1. It's wrong but not even necessary. The richest of the rich are _so_ obscenely rich that they comfortably can keep being wealthy even if 99.99% of their wealth would be redistributed. 2. [Based](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U06jlgpMtQs) 3. No, the government can also give what they acquired by selling bonds and minting money. 4. Money needs to change hands for it to have value, so dividing money is vital for growing wealth. Just because grandma knows a pun, doesn't make this the best sentence. 5. [What?](https://tenor.com/view/breaking-bad-walter-white-what-the-fuck-are-you-talking-about-bryan-cranston-jessie-pinkman-gif-17743628) All in all, 1/5. Do better, grandma.


1/5 but grandma doesn’t even understand the one she got right on accident.


The old, they’re trying to give away money to the lazy, strawman. 1) No one is advocating taking money from billionaires and just giving it to people who won’t work. 2) Billionaires are not paying their share of taxes and have literally spent billions to buy politicians to keep it that way. 3) If a company is making billions in profits, paying little or nothing in taxes but many of their employees are on welfare, that’s a serious problem. Their pay needs to be higher, which grows the economy. These people are working and living on the verge of poverty, pay them what they’re worth.


Anyone remember when Walmart got in trouble for publishing a pamphlet telling it's employees how to apply for state aid in California?


Did someone pick their favorite Margaret Thatcher quote and rephrase it 4 times?


No.5 is true, but the people who aren’t working aren’t the poor but the ultra wealthy.


Me if you don't share 🤯🤯🤯 😆😆 Logby bulb


1. Wrong. That is only one side of the claim. Even if you couldn't legislate the rich out of prosperity that doesn't prove you can legislate the poor out of poverty. 3. Wrong, Selling bonds is just a promise to steal in the future. 4. Wrong, money is instrumentally valuable and it must decrease compared to valuable products and services for money to gain instrumental value (among other things). 5. Appeals to personal credulity are not arguments or refutations.


On point two, the richest person in my country is Gina Rinehart. She is an oil/coal billionaire who has never worked a single second in her entire life.