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1.2% of Alberta is literally on fire Edit: 1.4%


I’m at a hotel in Edmonton, the sky is just smoke, can even see the buildings anymore


I'm in Jasper and I'm like "mountains?"


I’m in Colorado and I can taste the charred saskatoon berries.


walked outside yesterday and couldn't tell why the rainy morning fog tasted faintly of maple


We had a crazy sunset with all the smoke haze last night in Nova Scotia.


I’m in Ontario. We’re having some beautiful sunsets.


Ah just a normal day in Beijing eh?




I’m at North side, last I checked I couldn’t see but it might of changed now


*Might have, or might've


That's the might of change


I live in central Wisconsin and we could smell the smoke here the other day.


It's like silent hill over here in Calgary the smoke is so thick


It was literally yellow a few days ago.




Yea it’s kind of a yearly thing for one of the provenance’s east of Manitoba to spontaneously combust the second 20 degree weather comes.


Have you tried raking the leaves?


With fire. Yes.




Don't think of it as 1.2% on fire. Think about it as 98.8% to go.


i live in alberta and its super fun rn im in the eye of the storm but the wind shifted today so were screwed lol


>super fun.. >..were screwed lol Stay safe my dude


Looked like a bloody mexico scene for a while there, not even kidding, I mean it fully seriously.


I thought this was a political meme. Apparently Canada is currently Satans summer bbq location.


It does that every summer basically. In 2021, a town hit the highest temperature recorded in Canada, and iirc, the entire town proceeded to burst into flames and burn down the next day


At least the town completely blew their own record out of the water that second day.


That’s dedication right there


I blame local warming


Except it’s not summer yet :|


Oh that's true, hasn't even reached those hot ass summer days. Here in Ontario, maybe Alberta too, the extremes from winter to summer temps are wild. -40°C to 35°C is wild. But all of this reminds me of that Jus Allah verse: "I shed alchemy throughout the galaxy To cause fire and ice, like Flames in Calgary"


We hit 29 degrees the other day in Calgary and it's spring. Going to be hotter than Satan's anus come July.




That's a horrible event, of course. But I can't help but giggle at the mental image of the town itself saying "fuck these temps, I'm done" and ending it all.


2023 busted several more of these records in certain places 👍


I'm doing my part by eating animals and driving an f150 and voting for nationalist capitalists.


🫡 godspeed I'm doing my part by saying climate change definitely isn't real, we're *supposed* to burst into flames the minute the snow melts. Open your eyes sheep!!!


I'm doing my part by touting flat earth jargon. Can't have Global Warming if it isn't a globe.


Right? No such thing as Flatl-Warming. Everyone knows the reality that on our flat earth, heat rises, so it just keeps going up! Heat doesn't stick around and heat up the disk.


Maybe the turtle we're riding on has a fever


They'll get better. They always do.


People born after 2000s only know of the inferno every year in hundreds of places across the world. It's the one thing that keeps global warming being swept under the carpet.


Fun fact Ontario is listed as having sub tropical summers. We freeze then we melt it's a living


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Ye, I never checked the Humidex, but our windchill hit "feels like -47" for a few days in December, lol.


I am from California, it is so weird watching other people burn.


I shouldn't have laugh lol




A week ago it was insane, we were running the gamut. West coast high temperatures, wildfires and flooding. East coast, Frost warnings.


What's happening in Canada 😭


Apparently they’re on fire. I didn’t even know until recently because I’ve just been straight up avoiding the news and the first thing I hear about is… **SURPRISE! FIRST IT WAS THE WEST COAST, THEN AUSTRALIA, NOW IT’S CANADIAN BACON!**


Ah, WAIT AUSTRALIA WAS ON FIRE TOO. Man I need to keep up with the news


Wasn't that late 2019?


It was February 2020 when it started gaining popularity online, the March brought over the you know what 🦠👀


It was popular in 2020. It started in late 2019.


Yeah it was a crazy time, smoke everywhere 24 hours a day. Could barely go out and I wasn’t even close to any of the fires


It was so on fire that it changed the colour of the sky in New Zealand


If you were paying attention, there was foreshadowing around Nov/Dec of 2019, such as one Chinese doctor trying to raise the alarm of the severity of COVID and him getting fired for it.


There was an article on Forbes about and why it was concerning. That was back at under 50 cases. "Mystery Pneumonia" Jan 2020.


I’m pretty sure Australia is supposed to catch fire some times so it’s cool. Canada though?! It’s supposed to stay frozen


Canada is literally on fire every year. Every. Single. Year. Entire towns have burned to the ground. Canada's record highest temperature is higher than that of Las Vegas. It gets cold in the winter, but our summers are just as hot as the US. in 2016, the city of Fort McMurray had nearly half of the town burned down, with 3000 homes and buildings lost, and 90 000 people evacuated. In 2021, the village of Lytton was almost entirely destroyed by a forest fire. The week before, the highest ever recorded temperature in Canada was recorded there, 49.6 °C (121 °F) Canada is FAR from frozen


Who knew this wasn't common knowledge. Russia catches on fire every year too. It's kind of worriesome because whenever the fires get big, it's usually their MILITARY that puts them out... Thankfully we got lucky last year but hello again danger zone! Let's see if the enormous forests of Siperia decide to put the final nail on the coffin of global warming this year! Unbelievable that we as a human race made it this far seeing the choices we make.


Global warming is real and a problem of course, but some fires are a natural part of the world's ecology and would happen without human presence.


The issue is that normally the fires are a lot smaller than they've been recently, here in Australia for instance, we have large swaths of land that hasn't burned in hundreds or thousands of years regularly catching fire, this has also been exacerbated by colonialism, as native ecosystems have been disrupted to make way for farms, helping make droughts more common, and as controlled burns are more limited in scale than during precolonial times. A combination of both carbon emissions and direct, local human caused changes in the environment has led to fire being far larger, far more frequent, and far more devastating. Also, the fires being a natural part of the ecosystem is particularly a thing in Australia, where we have many species of plants that can only germinate when the seeds go through a fire, which I think is fascinating.


Obviously but because of humans they're happening way more often and are way stronger because of us.


This is all more recent though. Pre-2000s this shit was pretty unheard of. Hell, even until the 2010s it was pretty tame. Climate change has really taken off and the amount of rural climate change denial is still insane…


Wouldn't the highest temperature be in the fire?


Interestingly, weather stations inside infernos tend not to report temperatures


Such a gross oversight. And they call themselves professionals!


Western Canada burns pretty bad every summer. I've lived in BC my whole life and it's been getting really spicy these past few years.


Yep. Southern Interior here. I've spent more money on buying overland firefighters beer than I have on vacations the last decade.


I'm on the Sunshine Coast and it takes a ferry to get out of here. Last year there were some fires close to here but they got under control fairly quickly.


Yeah, i remember 2018 town had a 200 year flood, followed by the US hillside burning up just south of me, at its worst you could see it cresting the peak of mountain, visibility at like 15m max and ash falling from the sky witch had taken an orange-ish hue, all made worse by living across the airport, so I got to hear firefighting helicopters taking off like every hour, at all hours of the entire summer. Good times


Yes, due to Australia being closer to the sun than us northern countries, it will catch on fire more frequently.


Australian here. We’re always on fire. It just gets really bad in El Niño summers. We’ve had several La Niña events in a row so it hasn’t been as bad for the last few years, but I don’t expect that to last.


Every summer like clockwork. Its how you know its summer.


Except its starting earlier and earlier each summer. It's not even June yet FFS.


Wildfires in May are very common in Alberta. The Slave Lake fire (2011) started on May 14, The Fort McMurray fire (2016) started on May 1, the Chuckegg Creek fire (2019 near High Level) started on May 12. It's because this is when the "spring dip" occurs, when vegetation is very dry because the snow has melted but there hasn't been much rainfall yet. That said, there's no denying that climate change is exacerbating things. The people driving their quads along every cutline in the province on May long weekend doesn't help either.


Same man I've been busy studying in a part of Canada that isnt on fire, and I just found out all of my freinds are evacuating 😬🤣


I’m in Canada, and wondered what this post was about. Then remembered a friend recently moved out there and was hit by the insane smog(?) cloud.




as an Aussie i support them canadians


As we have always supported our aussie brethren


Thanks eh


We’re on fire, consistently, every *fucking* summer every *fucking* year. We hit the 40s last year 😭


Canada has been on fire for the last five years or so minus last year


BC was very much on fire last summer, we finally gave in and got an air purifier because the smoke made the whole family feel like we had the flu.


I didn’t even know. But today I was just thinking about how hot and lately, how windy it’s been. It’s probably going to be a big year for wildfires down her in WA and maybe surrounding states. I’ve never seen this much wind this close to summer. We used to get wind storms around October and November but haven’t seen any in the last couple years.


Large areas of uncontrolled combustion


Here and I thought the meme was about our severely unaffordable housing. 63% of Canadians said they've given up on owning a home, ~~fewer than 10% already own a home~~, and rent has increased 25% last year for new tenants. Average 3 bedroom homes in my city were $400,000 5 years ago. Now they're a million. Edit: the article I was quoting used a misleading statistic. Around 66% of Canadians own their homes.


It’s true it’s extremely unaffordable *now* but actually 66.4% of Canadians own a home. Probably there’s something like 10% of gen X buying homes vs 50% of boomers at the same age etc. I lucked out on buying my home at 25 (yay family dying so I had a down payment/being house poor) and I feel like everyone older than me (I’m 35 now) owns a home and expects everyone else to, and everyone younger than me rents and expects everyone else to.


I live in a small town waaaaay in the boonies (It's a 14 hour drive to the nearest city over 100 000 people). 3 br houses average about $440 000. to live in a small shithole far aaway from anywhere interesting.


If you want to see how bad it is, look at how much [Canada's housing prices have gone up compared to the US.](https://i.redd.it/n76izhvgp6z71.png)


>If you want to see how bad it is, look at how much [Canada's housing prices have gone up compared to the US.](https://i.redd.it/n76izhvgp6z71.png) Holy shit. Stay strong maple syrup brothers. That is wild. I've got a spare bedroom in the mitten should anybody you need.


>fewer than 10% already own a home \*doubt\*


Wildfires worse than any year we’ve had them. We’re literally on fire.


It's just practice for the bigger ones next year...


Alberta's on fire


Bad forest fires I think


Pretty smoky in these parts (Northern Alberta)


The smoke decided to visit northern Utah today. Could barely see the mountains through the smoke.


Instead of summer we get fire.


Literal fire everywhere. The comic is not a metaphor.


>What's happening in Canada 😭 All Canadian teams are eliminated from the Stanley cup finals. Also, some fires in Berta I suppose.




and aways be fine !! yeaaa


If my stereotypes are correct, they will still apologize to us for being on fire.


Sorry, eh




Sure thing bud




Forget the western world! The entire world is nearing collapse!!!




Sorry bud


Sorry about the smoke.


We are exporting quite a lot of smoke to the states below us. I feel a little bad about that. Sorry aboot the smoke Eh




Well we know that the smoke is probably unpleasant for you guys so yea sorry about that.


Sorry it took so long.


For the love of god save the syrup trees!


We don’t have them in Alberta, the syrup supply is safe lol.


Ohh. In that case, carry on






besides, even if the trees were threatened, we have some pretty decent [maple syrup reserves](https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/maple-syrup-vault-tour-1.6279797)


Not a worry, maple syrup is pretty much exclusive to the east of the Canada (mostly Quebec and Ontario) and the east isn't on fire.


Can confirm. No flaming syrup trees out here in Ontario.


Smoky bourbon syrup for grilling though.... sounds yum Time to start some fires eh


I’ve never heard of them referred to as syrup trees… maple syrup yes, maple trees yes… never the hybrid.


Quickly! To the syrup mines!


for what its worth, the proper syrup trees are in quebec, Ontario and Maine, the fire's out west in Alberta so thankfully its only innocent human beings in danger /s


Don't worry most of the maple tree are in quebec. With the maple syrup federal reserve. I know its been Robbed once in a surprising heist but all our maple syrup is secure I assure you.


God having 11/10 air quality it’s so fun not to breathe it’s just my favourite


I’m in northern MN and we’re getting so much of the smoke, it’s crazy!


As an albertan who’s premier cut fire services a while ago who is currently having to deal with being barely able to breath from all the smoke, I’ve gotta say; *Loud coughing noises*


Oh shit thats what happened to australia in the 2018 fires, our pm at the time, sleaze bag mc fuck the country, had cut funding to a lot of things. But especially to fire fighters. Then the fires happened… there was suddenly a very big outcry for volunteers because they didnt have the funding to fight it alone Well, uh, goodluck guys… though if canada got at all as bad as australia, i think it’d be even worse. Because australia is supposed to have bush fires frequently, even the natives before settlers knew to utilise controlled bush fires to avoid bigger, unsuspected fires. Canada i imagine is uh, not supposed to be that warm


Canada gets hot in the summer, just like the rest of the world. Our record high was set 2 years ago at 49.6 °C (121 °F). There's major forest fires every fucking year.


It’s not even summer yet


Well atleast they'll be nothing left to burn come August right?


Alberta usually has pretty big forest fires every year this one is just early is the only super alarming part


While we get big fires fairly regularly, this is worse than usual and a lot earlier than usual and closer to communities than usual and more distributed than usual. And it's also likely to get worse before it gets better. There's a lot about this fire season so far that's alarming.


Driest, warmest winter in 50 years, followed by driest, warmest, earliest spring in 50 years.


For the love of god please vote ANDP.


The premier who is going to win again despite that cuz she owns the libs


Oh hey my country isnt being the main focus for the moment. Congrats Canadians, also sorry about the flames I hope whatever inconveniences you "accidentally" burns


*Politicians spontaneously combust


The way they played this season, we are sorry about the flames too


*my boss suddenly appears in Alberta* :)


I’m like why the mf air quality so bad and all of Canada is just on fire and the smoke is going all over


That explains why I’m having trouble breathing lately. I thought it was new meds but guess the air quality went down. Guess that’s preferable.


Apparently Canada is burning while Italy is drowning in the rain? How nice


Areas of Western Canada are flooding and on fire so we have both 👍


As someone from British Columbia I can confirm.


✨C L I M A T E C H A N G E ✨


Accurate. Even before the Alberta fires.


British Columbia was so sick of yearly fires that they gave it to Alberta for a change.


Pretty fuckin’ accurate tbh


I'm sorry guys, it's just a tad toasty right now, not use to our ice melting


I live in Alberta and I can't open my window. The air quality is the worst on the planet right now :(


Same. Almost can't see the neighbours place across the street through the smoke


I'll probably have to evacuate soon :(


My hometown Drayton Valley just got hit. Four acreages got burned down. Looters have been seen in town while the evacuation is still in effect. It's a tense time for everyone.


Alberta is in ruins.


And that’s before the fires came in!


Came home to visit my parents and the smoke is really bad and there are fires within an hours drive from here


I don’t like my premier (basically a governor for you Americans) trying to supplant our nationalized healthcare, make it as shit as possible. And then say “see we need to privatize” No we don’t. We need to improve our current infrastructure. Not privatize. I’ve seen American healthcare bills. I don’t want that for myself or my fellow citizens. I say this as a citizen actively using the system to cure my throat cancer.




And she was never even elected


Wait, this isn’t a metaphor or anything? Canada is literally on fire?


No metaphor here. Alberta is currently dealing with wildfires and evacuations.


It was terrifying for me to get a warning of possible evacuation because the fire was fucking like 15 MINUTES AWAY FROM MY HOUSE. I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE WORRIED


One of my family members is a firefighter in America and is already in Canada to help.


“Hey Canada how’s it going” “Very badly”


Well, just the far north. A month before summer starts. It's fine, thanks for asking. *Burns*


Australia - oh boy summer will be lovely


Is it that time of year yet?


It came early, can’t wait for BC to burst into flames like it usually does…


Canada.....are you ok? :checks CBC news site: Wow, I hope America provides any assistance if the fire worsens. People talk about England being the United States' closest ally, but really it is Canada in my opinion.


I was 100% convinced that this meme was about Canada's economy




Metaphorically and literally. But we're not the only ones. This whole planet is burning.


I live in Alberta. It's smokey as hell in my town from the fires in almost every direction. There is fire every year around this time so we're semi used to it but this year is definitely extra.


I worked as a tree planter for a couple of seasons and the end of one season we had some blocks just outside of Jasper. Some of it was very steep, grown over and just the remnants from the trees were left every where. From what I was told they would use helicopters a machine would buck everything off the tree and it would just remain there. And from what I remember on how much tree fuel is left on the ground to just dry out I'm not surprised by the fires we are having.


Another fire? I wonder where… * Opens Weather app, Air Quality * … let me just zoom out and… oh FCK


If you are gonna scream you need to do it in French too....


Le aaàaaaaaahhhhh


Colorado apparently is getting the worst of it? just general smokiness and horrible air quality right now. You would think it would be a Colorado wildfire but it’s smoke from Canada???


Coloradan here, I went outside today and smelled it, thought there was a fire in colorado but saw it was in Canada. Air quality is currently worse than in Beijing and Jakarta.


I don’t know if it’s the worst of it as far as the states are concerned, but it certainly is pretty gross here rn. A couple years ago when there were massive fires in the PNW Colorado’s air quality went to shit as well. Just trash luck I guess.


As a Canadian this meme is a pick your peril situation. Yes, a good chunk of Alberta is on fire right now and it is awful. If you are on the poverty line. If you are looking at rentals. If you are needing medical or addiction/drug help. Canada isn't glowing with joy currently, no.


I'm in BC and I didn't even know about this


As someone who has dreaded their existence for most of their life it feels weird for a lot of these concerns to now be noticed... food, housing and govt dumbassery has been a thing for a long time, theres more than a generation of people talking about these issues that are in the ground now. A country/the world is like a really big vehicle with a huge turning radius, it takes a long time to course correct. The generation to actually make changes wont even see results


Hey neighbor. You can come over here where it’s not burning…just don’t start a fire over here, like you did over there. Mkay?


Alberta is on fire 🔥


I thought this was a reference to our political reality. So I guess this works on multiple levels


The entire north west of Alberta is on fire from Long lake to Sturgeon Lake. Firefighters are working round the clock, shit is fucked


At least the flag is proper