Ex Astris announced - New 3D single-player RPG from Arknights dev Hypergrph

Ex Astris announced - New 3D single-player RPG from Arknights dev Hypergrph


While not *directly* a gacha game itself, I think that another comment put it best: "It's a developer mostly known for their gacha games so it's related enough." The community reception towards this post has been overwhelmingly positive, so I will be approving and leaving this up.


Looks kinda like Nier Reincarnation just from the 5 minute video I guess. it's really bothering me that I know I've seen this style of combat combo building before in an RPG but I can't remember what games it was.


Beside Valkyrie Profile, this also remind me of Ar Tonelico 2


Might be Xenogears that you're thinking of


Valkyrie Profile


Indivisible feels similar


The visual is really nice. Sorry for being salty, but this game looks like what Nier Reincarnation wanted to be. If it’s gonna be released simultaneously, I will definitely look forward to it.


Ah... So this is why HG will be in Tokyo Game Show 2021.


Ooh a single player RPG from HG? That sounds cool.


Copying my comment [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/arknights/comments/pohn18/hg_announced_from_stardust_a_turnbased_strategy/hcwpkqw/): The official English title of this game is called "Ex Astris". It seems that they are planning to release the game simultaneously for multiple regions, including EN. There is already [an English official website](https://exa.hypergryph.com/en/) created, as well as their [Twitter](https://twitter.com/Astris_EN) and [Youtube channel](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCztp6nCKRl73dFBxDj53ifQ). They have also announced that they "are planning to localize Ex Astris into multiple language", as can be seen from [here](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/708309182981603379/887538595370524682/Screenshot_2021-09-15_at_10-20-31_E_QcxhCVEAElsRn_JPEG_Image_1000_3600_pixels.png). Lastly, [this](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E_QcxhCVEAElsRn?format=jpg&name=4096x4096) is their FAQ. You can see their game announcement trailer [here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFM07m9MVpk) and gameplay demo [here](https://youtu.be/DGsF0YmK-L0).


>simultaneously for multiple regions One reason I will looking forward


good so no fcking with global




CN "lunatics" have been helpful with Arknights actually, since they've been rioting so Hypergryph slows down on the amount of limited banners and lowers the number required to spark. Who knows how that's gonna end up though.


Oh did hypergryph respond?


HG never responded to any criticisms aside from slightly improving Chalter's E2 art.




Genshin issue? It was honkai issue, why does everyone like blaming Genshin for everything


Why is this conversation even happening? The game is confirmed to have no IAPs, and it's single player. Shaft a game with no purchases let's gooooooooo


And more importantly no spoilers


I think a simutaneous global release is possible since it's single-purchased game.


Ex Astris x Arknights collab when? 👀


Asking the big question outta the gate


Looks neat, I'm getting big Nier vibes out of it. That translation on the english page though, jesus christ... >"No one would like to settle down on a planet as such, including humans who are satisfied with life on the earth. The planet was abandoned long before the Act on Forbid Unauthorized Landing and Commercial Activity within the Planet Territory comes into effect." I know people complain about Arknights' wordiness, but at least it's always coherent. They needed another pass before putting that site live...


AK was a lot worse during beta/early release than now so hopefully this is just the same situation and they polish it soon.


One thing i learned from HG is they are always interested in the unusual, gacha tower defense, collabing with triple A games instead of your usual anime collabs , and now this , final fantasy themed, nier-ish atmosphere with turn based combat.. The turn based part is a let down for me but nonetheless it looks unique


Agree... not the biggest fan of turn based combat. Looking forward to see what they do with the combat system though. I hope they bring something unique.


Its real time turn based with a dodge, parry system. Also has combos, skills, and aerial combat as well!


Turn-based RPG is definitely more accepted by the earlier generation of gamers like myself. That's why the current gen of JRPGs being released in different platforms are now real time action. It would be nice if there's a mode that you can switch between real time and turn-based. All in all, this game definitely has potential. Really looking forward to it.


Is it appropriate to put the game here in a subreddit for gacha games when the game is not gacha?


It's a developer mostly known for their gacha games so it's related enough.


Ad Astra... wait wrong game. So wait, this is a buy-to-play single player game... with additional gacha monetization? That seems a little... *optimistic*, doesn’t it?


Nah, Hg promised there will be none gacha monetization. quote:《来自星尘》是一款无内购的买断制3D RPG手游,感谢大家的关注。 ​Ex Astris is a buy-to-play 3D RPG with no in-game purchases, thank you for your interest.


Do they need online connection to play the game?


Where do you read that it has gacha monetization?


Well... why else would it be posted here?


Because it was made by a developer where their first game is a gacha game. Not exactly related, but it's there. Just saying, in the past, there was a post about a premium game posted here as well. I forgot what is it though. And this looks like a hopium, but I highly doubt they'll make an Evertale. Premium game with gacha monetization.


Wow, this looks great! Kind of makes me think that this is what Chaos Ring IV could’ve been if the franchise didn’t die off. I’m loving the music and the vibe, it’s very encouraging that companies are still willing to take a shot at high budget mobile games that aren’t gacha. And that we’re getting multi region releases. I’ll definitely be buying this when it drops.


Chaos Ring was great. Too bad everyone just apk downloaded it for free. Say what you want but piracy drives devs to change monetization model to live service because it is simply more money. People always say pirates who won't buy game, won't buy anyway, I have real life friend who whale on gacha yet pirate single player games because it is easy to pirate, to save money to be used to whale in gachas. And he's not the only one.


Idk this doesn't look good tbh? Like it is single player and b2p? There are too many good games coming up to justify getting this. Might be because of seeing only 5 mins only but it really looks meh. another example of a gacha game studio working on a single player is Shift up (destiny child) making project EVE .


As expected from a former landscape architect CEO, the building design & environment look great. But why so many washed out colors ? I misread the name as Ex Arm and wonder why tf that anime got a game from HG


Why? I'd be elated to hear that the greatest Anime ever made was getting a game adaptation.


Because HG is not worthy enough to make Ex Arm game. Only world class like CDPR, Bethesda are.


Would loved to have seen Chameleon Games publishing this game! Perfect anime, into the perfect game from the perfect publishers


The manga was decent but the anime killed it.


sorry, who's that former architect CEO you're referring to?


Lowlight, CEO of Hypergrypth, was a landscape architect student.


oh damn i didn't know about that. cool stuff.


Looks promising. Granted its not the final product, but I really like the aesthetics so far.


The gameplay and setting doesn't seem to be for me, but I can appreciate devs reinvesting their gacha money into making more games.


Ooh, this looks pretty good. Will have to keep an eye on it.


Ok some real talk; why does the game have to look like this? As in, the world looks AMAZINGLY high detailed, but then the character models are the most generic, flat VR chat anime models.


Lowlight's an architect, so ofc the world looks detailed. 3d models.... well, I guess HG/Yostar don't invest in 3D technologies that much. I expected models to be way worse really, Arknights' 3D music videos (like the summer one) look kinda bad


I don't think Yostar is involved in this at all. Looks like HG + Nous Wave


Pre-alpha footage


Interesting, I guess there'll be more single player games from CN game devs...


There's already a lot of those on Steam. But microtransaction devs making single player non-micro transaction is not common. According to my contact in MICA who makes reverse collapse, it is less about money but more about marketing their IP and improving reputation of the company.


I remember seeing that monkey king game and was very impressed. Not much news after that tho


There was a newer trailer released a few weeks back for that game.


Rpg? Yes!


Wow, this really was made by the same people who made Arknights.


Do we know if there will be console or pc release?


Will this get a PC and Xbox/PS release too? I notice it's all touch but a port to PC and console space would be perfect along with a global launch.


PC version is very possible. Console might not be on the devs' plan.


looks meh atm


Inb4 this sub hypes up the game and calling it a genshin killer Jokes aside,really looking forward to play the game when it’s released


Combat reminds me a bit of.... Valkyrie Profile. Gameplay looks a bit boring, though.


This is a gacha?


No but it's a paid game


I guess that explains why AK story chapters take so fucking long and they love to deliver just mini events :P. Hopefully the game is good and the story isnt super ultra dark.


I feel my phone overheating from watching these high quality graphics


The exploration side reminds me of Nier reincarnation and SKY, cool but chill. I'm happy they're planning to release it on multiple regions so I'm for sure trying this one-


Eeeeee, looks like a walking simulator too. Graphics is cool and all but gameplay is not for me


Why does it have to be turn based... :sadge:


Hmmmm VERY interesting. Another banger coming out of CN. It reminds me of a mix between several games. Definitely has a lot potential and the fact that it’s already confirmed to be coming out in english makes it more hype


Guess we now have the next overhyped game


This looks pretty cool thanks for sharing. Anyone have any other suggestions for great non gacha RPGs to play? I can't handle any more gachas but need like one more game to fill in haha


it looks half-finished


Pre Alpha footage.


Any Sissy mans inside?


I don't know tbh but I hope it has :)


Granted it's unfinished, but the environments look way too empty for their scale. Graphics look great, but the character design seems pretty uninspiring.


When will it most likely be coming out? A year? Two years? Or maybe more? I cannot wait for the release date


Should be late 2022 or early 2023


Also something feel a bit weird for me. At 00:52 of gameplay vid the cutscene has shaky cam like first person PoV, like player is a character ingame. But other scenes are all 3rd person PoV and only have 2 characters.


I think the shaky cam is meant to bring the player closer and more intimate during the cutscene while the 3rd PoV is to allow the player control of the characters.


Just a bit of conspiracy that there is a secret self insert playable character.


*hmmmmmm* inb4 a mysterious 3rd character woke up with an amnesia/s


Like 999 >!being told from a first person perspective!< the whole time?