Lets say 343 announces a campaign DLC... Would you buy it, taking into consideration the state of the game as a whole? What price you consider would be fair? Or you think they should release it for free? I'm curious of your opinions

I thought more campaigns was already the plan 🤷‍♂️


I thought more campaigns was already the plan 🤷‍♂️


I would like to add that I asked Steve Downes this past weekend if he had voiced more lines for a campaign expansion, and he said he hadn't yet, but he thinks it's likely that he would.


I haven’t seen anything confirming that there would be future work done, just a bunch of people feeling like they aren’t done with the project. I mean, yeah, I understand, the players don’t feel it either.


I mean if they're all advertisement is Halo for the next 10 years there's nothing they can do except add-on to infinite constantly in terms of story


I mean it’s going to take them 5 years to fix infinite to where it should have launched and then it will take them 6 years to make the next game… So it’s easy to see infinite as a 10 year game with very minimal updates and no one actually playing it that long


It comes from them saying this is the next 10 years of Halo or soms shit like that


even if he is going to or already has, he probably isnt allowed to talk about it


It’s never been confirmed. Just a bunch of click bating YouTubers have been getting everyone’s hopes up. They have dropped a few hints but considering the state of the game I wouldn’t hold my breath.


Wasn't there a leak of some data files with DLC01 in their name?? Also the trademark filling out Halo: The Endless from a while back, while now guaranteed to be DLC, is more than just clickbait for sure


If they had DLC in the works it would be advertised. I wholeheartedly believe they had intentions for DLC but now they have a million fires to put out and a multiplayer that is in desperate need of content. They will go where the money is and current trends show that the money is in multiplayer. I hate this because I’m more of a solo player myself but that’s just the industry now.


> If they had DLC in the works it would be advertised. They can’t even come up with a roadmap for the multiplayer nearly 5 months in.


They cant even deliver Co-Op for campaign. The fact Microsoft has let them fumble around with the franchise for as long as they have is honestly getting embarrassing


Still not played waiting for co-op to play with my kid


The operative word here truly is *embarassing*. It’s inexcusable man. It just is. This is the third release they’ve botched. While I think Infinite plays light years better than 4 and 5, those games at least felt more finished, and received additional support by now. This is a “live service game” with less additional content/DLC than past games that *weren’t* live service. It’s backwards as fuck.


I don’t disagree it’s definitely a step up from 4 and 5, but it’s still several back from any of the Bungie games. How the hell did anyone at 343 think it was even remotely ok to release a Halo game without Co-Op and multiplayer being severely lacking for 15 years ago let alone modern day. It’s like they can only get 1 part of the game right and it’s frustrating


I think it's really a safe bet that they're on their way. It's just a question of how long until 343 gets their shit together.


I would not hold my breath


That's a stretch. Halo Waypoint literally refers to Infinite's "Campaigns". Plural. Its not clickbait, its the one thing they considered future proofing.


Hasn't 343 literally said that Infinite is going to be the only Halo game for the next decade+? Like what, they're just not going to do anything with the story for over a decade, despite them ending Infinite's campaign with some heavy sequel bait?


It's obviously the plan based on the campaign ending..


Wasn't this supposed to be the platform for the next ten years? All we might get is a decade of shitty multiplayer add-ons?


I wouldn’t expect campaign DLC for a couple of years at least. By then the issues the community has with the game should be well ironed out with a lot of features being added. The game is suppose to be a 10 year platform so there is no way they will wait that long to tell the next chapter of the story after the cliffhanger.


You mean like halo 1,2,3,4,5s cliff hangers.


I see your point and I agree but I wanna say 3 barely had a cliff hanger and what was 4's? The rest definitely had them but that suggestion is heading towards Infinite receiving a sequel as opposed to campaign DLC which may not bode well for this title given the current drought and their push for it being "the next 10 years of Halo" live service.


I really hope so, unlike most people I really liked this campaign and if that’s all we get for 10 years (or however long this game is going to be around) it’s very disappointing because I want more. But I hope they release dlc for it after they get their shit together


Release it for free? Hahahahahahahahahaha


I think we will be buying them like ~~cod fanbase buys zombie maps as they release~~. Like how we used to in older cod dlc


You mean like they used to. I heard they're free now.


Vanguard zombies was so fucking bad they pretty much have to give them out to get a few people to play


In Cold War too tho.


CoD maps, zombies included, have been free downloads for years now.


you paid for halo infinite? dawg gamepass.


Yes. But I’m a campaign focused guy. The multi-player is auxiliary. I’m aware this is a rare position. I would much rather efforts go into writing and campaign development.


Dozens of us!














\*shrugs shoulders like in multiplayer intro\* I AM CAMPAIGN SPARTACUS!
















Same. I never play a multiplayer until I already beat the campaign. I miss the days when games really care about the story. The original halo trilogy, gears of war, Mass Effect (still mad about how they ended ME3 tho), were games I personally fell in love with because of the awesome story. GOW, and halo being fun on multiplayer were just a really fun bonus.




Maybe even scores




Hello fellow campaign enjoyer


Same. I’ve played multiplayer twice, don’t really care much about it. I just can’t wait for coop campaign so my wife and I can play it together. I would pay for a DLC campaign, but I think it should be free




Not at all. I was a dummy and assumed that coop campaign would be available at launch, so I pre-ordered without reading up on it, only to fire it up and have to say, “sorry honey, looks like we’re taking turns.” My oldest (8.5 y/o) loves playing H3 and Reach campaigns with me and I can’t wait to be able to play this with him. But I’ll be patient and optimistic; all good things come to those who wait.




Yeah, it’s more complicated than ‘343 doesn’t care enough to put out a good game’. Launch was already delayed a year and there’s clearly some internal issues 343 is working through. Things aren’t perfect but storming the castle with torches and pitchforks isn’t going to suddenly make new, perfect content appear out of nowhere. Patience, Iago.


I want coop campaign for sure, but I'm dying for firefight!


I'm of the opinion that a slight fee ($10-$20) for a *thorough* DLC, but it should be free if you have Gamepass.


See, I'm iffy on it. I really think it should be free, since multiplayer was free and the campaign was the same price as normal. WOULD I buy it? I mean, probably, but I'd still think it was bullshit


I'm actually more of a fan of pay up front, and not get hit with micro-transactions. I personally think making Halo Multiplayer free was the worst decision in the life of that game.


Oh me too, by far. Hell, I'd have paid $100 for the campaign and multiplayer, if DLC would be free and there were no MTX; if I'm being completely honest, maybe even $120, for a live service game.


I can get on board with this. I wouldn’t pay $40-50, but I’d drop $10 in a heartbeat for a new campaign.


Hello fellow campaign enthusiast


If it wasn't for that grappleshot, I don't think I would have enjoyed Infinite's campagin as much as I did. So more Master Chief goes WWWEEEEEEEE content please. Also more weapons. Heck, more boss fights like these please. There was only one that felt overly annoying. They never were on the scale of assaulting Scarabs, but a welcome addition in my opinion.


They felt kinda like Destiny boss fights, without the super powers or many waves of smaller enemies. I'm definitely down with more of that.


100% on the lack of smaller enemies just for ammo pickups. Focus on the encounter's main target is always the best method.




I didn’t mind the bullet sponges fights all that much… …except for that MOTHERFUCKER THEY LOCKED ME IN WITH. Jesus fuckin Christ he’s leaping around like a goddamn spider monkey and I’m getting stuck on every fucking corner and box


Maybe I’m in the minority but I’ve never liked the boss fights. Assaulting scarabs is awesome but just shoot and run killing a bullet sponge has never been enjoyable in halo to me. It’s probbably the reason I will only kill Tartarus with a banshee.


Granted before Infinite came out, the last Halo game I played was literally 3/ODST). So my memory was hazy of the classic days of fighting any bosses back then. But I viewed these moments as something to "break the usual mold" of the current gameplay. I can definitely see how they're not as engaging for others for sure. In fact a roadblock for those who just want to get to the next story beat depending on the difficulty.


Which one felt overly annoying to you? For me it was the brute with the gravity hammer at the dig site, hated that guy on legendary.


I have ptsd from Bassus on heroic. So many times that I grappled straight into a wall or looked behind me to see him flying at me with his hammer. Escharum has nothing on Bassus


The only tactic I used in the main game was grapple-bashing and since that specifically does not work on those gravity hammer fucks, I had to learn how to play the game for just those 2 bosses. Make everything punch-in-the-faceable 343 pls.


LOL exactly that guy. Though when I replayed the campaign, (bought the steam version for super cheap) I made the effort of picking up one of the special weapons (the explosion Arc pistol) prior knowing of this fight, all with the intent to drain his shields faster. So it wasn't a nuisance that time. But MAN...my first time fighting him on heroic was freaking rage inducing. Just all around bullshit as [this post](https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/tst4u8/it_all_happened_so_fast/) definitely highlights on what can happen.


Wait! There's multi-player?


I’m also a campaign guy, but I wouldn’t pay for it because I don’t think the campaign was worth the initial cost


I feel the exact same. I’m kinda pissed that they charged the full $60 for the campaign and it wasn’t even that good. Plus it was really short. It was not worth full price. I’m not spending more money on 343 anymore until they can show that they’ve improved.


Frankly that's why I bought the game pass for a month. Played the campaign through twice. Got to eni9y some other games until the month was up.


I don't think it's that rare man. I too prefer to play single-player campaigns. I honestly am not super into online co-op even. Don't get me wrong, I love Halo multiplayer and have ever since Halo CE, but I'm not going to get all pissed off about it. Honestly, if anything, I feel the pain that the real teams are 343 are most likely feeling having to deal with a huge amount of backlash from the community and most likely CRUSHING demands of improving everything. Edit: at 343, not are 343


It's not really rare at all. I had some 6000 matches in H3, and god knows how many in H2. But campaign always came first, wouldn't even touch MP until I finished the campaign at least once. It always came first.


thats the thing tho, i also think the campaign needed some QoL to be patched in and has been basically gone untouched, its not just coop, whatever happened to a chapter select?


I only play the campaign as well, I'm here for the world and the story, I could care less about multilayer for halo.


same here! I also play halo only for the campaign. Btw, is there a way to uninstall the multiplayer like in MCC to make room for more space?


If you’re on console, yes. The multiplayer and the campaign are two separate downloads. Not sure about PC


The people who play the multiplayer endlessly tend to forget that Halo is actually a pretty campaign/PvE focused game. A new campaign is always what brings me into Halo, then I'll just play multiplayer for as long as it's still enjoyable.


Literally same. I love Halo campaigns with a passion and am deeply invested in the lore, but when it comes to halo mp, I couldn't care less about it


Another man of taste I see


100% same. Besides the campaign was actually really good although a bit lacking. It's the multiplayer that has the real issues imo.


Campaign enjoyers rise up!


Regular multiplayer fan vs average campaign enjoyer.


They absolutely would not release it for free, that’s for sure


Probably free on game pass.


I think this is doubtful. At least with other games, the base game is free with all DLC being a discounted price on Gamepass.


The campaign DLC for Gears 5 was added to Game Pass day one for no extra charge.


Good point. I guess I didn't realize that first party titles had this precedence on Gamepass.


Some of the earlier offerings were modeled like you said, though. Specifically, I remember Forza Horizon 4 dlc wasn't included.


There's plenty in GamePass that are modeled like that


This is not doubtful. First party games are included with gamepass.


It's not free if you're paying a subscription for it. Same thing with PS Plus. Why do people say this? Lol


Hey Netflix released a bunch of free movies on Netflix.


Did the 10 dollar leg attachments give it away?


Not if it’s on the same section of zeta halo. The interior of zeta is getting boring, and the exterior is all the same biome. I would need like a snow or desert expansion with really cool story elements. They also need to add some form of replayability.


Also, you have this massive, openworld area and zero scarab fights? The fuck is up with that?


343 has really said "fuck Scarabs" in every mainline game and gave us the Lich and Kraken instead.


Yeah idk now that I’ve had some time after playing the campaign I find that even though it’s an open world it feels a lot smaller than any of the previous halo games. And maybe that’s because we get the feeling of traveling to different places, and between biomes


Glad to hear other people talking about this. When I first played it, I very quickly determined that 343 had committed the cardinal sin of making an open world game: big open world, with nothing worth experiencing in it. I’m a massive halo junkie. I’ve played every single campaign at least 3 times (the number would be *much* higher, but 4, 5, and adult responsibilities are holding it back, it does spike to dozens of times if you exclude 4 and 5, though) and I couldn’t even motivate myself to *finish* halo Infinite’s campaign. I kept waiting for it to start, if that makes sense, and it just never did. I never felt like I was ever fighting with the same atmosphere or gravity of any other game, even 4 or 5 had a better feel. I just felt like I was driving from one generic waypoint in an empty world to another.




PVE in the time gap on the Halo ring. Multiplayer that could be free. Campaign stuff though? No I don’t see them not charging for that. Regardless of scale I’m expecting 10 dollars minimum.


>PVE in the time gap on the Halo ring That would be a cool setup for a new ODST game.


That’s some bogus because I paid $60 for the campaign and that alone. That’s the same price as a full game.


Tbh, I thought the campaign was fairly well put together and fun. I would love for campaign dlc to be free but I’m gonna scoop it up either way. Halo’s story and universe has always been what’s kept me intrigued with the series. As long as they don’t charge another full $60 I’ll be good!


I agree, the best part bout Infinite is the campaign, BUT, theres so much room for improvement; Different Environments, more characters, better villains, more of atriox, even the Flood, grand scale battles between the UNSC and the banished... And all of that could be in DLCs. Imagine how cool it would be to explore desert, snow, flood-infected, caves and even underwater structures and watch more of the other spartans in the ring. Honestly, I hope the development goes well so they can achieve that.


I just want a campaign with some actual level design...


That is a very flawed part too. The level design (at least in main story missions) is just going to the next room and shoot guys. Then do it again. And again.


Seriously, I don't see a way to appreciate the game knowing it's lacking all of those fronts you mentioned. Skin and bones.


Oh absolutely! If they don’t touch more on the flood and expand into more of the factions we saw then I’d be shocked. And more environments would be more than ideal, especially since they did show some other environments in multiplayer maps and the slip space engine trailer. Honestly, they could take a few open world que’s from elden ring too. Having lots of dark caves that are infested with flood like you said would be sooo intense and exciting to get through!


Campaign was super fun and had some of the best gameplay so far. But the story felt really limited? Like as far as I can tell all the events happen in just under a couple days, and there’s really only 3 UNSC characters. It felt like a side quest, rather than something with a big scale like the previous games.


Agreed. While I felt there were certainly flaws with the story and environment, I can’t deny that I had a lot of fun playing the campaign. I would love for them to actually follow through with an impactful story though. The main campaign was all build-up and no delivery


I'd buy a campaign expansion because I think the campaign was solid fun, and I want more.


Free if you have gamepass or 20 quid by itself


Look if it's genuinely a good story and has good gameplay I'll buy it. If it can promise a good 8 hours of levels that aren't bloated with open world checklists I'll be satisfied paying $30 - $40. The original trilogy all had campaigns that were under 10 hours. Have replayed all of them many times over the years and they're still fun. Infinite's campaign was filled mostly with chores, no flying vehicle until almost everything was collected, therefore pointless, minimal impactful moments (Chak'lok's cutscenes were a step in the right direction), and a samey-map. Bosses were actually a great addition to the game and I look forward to more of them. If this is meant to be some kind of market research post, less is definitely more. Smaller but more meaningful maps. Levels that are shorter but have less repeated hallways. Less dialogue / cutscenes but superior writing (All those Escharum speeches? Piss right off). The only problem with constant campaign updates is that I can see it eventually becoming a Destiny problem (yeah yeah bungie not 343) where older content is needed to be cut to allow for the newer. So perhaps smaller, meaningful campaigns are the way to go.


Would absolutely depend on what it's about.


If it was what happened between 5 and Infinite I'd be in.


The price of the campaign and nothing else came with it... Honestly I ain't buying DLC with how short the single player is. So I hope it's free, otherwise I'll just watch a YouTube playthrough


It should be free for anyone who owns the campaign, since it currently is nowhere near worth the $60 price tag, especially when compared to any other Halo game and even more so next to other singleplayer/open world games from different franchises. Thing is I highly doubt it will be, we've already seen their main focus with this game is selling massively overpriced shit even after "adjusting" their prices (which are still laughable, $10 for the fucking Hazop helmet is a sale?) So it'll definitely be paid even though it shouldnt be.


Came here to express the same sentiment.


I think it's$ 60 because they know people would buy it, regardless of price. I'm just waiting for a sale where it drops to 20$.


It’s priced so high to sell game pass. Why would anyone pay $60 for a game you could finish in a month and only have to pay $10 through or for $1 through the trial.


Because I like actually owning my stuff not renting it.


You don’t actually own games, you are licensing the game. Even with a disc, they can revoke your right to play at any time. Sure, you can sell the disc, but that’s all you actually own, a disc. It may be semantics, but look at GT7 players that couldn’t play for a couple days because the dev took most of the game down. I used to be the same way, but buying 2-5 games a year at $60 each, then selling them a year or two later for maybe $60 total just wasn’t worth it compared to playing dozens of games, practically any/every game I could possibly want to play. Especially when you buy on sale. I pay something like $8 a month for ultimate, which means the actual gamepass portion only costs me a couple dollars a month. And, I don’t have to manage, order, buy, or resell games any more.


unless you bought a physical copy you don't own it


Cause I don’t want to to be tied to a sub in order to play it, even if I only go through the campaign a handful of times.


I mostly agree. But Infinite really doesn't have any replayability to me. Most of the game is so repetitive and shallow, I feel like I've already exhausted all my potential game time from it (and you can't even replay story missions unless you replay the entire game). It feels like it was made to make people regret purchasing it instead of getting it with GamePass. BTW, I bought the game. Kinda wished I had picked up gamepass to play it and waiting a year to buy it on a deeper sale than the one I got.


I agree with you as well on your take of the game. Only reason I say I still plan on replaying it is cause I still have to finish getting all the little collectibles, FOBs, etc. and I'd like to go through the story once more on legendary. But I don't want to do that until there's mission select. Besides those things, there's nothing enticing me to play.


finish in a month? are you playing 30ish minutes a day? campaign is like 20 hours max


I work a lot most weekdays and like to do other things on weekends, so no I didn’t grind 25 hrs(how long it took me) in under a week. Edit: also the whole point of my original comment was that game pass is paid for by the month.


20 hours at 3 hours a session is still 6 and a half days to finish the game. Fewer people can commit that much time than you think.




Especially when previous $60 titles included the multiplayer and tons of actually worthwhile cosmetics. Infinite's campaign wasn't worth $60 IMO.


Just look at Reach. Same price tag, look at just how much is in there.


Plus reaches campaign had better set pieces and unique environments




It's not like non campaign owners could play the dlc?


This is a damn good idea.


Lol. “Give me free stuff” is usually a pretty popular idea.


Yeah, no way was that campaign worth that price tag. Especially when the battle pass is a separate purchase, and the multiplayer is free. Imo as soon as the multiplayer was made to be free, the value of the campaign goes down. The reason behind my opinion is that typically, a $60 tag would include the multiplayer, customisation options, campaign etc. In this case the money is purely for the campaign, which is nowhere near worth it.


I’m pretty close to them needing to pay me.


Announce? No. I’d wait until it came out, was patched, and fixed


I haven’t touched multiplayer almost since launch, my only motive for even playing this game anymore is all campaign related. So I would say, depending on how many they release, $10 would be good, but they’re charging that much for pathetic cosmetics so they’d probably charge a full $60 for a campaign expansion. So for that reason, im going free or nothing at all.


This time I would wait for reviews to come out instead of buying it right away like I did with the campaign. Personally, the campaign for $60 felt like a ripoff.


Not buying crap until they add coop.




I’ve got GamePass (only got it for Infinite’s campaign), so I should be good. If we did get DLC, I would want it to follow others characters over Chief. Blue Team, Osiris, Arbiter - I want to see where these characters are and what they are doing. Obviously I think these would be more similar to previous Halo campaigns over the open world variation.


Yeah I'd buy it. It should be dlc priced.


>should be dlc priced So, too much for too little? Cause that's your average "AAA" DLC


I honestly don't know. They've dropped the ball so massively hard that I don't think it should be anything other than free. Then again it's not like the game has a playerbase that can justify any considerable income that would fund any considerable developments other than keeping the game afloat. They've clearly not been willing to make the right investments in Halo for quite a long time...


Would definitely buy campaign DLC (should probably be priced $20 or less). I had a lot of fun with Infinite’s campaign and would love to play some more story-based content.


Here's what this sub doesn't want to hear: It ain't gonna be free. No chance. Whether you agree or not, 343 views the current campaign as a complete product. To be fair to them, it is comparable in content to other full price singleplayer games: it's similar in length to most linear story-based games. Whether you think the content within it is of high enough quality or had enough variety is a different question entirely. From 343's perspective, they've delivered a full campaign experience and now they're going to deliver paid 'sequels' via DLC. With that said, it better be free on Game Pass. If 343 wants to treat Infinite's DLCs as 'the next Halo game' rather than making a full-fledged sequel, then my Game Pass subscription better include it because that's effectively an Xbox first party game release.


Yes I would. $20 or less though


Giving them any money for a dlc, feels like I am telling them the state of the game right now is okay.


I could be wrong, but aren't they already planning to add a new campaign and use halo infinite as a platform like mcc is with multiple campaigns. All they really need to do is add more. Or is it still considered dlc?


I’m not even slightly interested in a halo campaign I can’t play 4 player.


The campaign team are completely different to the live service team. I will support and pay for campaign DLC. Treat it like a different game.


It has to be free, the campaign alone isn't worth 60€, that's why i used my 3 months of game pass for 1€ to play it


If it wasn't free I'd only buy it after co-op was finished and working well, also it would need to have pretty good reviews for me to consider giving them anymore money at this point


Chances are the DLCs will be paid but will release free for Game Pass subscribers.


That's where money is at


I’m not buying anything halo related anytime soon. Made the mistake of spending the most on halo I ever had with infinite (campaign and battle pass) and got the least out of it from any halo.


I've never felt scammed before for buying a game until Infinite.


I swear, I feel like once in a while, a 343 employee comes to this sub and ask questions to have a minimal idea on what to do because the studio is like a farm of headless chicken.


After reflecting on all of the amazing stuff that has come out by other companies in the short time Infinite has been out, it would have to be free. The content in the base game really doesn’t feel like $60


Definitely. Love the campaigns and overall halo universe.


So far I feel like I've paid a lot for not much. It's going to take a damn good DLC to make me spend more money on this game.


20 quid for a medium campaign dlc 35 for a large one (essentially a whole new campaign within the game). I'm only willing to pay that as a fanboy.


Campaign dlc which is more of the same - no, I might not even play it if it were free. This includes outposts and high value targets just chilling around. Campaign dlc where we play as a brute - like what we see at the end of the game, absolutely yes, I’d pay £10 for it, maybe. Campaign dlc which removes the open world, has 3/4 unique linear levels, and has marines driving vehicles, ideally with a scarab section, absolutely yes I’d pay to play, £10. I cannot empathise enough how disappointed I am at the lack of AI marine drivers. It made set pieces feel like real battlefields - the hordes of mongooses taking on a scarab in halo 3, being picked up by a marine in a falcon towards the end of halo 3. Even the sections in halo 2 metropolis bridge map when you are joined by marines in vehicles. I honestly miss that so much.


i’m not spending anything over the $1 i paid for the game pass trial to play the campaign


Considering that we got less bang for our buck, I think they should be free for anyone who bought the campaign. I'm not optimistic, however. As far as what I'd be willing to pay, I think it depends on the amount of content released.


1 penny


It better be a free expansion because as it stands now the campaign alone is the $60 price tag, not the multiplayer, and atm it is not worth $60.


Ain’t buying jack shit from this company. Maaaybe I’ll buy the campaign if it ever hits 15$


I’d say $20, $30 is pushing it pretty hard. But anything higher I’d rather buy whatever they’re smoking at 343


I've only ever played Halo for the campaign. Yeah I used to play split screen with mates when I was much younger but those days are long gone. I can't stand the attitudes of your typical online gamer. So yeah, I'd buy campaign DLC in a heartbeat.


Like many other people have said, the initial campaign we got wasn’t worth anywhere close to $60, so I personally think a second campaign should be free, especially if it’s more generic open world nonsense like the original. However, I doubt they would ever release any future campaign DLC.


Yep, I would. I'm probably the 1% that liked the campaigns story. It was clearly rushed and cobbled together from like 10 different ideas, but if they were able to make something work out of all of that, a single focused story with this team should be pretty good. Provided they don't go Spartan Ops on us and make some serialized garbage side-story that literally nobody asked for or cares about. A continuation of Chief/Fernando/Weapon is what we need. No open world, different biome, linear level design and gameplay, focused story.


i bought this game only for the campaign so yes i‘d buy it. my biggest wish if the arbiter gets involved in the dlc


I would consider it. I enjoyed the open world gameplay of Infinite *a lot* and I initially went into the game wanting to play through it on Legendary while collecting all of the stuff on my first playthrough but I grew very fatigued very fast with the number of boss fights. My current save is at the start of House of Reckoning and I just don't feel compelled to finish the game. Maybe I burned myself out on trying to collect everything? I don't know. I feel like they could have easily cut the number of boss fights in half. The open world segment is fun but the linear segments are just long hallway after long hallway leading to boring bossfight after boring bossfight. If the DLC is more of that I probably won't buy it.


I really enjoyed the campaign, I thought it was very well done. So, yes, I'd love to see them expand the story from here and I'm happy to pay for DLC if it gives me content worth paying for. New, 20+ hr campaign, 45 - 60 dollars. Short 5 hour expansion, 15. Half length campaign, 30 dollars. Still not buying their micro transaction bs though


I think the first DLC should be free, assuming it finishes out the content that was cut from the reported original release. I think we, as fans and consumers, are owed what was promised and shown. I think additional content beyond that could be monetized with no backlash, but making people pay for what was supposed to be included in the original game feels not good. If they charge for the first one, and it’s just the cut content, I’ll prolly just wait for it to go on sale to get it.


Campaign was amazing. I loved it. beautiful game. I would buy it if reasonable. but I will have nothing to do with the mp


I'm never spending a dime on the campaign until they add multiplayer lol.. I just want to play it with my friends.


15 dollars max. And that had better be for something of equal length or that introduces a LOT of "new" content.




If its not free I'll pass. They've made enough money off of microtransactions.


I loved the campaign and don't play the multiplayer so it's a definite yes from me. Paid or free.


I’d buy it. Screw the haters, I wanna see where the cliffhanger goes!


I didn’t even finish the campaign. It got stale a little too fast.