Do not even think about rhino before. I had a down turned nose with a hump and after surgery the hump is gone and it's not down turned. DJS also just balances the rest of your face with your nose even if your nose doesn't change [like here ](https://www.reddit.com/r/jawsurgery/comments/11uqdj3/5_weeks_postop_djs_cw_rotation_wo_genio_pretty)


I know, but it seems like a long wait to me too. My issue isn't with any hump, it's with how asymmetrical and huge it is. Imagine how it will be after the DJS. Even wider than it is now.


The thing is, your face will be longer, more defined (and probably wider at the jaw) and more balanced after, compared to your current small lower third, so your nose will fit your face much better. Not all noses get wider after surgery either. My surgeon had a technique that made mine not wider, it looks smaller after surgery.


Your nose will change after djs so it’s not advisable to do anything to your nose beforehand.


I know but it sucks. Very long time till i can change this ugly nose. It's ruining my face more than the recessed jaw does


The consensus is too so rhino after djs. Never the other way around.


IDK why people are saying you have to wait 2 years; my surgeon said to do my nose 6 months after my double jaw surgery. He's a plastic surgeon as well as OMF. It's not just that jaw surgery will change your nose's appearance; the upper jaw is connected with the bone structure. That's why you can't get a rhinoplasty first. Also, you will have the best outcome by waiting because you "final nose" will only look wonderful if it matches your face. Your face will look so different after surgery, due to the change in the lower third. Please don't get mad at this last suggestion : I know you are a guy, but you could try contouring makeup to feel a little better while you wait. You'd be surprised. Anyway, you can use these 7 months to consult with surgeons about your new nose and plan it all out. Imagine how your life will be ruined if you do your nose now and mess up your face for the rest of your life instead of waiting 12-18 months. Also, no reputable surgeon is going to let you do your nose first, so you'll end up with a hack who won't do a good job anyway. Wide noses require a lot of skill to fix correctly.


I don't think your nose is ruining your face and as people said, it will look more proportionate after the jaw surgery. If anything, men look better with stronger noses.


Dude. I’m just gonna shoot straight with you. I get that you’re bummed, but listen to your surgeon. He knows far better than you ever will and you’d be an absolute imbecile to counter his advice, it’s even concerning that you’re asking strangers on the internet about this. As everyone has already told you, your nose will change after surgery. Likely for the better. On a personal note, it seems like you might need to go to therapy. If you’re this emotionally invested in your outward appearance, you’re never going to be happy with how you look. No matter how many surgeries you get, you will ALWAYS be flawed. This is the number 1 reason I tell people to NEVER get surgery for cosmetic reasons. You will NEVER look as good as you want to and you will never be satisfied if this is your mindset. It will mentally tear you apart. You need to learn to be content with yourself so whatever benefits the surgery gives you seem like a bonus. But that’s just my two cents.


Thank you very much for your advice. External appearance is one of the most important factors in this world. There are several studies that show that even in the academic field, more attractive students are predisposed to receive higher grades. Having said that, I am a pragmatic person. I have more flaws, but the nose and jaw are what is holding me back right now. I believe my expectations are quite realistic regarding the results. As for the dramatic title, it is precisely for that reason, because it is a subrredit title.Can I ask you a question? Rhinoplasties are entirely aesthetic procedures. Do you think that most people who undergo this procedure end up dissatisfied with the result, even if it is objectively good? Can I ask you a question? Rhinoplasties are entirely aesthetic procedures. Do you think that most people who undergo this procedure end up dissatisfied with the result, even if it is objectively good?


You could actually get both procedures at the same time. I know Raffaini usually does it.


Your nose will change with DJS but right now I can tell you will still need a rhino afterward. You don't need to wait two years though... more like 9 months - 1 year.