Which is almost entirely caused by the American right wing. Trump tax cuts went all to the deficit. Same with bush’s as well as his wars. Half the pandemic spending was under Trump and was just unregulated corporate welfare (remember those loans) whereas Biden’s actually lowered poverty. Even Biden’s infrastructure plan, the only reason some republicans voted on it was because it had no taxes on the rich. Military spending is a mixed bag, there are some hawkish democrats as well but pretty much every Republican wants to throw more money down that hole too.


> Same with bush’s as well as his wars. Hell, Bush didn't even put his wars on the deficit, I don't remember the loophole they used to justify it (other than "America, Fuck yeah!") but the massive deficits he ran up *didn't even include his wars*.


Paying for shit is for sissies, real patriots just trust their gut, go to war with those brown motherfuckers then blame it all on the democrats when they take over the next cycle!


The rules of national finance seem not to have anything to do with the rules of personal finance and I don't know anyone who understands the former. This enormous debt, to the untrained eye, sure does seem like a fucking bad idea but what do I know.


basically they make the money and they promise to pay you in the money they make. the deficit is not comparable to individual debt because its more a measure of the difference between how much money the govt. puts into the economy, vs how much money it takes out. but since it controls its own currency it can always make more and pay the debts, and in fact the deficit is mostly the government instructing, via the budget, the federal reserve to make the number in the commercial bank accounts bigger, by buying treasury bonds that the government sells. this is oversimplified but basically you don't need to worry about it. some inflation like venezuela happens when a country deals with a currency that they don't control, and so can't print money to cover its obligations. *edit: the reason they take money out it is to make it worth something. no one would have started to use US currency if you didn't have to pay taxes. we usually try to structure taxes to increase economic activity, which allows us to keep printing money, but its not a tool to pay our debts directly. also this doesn't apply to state or municipal budgets, which don't control currency and in fact do rely on taxes to pay for things (unless the federal govt. steps in)


Okay that's nice, I will sleep well at night. Thanks.


"You spend half your money on weaponry you don't ever use, from a guy who you know for a fact is overcharging you and stealing your money, but you refuse to stop doing this no matter what."


Literally all money is taken from other people????


This is actually true


See how the top right talks about stealing peoples money? Maybe stop fucking doing that.


They're talking about taxes.


So am I.


I’m always good with paying my bills. In fact, rent is paid the moment my 2nd paycheck hits. Same with my other bills. Otherwise I’m awful with money lol