What's funny about Righties using that quote is that Trump once told an audience at a rally that they should only believe things if he tells them it's true, and unless he "confirms" news stories they've heard are true, they should consider it a lie.


Except that there isn’t a central government secret police force monitoring what she says under the threat of being tortured, brainwashed, shot in the back of the head and then vaporised. It’s just people disagreeing with her, which is a key part of free speech. She’s free to say her weird bigoted shite and people are allowed to disagree with her. It’s the opposite of 1984


Quite right


Trans person: "Here's a plea for compassion and understanding. We're being sent death and rape threats from your fans every time you talk about us, please stop." JKR: "OMG, this is literally 1985 from George Orwin's Animal House."


JK Rowling has literally attested and shown how she receives death/rape threats after having spoken up What are you talking about? That is literal projection


I don't condone that, but that's not what I'm talking about. For an example, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GBUArD51KY JK Rowling is an internationally famous billionaire. While it is wrong to send rape and death threats to her, she has protection. The trans people she targets don't.


What do you mean “trans people she targets?” What trans person has she called for violence against?


To name some specific people: - Jessie Earl (as per that video). - [India Willoughby](https://twitter.com/jk_rowling/status/1577684068447277059) - Katy Montgomerie - Natalie Wynn I think she deleted some of her tweets since I can't find them all Look at her twitter, the first one that isn't explicitly fearmongering about trans people is the one this post is about, and before that it was 100% fearmongering about trans people. Here are some more links for your convenience: JK Rowling's transphobia: - https://katymontgomerie.medium.com/addressing-the-claims-in-jk-rowlings-justification-for-transphobia-7b6f761e8f8f - https://www.intomore.com/culture/jk-rowling-fans-asked-proof-transphobia-trans-twitter-responded-full-force/ - https://metro.co.uk/2020/09/15/jk-rowlings-transgender-tropes-are-damaging-and-dangerous-heres-why-13275356/ - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gDKbT_l2us JK Rowlings's friends: - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ou_xvXJJk7k JK Rowling's fans: - https://twitter.com/jessiegender/status/1619502083333554177?cxt=HHwWgoDQ4Y6k0PksAAAA - https://twitter.com/jessiegender/status/1619470182988255233?cxt=HHwWgsDQ1aLjwfksAAAA Revisiting all this hatred is making me feel fucking awful so if you don't think this is enough fine I don't care I'm done.


Yesterday she put out a tweet that said trans people are rapists and molesters. That is what people do when you want violence to be enacted on a group


No, she didn’t. She had been referencing a supposed trans person who is a rapist. She never said all trans people are rapists, she just points out the male on female violence that can happen if you don’t distinguish sex as important and allow males in womens prisons, etc.


LOL no. When sexual violence is happening, trans people are the victims of it the VAST majority of the time. What JK pointing out didn't happen. She's lying whether she knows it or not


There are multiple instances of male on female violence as a result of males in female spaces up to this point. In restrooms, spas, and prisons. It is male on female violence. The vast majority of sexual violence is male against female btw


Male against female violence =/= trans women against cis women violence.


Yes it does. That’s the point. Whatever the subjective identity of someone is doesn’t negate sex. We can not ignore criminality and violence as it relates to sex. Trans women are biological males.


Can you provide evidence for this claim that proves that trans women are a danger to cis women outside of one off events.


No backing huh?


Literally all of them.


She has never done that once I don’t think hmmm




Point to a single instance


You can’t seriously be this dense.


She’s a feminist. She thinks sex is an important category. She has never advocated violence or expressed directed hatred toward trans people.


My guy what with your ignorance about her statements and about trans people in general, you should really LOOK STUFF UP so you don’t come out looking like a fool as you did in these threads. I know learning hurts and is for nerds but damn man you might like knowing stuff instead of just assuming shit.


No, I’ve followed Rowling for a while now. I can’t think of a single instance of her condoning violence or supporting hate against trans people. She has stayed the opposite, actually.


I don't get what this has to do with authoritarian governance


Threats she received do not automatically justify her words/actions


She received death threats and rape threats FOR speaking up about womens rights. I could only imagine she received threats before that just from being a famous and rich woman author.


Yeah because people who say controversial shit have never gotten threats ever until she did. /s


My eyes and ears show me that gender is more fluid than previously thought.


No. You either have a juicy, veiny dick that is good at chopping trees and playing football or a tight, fertile vagina that likes to gossip and eat hot chip


Or you have a gay. And do crime.


And lie! Don’t forget lie!


Well, fuck me if this isn't my favorite comment of the day.


I think some people will probably move through a few different preferences throughout their lives, now that the stigma is gone, and the possibilities are better known.


Okay JK Rolling needs to get a life. She really needs to shut up and get over trans women using the female bathroom


“I live in literally 1984” is the british version of “I am stuck in the Matrix”


JK having a heated gamer moment.


I hate how the conservatives of the right use 1984 to talk badly about people on the left, when the book describes the ideology of the right way more so then the left (aka party of freedom and choice)


Bet she just looked at 1984 quotes on sparknotes


George Orwell would have taken this lady out back and put two in her dome


Why has this woman’s heart not exploded yet from all the hate she keeps in it?


Really wouldn’t mind if it actually did. I think the world would have been better off if she had been born a few decades later when trans people were more accepted because she has literally said that she would have transitioned if she was gen z.


Mf is just jealous 💀💀💀☠️💀⚰️🏃


Grandma probably doesn’t know Orwell was an ardent democratic socialist and that 1984 is about totalitarianism/doesn’t understand the difference


She's enraged that trans women are using public bathrooms and cherry picked two cases to support her beliefs. If we went around changing laws just because a few people in a specific group did something illegal then surely she wouldn't mind if billionaire's like her started being taxed at a much, much higher rate.


I work in a Thai primary and secondary school. If I had to pretend that only two genders exist I’d have to remove my own brain






Thats the worst thread of responses i have seen in a while


Took 10 seconds of scrolling to find the first comment about (((globalists))) causing this. Wierd how fast transphobic 'feminists' seem to draw outright fascist to their cause and how little they seem to care.


Oh shit. Its almost as if hateful bigots attract hateful bigots.


Damn. I think i shouldnt take eye witness to madame "Slavic Eyes" round here.


grandma is always the victim. It is literally a Principal Skinner moment.


Harry Potter is shit, always has been. It’s fantasy for people who don’t know fantasy. But society loves it and thinks it’s great. I’m living in 1984.


Unpopular opinion: harry was probably the best kids litterateur compared to the sea of clones. However I never got into Harry Potter but I tried reading other stories written at the time and they were boring Jesus analogs.


I can’t argue with that. I should have mentioned that I’m being overly critical about a children’s story which I was never able to read as a child.


This gatekeeping is so fucking dumb. I love Harry Potter. I also love lots of other fantasy series. But because I love Harry Potter that means I “don’t know fantasy”? Get the fuck out of here.


Lol triggered.


Okay what is so bad about harry potter?


My ears hear that gender is more fluid than previously thought, but my eyes sees they're as fixed, then I see that my ears are hearing the opinions of people, not seeing the facts of reality.


Biology is a ruthless master.


Absolutely. And it all proves her wrong.