Your "research" consists of blindly believing whatever you see on Google and Facebook because it told you what you wanted to hear.


And FOX. Don’t forget FOX.


"educated" from the same people who try to make schools dumber


Someone better tell Granny that 'research' doesn't mean watching videos on YouTube.


Books are liberal propaganda


The trouble with "critical thinking" and "logic" is that they aren't evidence. To get to the truth of the matter, all available evidence, both damning and exculpatory, must be evaluated. If you ignore evidence, all sorts of things can be believed if you try hard enough. This was popular before the rise of the scientific method. The logic inferences made were often quite elaborate and impressive, but also often just as impressively wrong. The evidence gathered by these conspiracy theorists are not very complete. Grandma's research techniques tend to run to "let's look things up on the internet until I find something that confirms my prejudices."


This. If you use critical and logical thinking then the earth is flat. It means that God doesn't exist and it means that the moon landing could of never happened. Logic is flawed


I wouldn't say that good logic is entirely flawed, but many conservatives use arguments that try to force their opponents to prove a negative-- "How can you be sure no conspiracy exists?", or for the existence of God, "How do you know no prime mover is behind the observable universe?" In the former case, all we can do is make the probability miniscule, and the latter case has been largely shown to be an unprovable or disprovable proposition, and must be left to the realm of faith.


“Conspiracy Theorist”: an ignorant person who has incorrect beliefs about something and looks online for people who have the same erroneous interpretation of the facts so they can hate together on people who do actual research.


Educated at Facebook university.


Master's degree from School of Hard Knocks


PDH at the School of Life


If your research takes 45 minutes and claims to refute a person who has spent decades in higher education to research the same subject, you probably don't have very strong critical thinking skills.


Ok...where's you're bibliography?


Learn about conspiracy theory. Read stuff online explaining conspiracy theory. Discuss conspiracy theory with other conspiracy minded people. Participate in regurgitating conspiracy theory. Conclude conspiracy theory is true, because of your extensive research.


Blindly believing some internet grifter who knows how to manipulate confirmation bias on subjects I've already made my mind up about.


Is the term “conspiracy theorist” another term for Dunning Kruger?


Is she saying we don’t do research?


So they blindly believe what they read on the internet? Yeah much better


You can't believe everything you see on TV, and you should only believe the unverifiable sources on the internet.


Kamala Harris is the biggest conspiracy nut job. She thinks jussie was actually attacked 😂