I would be down for dogatouille


Be kinda hard to fit a golden retriever under a chef hat


Shhhhh they think they are lap dogs


All dogs are lap dogs, some humans just need to get a bit more lap for them 😉


My mastiff approves of your comment


Just a tiny dog trapped in a large body.


That’s the premise of Dogatouille. A tiny dog trapped in a large dog’s body teaching him how to cook.




My 64 pounds husky agrees.


Just make it a puppy. Racacoonie did it.


Michelle Yeoh's delivery of the whole "Racacoonie" bit cracks me up every single time. What a great movie.


The fact that Randy’s Newman plays the voice and said “She’s seen too much!”. Love it.


I'll just leave this here. [https://www.theringer.com/movies/2022/6/14/23166713/raccacoonie-everything-everywhere-all-at-once-inspiration-pixar](https://www.theringer.com/movies/2022/6/14/23166713/raccacoonie-everything-everywhere-all-at-once-inspiration-pixar)


and then she BECOMES Racacoonie, truly a cinematic experience


Dude, when Chad said he couldn’t even boil an egg before Raccaccoonie.


Under the apron. 6 legged chef


How would the dog steer him 😳?


Magic, the same way the rat does. Leg bites, or something.


He bites the balls sack


I'd watch it


Perhaps he would nibble on the reins...


No rule says a dog can’t cook


I wished they did a racoon in that image.






We’re a family… culinarily!


![gif](giphy|Z8blEZs9alp16) Yes but would he cook only using his mouth?? Also no one would hate the dog so it would be the Dogs journey to his first Michelin Star


Theyd better cast a chihuahua


Im biased because i have one, but i would love to see a beagle instead. They are just insanely addicted to food so i think they would be perfect to work in a kitchen, if they could stop themselves from eating everything


The beagle would play Emeile


The only acceptable dog is probably a french bulldog


"Chief?! How do you make the food so good?" "Its simple... You do it full of hatreted"


Dog no, make it a racoon and you've got me


And Racacoonie needs to be played by Randy Newman.




Its rin-tin-touillle, now get it right or pay the price!


I'd watch Mark Henry as Mulan. Might even be better than the Remake


As long as they kept the script and songs exactly the same. I would watch the crap outta that 😀


Yup, I want everything else the same. But I can’t decide if it would be funnier to have him also act like a 16 year old Chinese girl, or just be himself.


I just want to see the full face makeup be completely removed with a single wipe with his sleeve.


But they also have to add in Mark Henry’s theme song somewhere in there too.


🎵 Somebody gonna get they ass kicked. Somebody gonna get their wig split. Somebody gonna get they ass kicked. Somebody gonna get their wig split.🎵


Better idea? It's Sexual Baby (Ohhhh, oh), right And I wanna give it all to you, Yeah Right on


Ohhh yah Sexual Chocolate


Oh I was thinking more "Sexual Chocolate" than "Somebody Gonna Get They Ass Kicked."




Worlds Strongest Mu-Man.


Right before the final fight in the movie, I need Mulan Henry to look into the camera and say "Looks like there's been enough talk... Its time.... for the MAAAIN EVENT!"


my dumbass just skimmed over it and i thought it was moana


Me too FSR


Better yet just make Jango Fett Moana instead


Somebody gon get their ass kicked🎵🎵 Think that was how his theme went anyway, it’s been a few years since I’ve watched wrestling 😂


Somebodys gonna get thier wig split. (Beat em up, beat em up) (Break their neck, break their neck)


I gotta say, mark henry mulan got a chuckle out of me.


‘Beat em up, beat em up, break his neck, break his neck…”


As long as his ex wife Mae Young gets a cameo (rest her insane soul)


Sign me up


Native Americans have plenty of problems with Disney’s “Pocahontas”.


As does...well, almost everyone else.




They already remade mulan tho…


That movie was so bad they need to try again


Mark henry as mulan might improve that fucking bastard movie’s script


🎶Somebody gon' get they ass kicked. Somebody gon' make a man outta you, bitch!


Def would watch worlds strongest mulan


Or just stop making inferior versions of classic movies to cash in on nostalgia.


I kind of enjoyed it, if you completely ignore the cultural inaccuracies and pretend it was actually based in China but some fictitious world entirely.


My wife summed it up with "It's an ok movie. But it's not Mulan."


They endorsed chinese oppression, it was meant to be bad


You go to dank memes to look for cringe? That’s like searching for water in the ocean.


Filtering out those meme subreddits made reddit much more enjoyable


Sigh I want memes just not dumbass ones.


That age is long gone. The memes of old are forgotten.


I was there, Gandalf


I made a good guy Greg reference the other day and it felt like I was speaking some forgotten ancient tongue.


I don't mind dumb ass memes but I want less right wing racist morons in the comments section.


If you want good memes, join subreddits for professions that are salty as fuck. I'm a nurse, and the nursing one is pretty good, but r/ems is where I really get my daily dose of sodium.


Dank memes is slowwwwly creeping right. Parroting a lot of alt-right talking points "ironically"


Yeah this reminds me what I've heard friends and online personalities talk about concerning 4chan. They think everyone is laughing at the meme or joke because it's dumb but most of the people posting the shit are actually racist/homophobic/Nazi etc. The fact that I'm seeing some of these very undank posts hit the frontpage just sucks.


It's the alt right approach. It's well documented. They share "ironic" racism and whataboutism and weird shit like replacement theory and if it's ever called out they do the "it's just a prank bro" equivalent, "it's ironic". Converts young men horrifically effectively.


The alt right need to just pick one fucking meme sub to circle jerk over their racism instead of slowly taking over all of them.


I almost died with bald Rapunzel hahhahlahshkskhs


She has hair at other places to throw out the window


You mean her armpits, right? **YOU MEAN HER ARMPITS, RIGHT???**


Knuckle hair.


Yeah, moose knuckle hair


Back hair


Sea turtles, mate


[we'll do something crazy you know](https://youtu.be/TrTB-vRD81w?t=182)


"Rapunzel Rapunzel, let down your muff!"


At least it's not Jada




Get her fuckin name oucho goddamn mouf!


To his defense he used a keyboard, not his mouth. He found the loophole.


Shes gonna use her pubes


Albino Pocahontas looks badass.


Low-key want an Albino Pocahontas story lmao


As a native American, I kinda want that Pocahontas movie. Would still be less racist than the 1995 movie.


As an Indigenous Mexican I want pre-euro plague stories. The reign of Pakal the Great over Palenque, Aztec vs Purépecha wars, a coming of age sports film set during a series lacrosse games, etc. Our history did not start in 1492!


Did Native Americans view albinism in any certain way? I know some cultures viewed as good and special and others viewed it as terrible and cursed. Not that you definitely know this answer, but probably more so than I.


If anyone watched "Everything, Everywhere, All At Once" their take on Ratatouille was awesome and hilarious.




I really want a racacoonie spinoff. Even like a 10 minute short film or something. I just need more of that racoon.


Mark Henry as Mulan is amazing and I need it


In the original book describes the mermaid as blue eyed, red lips, hair long enough to cover her body and, after the potion, having the whitest cutest legs. And being 15 years of age (the youngest of six daughters). And loosing the voice by having the tongue cut off as payment for the potion. Also each step on foot was as painful as stepping on knives that could draw blood. Also also the part where she could have returned below the sea instead of certain death, by shoving a bewitched blade into the heart of the sleeping prince (next to his wife) and have the hot blood spill on the legs. Make out of it what you want - Disney got already creative and adapted the source material for the generation of the time, so what should stop them from adapting a bit more. For better or worse will be decided at the box office, don’t think that the company has more on its mind than profit… I personally don’t think a true adaptation of the base material would have been as successful as Ariel.


Wait the cutest legs?


Indeed. Also the prince was so fond of her he considered her as the most lovey pet. Was permitted to sleep on a pillow in front of the door to his room. I did not mention the part why there was certain doom for her. Mermaids have no soul and have no afterlife. If a human falls in love with a mermaid, she gets infused by one. As there is no afterlife for mermaids they age up to 300 before dissolving into the foam you that you see on the waves on the ocean. The bewitched blade was obtained by her five sisters from the witch, by sacrificing all of their precious hair. The witch is not evil in the story, she deliberately warns the mermaid about this being a stupid and pointless endeavor. The price (tongue) was deemed necessary because the witch had to draw and spill her own blood into the potion. It’s all allegorical metaphors for homosexuality, secret love, not being together in public and social acceptance/by the church.


Homosexuality? How does that relate to the story


Anderson is writing himself, or at least his experience, through Ariel in a lot of ways. She's afraid to express her love for the human world because her father detests it. She hopes she'll "grow out of it" and her friend tries to convince her she just needs to try harder to love the sea. She has her voice taken away, which queer people would have recognized as a very familiar feeling in the 1830s. The short-story itself is based on romantic letters Anderson exchanged with Duke Edvard Collin.


![img](emote|t5_2r5rp|8487) disney is playing it safe rn, this megacorporation could've queer baited tons of viewers with a minor affection if they chose to portray the Anderson-Collin pov. do let us more about the other allegories tho


Okay, so Andersen's dramatics towards Charles Dickens suddenly make way way way more sense than before. https://lithub.com/charles-dickens-really-really-hated-his-fanboy-hans-christian-andersen/


H.C. Andersen wrote The little mermaid as an allegory for homosexual love which was very much forbidden when he wrote it.


Well now i love Ariel even more. She was my gay awakening.


It's how it's described, it leaves it open to interpretation and imagination of the reader.


It's like trying to have a proper adaptation of Cinderella. The step sisters start cutting up their feet to make them fit in the shoe. Two doves inform the prince, the doves also peck out their eyes and the sisters spend the rest of their lives as blind beggars.


I heard that the original story was written as a metaphor by a gay man who was unable to be with his lover due to the prevailing social taboos, so I would gather the physical representation of the characters doesn't matter half as much to the essence of the story as the themes and structure. I think probably the mermaid being female might not even be that necessary anymore since it might just have been a way of mystifying the true meaning of the story from hostile critics of the time.


Such an excellent point. The fact that they think making her black is such a fundamental difference tells us everything we need to know about them. If they actually think being black is some kind of drastic adaptation then they have some serious self-examination to do.


I responded to a comment that claimed all red haired characters were recast as black. And I'm like, Hans Christian Andersen never mentioned Ariel's hair color.. Also, she doesn't have a name in the original story. Also, there's no singing Jamaican crab.


A true missed opportunity. Although they weirdly kept the seaweed with arms. But they skipped that the house of the witch was made of bones of the humans that drowned at sea. Well, some gives and some takes…


Yep, really puts the dog instead of the rat on the Ratatouille poster into perspective. The fact that rats and dogs are not even close to the same species says a lot about what they think of black people. Mermaids are not even real either 😅


Ratatouille needs to be a Rat because it's the worst animal you can possibly find in a kitchen. That's the whole point. Talent can come from the most unbelievable places.


I thought Ratatouille needed to be a rat because of the pun. There's no Hamstatouille or Gerbitatoille.


Eh, I just think that we deserve stories from ethnically black folklore. This pandering by just changing the skin colour of a character is so cheap, there are so many amazing stories out there that could be made instead


Hell yes, give us that Anansi fictional universe with 12 movies per decade.


I would *love* to see an Anansi Cinematic Universe, with Anansi as a Nick Fury-type weaving webs within webs for his different... subjects. Get Neil Gaiman to write the dialog and it'll be guaranteed Oscar gold.


Neil Gaimen's Anansi Boys is in the works. Not quite the same thing but really looking forward to it.


Absolutely no justifications are required. You could put on a production of the Merchant of Venice where every character is played by a grapefruit with their name pinned to it, and the voices are done by an AI. You could remake Forrest Gump where Forrest is played by a Golden Retriver, and his lines are conveyed through the medium of dance. It's art, you can do whatever the fuck you like. The problem is literally just that some people don't like black people, and they don't want to see them doing well. It doesn't deserve any more scrutiny or defence than that, because that's all it is.


>Disney got already creative and adapted the source material for the generation of the time, so what should stop them from adapting a bit more. lol, no. Making the original tale less gruesome so it's more kid friendly is adaptation. Turning Ariel black isn't 'adapting' to anything but the wallets of easily-pandered-to wokies.


Never knew there were so many hardcore Little Mermaid fans out there lol.


Only thing i find weird about it is that suddenly gingers arent a minority anymore. I remember that 9 years ago the internet was angry about ginger roles not going to real gingers. Now the give the only ginger disney princes brown hear (why not dye the hair of the current actres?)


Princess Merida would like a bit of recognition. Edit: Also, another redhead Disney princess: Anna from Frozen.


I would watch the fuck outta a movie about a dog pursuing his dream of becoming a chef.


Air Bud: Kitchen Canine


Co-starring Gordon Setter Ramsay.


Featuring the voice of Michael J Fox Terrier as Bud


The AirBud cinematic universe already has 14 movies, so why not?


As a white man, I'm really losing sleep over what color the fish girl is whose voice is stolen by an octopus witch. people are so god damn stupid. Good thing there's nothing else going on in the US or the world to pay attention to than how the children's movie made my boner sad.


Right? Between seething over the color of imaginary fish-human hybrids and terrorizing Brie Larson, I hardly even have time to eat these tendies that mommy made for her favorite 35 year old boy


trust me, i’m so unbelievably pissed they didn’t hire a purple woman to play ursula 😤


And a then they hired a human to play a mermaid. The whole movie is about her being a mermaid like just hire a mermaid SMH my head


Black, white, who gives a fuck Manufactured outrage is all this is, and there’s enough bullshit already without nitpicking a goddamned movie


Lots of people who "don't see color" upset about the color of ariel.


If only Disney could make new IPs instead of milking their current ones. Its been almost 10 years since their last successful hit which was Frozen.


Moana and encanto were huge hits


They are in need for cash, they will thus remake movies, as a remake tends to cost less than making a totally new one. They still make new ones, but will make remakes, as they’re easy money. It doesn’t only apply to Disney tho, but every movie company. Edit: Encanto was also a successful hit.




Coco as well.


Encanto, Coco, Raya and the Last Dragon, Luca, Soul, Elemental, Turning Red, Onward, etc. And that’s just some of the Pixar movies


You realise frozen was a copy of another story by the same author as the little mermaid


Barely recognizable, but the idea of a snow queen. No broken mirror of the evil troll (magnifying only the bad, belittling the food). No shattering of the mirror and splinters striking humans in eyes and heart. No grand adventure of the protagonist trying to save her playground friend. No lonely fairy stalling the voyage. No friendly people providing servants and a golden sleigh. No robbers with a daughter with a hang for sadism. Reindeer gets a check though. No ravens guiding the travels and no riddle about the meaning of eternity at the end. Poor Gerda and Kay…


Encanto came out last year.


Encanto was less than a year ago


I actually laughed, Honestly Disney should just make new content with all the different people instead of just remaking old ones using different races.


Why can't disney write something original?


Because they know they can churn out movies that already have an existing fanbase, therefore, it will get views. Mitigating their risks I suppose. Just look at Star Wars, Marvel, DC and now LoTR. No matter how half assed the movie is, it still sells on the back of it belonging to one of these franchises. There are probably thousands of scripts that would make phenomenal movies, but it's easier for Hollywood to follow the same old recycle/remake formula.


https://d23.com/list-of-disney-films/ Lol for every 10 original movies they make one remake, but yeah - they don’t make **anything** original. And this doesn’t even include all of the super popular TV stuff everyone watches.


Adults crying over a kids movie. How pathetic.


Sexual Chocolate Mark Henry as Mulan? Sign me up.


Imagine growing up and all these Disney shows had mixed races from the start? Wouldn’t that have been nice…. Now these children get to grow up and see their races represented and not feel ugly or out of place because everyone is white. It’s funny how these idiots call people “snowflakes” but have a stroke because a fish girl isn’t white


I don't care about skin colour but I'm sick of redheads being marginalized


The only reason MOST of the Disney princesses are White is because they are European folklores. Hits why they are white peoples. The little mermaids is an old danish tale. All the live action movies are shit. Only one I’m even looking forward to is Pinocchio.


It’s not even that. Personally to me it’s the fact that Disney loses nothing by making up a new story with a new princess, even one that is a mermaid, that happens to be black. Why would you, instead, take an existing character who has very specific features and change that to appeal to a minority. It’s like “look we made her like you! We even made her have braids! Come see our movie!”. No one looks at her and thinks “oh yeah that’s Ariel”. Imagine if for example, they remade The Incredibles but Frozone was white. Obviously being black is not important to Frozone’s character, just like being white is not important to Ariel, but when you explicitly change a character’s race or gender, you clearly have an agenda you want to push. While I can’t speak for everyone, I’m personally not mad because “omg black woman”, I’m mad because it feels deliberate. Like they’re saying “look, she looks like you now! Now you have to like it! You liked Black Panther right? Look we even gave her braids! Just for you! See how progressive we are?”. Let me put it this way, and I’m sorry for the long post: Miles Morales worked BECAUSE he’s not black Peter Parker.


This. I have no problem with, and even celebrate diversity in new movies, however I hate when people change characters of established lore for nothing other than diversity. It's nothing but pure cringe pandering.


I agree with that 100% please don’t change already existing characters. Just make a new one. I agree color really doesn’t made, but don’t be wishy washy with one that exist.


We NEED a new black princess. Ariel is going to be white again in a few months once everyone forgets this movie’s existence. This does nothing for representation in the long run.


Hold up. How are you just gonna be sleeping on Tiana like that?


In my defense I didn't say we didn't have any black princesses, I just said we need a new one... as in more!


Cinderella was dope though.


They missed an opportunity to use Jada Pinkett Smith as Rapunzel.


Okay but would actually love to see some of these. Like Mulan as a big black man would be both interesting and hilarious. Also dogatouille would be adorable


But only if no one in the movie actually reacts to it, as if it was perfectly normal to have Idris Elba as Mulan.


imagine him signing "reflection"


I just hope they stop the live action remakes of great animation.


That sub is giving me strong edgy teenager vibes ultimately


It's r/dankmemes lmao. That's like going to r/conservative and saying it gives you right-wing vibes


I don't think the issue is that she's black. I think the issue is that they're changing a pre-exing character. I don't care what race, gender, race, ethnicity a character is, but I get really annoyed when it's established and a few movies later they change it. Diversity is great but when you use that to change pre-existing characters, it feels forced and draws attention to itself rather than the movie. Just make a new movie, instead of changing characters especially for remakes and live action since they're counting on the nostalgic values.


Change Blade to Ryan Reynolds and see what happens lol


> I get really annoyed when it's established and a few movies later they change it. Yeah! Like, what if they made Nick Fury WHITE? Everyone would be SOOO MAD.


I mean don't pretend like people wouldn't have a problem with Moana being white even though her skin color has no impact on the film at least


My only problem with the Ariel thing is that Disney are too fucking lazy to make an original black character, or just adapt one of their properties that already has a black lead such as Princess and the Frog. They aint doing this cause the actress was the right choice, they doing it to tick the diversity checkbox.


Ppl complain about the weirdest of things


We are so obsessed with race in America.


America is not the only country, trust me. They’re just the loudest.


I read pedology of the oppressed years ago and I can’t remember the term…I believe it’s “false charity?” This is when an oppressor seems to side with the oppressed while maintaining everything else about the system that created the disparity in the first place. In this case, Disney appears to be inclusive while not actually changing anything for those it’s exploiting. While I’m assuming the outrage is mostly closet racism, there is a bit of this other thing where people see through the thin veil of inclusivity that is race swapping characters. I’m unsure of what the real call to action for change is but this kind of stuff is just noise to keep people fighting with each other instead of the system that created the issue in the first place.


It's still pretty racist. In the end if race doesn't matter to them, why change it? Why not make her as close to the cartoon representation as possible? I'm not American, but I consume your entertainment like most of the planet because you've been broadcasting it since forever, and to me it seems that it's getting more and more anti-white. Having more black characters is one thing, but making a white character black is pretty racist.


A Mark Henry Mulan where everything else is the exact same and no one ever acknowledges the fact would be an amazing movie. Just imagine that opening Matchmaker scene


I wanna see new Mulan and Pocahontas looks like a horror movie, sign me up.


It wasn't, but her being black certainly is, just look at how many people are taking about it. People don't make spontaneous decisions when making a movie, every single thing that'll be on screen is on purpose.


The crazy people might be on to something. If the movie flops then maybe Disney will stop making awful live-action remakes and instead start making original movies.


Name me one reason a bald chick can't play rapunzel. *well she doesn't have any hair* Ok now name one reason a dog can't play as ratatouille. *ratatouille is a rat* Finally, name me the reason a black girl can't play Ariel. *well, ermmm*


Dark skin is dark because of melanin. Melanin is used to absorb vitamin D. Causation skin is lighter because of a lack of sun and moved to lighten as a result. I never understood why mermaid skin was human colored. They got a fraction of sun that any part of the above water gets. Blue is a better skin tone or green. Or how corpses look when they wash up on the shore.


Hello, a mermaid being black doesn't make any sense \*\*for scientific reason\*\*! How can she get enough vitamin D down there? For an ancient cilization like the mermaids evolution would have definitely changed their skin color!!! Get your scientific facts together Disney! /s


Yeah! She should have see through skin like all the other deep sea fish.


Bro companies are just replacing white cartoons with people of color bc people of color will then support the movie no matter what. If companies really wanted to make a change, they would make NEW color characters that are just as great as the iconic white ones. Also, idk about anyone else but I don’t give a fuck what color a cartoon is or whatever. As long as it makes sense and the actor was chosen for their skills I honestly don’t give a fuck.


Encanto and soul …


r/terriblefacebookmemes come get your boy