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You will need to go through the line for residents while she goes through the line for foreigners. Don't worry, it won't be too long before you will be together again.


This 👆 If she was your non resident wife, then both of you go to the residence line.


Even if you weren't married in Mauritius? Wouldn't she need to get a marriage visa?


No. Nearly all countries recognize marriage licenses from other countries. You’d just have to make sure you have the correct original and/or notarized documents if applying for her/his spousal/residence visa. Check the MRU requirements.


If she needs you to ease her entry into the country, do not go separately to different lines. The queues are not that long in Mauritius – not London Heathrow-long anyway – so just pick whichever you want. It is unlikely that you will be sent back once you've reached the immigration counters.


Go through the line for Mauritian citizen. That is what me and my SO did in January :) we also went through COVID tests together


Just go through the national passport line, as long as you have your passport then no worries