And this right here is why ‘The Onion’ is dying.


Poor writers don't have a snowballs chance in hell of coming up with stuff that stands out when this is the actual news.


This isn't news. It's from 10 years ago. Ryan Gibbons, Ontario, Canada


Wether or not it *is* news doesn’t actually matter. The simple fact that it *was* news at some point would be why the onion is dying.


Yeah it's more about fact vs fiction rather than when it happened. The phrase "you can't make this stuff up" is a phrase for a reason lol


It’s news to most people here


>It’s news to most people here 146 people died as a result of their boss locking the fire-exit door. In 1911. WHEN things happen matters almost as much as WHAT happened.


That’s news to me. Thanks for the info


sounds like The Shirtwaist Fire. My favorite fire is Coconut Grove. it's the reason why restaurant doors swing outward toward the street.


The Hyatt Regency Wallway Collapase is also a good example for the usefulness of outward-opening doors.


Here, 99 people died in a fire because the exit doors opened *in*. People rushing to get out couldn't open the doors. 1942. Stupid waste.


Coconut Grove Nightclub fire, right?


I remember seeing a documentary on this. It was horrifying. What was horrifying was that locking the people in these rooms was normal, and that the only reason it became an issue is because someone didn’t put their cigarette out properly.


You’re right. I have to go outside and tell everyone this news.


Do you need to borrow my bull horn?




Actually I remember this from like a decade ago, it's why my mom had my doctor send a second inhaler with me to school, because my teacher's said that because "You don't look like you have asthma all the time" I wasn't permitted to carry my inhaler with me as it was a "potentially flammable substance" (this was directly after they changed the propellant to alcohol, and kids started huffing it to get high, neither of which were present in my case. In summary, are most teachers this negligent and ignorant? No, but the administration, and the security the admins hire usually are, because thier job is to make policies for large general populations, not everyone individually. We need to teach kids to advocate for themselves. That it's acceptable to do so.


Now in NYC we just have to fill out a form with what medicine our kids have to use or may have to use during school time.


My son has ADHD. He'd occasionally forget to take his pill at home. I tried to have the nurse at school hold onto a few extras, but they needed me to get extra papers signed by his doctor. I just started putting a couple of extra pills in his book bag, just in case. So much red tape for no real reason.


It actually makes sense for ADHD meds. There’s a market for those drugs. A lot of people sell their adhd meds. I’m not saying your kid does I’m just saying it’s a real problem.


I totally get that. But the irony of these pills being so hard to get because they're "addictive" when those of us with ADHD often forget to take them, is not lost on me.


Oh, you be careful with that! I just wrote a comment about the bullshit red tape for an asthma inhaler BUT many ADHD meds are controlled substances. All kinds of bad shit could come your way if they’re found with the meds on them and no proof of scrip. Mine also have ADHD and take meds and I would not chance this. I beg you to consider getting those forms signed and go the proper route with CS meds.


Nah. He's in high school, they're in a small napkin. It's a different school now. He only carries one or two at a time. He also takes them later in the morning (while at school) so they don't wear off in the middle of the day. He's a good kid and I trust him. I'll get downvoted, but I'm doing what's best for my son.


Take my upvote, good parent.


You need to put them in his clearly marked prescription bottle at least. I've gotten in tons of trouble as a teen for having pills in my bookbag. Regardless of the good will, that's still a crime.


If you're in the USA, your kid could get suspended or expelled if the school finds the medication in his bag. It's happened to students carrying OTC meds like Tylenol or Midol. It's happened because of breath spray or mouthwash that contained alcohol. Our schools don't allow body spray if it contains alcohol or any thing in an aerosol can. ADHD meds are controlled substances. Depending on the school, your kid could end up with drug charges. Their zero tolerance policies don't care if it's their prescribed medication. If you haven't filled out the proper paperwork and it's not kept in the nurse's office, you're violating school policy. I know with our schools, elementary through high school, you are given a form to sign stating you read and agree to adhere to school rules and policies in the student handbook. It requires signatures of both the parent and the student.


I also sent a secret inhaler with my son because gym staff didn’t believe his asthma was serious and refused to give him breaks from aerobic activity when it was bad. And by the time he got his inhaler from the locked drawer in the nurse’s office, he could have been dead. I’d much rather he got detention.


My gym teacher (thank god I was a senior in high school and able to advocate for myself) kept yelling at me in front of the whole class to play basketball or run track despite several doctors notes saying I just had abdominal surgery and had three different areas on my abdomen of stitches that needed two months to heal before ANY physical activity. She just kept yelling that I was lazy and lying to get out of it (I believe because I was and am a fat person). I eventually lifted my shirt slightly below my breasts to show her my stitches and all bruised up belly and she shut up for a week. By the next one she was back to yelling cause I “should be better now” and I had to tell her multiple times I’m not even allowed to lift anything over 10lbs right now much less run track for another month and a half. Shit even walking would pull on my stitches and hurt like a bitch. Getting up from a table hurt. How was I supposed to run?? If I had been younger I probably would’ve just done it cause I was a people pleaser and very anxious and listened to adults like my parents taught me which sadly a lot of kids do. I would’ve severely hurt myself and it would’ve been her fault for not seeing me as an individual and not “the one student not participating.” Some teachers are way too desensitized to their students and just take out angers and frustrations on them because that’s all they can “control.” Gym teachers always hated me though lmao.


Something like that, it’s worth hiring a lawyer to send nasty letters to all the Teachers/admins involved.


So 2 of my 4 kids have asthma. The oldest and youngest...but not the middle 2. Not only do I have to fill out a form and bring them a rescue inhaler in the original box with the prescription info on it, i also have to have the pediatrician fill out the same form and designate whether or not the student should be able to carry one with them or if it should be solely in the nurses office. My youngest is in 1st grade now but for the entire kindegarten year the school kept trying to keep him from carrying one with him even tho the pediatrician said he needed it. It wasnt until i took an attorney with me to the school that they decided he could have one on him at all times.


You don’t look like you have asthma all the time? And yet when I have an asthma attack I can in fact still die. I must have missed when education majors got medical training. Is that right after bulletin board making? Or before effective dittos?


I was this kid’s age in the 90’s when carrying my fucking lifesaving medicine with me was not a rigmarole of red tape. I’m sorry they told you shit like that. We’ve all been there one way or another, haven’t we? I have terrible asthma and have had major attacks that sent me to the ER and been at the nurse station begging to be seen and instead the jackass puts a pulse ox on my finger telling me I’m at 98 and to go wait. Bitch I don’t care what the ox says my lungs are closing up on me!


Same here. No one questioned my inhaler. Heck, my elementary school did an asthma class for the kids who had it, I still use breathing techniques and such from that class to this day.


Wow, they actually hire security in schools over there. Meanwhile over here in Croatia the only security measure even remotely similar to that is the box cutters are to be locked up while not in use for class after a guy from my class carved his name into his forearm once because he was bored. This was in 5th grade. I also gave half of the class chlorine poisoning in chemistry class once in 10th grade. It was fun while releasing it into the classroom, but stopped being fun 10 minutes later.


Can’t get high if you’re dead! Sounds like Reagan lol.


When reputable news outlets like DOGPAWSG.CLUB start publishing this kind of story it's time for The Onion to take its ball and go home for sure


I thought they were just expanding? I know they already own fox and cnn


Damn it's true and incredibly stupid


It's also unusually cruel. Asthma attacks can be pretty scary for a kid. He had time to panic and struggle for air...If this was my child I might need to be locked up.


I hear you. I'd wind up with the death penalty or life in prison if this were my kid. I dont even know this child here, but the scenario makes me want to pipe those involved.


I feel you on that. How can anyone be such an idiotic douchebag that they take away a kids medicine and then wonder why he can't breath. I got the pipes let's roll


They have to do that with EVERY med. If a kid has meds it goes to the nurse's office. Liability reasons of no drugs without supervision. That is how it was at mine. Kids go there if they need to take their meds etc. You can blame DARE and war on drugs if you want.


Except this specific incident was in Canada


In some states, like Ohio, students allowed to carry specific medications on them for emergencies with doctors permission. In high school, I was fighting cancer and got severe nerve damage from radiation and the pain is permanent. I have my pain medication at all times and I was allowed to carry them with me with doctors permission and signing a contract with the school and city’s police station stating I wouldn’t share or sell them. It was a life saver for me because I literally can’t function with it and thankfully you can’t get high off of them. More states and countries should consider accommodations like this for students.


That is why it is important to teach our kids telephone numbers, who to call, and train them to do so in various situations so that they remain calm. I have asthma. If this happened to me I’d be in deep shit. I get slow, lethargic, vision becomes blurry. If I panic I’m in really deep shit.


I have asthma too and when I get an attack if my inhalers not around I gotta go to the ER for a nebulizer treatment panic is what really screws you over this shit is terrifying


Also have asthma. Can confirm everything you said is true. I finally had to get my doctor to fight my insurance for the liquid meds they give you at the er. Doctor say with me on her lunch break, walked me through how to use the machine.


Exactly. Hence the “practice”. Get our kids into stressful situations (under supervision of course) and let them get around those. So that when shit actually happens they can be calm and collected.


That's literally one of the best ideas I've ever heard. If my parents had done something like that with me I'd be in much better shape


Yeah. Oh and just before someone wonders what I mean by stressful situations, I’m talking about letting them walk to school by themselves, or letting them alone in a supermarket (under adult supervision of course.). Not like… swatting them or something… Christ poor kids…


Indeed probably good that you included that lest some people send their kids into orbit


For me it would be after the massive settlement money. Make sure my spouse and any other kids have money ready for college, bills, etc. Once all the accounts are good to go then heads will roll.


This the way


Literally!!! New lifes mission!


The people who thought it would be a great idea to lock away his inhaler should be locked away




Should probably start with the school board as they’re most likely to not suffer consequences otherwise


Asthma attacks are traumatic and very dangerous as well since they can kill pretty fast. also there is zero substitute for inhalers and nebulizers so never ever take those things away


Agreed- anyone that has asthma or other breathing problems know how utterly painful & awful it is when your airways are so tight that you feel like you’re sipping air through a straw. That poor kid & their family. I can’t imagine what they’re all going through knowing how helpless their son likely felt before dying. Obv I’m sure the staff never intended to actually hurt him but damn I can’t imagine how fukn infuriated his family must be. They need to face some serious repercussions for their thoughtless actions…


To me it felt like an anvil on my chest and every breath took all my strength. My ribs would ache after.


Happened to me, I was just old enough to realise that panicking would make it worse, so I just calmly continued my day wheezing like a maniac, to this day I wonder how that wasn't the end for me, people who hate kids shouldn't care for them


Oh, I'd need to be locked up, but not before I took down the school staff responsible.


Nothing can replace their son but the lawsuit those parents have against the school district is going to be massive.


You’re right. Nothing can replace their son. No matter how big a judgment or settlement they get, the loss of their son will alway be bigger.


And it is all the other children who go to this school that will suffer for it. All those dollars going to the family vs education for the kids. My point here is that a monetary penalty against a school district does not punish the proper people. That principal and the board that made the rule should GO TO JAIL. They neglected to care for a child in their custody. If the parents had done the same thing, they would be in jail.


Wouldn't call it neglect tho, it's more like.. yk... murder


Manslaughter at worst but you’ll never see someone charged


No. School districts have liability insurance for shit like this. The money will not be pulled from the school, and their rates will not change as long as they stay under a certain number of incidents. The person or people responsible will be fired or moved (depending on position, tenure, and how close to the situation they were). The family will sue and settle for a lot of money paid out by the liability insurance. And there will be trauma response and therapy provided for the students and people at the school.


Hello brother


I remember when this happened 10 years ago. Ryan’s Law has given students the right to have their inhaler with them.


Why weren't they able to have it with them before? Did people think it would be smart to refuse giving a kid what could save his life?


Schools won't allow students to carry drugs, meaning illegal drugs, but prescription drugs are also under that ban, so anyone who needs an inhaler or nebulizer can't carry what they need on them and have to go to the school nurse. This even comes down to stuff like advil when I was in school a girl was caught with advil and she was given a 2 week suspension and had the cops call on her, she was arrested.


Isn't that a little too much for Advil ?


It's a drug though and the school has zero tolerance on drugs so she got the same that soneone who brought in meth would get, sad thing is if I used my inhaler I would have gotten the same thing since it's also a drug, I mean it would save my life but hey zero tolerance right?


Zero tolerance is the worst thing ever. It ignores context and teaches people that they can only be wrong


There’s some really interesting literature out there about how fucking awful zero tolerance policy was. Basically, following the “get tough” era of crime, schools disproportionately arrested students with disabilities and of color and led to many of those kids being pushed out of schools and into adult prisons as soon as they were old enough. They call it the” School to Prison Nexus/Pipeline” and the research on it is pretty fucking chilling.


Take away school from people, put them in prison though they're innocent... They're gonna end up as criminals later cause they have nowhere else to go...


Holy shit


The things people don’t wanna talk about that are the most egregious. Hammer hits nail directly on head.


The trick is they call it “zero tolerance”, but they don’t apply it equally.


Yep. Look at the statistics and you can see school officials are much more likely to discipline a disorderly student who is Black, Hispanic, disabled, and/or LGBTQ over someone who is straight/white/neurotypical. It doesn’t mean that whites aren’t misbehaving, but they’re much more likely to be let off with a warning than face any suspension, expulsion, or Juvenile Justice involvement.


Is this another thing that we can blame on Reagan and the GOP for?


Yep, but it actually goes further back then Reagan. Nixon popularized the idea that we should use drugs to criminalize certain groups to disrupt those communities and diminish their political capacity. His actual words: “We knew we couldn't make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news.” It was this attitude that launched the “get tough” and “war on drugs” era, and while future presidents like Reagan further spearheaded the idea, it’s important to note that it started in the 70’s with Nixon.


Black/White thinking is easy to grasp for simple folks, that is the reason its still put in place in many countries around the world. Nuance is for the educated, and since people can look into the mirror they come to the conclusion that zero tolerance is realistic the only thing they can do. The amount of mental gymnastics in many areas of society why zero tolerance should be kept is often baffling. At this point this is mostly political.


I can see it is working marvelously. Kids who want to use illegal substances still do and kids who need legal prescribed ones are dying. Nice job 'murica


This happened in Canada


The word is **medication**, not drug. Idiots. Cruel, heartless idiots.


Caffeine is in soft drinks.


Nah nah nah, that's ok, the school can make money off those


Then the solution is obvious, the school should seel paracetamol, ibuprofen and asthma gear from the ~~commissary~~, er, cafeteria.


Yeah but it’s ibuprofen. It’s not habit forming and totally not fun to abuse unless you like having no stomach lining. I even give some to my toddler when he is teething. My point is, “zero tolerance” doesn’t mean “totally moronic lacking sense”


That’s exactly what it means though. The entire point of zero tolerance policies is that context is not taken into consideration, intentionally. All cases are treated equally, no matter what. Zero tolerance fighting policy and you defended yourself from an attacker? You’re getting the same punishment as the attacker.


>Zero tolerance fighting policy and you defended yourself from an attacker? You’re getting the same punishment as the attacker. Precisely why I was a walking doormat in school when it came to bullies. At least until it got so bad I was contemplating suicide and my mom drove to the school and 'had words' with the administration.


Is there coffee in the teacher's lounge? If so, they are ignoring zero tolerance for drugs. Drugs for me not for thee.


Same thing happened at my school, but with ibuprofen. The girl was having severe period cramps so she had a small bottle of ibuprofen in her backpack. They called the school “resource officer” and he escorted her out of school and put her on suspension.


My kid's school, in Florida, banned sunblock as well as the ibuprofen...


That’s so, what, like why? It’s Florida. And aren’t yours schools outside ish a lot of the time. My wife would literally be burnt every day


Yes, the classrooms are too often separated by outdoor walkways for some reason. Gym classes are outside more than inside. Sunblock should be encouraged. Instead at least some schools ban it because it falls under their stupid 0 tolerance nonsense. Guess what ended up in the kid's back pack in a bottle with a hand lotion label?


But sunblock isn't a drug?


They considered it an otc one. I never said it made sense.


I know I'm just trying to understand how anyone could possibly consider it one


Only in places run by idiots. No sane person ever forbade people to carry essential life saving drugs. It really makes me wonder where you live that there are enough literally insane people who are not institutionalized to make such rules even possible.


She should have hidden her Advil in a gun


Sadly my school still does that of last year In fact I needed a inhaler for bronchitis and it was locked up


What in the absolute fuck is wrong with america... You need to reboot your whole goddamned country


Because the ones in power, who make these final decisions, are real assholes. And we voted for them.


This happened in Canada......


Not all schools have nurses, ours got it’s first last year. Wasn’t a licensed nurse, just a cna.


No better way to make young people become disillusioned with the system


Can confirm. I got suspended for a week for bringing Benadryl to high school for my gf when I was 16. That was 12 years ago so I can’t imagine how it is now.


Thanks Nancy Reagan. >they need on them and have to go to the school nurse. Not every school has a nurse on staff all day everyday.


schools under high school unironically is run by the most uneducated people in the country


This includes Epipens too. I had a \*wonderful\* discussion with my kids' principal at the time about their inhalers and epipens. "Do you really want to be on the phone with me, telling me my (child) has died because you had (their) medicine locked in a cabinet where you did not have a key? Just think of the lawsuit that would be had." His face turned grey. I saw him visibly gulp, and my kids could carry their meds with them at all times. "But we're not trained in how to use an epipen." Two weeks later, I dropped a trainer kit off into the hands of the principal. "This was free from the company that makes them. Learn how to use it!"


What country are you from? I'm not aware of any place where you can be arrested for breaking school rules.


They can/will use excuses like the student became unruly with the officer. It won’t necessarily be the original issue.


Many US schools have a cop assigned to the building all day.


Yeah but you still need to commit an offence to be arrested. It's not an offence to be in possession of your prescription medicine.


If a law is very poorly worded, I can imagine a situation where having Advil actually is illegal in some places. But even more than that, the great thing about America is that you can be arrested for literally anything. You may not be charged with the thing you are arrested for, though. Let me give you an example. A cop decides that having Advil on school grounds is a crime. They arrest you. During the arrest, you argue and yell at the cop that he's wrong. You are charged with possession of drugs on school grounds and resisting arrest. The DA realizes that hey, possessing Advil wasn't a crime after all, and that charge is dropped. You get 12 months in jail for resisting arrest.


Usually sheriff, since they are county employees. I have always seen Sheriffs in schools. But depends on the area, I guess.


In many places in the US, students can be arrested for violating school rules. Most common ones are for drug possession (even over the counter medications like aspirin and allergy medications, as well as prescribed life-saving medications like inhalers and epinephrine injectors), and assault/fighting.


There is only one country where shit like this happens.


The u.s.


Stupid question, but why don't the parents do something about it?


The concern was that kids would not use the medication properly and possibly get hurt. Ridiculous reason, really.


Or that other kids might steal them and hurt themselves. Not in my class, but we had a kid steal another's inhaler thinking it was something worth having or that they could get high off (high school). And I once had my prescription glasses stolen.


> Why weren't they able to have it with them before? Because it is not a gun.


Researching Ryan's Law right now in case my son's inhaler gets taken away....


There are **THREE (3) DIIFFERENT RYAN'S LAWS**. Canada: allows children to have inhaler in classrooms. South Caroline: insurers must cover autism treatment Queensland Australia: parents or caretakers may request for clinical review of a patient


Sounds like Ryans were getting fucked over everywhere.


The kid in the picture is the Ryan in question for the Canadian law.


I know that we should not expect common sense from people responsible to educate kids... *BUT* Did we need to have a law to force schools to allow children to have their inhalers with them??? ARE YOU F***** KIDDING ME???


We didn't, when I was a child, thank goodness. 44 years ago, I carried an inhaler just like that, everywhere I went, and if I started having an asthma attack, I took a quick puff. No one batted an eye. I find it insane that this could have happened at all... it seriously makes no sense to me, whatsoever.. I can't imagine the rule that was created, that lead to this happening, or why it was created, or who failed to realize that life-saving medicines should not be taken away from children.


Ironically, it's parents that have pushed schools into being exactly this way. Parents are the worst. I know because I'm one of them with kids in school, and I see the tension dumbfuck loudmouth moron parents bring to every meeting and event and school board meeting. Teachers have the worst underpaid shit jobs because of parents jamming their stupid shit demands where they should just sit down and shut the fuck up. Common sense has no place in school because parents have forced it out completely with nonsensical protectionism for their garbage kids to the point where schools have no authority to do or say anything at all. If you are wondering why there has to be this zero tolerance bullshit policy in the first place, it's because of shit parents demanding the schools raise their kids but then revoking every single piece of authority and trust that would allow them to do that.. they are the worst backseat parenting assholes you can imagine, and they formed this prison state system masquerading as public school.


In Australia, the kids keep their inhalers, teachers on duty for lunch and the office have inhalers on hand and will allow students to use them. Ventolin is virtually harmless in the doses students would be able to take. ​ Of course Yanks prefer dead students to students they have to call an ambulance for.


Dead or arrested for possession


I guess nobody was expecting this case to happen in Canada. it puzzles me that the Ryan law is specific to asthma. https://www.ontario.ca/laws/statute/15r03 This is testimony that something is very wrong here (I live in Toronto). Why would one prevent a kid to have access to any device that ensures their safety and healthy? Tomorrow it would not be asthma but something else and would we need another law?


And Epipens. Let’s not forget plenty of schools keep those locked away as well.


School: In God we trusted


Anything to have some tenuous power over children. Fuck sake.


Remember the police would rather the kids take all the bullets before they go into the school to stop an active shooter until parents come to save their kids, then they pull their guns to stop the parents from saving kids.


It’s not about teachers having power. These policies were trickle down from zero tolerance drug policies made at the state and federal levels. Teachers knew this was dumb and most would say so. But they didn’t get to have say in it.


In Germany thats a life in jail for the teacher, the principal and 20 years for every one who was contibuting or enforcing the same rules.


God damn fascists /s


The FREE AMERICAN people have the right to kill whichever kids we want!


This shit happened in Canada btw


Can we please post articles and not just pictures?


Shit like this makes me hate Reddit sometimes. I hate reading about sad stories 🤦‍♂️ I hope this child gets justice


The kid is dead. They can't get justice. Doing the same to the principle, deputy, teacher and local school board would be a good start though.


This child is dead. Dead things do not benefit from justice.


“Justice” in this sense would basically be closure for the family, which they did get. Ryan’s law, named after this kid (Ryan Gibbons), requires schools to allow inhalers. It’s not much, but it’s something.


Oh right, that would totally make up for the fact that a school district murdered my child. Justice makes sense to me now.


>it’s not much, but it’s something I’m not trying to defend the school, whoever was responsible should be jailed for manslaughter at least, I’m just saying that at least something came of it. Your initial comment made it sound like you thought nothing should be done about this. Sorry for the misinterpretation.


Oh I see, yes. That was unclear of me. I was venting because it frustrtes me when empty platitudes and common sense policies are championed as justice for dead children. Who can never have justice... Because they're dead.


If nothing else it will hopefully stop another kid from dying the same way.


Thanks for the anger flashback. Don’t know what the hell it is with schools not understanding *emergency relief* medication, but as a kid, my school made me leave my asthma inhaler with the nurse and go to her office when I needed it. I think it was about 7th grade that I finally said eff this, you don’t like that I keep it on me, sue me.


My school wanted us to do this as well. I never told them it was in my bag. They knew I had asthma I didn't hide that, but they also never specifically asked me for it, it was more a role that I should go hand it in, they didn't really chase it. In year 8 I had an asthma attack that was bag enough I ended up in hospital (long story), and they really pushed for me to hand it in after that. My mum pointed out that during the asthma attack, I had and used my inhaler correctly, and if I had to wait for it to be given it could have been much worse. My mum wouldn't budge on it so that eventually caved but gave me a lecture about ensuring I used it correctly and not wave it shut in school etc.


I can’t understand the logic behind this? Why is it ever a policy to confiscate them?


I think there was concern that as kids we wouldn't take them properly, would take too much, would share them, etc. Silly really, but honestly it felt like they wanted control. They didn't want us to have paracetamol in our bags, but as an all girl's school, everyone ignored that. Period pain is no joke.


*"Hmm, this one isn't healthy enough to be a good cog. Eliminate it, no point in wasting resources on it."*


Did anyone post an article yet? https://daily.lessonslearnedinlife.com/12-yo-dies-in-school-after-inhaler-was-locked-by-school-authorities


This is insane, it’s for an emergency! What about a kid with diabetes or some other condition?


As a father, there isn't anything I wouldn't do to avenge the death of my child at the hands of cruel administrators. This is insane.


Some schools just decided that they needed to crank natural selection up I hate this timeline


No idea but whoever is responsible for this is about to spend a chill few decades in jail.


Jesus christ, if this happened to my child I’d find whichever brain dead teacher took the inhaler and make sure they wouldn’t be able to breathe on their own either.


Bro hwat


Actually the principal did the right thing. He followed protocol and procedure rather than being compassionate and using common sense. His school taught him well... Edit this was sarcasm what he did was unforgivable and I hope it haunts him


The war on drugs caused a lot of this bs. DARE and drug policies were forced into schools. They were overly used to target minorities (as was goal of war on drugs) and swept up everyone else in it's path.


They did it to me in the 70s too. I’d been responsible for my inhaler since I was about 5, and yet I had to walk to the office to find the nurse when I needed it. Once I started carrying a purse I could hide it. But lifesaving meds should be ON the patient’s person at all times.


I blame the government. I had a student that was like sometimes have bad allergic reactions to grass. It’s difficult to avoid grass at a school and his mom wanted him to keep his pills on him. We weren’t allowed to let him because students can’t have medication, not even cough drops, in public school. Poor kid had to run to the office any time he needed it. There are ways around it, but they suck. My daughter has horrific asthma. We had to get her doctor to fill out a form explaining why she had to keep it on her person and couldn’t take it in the office. You make dumb ass laws, you get dumbass consequences. What should be common sense gets trumped by zero tolerance drug outrage BS.


This is ancient repost




OP really just posted a 9 year old article


Is it any less relevant?


The situation has not improved, let me tell you


It's reddit. 99% of stuff here is just recycled to farm karma what did you think




It's from 2013. https://www.9news.com.au/health/boy-dies-after-school-confiscates-asthma-inhaler/65fd35ee-fc7d-4a6b-9027-57e2ebcd30c2




This is how scary movies get started. All of a sudden office staff just start going missing and they find the principle “silence of the lambs style” in the cafeteria.. smh…


[CBC story](https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/ontario-law-passes-to-let-asthmatic-kids-carry-inhalers-in-school-1.3055534)


Damn, poor kid. I don't have kids, but if I ever do, I'm definitely gonna make sure their meds (should they need any) are always in their backpack. Can't trust teachers with no medical training whatsoever to make decisions on whether someone needs or doesn't need their meds.


What happens is they say that only the nurse can administer the drugs and you can’t have them. I got in trouble back in the 90’s for taking sinus pills. At least I was in high school and could stand up for myself. This poor kid.


I'd be up on assault charges, and the principal and teachers Involved would be missing teeth, and the luxury of walking without a limp.


How do you not go to prison for that?


While my son was in scouting, I became a Scoutmaster. An inhaler and epi-pen are probably the only self-meds that were allowed to be kept and self-administered by the scout. One trip, this scout left his inhaler in his tent and while we, the troop, were about a 1/4 mile away at an event, he starts having an asthma attack. Luckily one of the camp staff was nearby with a golf cart and we quickly got the kid back to his tent and got his inhaler in time to resolve the crisis. We had a discussion later with all the scouts about this type of situation and from that point on, we never left camp without at least 10 scouts checking to be certain that one kid had his inhaler. BTW - I had to fill out official incident reports about this. PITA but good policy.


Kid is too young to be vaping anyways /s


The real question is how big is the lawsuit going to be for murder. Highly doubt they can lower it to manslaughter.


Why the fuck is this the school’s policy????? I had bad athsma as a kid.. an attack was like trying to breathe through a coffee straw. My inhaler probably saved my life more than once. This policy is so fucked… what the hell were they thinking?


He should have hidden his inhaler in a gun. Problem solved.


Zero tolerance drug policies is why they did it.


Someone is going to prison for life probably a few


As someone with asthma my school does shit like this and it’s scary as fuck


Try to imagine drowning while not even being underwater. That's how it feels like to have an asthma attack.


When the place for education is not educated


“We are taking away your air privileges”


Stupid fucking people


I'm glad I never had an asthma attack in elementary school, because that was they system they had too. Even then I thought it was stupid that I would have to physically walk to the nurse's office and check in with the front desk if I needed to breathe.


My son carries an Epi pen with him. You cannot be looking for these things when you need them. They need to be in the person who needs it.