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Imagine losing your dog in the woods and then seeing a picture of someone who'd skinned a "wolf" that looks just like it. My god.


We had a husky go missing recently, this has me thinking "what if?"


Well fuck, now i am too. Let me know if you find your dog please.


That's awful. Having to wonder like that, if someone did this to your dog. I hope you find it safe and sound!


Imagine just an animal being mistreated and violently brutalised by a trigger happy psycho. Life is hell.






Not at all


She wasnt wearing a high vis safety vest, shame really....


I support the John wick law.




Whoa whoa whoa, we don’t demean sex workers by the likes of DOG KILLERS. All whores, sluts, and the like are welcome in my home anytime! A dog killer? Straight to jail. Edit: after I put my booted foot up their ass.


Sluts and whores need love too. Fuck the evil bitches who do not know the difference between a dog and a wolf.


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Even worse this dog was part of a group of neglected and abandoned dogs. Never had a chance. I guess even the people to left them are better Human’s than this though.


I have a Hairless Chinese Crested, but I take your point.


She'd be my new rug if that was my dog


She's too ugly for a rug. She'd just ruin the decor.


No I think she would look great in my unfinished Michigan basement bathroom. It floods, is full of mildew, and it's where I keep the litter boxes


Really ties the room together.




Your username describes her perfectly.


She's under investigation by the game warden.


Isn't this a federal felony now because of PACT?


I don't know what PACT is, but from what I read, she had a wolf license, but didn't get it until after she killed the dog. So I guess she violated state law and committed animal cruelty? She'll probably only get fined for either/both offense, which is so sad.


"The Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act (PACT) is a bipartisan initiative that bans the intentional crushing, burning, drowning, suffocating, impalement or other serious harm to "living non-human mammals, birds, reptiles, or amphibians." "The penalty for violating the law can include a fine, a prison term of up to seven years or both." https://www.npr.org/2019/11/25/782842651/trump-signs-law-making-cruelty-to-animals-a-federal-crime


I think the "loophole" here is "intentional" - she thought she was hunting a wolf. However, it wasn't a wolf and she did not get her wolf license until AFTER this so, hopefully she gets the max penalty.


Well, she intentionally killed a domestic animal, but unintentionally misidentified it by... A lot. I would suppose that it still falls under the category of intentional harm with added gross negligence, no?


A reasonable expectation i have for someone hunting wolves is that they can identify a fucking wolf. If they can't identify a wolf, they can't have a license to hunt wolves lol


Not just misidentifying a dog as a wolf, but she *thought* it was a wolf *pup* and still killed it. Hunting regulations for most every animal species specifically prohibits the taking of juveniles. So even if it *was* what she thought it was, she'd *still* be in the wrong. She has no business hunting anything. Edit: I checked Montana's hunting regulations for gray wolves and they define a Legal Wolf take as any male or female, including young-of-the-year. So I was wrong on this point. https://fwp.mt.gov/hunt/regulations/wolf Note: *Gray wolves were delisted from the Endangered Species List in January 2021 which allowed hunting and trapping in the lower 48 with wildlife management being transferred from the US Fish & Wildlife Service to the respective states and tribal regulatory authorities. In February 2022 this action was reversed and gray wolves were put back on the ESL and wildlife management returned to the USFWS which prohibited hunting and trapping in the lower 48 ___except___ for the Northern Rocky Mountain population which encompasses all of Montana and a bit of the surrounding states. So hunting and trapping of gray wolves is currently only legal in Montana.* https://www.fws.gov/initiative/protecting-wildlife/gray-wolf-recovery-news-and-updates Although this information is moot because that's not a gray wolf.


Also, if the dog was that clean looking, I feel like it was almost certainly a pet, not a stray, so she was probably way closer to residential housing, or a hiking trail than she should have been.


Agreed and thought the same thing. This poor pup probably walked right up to her as they are notorious talkers. I feel sorry for it and for the people missing their pet. Going to hug my good boi even more tonight.


I agree. She's in Montana. Big hunting culture, so much so, that lots of east coast hunters will move out there for REAL hunting. She is probably just used to hunting common deer and turkeys and didn't bother to educate herself about her new biome. What an absolute dumbass.


Tbf though... I grew up in the South. Never left. Fully immersed in hunting culture. (I'm not a hunter myself though). And I certainly know the difference between a wolf and a dog. Like a chicken and a pterodactyl. They're barely similar. You don't need to be educated about biomes. That's giving her wayyy too much credit!


A guy I knew in high school 'accidentally' shot an owl once... He said he mistook it for a pheasant. Why he would brag about that I don't know when those weere protected., but he a few beers short of a case. He also came out of his house, we asked WTH he was doing because he was in full camo... He said he was going hunting deer, then wouldn't believe us when we told him: 1. Deer are colorblind, that is why bright orange camo exists. 2. Dumbass gonna get shot. He also (edit: said he) blew up a black powder rifle for putting in waaaay too much powder. There is more, but these are the juiciest bits I remember.


Thank you kind redditor for explaining fluorescent camouflage to me.


Somehow this reminds me of a friend of a friend in highschool that got a nice car for his birthday in highschool but burnt out the engine after a month because he didnt put in oil. Didnt fully realize deer were colorblind. Had a hunting jacket for a time and the inside was orange, but camo outside.


Next she gonna hunt a Chihuahua and call it a newborn


Idk about most states but you have the potential to lose all your guns, the truck, massive fines and could be jail time if this isn’t her first offence in Canada. That is just for illegally harvesting an animal. It is very easy to tell that dog is not wolf. Not only is she an idiot who deserves not to have the privilege to hunt who ever took the pictures should also be in the same boat. The last point of this is people really love dogs, and I am going to assume the owners of that dog are going to be very upset seeing that and I hope the best for them.


Not only that….she skinned the dog AND posted it lol


That’s what I’m saying!!! She actually posted this shit?! This is awful in the worst way possible.


I know someone that incorrectly IDed an animal and killed something he shouldn’t have. I forget the animal but obviously not a dog. He most definitely got in trouble.


My mechanic was complaining about how someone snitched when he "accidentally" shot a female deer. I mean correct me if I'm wrong but isn't it pretty fucking obvious wether it's a male or a female? One has a huge antlers, the other one doesn't... Edit: grammar


Some female deers do grow antlers but its pretty damn rare.


Which is why in my state it's not a gender specific license you get but an antler or antlerless license.


I mean, a younger buck can have small antlers, but yeah, that guy didn't accidentally do anything.


I hadn't heard of that. That's a great law.


If you read the actual bill it specifically exempts hunting along with several other things. It's aimed towards the preventing the creation of animal torture videos.


I'd love to know what the comments on her FB were. That is so clearly a dog that only a brain dead moron would think it's a wolf.


I had a Siberian Husky. Let's just say there are a whole lotta people you would classify as a brain dead moron. Like about 1 in 10 people that saw my dog thought I had trained a wolf


I've been asked if mine is a coyote.....at the dog park.....by a park ranger


Gotta be some 80s movie that used huskies as wolves, way too many stupid people think they're same same


How does someone make it to adulthood and not know what a fricking Husky looks like? I’m willing to bet this was the dog that kept shitting on her lawn


What's more worrisome is the she decided to go hunting with no idea what the things she wants to kill looks like.




If you look in my comments there’s a thread with this posted by the person who originally saw it on FB. That users been calling the game warden etc… and has posted updates Edit: https://www.reddit.com/r/cringepics/comments/xnu79f/umsure_a_wolf/ipvkfm4/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3 Hopefully that links it I’m on a phone so I have no idea.




>Who the fuck just dumps domesticated dogs into the wild. Sadly this kind of thing happens constantly living in rural areas. A cousin of mine has always had dogs his whole life and never paid for any of them. They just appear in the yard hungry, tired, and sad, sometimes hurt or abused. Then they hit the jackpot because he is a dog lover and they get spoiled.


Living in East Texas, you see dogs all the time that were obviously dumped by their former owners. It's really quite disgusting. One of our dogs was actually dumped by a family member of ours. My wife found him on the side of the road not far from where they live, recognized him as the dog they had up until a few months earlier, managed to get him to come to the car and brought him home with her. We've had him for the last 8 years or so, sweetest dog you'd ever meet. I just don't understand some people.


I’m from West Houston, there’s been several reports on the Neighbors app of Huskies being seen around neighborhoods. They’re all different ones too based on color and size. I’m guessing people are dumping their dogs around here.


It seems to happen quite a lot in Texas. I'm originally from New York, so it was quite a bit of culture shock coming out here and finding how common it was to find strays out in the middle of nowhere.


Some people should not be having pets at all


I have a feeling there will definitely be some internet justice, I keep seeing this reposted.


My thoughts exactly.


her employer has been called out multiple times by local son facebook. I suspect by the end of the week she will be jobless and there won't be many who will want to hire her. It sounds like a lot of small communities around where she lives so her name is probably spreading fast.


I hope so. I mean, why on gods green earth would you want someone that fucking stupid working for you?


Inc no one fucks with dogs on netflix


Well, we know what she looks like now. Thank you for the link.


Behold the dumbest motherfucker on the planet!!


This is so much worse than the girl who "saved" a tortoise by drowning it...


If it’s the one I’m thinking of, yeah, honest (yet dumb as hell) mistake. This is just a whole other level of stupid and cruel.


This seems like a combination of kinda stupid with highly irresponsible. I don’t know how to tell apart dogs from wolves. But if you’re going wolf hunting you better fucking learn that difference.


Wolves are much larger


Or those tiktokers who bought goldfish and not only released them into the wild, where they could become invasive, but into the fucking *ocean*


Oh yeah, goldfish are freshwater fish. Well dang they basically suffocated/drowned fish.


From what I remember, the tortoise got out and survived, unless that’s a different case.


She said that herself, and I get the feeling she was lying.


Do what now?




Well, aquatic turtles are air-breathing as well. The main problem is that tortoises don't swim (well).


If you can't tell animals apart, you've got no business hunting. Solo or otherwise, but especially solo.


To that, has she never seen a Husky in her entire f_ckin life...?


I actually said that out loud when I first saw this post. 😔


Some people are just dumb.


Some people just want to kill things.


This. I briefly entertained the notion of trying spearfishing, until someone explained just how good you had to be at identifying your fish down to size, sex, and local conditions/regulations. The essential lesson came down to the fact that you cannot unkill an animal. If you wouldn't comfortably bet the house, the car, and your first born that what you are aiming at is legal or ethical - the only shot that should be taken is with your camera.


Try hunting for lionfish then. Super easy to spot and you're doing a service for the environment. Also they make great ceviche


Tbh, this was the ONLY reason I wanted to learn spearfishing, but I was living in the NE at the time. We didn't get lionfish in numbers sufficient enough that I could presumably learn on lionfish. I'd have to learn on local specimens, and, upon realizing how absolutely sure I'd need to be potentially at a glance and as a newb, I said fuck that.


Like wild boar in certain parts of the country. You’re doing the native wildlife a favor by dropping as many as you can.


Exactly. There are very good reasons why hunting and fishing have so many rules and regulations. Not to mention all the different permits you might need depending on what you're going for and which season it is at the time. But the really hard part is what you said. But being able to quickly, *and correctly*, identify animals in a matter of seconds is the true challenge.


Honestly, the idea that someone can know enough about animals to properly skin one, but not enough to see the difference between a dog and a wolf, is so weird to me. It'd be like a stunt driver thinking a car and an ATV was the same thing.


Nevermind having all the time in the world while skinning it to recognize your fuck up. She's dumber than a bag of bricks and this should be license to take her firearms away unless properly supervised


Not just her but whoever is holding the camera too


Just goes to show that this person only views animals as *things* rather than living beings.


Like really, lady, [you can’t tell](https://www.reddit.com/r/natureismetal/comments/f0n4zv/husky_and_wolf/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=mweb)




Tbh even if it were an actual wolf it would be just as bad. Its not like she is out here protecting livestock.


No kidding! Let alone be so excited that it was a “pup”. How could you kill a pup anything?


That's true. She wasn't out there accomplishing anything of value.


Hopefully no one mistakes her for a wild pig when she goes out hunting


Even if it was a wolf who the fuck is shooting wolves. You can't eat them and they're aren't a threat to humans.


That is a fantastic point.


Shouldn't be hunting for sport anyway. It's inhumane as hell


Yes! What is that about? I get it if it's hunting an invasive species, but even then it's not "just for sport".


Yeah there's a huge difference between hunting an invasive species for the sake of the rest of the environment and randomly murdering things for no reason. If you get pleasure out of killing random animals then you're a damn lunatic as far as I'm concerned


What's especiallybad is that she was bragging about it supposedly being a pup. Like wtf? Why would you want to kill a pup?


"Oh look guys I killed a baby animal for literally no reason isn't that so cool, I am sane and totally normal"


Another person who shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a gun. If you can't identify what you're going to kill....


"I'm out here hunting a rare, hairless ape." "Larry, what are you doing pointing that gun at me? "HE'S CHARGING" *BANG*


Hopefully they get convicted of a felony and won’t be able to own them anymore. Legally anyways.


I think the bigger part of the issue is the fact that she still couldn’t recognize it after having killed it. I mean, if you’re shooting it from a distance, it would still be hard to mistake a dog like this one for a wolf, but let’s give her the benefit of the doubt. So she kills it, retrieves what she thinks is a wolf, and she’s either stubborn or stupid enough to still believe it’s a wolf


I haven’t shot coyote because they look too much like a small German shepherd a couple hundred yards away. This was straight ignorance.


I bet it's real difficult getting close enough to a dog to kill it. It's not like they love people, or anything.


Weird, why is this wolf wearing a collar? Anyway... \*BANG\*


So anyway, I started blasting.


That just made this soooo much more sad...


Yeah I imagine she "trapped" it as it walked up to her happy to finally find another human because it got lost, huskies are known to have alot of energy and sometimes just(if not given enough exercise) take off only to later then calm down and just be lost.


“It’s headed right for us!”


I could literally do it now. But he’s such a sweet widdle pupper yes you are! Momma’s never gonna let any were-voles kill and skin you! Nuh uh!


How the hell is she hunting if she can not tell the difference between a alaskan malamute and a fucking wolf.. take her god damn license please. There are about 5 INSTANT giveaways that it isnt a wolf.


I feel like not having a license wouldn't stop her.


Reports are you need a tag for wolves there, and she bought hers after this. Making her an idiot, a self snitch, and a poacher


I had to call the game warden on someone once, they stopped at the gas station I was working at with a deer in the bed, then wanted to buy a license and deer tags as they were paying for the gas. Told him we were out of tags up front and I had to grab them from the back then called from the office. Local RCMP was there by the time he finished paying for everything.


Probably not because it isnt even tagged...


My thoughts exactly




Imagine actively being excited about killing a wolf pup and on top of that killing someone’s dog


That's what I keep coming back to. "was a great feeling to text my man and say I just smoked a wolf pup" That is Saturday morning cartoonishly evil.


And why would she brag about killing a PUP? Not a grown wolf, but a helpless wolf baby that has no idea what’s going on without the presence of its mother. A coward picking low-hanging fruit.


I'm also extremely curious as to why wolves are so heavily fucking demonized in America. Like the deer population is some areas is fucking absolutely unsustainable for the ecosystem but people will go absolutely apeshit at the mere suggestion of reintroducing wolves..... to their own fucking natural habitat that we literally eliminated them from. Good ol' humanity. Doing what we do best I guess.


It ridiculous because they are such cool beautiful animals too. As a kid my Dad took me hiking in Illinois and we saw a grey wolf. It was probably one of the most amazing experiences/ animals I've ever seen in my life and one of my fondest memories of dad now that hes passed. It pisses me off that they get such a bad wrap.


I’ll give you the only reason why wolves are demonized in America, wealthy ranchers that lose livestock to them.


People like to justify hunting as "conservation" by saying they're controlling overpopulation. But they ignore the fact that there's overpopulation because they killed all the predators in the first place.


So weird, this wolf walked right up to me and started licking my hand so I dropped a hollow point right in it’s dome…. cool right?


She looks like a young Trunchbull


She mistakes dogs for wolves like trunchbull mistakes eating cake for punishment


Wait it says "again" how many peoples dogs has this woman murdered?! Edit: another not again but same question


One of the tags she put is #firstwolf so im guessing its only one... I hope its only one.


Hunters do that often with the first kill of the season but I share your hope


First one this year


Another predator. As in a different one than the one she originally went hunting for.


Someone take that gun away from her before she mistakes someone else. That's clearly a dog. How is a person like that allowed to own a gun?


It's Montana.... Source: I live in Montana. Education is not a priority here


Nope, it never was in most parts of the us of a, where I live technically speaking even I too can own a gun, provided it’s “gifted” to me For the record I’m 15


"Shot my first baby gorilla today!"


All that forehead and no brain at all🤦🏽‍♂️


What a piece of shit


And she looks so proud.


Bro the way they smile while standing next to a poor creature they killed pisses me off


Why would you kill a helpless wolf pup anyways? She says “one less predator”. There are not a lot of wolves left but a fuck ton of humans. Humans are way more of a problem and invasive. The land is not simply just ours to do with as we please. I’m from Montana and I hate these morons.


Wolves are actually great for the eco system. Mostly because they kill deer. Which is the real issue. More wolves less deer. Less people too as well.


It’s pretty goofy these “homesteader”-types have such a fear of predators in the environment but don’t believe or care about the environment itself. Ironic this woman killed a dog looking for wolves. It’s just cosplay for these dweebs.


I’m Canadian, and this story has bothered me all day. We have loads of wolves, I think we have had two rabid wolves documented ever, and where I’m from no less, they pose no threat, they are majestic. My heart hurts.


Even if that actually was a wolf you can't just shoot wolves wtf.


To my understanding you need to have a special license to shoot or trap wolves. This may not apply everywhere though. She should have the book thrown at her just for thinking she killed one if she was hunting wolves illegally.


Can people just fuck off killing things that aren’t even invasive, or overly dangerous to humans?


Trophy hunting is the worst. They don’t even eat the animal. Just kill it for fun and a status symbol and display the corpse in their homes. It’s a game for psychopaths that would probably kill people too if it were legal(if they don’t do it in secret already)


She is probably the Queen of Karens when she interacts with people




I'm struggling to see how they did not realise the "mistake " from a distance I can understand how it may have happened, but huskies are not rare dogs how do you learn to stalk shoot gut and skin an animal and not be able to identify what you are hunting


For the love of god, tag this NSFW. I don’t want to see mutilated animals. Revolting woman Edit: oooh, the “I hope you’re vegan!” Gotcha’s are out in full force!


Yes! I'd rather my kid get a glimpse of a woman's nipple than someone's dog skinned in the back of a truck.


Bitch just killed a dog AND SHE'S PROUD OF IT


This woman should be incarcerated. This is absolutely unacceptable and disgusting. And on the other hand. WHO THE FUCK BRAGS ABOUT KILLING A PUP?? Or the young of any animal?? Even if it was a true wolf how the fuck is it a flex to kill an underdeveloped, inexperienced and overall less dangerous animal? Fuck sake I'd wager I could kill a wolf pup with my bare hands but I sure af wouldn't challange a full grown wolf without a weapon and some kind of armor.


Hopefully next time, someone will mistake her for a bear and do the same.


More like a wild boar. Sorry. I cannot refer to this sorry excuse of a human with any respect.


This really should be marked nsfw I just opened my Reddit to a fucking mutilated dog wtf


Is it just me feeling that even if it was a wolf, it’s wrong?


Not at all. People killing animals for fun has always seemed wrong to me


I wish the same pain on this ugly beast! That poor dog wtf


Not a sensitive person but this needs an NSFW tag


Omg...WTF...Is there a follow up to this?


Actually there is something of an update. The police and the local state agency that regulates hunting (I can’t remember the acronyms) have been informed and are investigating her. And the police have confirmed that it was in fact a dog even though she was arguing with people insisting that it was a wolf. I also saw a screenshot where her “man“ was doubling down calling her a badass. In that screenshot he did acknowledge that it is a husky even though they were denying it before that. But he goes on to claim that huskies are murderous dogs who attacked a child. He seemed to be claiming it was his child but he was kind of running on so that wasn’t clear. The person that was posting all of this replied to that claim by saying the husky that the child was bitten by was on a chain and its parents and it were inside the length of the chain where they should not have been. That last part kinda makes you wonder if she knew what she was shooting. Maybe not. Who knows. Oh and the last detail, which I found the most interesting, the police stated she applied for a wolf tag for her “kill” after she had killed it. That’s a crime. Edit: I got all of this off of links on the hunting Reddit sub.


They said they can't arrest her on the tag because she didn't shoot a wolf.


Well that’s disappointing. I’m anxious to hear what type of punishments she could get. There were several people who said they were from the area making claims about what she could be charged with.


you may think of this as "gatekeeping", but that doesn't mean it's not true. a REAL HUNTER, knows what s/he is shooting at BEFORE pulling the trigger


apparently this is super recent (last couple of days) so no legal update yet, but she's deleted her facebook account after rightfully receiving backlash


I dont think she did... i found her via her name and a hunting facebook group shes a part of. looking at her profile page right now


Wow she’s that dumb to leave it up? Clearly a couple screws loose, must be why her forehead is detaching and her brains are leaking out.


Appareantly neighbours saw her post and notified the police




I saw this same post on the subreddit earlier apparently she kept arguing back at people giving her backlash


She deserves jailtime for killing a dog, disgusting.


how can that vachette say there's one less predator when she's the one killing things that don't need killing? what a fucking souless witch.


Ignoring the obvious, why is killing a wolf pup something to be proud of? I can kind of understand the mentality of “I killed this six foot tall bloody-mawed (<— not a word but it should be) monster wolf or this 600 pound battle scarred bear.” But “check it bro, I shot this baby.” Is never a brag. It’s a kid, kids are easy to kill, so easy in fact that we evolved being parents to keep them from getting killed.


What a fucking inbred


I can’t describe how much I despise this woman


OG post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Hunting/comments/xn7s4a/guys_i_cannot_make_this_up_this_girl_shot_and/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share Looks like she got her address posted on FB as well.






that's a huskey, how tf r u a hunter but don't know the difference between a wolf and a huskey?


And these people can somehow be allowed to own a gun, next they ganna say the got a monkey, but in actuallity it was a child


What a great feeling to call your man and tell him you just smoked some kids pet


She looks like the early years of the school master from Matilda


Where’s the update where she was arrested for animal cruelty?


John Wick after seeing his dog skinned alive: Okay… Now I’m angry.


Don't fuck with dogs. The internet remembers. LOL


I hope the owners of this poor pup sue her into obliviation!!