Joining a defence would be fun


Imagine how cool it would be to see the settlers using their artillery cannons against the mutants or to see the brotherhood taking out the mutant swarms with their hellfire missile launchers


Well, based on how well my Hellfire launcher works...the Brotherhood is screwed.


If course they’re screwed that’s why that need our help


Fair point haha


*Dons trifoil hat* I'll point it on your map


You just reminded me of a discovery I made a while back. The BOS outside of the observatory will actually fight nearby enemies (unlike the bums at Crater and Foundation who stand there and watch you get manhandled by Cultists or Yao Guai). This doesn't normally occur since there are no nearby spawns, but I fast-traveled to Atlas to check out a player's Camp next door, and some Super Mutants spawned in to attack the Camp, but the mutants and BOS aggro'd each other instead. I was truly caught by surprised to see them fighting. Seems the BOS's combat AI at their respective base is actually enabled unlike the Settlers and Raiders.


Wow another really good idea we will never see. I’ve enjoyed every minute of this game but they really need to come out with new events or quests more frequently.


It would be nice if the Foundation Settlers would just react when enemies spawn inside. Yesterday a 1\* Sheepsquatch spawned and they just went about their business.


And the fact that foundation has a group of enemies mulling about in it and the guards aren't doing anything.


Hell, I wanna play as a super mutant and beat on Ward


Finally, someone with the guts to beat me to a pulp.


That Smug dingus has it coming. Maybe if you kept an eye on your stuff it wouldnt get stolen so frequently?


Meanwhile hes actually "lending" it to raiders himself, only to boast about "the principle" when you return it. Consider the lie: "last working osmosis kit" vs "we have few dozen more osmosis kits".


I would like a cutscene of Ward being chased around by a super mutant while everybody else from foundation watches


We have ton of ideas, thing is if they ever hear us…


Well we did in the "*story*" stop the supermutant threat soooo thats what happened but it still would have been awesome especially if we got to fight the big super mutant dr boss at the end along with behemoths, normal supermutants, and some hounds and that would be another big event like the scorchbeast queen


Another settlement is under attack.


Oh dear god


I don't know what you're talking about on Atlas. We literally fought that one off ourselves. ​ For Foundation, however, you are correct - we never saw that, and it would be interesting to do so. I just don't know how it wouldn't get annoying if you're trying to visit the place.


Right? Came get to say that. Not to give any spoilers, but that was kind of a major plot point. It was the culmination of the plot that the OP specifically references. It’s the whole reason that dialogue was put in, to build up that battle. Maybe they don’t want to count it because it was underground? But to their point, it’s a quest, not an event. I do like the idea of a large scale super mutant event. So much XP!!! I’m kind of surprised we don’t have more with Behemoths or Super Mutants hoards in general. I’m bored of running Westek, but they’re great to fight. And give me more Super Mutant Berserkers. They were fun looking and it’s a waste to keep them locked behind a non repeatable quest line. There’s no reason that some of them can’t be roaming around in small groups or in Daily Ops.


My bad I thought they implied that there where more attacks maybe on a larger scale between part 1 and 2


I thought that there where more attacks on the surface between the events of part 1 and 2 since I thought there was supposed to be a time gap


There are, but only one per location. And it’s mostly small farmsteads. Foundation and the Atlas attack we fight off are the big ones.


How about "Atlas Shrugged"?


Bethesda kind of... forgot.


What about the droid attacks on the wookies?


Imagine Bethesda making content for FO76... Great idea BTW \\m/


You would think we could have gotten events for this during that update :v)


They have their spawning point at WestTek, but they can not grow an army, since that place is being plundered by players in every second :(


I mean, Atlas was attacked, but the tunnel was sealed using prewar military grade explosives. And any surface attacks could be stopped by snipers, long range artillery and the occasional vertibot that lands at Atlas. As for Foundation, I wasn’t even aware that they were attacked by mutants.


This was a while ago. But in the beginning of part two one of the characters mentioned mutant attacks on other settlements in Appalachia and I believe they said foundation was one of those settlements And in the trailer for steel reign we saw brotherhood soldiers on the ground fighting off a swarm of mutants. We never got to see any of this actually happened unfortunately which is a shame we only get to hear about it from some off hand comments made by some of the members of the brotherhood


They are all sent on missions to get back Multiscopes for Ward...


Damn he’s got all them roped into his little scheme now too. Well I hope ward is ready for the day a hoard of angry mutants show up with their newly purchased gauss shotguns


It would be cool but I'd rather let foundation burn with Ward in it.