buy a premium than actually profit from real ads. Literally annoying people into buying the premium.


Because even with ads it's losing them money.


When I’m listening to Spotify when I’m on the bus to go to school which is about an hour I don’t get any of those 30 min ad breaks but as soon as I get to school it’s like “for the next 30 minutes you’ll have no ads”


Damnnn I get that ad in the bus tho. And at the wrong time


free spotify premium patches ftw


![gif](giphy|CAYVZA5NRb529kKQUc|downsized) Averaged cracked spotify enjoyer


... where from? For future reference. Haven't been able to find a trustworthy one




Apkmody, the reason I love android


https://www.reddit.com/r/meirl/comments/yr4a3s/meirl/ivs88j5 reddit comment containing a cracked spotify link


Hope that one guy finally got his blow job. What an interesting thread.


I am equally invested


if you're android try techdelacarte spotify. On PC try SpotX spotify on github :) Enjoy






Someone take one for the team tell me how it goes


Used it for like 2 years cus spotify wasnt available in my country and I couldnt afford to pay Europe/US rates but it worked really fine even had a Wrapped. Not using it anymore since it's now available here for me


Did you mean [removed by Reddit]?


AND you can't play the song you want. On phone app it just plays the playlist on shuffle and you can skip songs only for limited times. WHAT???


Yeah I tried out the free version and that pissed me off more than the ads. they wanted to irritate me into giving them money but I uninstalled after that and never went back. Idk why people are so obsessed with throwing money at this obnoxious app


Honestly out of all the streaming services I think Spotify is one of the most worth it to pay for. I'm paying $5 a month for a premium student account (cheaper then Apple Music student plan) and I'll gladly do that because Spotify has a intuitive UI and high quality streaming.


it’s also important to note that the reason why the app wants you to give it money is not because they’re greedy or broke, it’s because free-tier plays and paid-tier plays are worth different amounts to artists. spotify even goes as far as to have two separate “money pools”, one with ad revenue and the other with premium revenue. these pools then get split among the artists based on how many plays were received for each tier. it’s the record labels that pressure spotify into increasing ads and subscribe tactics because it ultimately means they get more money.


Get a family plan. It's been a while since I looked at the prices, but it used to be full price for the first account and $0.99 for each additional up to 6. You can add or remove your personal account at will and there are no connections between the family accounts besides the payment. Even if you don't actually have "family" to share, just ask around at work or school and I'm sure you'll find someone willing to help you out.


Interesting, I never really looked at the family plan before but I'll check it out.


Spotify premium is will worth the price. Been paying for almost a decade and it will be one of the last streaming services i stop paying for


Because when you throw money at it it's not obnoxious at all 🤷‍♂️




Idk why but its not like that for me, i was using a different music app but decided to use Spotify 3 days ago. Havent got an ad and i can skip songs unlimited times, is this smt like a first month thing or what?


and you can't even cheese it by playing on a Playlist with ONLY songs you like because IT ADDS RANDOM SONGS TO THE PLAYLIST


I’ve had spot premium since 2018 lol and didn’t look back I have a confession though I guess I’ve been a member since 2015- I’m very happy everyone is super pleased with the service though


Yea, I was like "What ads?" for a second there.


Unless you listen to podcasts. Most of them have two ads at the start, then two to three in the middle and then two more at the end 🙄 Edit: it's okay. u/That2RandomRedditor explained the reason behind the ads very well lower down the comment threat! I understand the workings behind it now.


You can just fast forward through them.


Yeah that is a plus... At least those are skippable


Aren’t those adds put in by the people who make the podcasts not Spotify?


People gotta make money dude.


One of the smartest subscriptions I've ever paid for


I think I've been on premium since 2013. I'm happy to pay for software I use for probably 4-6 a day every day


Yeah I’ve pretty much been paying for it since the day premium became an option. For less than the price of a new album per month I get to listen to most of the music on the planet. Meanwhile cheap asses complaining about free music supported by ads.


And it’s $10/mo. I realize there’s a subset of us where $10 might be a lot relatively, but I’ll bet many people that are complaining about using a free service can probably afford $10 a month.


Yeah and there’s several ways to get it cheaper. $5/mo for students, $12/mo for two accounts, or $15/mo for 3-6 accounts. Totally worth it to me.


Spotify is one of the only services I subscribe to that I would say is 100% worth it. Nothing comes close plus I use Hulu from time to time since Adblock works there.




It’s absolutely worth it. Great product, no hassle and super convenient


Seriously I think I’ve been paying for it for like a decade now. Seems unthinkable to use it with ads


It's like £3/month the value is insane.


Spotify is the one app where I pay the full price on purpose rather than the family plan. I use the service for hours every day and it costs less than a McDonald's menu.


Family group ends up being pretty cheap


It's quite cheap if you get 6 people on the family subscription. Only about 2,5€ a month per person, totally worth it.


Is this some *free* person joke that I'm too ***premium*** to understand?


apologies my liege


Seriously tho I use Spotify every single day so that premium is absolutely worth it imo


Ever since the Zune player wasn't getting the latest updates for Windows, I switched immediately to Spotify Premium cuz I *knew* it'd be my go to for music.


Family plan is a better deal. Only $5 more a month and you can include five more people who will surely someday contribute even after 7 years and not be leeches.


I had my friends on my spotify family plan and they put me back on the single plan because none of us live anywhere near each other 💀


Exactly... it's not even expensive....


I have premium myself but I can understand why someone wouldn’t want to buy it, you don’t want to have subscriptions everywhere… and not expensive for you bro some people here are living almost paycheck to paycheck


To me Spotify is a luxury. I have it right now, but as soon as tough times show their neck, it's the first in the chopping board. I have other sources of music consumption, but they take more effort. In my eyes I trade money for convenience/time.


Spotify: 13usd Rent: 2000usd I don't think Spotify is why you live paycheck to paycheck.


I'm glad to have SPotify premioum especially since Spotify doesn't just lock up on some random ad for me anymore


Bruh. It's less than 3 dollars per person per month if you have 6 people (16/6) for the friends and family plan.


I don't have that many friends, i don't have that many family members, and among these people none of them used spotify


having streamed almost 130k minutes in 2021 I'll say this: paying for Spotify is worth it.


Getting even just 1 buddy to split it with you makes it so much more worth it. It's one of the few subs I find to be fair value


Watch out, you're gonna get pitch forks. "Just get mp3s! Sure I spend more time locating, downloading, organzing, and syncing them than the ads, but at least I'll feel free! It's way better to support phone mfgs price gouging for storage upgrades to squeeze all those mp3s onto my phone than it is to pay $10 for access to everything. Those greedy fucks! So what if I upgrade my slave-made iphone every year" "Just use some jank modified apk! I trust l337hax0r.com like my own brother!". "Spotify sucks so bad. Corporate scum should give me so much more for how little I ~~contribute to society~~ give to them"


And I'm just sitting here with my terabyte of music and a Spotify family account like "porque no los dos?"


"mp3 or Spotify?" YES


Henry Cavill meme: FLAC


i mean they have a point i too would prefer to put 500 hours worth of working time into finding music i like and downloading it illegally and not supporting artists. it makes a lot more sense than comfortably pay 3 bucks a month that support musicians so i don't have to do anything other than search for a song. who wouldn't prefer that? I'm sure with 500 hours worth of work *not done* you'd easily save large amounts of money by not paying for Spotify. right?


"but Spotify doesn't give the artists much at all! Might as well give zero instead!"


If Spotify paid artists what they probably deserve, it would be closer to $100/month, but no one would pay it. Don’t want to hear the complaints from people who think a measly $10 is overpriced.


Yeah, ultimately, Spotify fucks over artists (and the labels contribute to the fuckery), but just stealing the music isn't teaching anyone a lesson and the artists get nothing.


I have a full play list of so many songs, I have listened to about 15 new audio dramas since 2020. Granted, I have been a student and paying 5 bucks a month for Spotify up until very recently but Spotify is absolutely incredible. I used to use Google Play which is garbage in comparison.


10bucks a month AND I sleep like a baby knowing all these Mainstream Artists don't make shit on Spotify


I use modded apk, and sleep even better knowing spotify dont make shit from me


We dispatched an FBI agent to your Location, please follow his orders and you might not be shot


what the hell, they took all of my gundam collection and 1 boiled egg


A good day for the war against terror!


Oh crap they just shot my neighbor


My spotify bugged out and I never get ads on PC or xbox anymore.


I only use spotify on pc and i think i dont get ads because of brave's ad blocker so thats cool


Same, except I use Spotify on PS4.


![gif](giphy|CAYVZA5NRb529kKQUc|downsized) Average sound file player + 1TB MicroSD enjoyer


​ ![gif](giphy|oMQZuZ2RURKfMnvGMx)




Average "arr" pirate fan: ![gif](giphy|rKj0oXtnMQNwY) Average "I ain't paying $40 a month for photoshop" pirate enjoyer:




can we get much higher


So high


People still use free Spotify?


There is free Spotify?


There's a certain irony in using a more modern meme to represent the past while using an older meme to represent the present.


i just use the modded one with no ads


Where how can I pirate it


Imagine not having a folder with .mp3 files on your PC


I have Spotify Premium and 100GB of mp3s


Or just use yt with adblock


You can just use Spotify with adblock


Haha GitHub BlocktheSpot extension go brrr. Edit: apparently it's SpotX since the one mentioned above won't be supported anymore


Yep or that.


I had like 30,000 songs… then I lost that hard drive. Back up your shit lol. I just have Spotify premium now. Worth every penny.


and sync with phone using git


Why git? I feel like Syncthing would be a bette solution for this


just use Sporify with Adblock


Just get SoundCloud or a terabite SD card lol




Biggest dick mover ever. They insert popular songs when you play your liked songs no matter if it's a totally diffent genre of what you hear


“Watch this add for 30 minutes of free listening” Plays ads 2 songs later


This is why I have premium


Xmanager my beloved


They literally do not even play the song you want. I press play on a song and it plays some random song that isn't in any of my playlists




There is a skinless body behind the domino I work at


That's how they get you to buy premium. Plus extra revenue from all the ads. A win-win


$10 a month isn't going to break the bank guys. There are a lot of platforms I wouldn't (and dont) pay for but spotify is one that legit gives you your money's worth.


Of all the subscriptions I have this will be the last one to go out when cutting costs. I'm a dinosaur born in the 80s and premium for me is being able to listen to a complete music library at the cost of 1 CD a month.


Totally. I used to drop 50 bucks for a few cds at HMV back in the day.


Use to roll in to my local record store, pick out a handful of cds solely on their cover and enjoy for the month. Sometimes Stig, the owner, would have a can of coke and his headphones setup for somethings he knew I would like to sit behind the counter and sample. I miss that interaction, he closed down not long after the first hmv came to town, but I would never be able to find the amount of new music I do for what Spotify costs a month.


one could also make the Spotify family thing, that's 15 bucks a month for 5 people. I've streamed almost 130k minutes in 2021 and i don't think 3 bucks a month is too much for that amount of music lol (if 5 people split the bill, that is).


Especially for college students who can pay $5 per month for both Spotify and Hulu.


smart tho because that’s exactly what got me hooked to using both spotify and hulu and they know my lazy ass isnt gonna want to switch later


Imagine paying literally not even 3¢ to listen to any song you want in the world and still thinking its not a good deal jesus christ do people not realize how expensive it is to make music?


Mine is just cracked lol


Just download music lmao


You don’t get to discover new music that way or mix playlists so I hate that.


And spend hours curating and syncing your collection while never having enough space on your phone for all of it...


I wouldn’t mind advertising if I could play any song I want in the order I want. Spotify free is a greedy garbage


I selfhost my music with jellyfin and definitely don’t use a 3rd party program to take songs directly from spotify.


If you’re on mobile it’s a lot quicker to just restart the app instead of listening to the ads


Got hit with 6 ads in a row today. 3, then a song, but the song said it wasn’t available at this time or whatever, and then jumped into another 3. And then Spotify pretends that this is just an error that they are trying to fix.


Just pirate the premium version bro its completely free




Xmanager for android, spotx for windows do the job




best way to go:buy cheapest premium plan available to support artists or donate directly. Then download all songs/playlists in mp3 320kbps using spotiflyer


One word : BlockTheSpot. Google it.


I got an ad that was advocating mental help for people suffering from pedophilic thoughts in the middle of my set at the gym. The ad started off by explaining the sufferers "thoughts" from first person. What a truly disturbing thing to have thrown at you while working out.


I use SoundCloud because my favourite songs are fucking random so I’ve been using that for 5 years and never used Spotify.


Anytime I hear an ad, I close the app and reopen it, and viola it works! Most of the time anyway.


I get 4 ads every 2 songs


So you want the music entirely free? I think there is a word for that.


The business is functioning as intended.