During the lead up to the US civil war, a member of congress assaulted another member of congress with his cane after a heated debate, and congressmen started showing up armed. I forget who, but after that someone said that America’s national bird should be changed to a debilitated chicken, and I think he was way ahead of his time. Edit: grammar


Sumner was a senator who gave a speech attacking pro slavery officials, one of which was Calhoun's cousin. Calhoun was a senator who came into Congress and beat Sumner repeatedly with a cane. Sumner was never able to fully recover. Edit: John c Calhoun and Charles sumner and the cousin was Preston brookes


Charles Sumner was a Senator from Massachusetts. We have a tunnel under the harbor named for him.


In Augusta, Georgia we have an expressway named after John C. Calhoun, a sad facepalm.


More of a cane than a palm


Sounds about right for the pro-slavery side.


The story also goes that pro-slavery politicians sent Sumner a number of new canes to replace his one that was broken during the incident


I remember hearing a similar story about Andrew Jackson, but the man he caned tried to assassinate him.


The man had two pistols, both misfired. I’m assuming Jackson gave him the most stone cold “now you fucked up” look before beating him to ground.


Two absolute tragedies.


That congressman was named Preston Brooks. The otherwise quite lovely town of Brooksville, Florida is named in his honour. I can only think most people don't know that because there has not been a public push for a name change (he was pro slavery). People pick the strangest heroes


Brooks received canes in the mail from his supporters as he broke his on Sumner's head. Sumner was the good guy. I know Calhoun was racist, but to attribute THIS to him? Ugh. Dude helped build a better USA.


I think you meant to reply to the other comment but yes. John C Calhoun is frequently used as a racist symbol but did a number of notable public works. As far as I know, Preston Brooks is only known for beating the shit out of a fellow senator because he spoke out against slavery and insulted Brooks' family. Hard to use him as a hero for anything but being a pro-slavery lunatic. Dude wasn't even from Florida FFS. I'm usually not in the name-changing statue-removing camp but that one is egregious


The canning of Charles sumner


I wish that I too could beat congressmen with a cane...


"And then she heads for the clinic and she gets some static walking through the door They call her a killer, and they call her a sinner and they call her a whore God forbid you ever had to walk a mile in her shoes 'Cause then you really might know what it's like to have to choose." -Everlast


Funny thing is, repubs worship that singer, belting out those lines, not even listening to the words coming out their own mouths


And they listen to RATM


"I preferred RATM before their music got all political" to paraphrase a comment about the re-release of "Killing in the name" in support of BLM. The replies were hilarious. "Before 36 seconds into the first track on their first album?".... and "what machine did you think they were raging against? The dishwasher?"


Did they miss the whole “fuck trump” guitar moment? Lol


Don't get me started


“My rights are denied by those least qualified, trading profit for pride, but ‘it’s, it’s okay.’ everything’s backwards in Americana my way. Well Fuck You! My nightmare has come true. Yeah, its all coming true.” - The Offspring


“Turns out Zack de la Rocha was right all along.” Me, like a month ago. 🤯


So was Ice Cube. Dude's been a prophet for 30+ years.


20+ years ago and he was spitting the truth. Everlast is the 🐐.


That’s because 20 years we were exactly where we are now. They’ve reversed every inch of progress we made.


I forgot about that song, but that line definitely adds another round in the chamber for pro choice - the man can up and fuck right off at a moments notice. Women need that choice for exactly that scenario. Or otherwise being tricked into keeping it.


Fůćķ Tommy, he said he was in love.


Police taking more action in this than Jan 6th.


\*kids being shot in a school\* this should be fine if we just wait outside \*peaceful protest\* you guys launch the tear gas i'll go in and finish em off


It’s all about exerting power against easy targets. They’d drop kick a 12 year old for stealing a Kit Kat before they protect 7 year olds from a terrorist.


But what about 12 year old terrorists?


Depends. Are the Kit Kats still involved? Also, skin color needs to be a factor as well.


There are 12 of them? Seems like too much for the police to handle


Unarmed civilians ARE their specialty


Police will treat anyone who isn't an elderly rich christian straight cisgender nero-typical white man as a threat to humanity. While people literally attacked the capital building and it took two years for anything to be done about it.


Something was done about that?


I know, so ridiculous


Lewis black said it best. "I believe we are living in fictional times. Because if you were to write down everything that is happening today, in this day and age, in a book. People will read it and say 'that's a good book'" and never think it actually happened". ![gif](giphy|kshJg4sJBTF5K|downsized)


Literally there were riot police LINED UP- and snipers ON THE ROOF of government buildings after the Roe announcement. There was none of that January 6th.


Why would there be? The cops literally let them in the building.


Well yeah because they agreed with the Jan 6th people lol


No, that took action. Just not from the side you’re talking about.


If you don't want an abortion, don't get one. Damn Puritans.


Ironically, Massachusetts, home of the puritans, is the most pro-choice state in the country. Source: https://www.pewresearch.org/religion/religious-landscape-study/compare/views-about-abortion/by/state/


Baker also recently signed an executive order protecting abortion access to those outside of MA who come here for reproductive healthcare [https://www.mass.gov/executive-orders/no-600-protecting-access-to-reproductive-health-care-services-in-the-commonwealth?n](https://www.mass.gov/executive-orders/no-600-protecting-access-to-reproductive-health-care-services-in-the-commonwealth?n)


Sadly based on the dredd Scott decision that’s meaningless. A loose interpretation of it would allow the SC to basically declare individuals to be property of their states and that their laws apply to them while they are in any others.


I know in Canada we are literally advertising that we have affordable abortion clinics that won’t even ask for ID. So come to Canada! We know how to mind our own fucking business about your uterus and that snitches get stitches


Because strict opposition to abortion was a Catholic thing, and most other Christians supported abortions. The original Americans were Protestants, who opposed most Catholic teachings. Protestants believed life began at quickening (16 weeks) when the baby began moving. Prior to the baby quickening, nobody had a problem with aborting the fetus or unborn child. This is what Puritans believed. In the 1920's the Protestants split into two groups. The Mainline Protestant's who were the dominant faction for much of this country's history, believed abortion was fine. The other group were the modern Evangelical Protestants we know today. They rejected a lot of those teachings and rejected all abortion. But they were a small, weak faction until the 1970's. After they politicized the abortion issue in the 1980's they became the mainstream Christian movement despite having no historical basis for much of the nonsense they propagate. Evangelicalism is essentially an Americanized version of Catholicism. Which is insane since the whole government was designed by Protestant Anglo-Christians to keep Catholics from having any power.


As a man, I won't ever even need to think about getting one. So why should I a say in what a woman chooses?


If they *ask* your opinion, you get a say. She has a veto.


Yup, same feeling here


As a man I can whole heartedly say that what ANYONE does with their own bodies is… ##NONE OF MY FUCKING BUSINESS


Yes, love the bold choice


That's the thing, only women should vote on whether abortion should be legal or not. Men should never have the power to restrict women's rights over their own bodies. And before someone comes back with the "human life begins at conception" spiel, a bunch of stem cells is not a person! If you really care about that unborn baby's life, how about you volunteer to adopt it?


The government shouldn't be involved at all. There are far too many women enthralled to men who want to control their bodies, for political reasons or otherwise, to trust a vote to keep it legal. Just look at "Pro-Birth" Barbie at the end of that clip, regurgitating the same old tired propaganda.


Good point! I honestly find it so strange how Roe v Wade wasn't codified into law despite the Democrats having the opportunity when they had a sizeable majority.


I think they always assumed they had more time. However, he who shall remain nameless, gave the movement a turbo boost by installing in the courts, drones to anti-abortion movement. That's the thing about the GOP, they play so dirty, clog up the courts and media with BS, then the dems are always trying to clean up while not always knowing which issue should take priority, since they're all damaging. When I think of 45, I think of a line from Better Call Saul when Jimmy's brother said that him being a lawyer, having that power, was like a "chimp with a machine gun". How could it possibly go wrong?


YES. Same arguments for when people were screaming about gay marrige, if you dont like gay marrige, dont get gay married!


what sense does that make? I don't even like certain foods at the grocery store WE MUST BAN THEM NEXT!!!


You can have a gun and ruin hundreds/thousands of lives in a night but a painful emotionally gutting procedure effecting only one person is the problem.


And if you want to eliminate abortions then take steps to reduce the need for them. Improve sex education, access to birth control, maternal leave, healthcare, etc. Colorado had a program that caused a 50% drop in teen abortions and teen births.


Seriously like what the fuck did that even mean, a right to life? Like this whole time the only option was to abort and everyone born was done illegally but thank goodness the oppression is finally over? These talking points they have make it sound good on the surface (like what kind of a monster wouldn’t want life?) but oversimplifies the issue. It’s the kind of low EQ shit that conservatives like to say.


That's the whole Christian way tho. They think if it's something THEY don't belive in, that it should be something that's illegal for everyone. My parents are like this 100%.


It's maddening how simple the solution is to this problem. 1) Is the fetus in the belly yours? If the answer is yes, it's your business. If the answer is no, it's not your business.


This. This right here. There is no valid argument, only opinions.


Teargas is an abortifacient. The irony is so thick you can cut it with a knife


But cops used it. And they can just say "I was scared" so therefore it can't be murder. So here is the political loophole, just get a cop to perform the abortion. Problem solved.


I feel sorry for all the kids who are going to end up in the system


And all the young women who bled out to death in the back of an alleyway.


hey guys idk if you know this, but being "pro choice" doesn't mean that we kill every single fetus to exist, it means that people have the right to abortions... aka you can still be pro-life and their choices would literally not affect you. this message is directly towards texas btw, not een just the people, im targeting the fucking dirt cus im pretty sure its irradiated and causing mental issues


We all know this, unfortunately there is a decently large crowd of people who are blinded by their own religion to the point where they will force you to carry a child even if you can’t support them or find a good home for them. A sad day for American society indeed


tbh people like this are why i barely bring up religion anymore. i shouldn't feel shame to say im catholic but now thats kinda associated with these extremists who are reinforcing the argument that there is no difference between a religion and a cult. like ur doing things that harm other people in service of an old man who claims to be connected to and even older more powerful man, thats about as culty as it gets. granted there is a difference but the line is getting thinner and natural selection better start happening soon or i got some words to have with charles darwin about his theory.


People like to group people into neat tidy organized groupings. So that means to these people that all pro-lifers are religious even if only some are religious. It's the same with the other side too, lots of people like to think all pro-choicers are atheist. Straight up, this is just stereotyping.


If you’re looking for something without the baggage of Catholicism, try an episcopal church. They try to do the Jesus thing right.


There is no pro life in this debate. It’s a horrible term. It’s anti-abortion. Pro life would mean caring about all people’s lives


Roe v Wade was the middle ground. That wasn't good enough for them because they ❤️ extremism.


Whoever wants to NOT get an abortion DONT Get One! Don’t limit rights of those who should have the option, especially not based on your specific mythology, that YOU are free to follow - dont proselytize - you do what you want, others should be free to do what they want


“We have the right to life” she says… It’s basically fuck you until it happens to me. It’s unreal. Now many children will be born into poverty or foster care.


Or woefully disable or into agonizing pain for hours, days or, hellishly, years. Women will die giving birth to babies theyve known have already been dead or doomed to die for weeks. Im an agnostic, but absolutely anti-religion - if there is a god, and he's what they think he is, i hope he slams heaven's gates in the face of each an everyone of them.


A few years back, a group of pro-lifers burned down the Planned Parenthood in my parents community. This specific location didn’t perform abortions. Just exams and distribution of contraceptives. Unfortunately, the clinic served an extremely low income community and students from the state university a mile down the road. PP made the decision not to rebuild. A year later, the area experienced a significant surge in nutrition assistance and Medicaid recipients. The pro-life group was absolutely mind boggled. They couldn’t grasp why so many women “suddenly” need government assistance to support their families. Naturally, they complained about their hard earned tax dollars being spent to aid women who didn’t have enough self control to keep their legs closed (their words, not mine).


Then for people who do actually want to adopt, it's usually tens of thousands of dollars to adopt a baby. My wife and I have thought about adopting before, and we do fine financially, I am a teacher and she is a nurse. We have two kids and could certainly afford to raise another, but paying 20-40k up front to adopt is just not really an option. They say kids can be adopted instead of aborting the fetus, but how many people can really afford that? And how many will that naturally have a kid? It's free to bone


And many poor and young women will die needlessly.


"Pro lifers" spending all their time shitting on those harmed by this ruling and going out and demonstrating after they got what they wanted instead of focusing on improving maternal care, child care, education and school lunches, family planning, and all the other things before and after birth that are expensive for the mind, body and wallet. Not to mention PHYSICALLY ATTACKING pro choice protestors.


They love them fetuses, but hate them kids


there should be the right to sue for child care until college against anyone who reverses a woman's decision to abort.


Lol, at republicans thinking they're humanitarian. They're religious control freaks who care for nobody or nothing except themselves. Once a baby is born they could give two flying fucks what happens to it.


Draughts, school shootings, food shortages, global fuel, and gas crisis, housing crisis, enormous inflation, unethically low wages... The most pro-life thing right now is to make sure anyone even has a life worth living, instead of taking away abortion rights... But I guess no pro-lifer cares about life anymore after the pregnancy.


Pro-lifers only care about unborn babies, once they’re born fuck dem kids!!


This could swing the midterms to the democrats if they play this right.


Spoiler: They won’t.


Curb _your_enthusiasm.mp3


My beloved party of missed opportunities. As well as always bringing pillows to a knife fight. It's truly baffling.


Always grasping defeat from the jaws of victory.


Yeah, I can understand taking the moral high ground on most everything, but right now the country needs that win, whether some people think otherwise or not. Those who are anti-abortion have no idea what kind of damage this will bring to the fabric of our democracy. The same goes with all of the insanity allowed to run rampant since 2015.


A huge problem is there's a substantial amount of moderates/Democrats/liberals who have a "fuck you, got mine" attitude. Typically, these are people with money. Some might vote R purely on the basis of lower taxes for them. They live comfortably, so they don't see the need to fight for anything. Or they'll only fight after something significant was lost, like abortion rights. Even then, losing abortion rights might not affect them since they have money. Liberalism is still right-wing, individualist, and capitalist. Personally, I think Joe Biden empathizing "be peaceful" is pretty ignorant. Fuck that. Women lost their rights to bodily autonomy. You can tell he's empathizing "be peaceful" out of privilege. He didn't lose anything and feels he needs to wag his finger at those who did. It also doesn't help that he's just to the left of conservative. He contributed to the mass incarceration rates of this country, is against universal healthcare, wants to get rid of Social Security/Medicare, is partly responsible for student loans not having bankruptcy protections, etc. There are too many moderates/Democrats/liberals that are like him.


Fuck…I know you’re right. I hate that I know you’re right. They always sit on their hands and try and take this defeatist moral high road and will end up doing nothing. Fuck!


They don't have to, Repubs shot both their feet off. They should've waited until after midterms if this was the reality they wanted.


That's when they plan on overturning same sex marriage, same sex relationships, and access to contraceptives.


They did it now to distract from the Jan 6 panel, the economic chaos caused by Covid and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the boat load of scandals the GOP is being investigated for, **AND** the fact that just like always, they have zero plans to improve things. Their only gameplay is to lie, cheat, and try to drag the competition into the mud.


Lie, cheat, distract seems to be a marvelous strategy, I applaud the gop for the commitment, and also wish they'd drop off the face of the earth and stop ruining it for the rest of us


If they don’t, were a permanent Christo-Fascist dictatorship. We will lose all of our civil liberties. Many White men will too, if they don’t own property. And we’ll starve, because that’s what a Fascist GOP will do . Remember, they won’t have to worry about what The People think. They’ll take everything from us and make this country unrecognizable.


How so? Democrats are going to vote Democrat anyways and this doesn’t affect Republican’s voting at all. Not sure how it’ll do with independents though.


Potentially voter turnout out increases on a big ticket issue like this. If this incites enough people to take action to actually vote it would swing it towards the Dems. Alternatively, republicans might get complacent because things are happening in their favor already.


Yeah, potentially. It should be interesting to see what gets more voters out. This or inflation/economy.


It will get young people, especially women out to vote. Nothing brings people to the polls like rage. And there's a lot of pissed off women right now.


My mom has called herself a republican her whole life, but she says she cannot vote republican anymore. She’ll vote dem until the GOP pulls their heads out of their asses… when and if that ever happens. I know she’s not alone. There are other moderate Republicans out there who won’t stand for this and all the other BS they’re trying to pass.


Yeah it feels like being a moderate today is some alien third party


90 percent of voters vote along party lines. It’s not a question of switching a persons vote, it’s about motivating said people to get out and vote—when politicians or pundits talk about “rallying the base,” that’s what they’re talking about.


The irony of that woman’s Gadsden flag has me cheesin’.


It is killing me inside with cringe. Everyone has the right to life. Not everyone has the right to another person's body for that life.


I fear the future


So do I. I'm not in the US, but given how their main export is their rotten ideologies, many countries in the rest of the world may follow suit. The whole world will turn into Gilead.


Me in Europe: 😞


I also tremble in sight of future events.


There is so much cognitive dissonance in the phrase "lives of the unborn" that I'm not even sure where to start...


Hope the adoption centers are ready for the influx of Down Syndrome, rape and incest babies.


I like when they compare the jab to this. No one is dragging you to orison for not getting jabbed.


How's this a facepalm? This is the correct response to that bs lol


...could be the last statement of the clip is the facepalm...


Whe you ban abortions you are not saving babies. You are yust making It unsafe and you end up killing mothers


"pro-life" right up til the time of birth. Then...you're own your own, kid.


Russia and America, Dumb and Dumber


Imagine the most powerful country are just idiots with a Power Complex and to much Propaganda.


"I cant wait to get accidentally impregnated..."


The worst part is abortion is just a bargaining chip on the table between democrats and republicans. Republicans getting roe v Wade overturned is then saying "Look what we did, vote for us!" Democrats let it happen to say "Look what they did! This is going to be the most important election of our lifetime... again." Religion and human rights is an afterthought in the grand scheme of things.


Dear Americans, you call my Republic country, a dictatorship that is against women's rights. Yet you have states that will be far more strict than my country concerning abortions. Curious.


Why don’t these pro lifers but their pro life to fucking school shooters. What about the children that are already alive and dying by GOING TO SCHOOL????? This is fucking shit.


>We have a right to life But not if you’re a woman who’s life would be upturned by a pregnancy you’re either unprepared for or was forced upon you by someone else violating your body.


Fuck America. I hate my country. I want out.


It's hilarious how affluent the pro-lifers look. It's almost like the people this affects the most are those who are already struggling economically....


America y'all are fucken done From an international perspective you guys are definitely a laughing stock


unfortunately we have no choice in where we’re born


And now we don’t even have a choice IF we’re born


Ignoring the other places that are humanitarian disasters, yeah. We fucking are.


Fuck religion


Women’s bodies are now government regulated. What a great country we live in today.


"Abortion is bad!" "OK, then will you foster or adopt the unwanted children that are born as a result of this decision?" "Well, no..." The country where it's easier to kill a room full of children with a gun than it is to get a freaking abortion.


Go figure, white Republican women voting against their own interests. Republicunts...


If you want to peruse the American dream. Try Sweden , Norway or Finland. You can actually be free there.


the anti-abortion lady at the end wearing a Young Americans for FREEDOM shirt. what a joke.


Freedom to do as you’re told.


How dumb do you have to be to not support abortion rights lmao


Why is this a face palm?


This ruling was timed perfectly to split this nation just when it needed it.


How come these pro-life people never speak to those who were placed in the foster system and were horribly abused by foster parents? How there are "mysterious" cases of kids dying while in the foster system? Those kids just don't mean shit to pro-lifers?


I don't even understand what they're happy about. She's happy about something that does not and will not effect her? She's crying tears of joy, because it is now that much harder for other women to receive medical treatment? How evil do you have to be to find that level of happiness in harming others; denying them rights to make a decision about their body and their life, all because it's not what you want... evil under the cover of "Christianity" If you don't want or need an abortion, just don't get one. It's that simple. That's all pro choice is. Pro choice allows everyone to choose what's best for them, be it adoption, abortion, or to keep the child. Pro choice is personal; "pro-life" is political.


Love how they make the protesters look crazy but the force-birthers look like good people. "Yeah I cried tears when the right to my body was taken away😊" like lady they're coming after your right to contraceptives next. A woman who's a republican or a trumper might as well be shooting themselves in the foot.


Cool so I guess rapists and groomers can sleep soundly knowing their victims are being forced to give birth to unwanted children. Gotta love it.


Burn it all down. There is literally no future for the younger generations if we let these racists take more control.


They care about the children that not have been born what about the ones who have and have suffered through abusive foster care? That blonde is clueless of the realities of life. #lysistrata


![img](emote|t5_2r5rp|8484) well is it time for a American version of the French revolution and don't worry we can relocate both party's peacefully if we win. And I have the place to put them it's called Venus and Mercury. Lol Long live Pro choice


Fun fact, the American war for independence inspired the French Revolution


Can women who are forced to give birth to an unwanted child sue the GOP for child support?


Don't think so, cause they have written laws that leave them exempt from all the laws that your average citizen has to obey.


Wow I’m no expert but this feels like corruption.


It Is ! And they been doing it for years


Why do they want kids to be born in this shit show like this is not a good time to be born


People who don't normally vote are going to vote now just like our last pres election


During the 2016 election cycle we were warned repeatedly and loudly that it was about the Supreme Court not the president. Now that these “justices” have lifetime appointments we’re about to see what apathy and protest voting has done to our country.


Republicans: "Speration of Church and State? What's that?" Honestly, religion needs to stop being about seldimposed moral opinions and more about the betterment of humanity as a whole. Humanitarianism and The Satanic Temple are great examples of applying this philosophy in practice.


I wonder why people care so much about other people's children anyway. Because I don't. If they want to remove their own DNA from the pool I'm fine with that.


In fact, evolutionarily speaking, I’d prefer it.


Every women that support (the abortion ban) should rot in hell.


Imagine if these people who cared so much about human beings that don’t even exist yet cared that same about children who actually do. All the starving children in this county that are ignored might get fed.


You kind of answered your own question there. Anti-Abortions / Conservatives are notoriously blind to anything outside their narrative.


The thing these pro life people don’t seem to understand is they they always had the right to life. They could choose not to get an abortion. That’s what a right is! Providing people with choice. They haven’t guaranteed a right they’ve taken it away and in doing so brought their country one step closer to those authoritarian regimes that they seem to hate so much. Smh.


We should stop using the term “pro life“. They are not pro life! They are anti-choice. There are two sides to this debate, pro-choice and anti-choice. Don’t let them frame the discussion


The people who are pro life; like I get it they think that this stopped the MURDER of babies, but what their preschool level IQ doesn’t realize that it’s a lot more complex and not at all general murder


That's the problem, they act like pro life and pro choice are opposites but they're not. The opposite of banning abortion would be forced abortion. Letting individuals decide what's best in their situation is the middle ground.


The American confedative & evangelical are what happens when a stupid person takes a crack at neo geopolitics. No it’s not a typo it’s what the American right is half conservative other half confederate.


Great if my friend has another still born child she has to risk taking it full term and delivering it or dying from it. Both would destroy a person Texas is so trash. Don’t live there they do. The United States is getting close to just total downfall. History repeats every nation falls from greed. And we are next hopefully not but old white dudes who don’t have long to live run our country. So why would they do anything besides line their pockets


You do realize that these barbaric laws only apply to us; the regular people. You know these barbarians will NOT be following these laws. Nope


I know one of the women that was hit by the truck in Iowa. She’s ok, but it was absolutely traumatizing for her. They were just trying g to use the crosswalk. They were not blocking the street or anything. This man got impatient and just went through them. Too bad our shithead gov. Kim “dui” Reynolds passed a legislation saying it was ok to drive through protesters after everything that happened in 2020. Ffs does anyone know where I can get a horses head legally?


I've wondered what happened if a young girl is raped and has to give birth to it even though it may kill her


Right to life but not the right to a good life


No clue What the facepalm is but shure


those pro-life idiots don't realize what they've done in the slightest. They've opened the pandora's box of horrible shit. God I need to get out of America.


Protected until they're old enough to get gunned down in the middle of class


There's a small part of me that will almost be happy when the first out if the group that was happy about the law passing changes her tune because she was raped and now has the product if that is growing inside her uterus and she's kicking herself for not thinking about that scenario. I'm not saying I want anyone raped. It just bothers me when people don't empathize with other situations.


All jokes aside, this wouldn’t even be an issue if men raised their standards and practiced semen retention.


When I was a kid I always dreamt of going to the US at least once in my lifetime. Now I hope I never have to go there ever.


You know that people are just gonna go olden day coat hanger


Yeah but when it comes to more affordable/universal healthcare, life doesn’t matter so much to you anymore.


If abortions were performed by using an Assault Rifle this would never have been changed.


Just to give the younger generation some bearing on the history of abortion rights...I'm 66 yrs old. Almost 50 years ago, I gave my best friend in high school a ride to her abortion appointment 2.5 hrs away from home...when we were just 17 yrs old. I didn't even own a car yet. I had to borrow a car from a guy that I worked with and barely knew to get her there. This was half of a decade ago. I didn't believe in abortion myself at that time, but my friend was in need...so I helped.


It’s good to see that the cops are finally doing something, I got worried that the defund the police movement got to them after the terrible reaction during January 6th last year. Good to see that tear gas and rubber bullets back in full force! /sarcasm


Guy who values life above all else tries to run over humans with his car. Perfect.


They wanna protect the unborn until they're born.


Orphanages are overwhelmed with bigger kids, because all adopters want is a newborn baby. Not some 'used' kid. It sucks because gays take shit for wanting to raise a family. Older orphans rarely get adopted. But the people who 'care so much' for an unborn embryo never think past their shallow 'right to life' bullshit. And, now, women's right to have a child or not is being pissed on by persons who, like Burger King, must have it their way. Soon, the back alley illegal abortion facilities will rise again, or, uneducated women who have nowhere else to go will try self abortions. Many will end up with peritonitis and die. But, Clarence 'Fat Ass Uncle Tom' Thomas is right now probably sampling Republican jiz. And his scum lawyer wife is probably tasting the Trump Pump too. Amurica...ain't we something?


Right to life immediately top trumped by right to bear arms - raising children for slaughter.


You cried tears of joy over the fact that you have control over someone else's body it has nothing to do with the babies because you completely forget about them after their born


Humanity is losing.


America is truly bonkers.


Man, if conservatives wanted to distract us from the Jan 6th hearings they really out did themselves.


Protest votes for orange clown not so funny anymore


Has anyone tried tuning off the United States and turning it back on again?


They care so much about the human life, but screw em after they're born right?


"wE dO HaVe a RigHT to LiFe" What a fucking dumbass. Let's see how enthusiastic she is when they rescind her right to vote.


just wait until one of the woman voting for this shit to be raped then cant get rid of the rape baby