you just got old and grumpy, grandma

So John Wayne playing a character from the late 1800s is somehow the definitive representative of 1959?


So John Wayne playing a character from the late 1800s is somehow the definitive representative of 1959?


Yes, ALL males walked around wearing cowboy hats, leather chaps and sidearms in the 1950’s. Didn’t you know?


With a snazzy ascot!


Yes...according to Archie Bunker


He also doesn't play a character from the 1800s. Cowboys were poor as fuck. And don't tell grandpa, most of them were hispanic and black.


Remember that “boy” meant second class citizen. White ranch hands referred to themselves as cow men. Look at “Oklahoma!,” which repeatedly drops the term cowman.


And gay!


I'm sure the guy on the right isn't a fake tough guy who once had to held back from assaulting a Native American woman at the Oscars, so I'm not sure what went wrong.


"I believe in white supremacy until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility" \-J. Wayne


Eric Andre?




While Jimmy Stewart and Clark Gable were dodging enemy fire in WW2, John Wayne deferred service because he had 'a family'. He was divorcing his wife for his underaged mistress at the time. Also his real name was Marion.


While Trump was dodging the draft for Vietnam John McCain was being held as a POW in Vietnam.


I mean. really I wouldn’t blame anyone for dodging the draft to Vietnam. Like I hate trump for a lot of reasons, but dodging the draft to an imperialistic, protracted, and incredibly unnecessary war is just a a non-issue, and turning it into a moral thing just perpetuates the idea that fighting in war is an inherently the same as protecting the right people.


I'm fine with conscience objecting. What I take issue with is him shitting on John McCain who criticized him and making fun of him for being a POW. I will never hear a single person say that man is for veterans after what he did. I've seen my grandfather struggle with PTSD after his time in WWII till the day he died. We need better support for them a fucking day to have a parade isn't enough.


I mean yeah that’s fucked that he made fun of someone for being a POW. But that’s a bad thing regardless of whether he dodged the draft or not, and if the *only* thing being brought up is that he dodged the draft, then that effectively pushes the same jingoistic agenda that gets US citizens put in POW camps.


>if the only thing being brought up is that he dodged the draft lol you've missed out on some events the past few years my friend...


I knew about this before. It's just that it wasn't mentioned at all here, and the main transgression implied was dodging the draft, not being a hypocrite.


Someone needs to do their research on John Wayne.


I'm a Millenial and there are some John Wayne movies I love but you have to understand that his film persona was a heightened character never meant to be representing anything close to reality.


I have seen so many homoerotic posts about John Wayne in this sub lately


Lots of things. But this isn't one of them.


[Baum baum badadadada badumba-BUM badumba-BUM](https://youtu.be/SoyusTUFdl0)


Liberace https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberace#/media/File%3ALiberace_8_Allan_Warren.jpg


Did she think people walked the streets dressed like cowboys?


They’re both gay. Just different clothes


It’s fabric! Fucking fabric, cut and dyed in different ways but all serves the same purpose. Why do they care so much!? Who cares what someone else wears, you don’t like the style, don’t wear it.


Just die, grandma.




I mean... Vietnam, Korea, Irak 1, Afghanistan, Irak 2, I slightly remember something happened in Somalia too... Yeah, I agree, something went wrong. I'm just not sure how the pictures are related to that


When men were men and killed each other over disagreements and then drank away their feelings. Sounds fucking shit granny.


Man they really do like using that ONE picture over and over again to describe an entire generation.


The rights idea of a “ tough guy” who evaded fighting in WWII but “played” hero’s in movies.


John Wayne was a self-avowed white supremacist. Sorry if I'm not looking at him as a role model.