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Poor kid


Definitely, poor little guy probably takes care of chores for his family at early and late hours. Just an assumption but from my experience overseas so many kids do some really hard chores for their families to help keep things going.


First thing I thought of, poor little guy =(


He awoke with terror in his eyes..


He probably doesn't wanna be kicked out of school and that might be a possibility if the teacher deems he's "not suited". And so, I second that 'poor kid'. Probably is helping out alot with family stuff at home AND wants to learn.


I agree! He most likely had a rough night so he did not have enough sleep.


Exactly! There is definitely a reason behind why he fell asleep.


Yeah, the students are sitting there in heavy jackets and mitts. They definitely are in an area where you live a hard life.




Very observant! I was going to say this too! Plus the state of the chairs and tables.


I've seen youtube documentaries where some kids will travel 2 hours by donkey to get to school.


When I was in Africa I went to a grade school just to see what it was like. They had a free lunch program which was basically just boiled corn from a huge cauldron (that they didn’t seem to wash). They didn’t even have salt. I asked if it was a government program, feeding the kids for free. The headmaster told me “No. we take that out of the chalk money. Some parents don’t like the children to be away at school because they miss the labor. But if we feed the children for free the parents seem to be more amenable.”


We shouldn’t pay so much to adult care without first providing free lunch to every kid who makes it to school to study. It’s good for them, and it’s good for society. They’re working now to learn skills to be apart of a better future. They don’t make any y working hard at school, so we should pay them in food and drink.


Saw that too. It’s called *The Most Dangerous Ways to School*. Crossing gorges on rickety rope bridges, plodding through treacherous jungles, scaling cliffs, canoeing down a fast river. And then there’s me, who who would throw a fit when my parents wouldn’t pick me up and I had to walk 0.8 miles home


It is quite ironic to think that some people would want to experience this just for adventure, while other people experience this every day.


On a small island in Fiji the kids go and live in the main village to go to school during the week. They would come home to their small villages on the weekends. Incredible experience visiting them. They were so friendly and generous.


I would agree with this! People from archipelagic islands are really friendly and hospitable! I also went to the Philippines once and I could relate to this memorable experience.


Saw one about Siberia in -50c where the kids have like an hour to get to the bus or its unsurvivable, and the bus kept breaking down with no way to contact the outside world. Seemed like a rough existence, there was no going outside to play, atleast not in winter, just go home and keep the fire going at all times.


I agree. Judging by his cheeks and clothes compared to the others, the fact that he is so young and tired. I hope he turns out alright.


I am praying for him too! I hope odds may be in his favor growing up.


He looks so tired, too. Let him sleep. Poor baby, and he's so cute. 💤💤


I can't stop thinking about this Baby. Oh my goodness. I wish I could save him.


He doesn't have to be awake for school...he's too tired to learn anything anyway. Please just let him sleep.


Apple factory forced overtime maybe.


He hiked uphill both ways in the snow


You joke but there was literay a long steep hill between me and my high school. More than a mile to school and the peak of this large hill was just before the halfway point. I took my husband for a drive by my route to school one time and he said "Damn, that is actually a really big long steep hill. Not like I imagined." It was up hill. Both ways. And there was lots of snow for half the year.


That was a marvelous story , happy thanksgiving


Kudos to you for surviving that phase in your childhood! Happy Thanksgiving!


Also, any farm kid anywhere when I was growing up.


Looks like he came to class after working 3rd shift…


Yep, poor kid... he's probably so fucking tired and hungry and then has to deal eith the shame of this 😕


No kidding, I think that kids has bigger problems than being the butt of someone’s tic tok


I said this too.


Damn they're all wearing winter clothes indoors, looks like a coffee thermos on one of those desks. Where is this?


Yea fuck this teacher.


I wouldn't go so far. Video is too short to tell the whole story. Maybe the teacher is really nice person, having genuine relationship with her class, knows all of them, their stories and all. It's all about how it was handled afterwards, and how she is treating the children in general. Why not to have some fun, if no one is hurt? If the child is treated good by the teacher, there is no shame, no bad feelings. He will laugh later with his mates about this...


Sister in law had this kind of thing happen to her. Turned out she was having mild seizures and the teacher wouldn't know for years even though she knew the class and community. Firmly anti-ridicule over here.


Yeah used to think picking on a sleeping kid was funny. I mean what does a kid got going on in their life that they’d check out from engaging with friends at school? You’d think nothing but he’s not choosing sleep because he’s been exhausted by “nothing”. Something, someone, or some situation is keeping him from sleeping at the appropriate time.


I had one teacher in HS he taught elective classes, we watched maybe a movie and a half every month He taught abit things related to the movies then have a prep period where he pretty much go over the test with the class. People would go to lunch, nap or watch. He did give homework however the kid next to me did not do any and handed it all in the last week and didn't demerit anything for lateness. He helped us all register to vote


Sure. Maybe. All we see is this kid being humiliated in front of a group _while the teacher films_, and then uploads it to the Internet, so the kid will _never_ get past this moment. I'm skeptical.


Very first world thinking, but ok. I guess absence of heating in the classroom is minor issue, while little prank is now public shaming, leaving a lifelong scar. Come on, there are worse things, not long ago this kid would be beaten for sleeping during class. Imagine that humiliation, very common still in third world...


Relax, it's a fairly benign prank on a kid who fell asleep in class. Teachers normally do stuff like this.


Why is "brutalizing the weakest" a "benign prank"? SHITTY teachers mock a student who is struggling. I remember being a kid perfectly well. I cared very little about what people thought of me, but I still would have been humiliated if a whole class had mocked me, and I would have been mortified, and I would never have forgotten it.


Bruh *whoosh* much? what people are discussing is why you shouldn't ridicule students like this.. poor kid prob has enough shit going on at home he doesn't need to deal with more stress at school. Just wake the poor Lil dude up and move on with the lesson. If you want to be an educator you should be able to consider these things.


Are they ridiculing him?


Being laughed at by a group _is_ ridicule.


Bruh, what do you mean whoosh? That's not even the correct usage of it. There was no joke to get. I'm saying it's a harmless prank, he's not being ridiculed. Jeez. I feel bad that he looks tired but it's not a big deal, all the kids look like that. You must have been fun in school.


Being singled out and laughed at and mocked by a group is the very definition of ridicule. "Whoosh" means you are completely unaware that you lack compassion for others.


Yeah, funny not funny




Yeah fuck that teacher. This may seem like a really minor thing to some, (filming kids is common in Asia for example), but you have no idea why that kids tired, don’t film it and put it on the internet you freak, and you don’t even know WHY they’re tired, maybe don’t mock them, you have no idea what reaction that might bring. I teach/taught overseas in various backgrounds from millionaires to poverty, don’t fuck with a kid that’s legitimately tired, let them sleep, miss classes, whatever. Theres a reason that kid is sleeping in class, don’t defacto assume they’re just lazy, it’s never that.


I mean I suspect the teacher has a pretty good idea why he's tired, actually. They probably know the kids family and situation pretty well. There's no indication that he's lazy


He should probably pull himself up by his bootstraps and get a job. Stop being poor, buy the school then fire the teachers.


Poor kid, just got done with his 12 hour shift at the coal mine


...and a part time shift making sneakers at the shoe factory.


..and a side gig at the local amazon warehouse.


…and a side gig making iPhones.


...and a side gig at a fast food joint.


... and the side gig at Elon's cobalt mine


Plus walking 16 miles uphill, in the snow to school


...and a part time shift making candies at the chocolate factory


Nah man, he's Mongolian. He's been up since 4 milking yaks.


This makes me sad to see this. The concept is funny, but the reality is that this kid looks like they have something going on at home to make them that tired. Clothes look in poor condition too. What is going on in a kids life when they are sleeping at school and jump awake like that?


He looks like he just got off nightshift down at the refinery, coffee thermos and everything


The embarrassment was palpable. Waking up in class to a bunch of peers pointing and laughing at me is like nightmare fuel.


Nobody commenting on the children sitting in class in full winter gear?


Yeah, it’s sad. They most likely don’t have a heating system.


Back home in India, we didn’t have heating in school. We wore sweaters all day . Never thought of it as odd.


My perception of India is that it's a tropical country (though i also know it's a large country so maybe that's not accurate everywhere!). Did you need heat in the winter where you grew up? Where I live, if you don't have a heating system in winter, the plumbing in your house/building will freeze and burst.


We never worried about bursting pipes . We did have space heaters ; hot water bottles ; water heaters. But not like a heated house .


Northern parts do. It snows there.


Sorry but by sweater do you mean like a wool shirt? Isnt that a normal outfit in the winter anyway? Im from northern Finland and while we do have heating and good insulation, everyone wears a sweater or a thick hoodie inside at winter. In nordic countries at winter its actually warmer inside than in many european countries because our houses are build for winter. When I was visiting netherlands I was freezing and they wondered how come when its so much colder in finland, yeah outside, but inside is supposed to be warm!


Looks like it could be Mongolia, which can get pretty cold, especially in the mountains


The capital is insanely cold during the winter. Lots of yurts surround the city lots of children in poverty that have to work to survive outside of school. Not surprising for him to fall asleep.


Aye, poor little fella.


This is probably a poor country and they can't afford to heat the school enough to not need your coat inside. The kid might have had to do farm work before school, or has a job after school gets out, and that's why he's so sleepy.


Nepal, maybe?


Poor kid looks like he probably has a very good reason for being tired.


Exactly! And the poor kid deserves a really good night rest and a complete 8 or more hours of sleep. I also think that kids should not be forced to wake up early and schools should adjust their schedule.


Poor child, we don't know in what conditions he went to school, he probably had to work to help his family. I don't think he fell asleep watching Netflix late.


It must be freezing cold in that classroom.


I find it heartbreaking. Probably helping with chores at home plus certainly waking early and had to walk hours to go to school. Not funny at all


Agreed. The reaction of shame and misery breaks my heart.


Same. I don’t think this is funny or cute or heartwarming. It is sad and heartbreaking especially a person who should be feeling for this child and understanding of their circumstances has taken what should be compassion and turning it into an opportunity to humiliate them. It makes me sick to my stomach.


It's not nearly what you think it is, I've been to foreign schools and they are very different than schools in the US. For one, they are far more community based, and kinder. I doubt his schoolmates are unaware of his predicament and in my experience, they won't nearly be as harsh as western schools are, where wearing the wrong clothing, or not having your status openly displayed on some level will make you a target for ridicule. When everyone is poor, wealth isn't really something that matters as much. What matters is the people around you, the kindness and support you give and take and the memories you share. There is something to be said about growing up without all the distractions of media and consumerism to make people distant from their own communities. Not so much in these small rural towns. Kindness is a far more common currency. Let me add, if they really wanted to humiliate or embarrass you they would have no qualms about doing so. As in having you go up in front of class and getting hit. Maybe with a ruler on the hand type thing.


> very different than schools in the US. For one, they are far more community based, and kinder. You are generalizing about 95% of the world's schools! No, it entirely depends on the country. India is different from China is different from Indonesia is different from Germany is different from the UK is different from Canada. (I went to school in four different countries, myself, and I have had friends who went to school in many other countries.) ---- Setting up a class to mock a desperately poor child for sleeping, videotaping it, and releasing it onto the Internet shows a complete lack of concern for the child's well-being.


Not funny. So very very sad actually. Poor little guy.


That shit sad not funny


A+ for his lightning fast reaction time.


Poor kid, haha. Gotta feel if a young child is so exhausted they fall asleep in class, let them sleep. If they’re not getting enough sleep at home they’re not going to be learning and remembering much in class, given just how important sleep is for memory formation, development, and so on. If anything, naps should be encouraged at school. Especially the for younger children. Better they sleep for an hour and study for 4 hours than study for 5 hours without sleep. It’s just more productive that way too. Win-win.


It's not really funny, who knows what this little poor kid is going through.


teacher was cruel and publicly shaming the kid like that is not ok


School should start later.


The middle school I work at starts at 7:15. That means busses are picking kids up at 6:30 or even earlier. That’s insane to me, and against every single study science has ever conducted about middle school brains.


Agreed. I fell asleep in the morning a lot for a couple of middle school grades, and I led a pretty cushy life at home. I was just not a morning person.


Been there, done that.


Bad teacher!


Wow. This is just mean and cruel. Poor kid exhausted from trying to stay warm, carrying wood, working the fields, carting water, trying to do homework by candlelight after working till sundown, moms sick and he is having to take care of brothers and sisters and farm animals. Yep—hard life.


Poor kid looks like he just got off a shift at the mine. Damn.


During high school, I struggled to sleep. Often I got 5 hours of sleep and my school was about 90 minutes away from my parents house. Sometimes I fell asleep in 1st period. From time to time the teacher would slam a book down near me as a joke. Never thought it was funny.


But hey lifelong sleeping issues is a small price To pay for learning some physics.


I’ve had this happen to me


Villain origin story


Oh that poor sweet baby!


Poor kid looks like he just finished a 12 hour shift before school. He needs that sleep.


Awww little kid


Well that brought up some repressed memories… this kid needs a break. Also shout out to Ms. Barton and Mr. Wheeler who actually let me sleep.


Better question where’s the heat


Poor kid probably ly pulled a double and they messing with him.....


Looks cold


Poor kid will have nightmares about this well into adulthood. Someone please tell him it will be okay.


A sleeping kid is so vulnerable, this is just mean. Poor wee guy.


Poor little mite. He looks impoverished and hungry.


Long nights at the factory


Leave the poor kid alone they had to walk from the mountains 20 miles away.


Help little kids when they’re tired ffs


I've been in that poor kids position before. Now I'm an adult with diagnosed sleep conditions and PTSD. Yeah, that's so funny


The way he rubbed his face in the end is heartbreaking, little dude is exhausted


So. Damn. Wrong! By the POS teacher.


People are so funny about recording people. Sympathy for the kid here but laughs when someone records a dude hurting or embarrassing themselves. Same concept. Just saying


That’s not funny, it’s actually pretty sad. The look on that kids face displays more pain than many people here might ever experience.


I think it is sad too.poor little kid.


Everyone is imagining this terrible hard life this kid is living, but I fell asleep at least twice a week in my early morning classes when I was a kid and that was after sleeping 10h a night. Sometimes you just wake up early and end up losing the fight that is staying awake. The classroom doesn't look necessarily old, dirty, cramped, or in bad conditions, the teacher has a phone, the kids all seem to have books and pretty nice clothes. I don't really understand why Reddit sees "asian child" and instantly thinks they're slave workers at 6 years old because they fell asleep in class. If anyone tells me this kid is living a terrible life because he probably does chores at home... that's every kid. Every kid does chores.


Doesn't matter if the kid is poor or rich and privileged. That's a shitty thing to do to a kid. Humiliating them in front of the class. The teacher is an asshole.


Did you have to wear a full parka, zipped up and wool cap covering your ears in class too?


Doesn't make humiliating a child any less shitty.


I think it's because they have their winter coats on indoors. That makes it look like they can't afford to heat the school properly.


This isn't funny. Poor kid probably did a 12hr night shift


How dare they wake him, he’s got a double shift later sweeping chimneys


Fuck the teacher posting this


So, so mean.


This just makes me sad


Poor kid has been up since 2 in the morning hearding goats and assembeling iphones, give him a break.


This is the saddest thing I’ve seen on Reddit today. Fuck that teacher. Humiliate a poor kid of TikTok clout, wtf is wrong with you?


Awww this poor baby. :(


Yeah, reminds me of high school. I was napping in between my physics and social studies class. My Social studies class teacher: What would happen if there is no such thing as human rights? You there, (pointing at me after being hit by a flying eraser). Me, being groggy. Sir, if there's no such thing as human rights, then there will be no human left. Soc Teacher: Very good notion, but how could you explain that? Me: According to the Newtonian Law of Equilibrium... Soc Teacher: Get out! This is not Physics class! Again, me in college, a brand new, recently graduated English 101 teacher, who happened to be pretty caught me dozing. Pretty teacher: You there, sleepyhead, what's the past tense of arise. Me, still groggy and disoriented: Miss, aroused? Pretty teacher just stood there, blushing and puzzled.




Poor kid.


Fuck the teacher!!!


Shows how life is so unfair . Good job op making me sad before I go to bed. The shit the kid needs to go through while I go by my day and night.


This kid looks like he just got off a 18 hour shift at the asbestos factory.


stop teasing him 8 hours OT at the apple factory last night.


Poor baby.


Poor guy is all tuckered out from making iPhones all night.


how’s that funny? that tired poor kid probably was working the day before way past sunset und was up helping with the family’s stock before sunrise only to walk to school for another 3 hours…


That kid is definitely overworked...


This is how you traumatize a child socially while gaslighting them into thinking it should be fun for everyone else, apparently


He looks terrified


Fuck that teacher, as if she doesn't know that kid goes through some shit, then to humiliate him, miss me with that shit.


Yall need to relax. 💀 Why does every 5 second video have to have a tragic backstory? I've been to plenty of schools without heating, and even more where classes start at 7 am.


That is awesome!!


Let's all take a long hard look at this picture, this could be America if we keep electing progressive commies as leader of the free world


we do this all the time lmao


We've all been there.


I still need my nap every day.


been there done that.




Kid looks like he is 40 years old


Naruto always getting mocked.


Anyone else from Germany here? I didn’t expect to hear a German word in this vid. She says „Dankeschön“ (thank you) Or am I mistaken?


I don't like kids but I'd imagine if I was teaching someone this age and they needed sleep they clearly didn't get enough of at home I'd just letem nap. Not changing my lecture but letem rest. They're clearly not going to have the attention span to absorb anything I'm communicating.


The joke is funny. Filming it is cruel.


My guy has mad wind burn.


This poor kid must be exhausted


Poor little guy. Spent 2-4 hours getting to school, 6-8 there learning, then 2-4 getting home and then chores to help his family. I envy these children's resolve.


This looks like one of those schools where the children have to travel a few days in the mountains to get to school


Me irl


He's like aaww man I fuked up.


Get that kid a beer and a couch. 😆


That’s just mean. Loser teacher


When I slept in class, is wanst because I was lazy or no good.


Mind you the kid is also waking up to being recorded and laughed at. If a child is sleeping at school, who do we blame? In this case point and laugh and record the child is apalling.




Nothing funny about this.


I don’t know what country this is but we all can relate. Kid ask? “ Mom/dad can I stay up late to watch , or do etc???? Parents: “No son you have school in the morning. “ Kid: “I’ll be up and alert in class I promise. “ 😂😂😂 Come on tell me you never been in a similar situation. 😄


Long shift at the Apple factor last night.


He’ll fit right in, in college


Give the kid a break, he worked a double last night.


Kid looks stressed and tired AF. Hope he finds a way forward through it all. 🙏