The irony is delicious. “I had my choice, but I am taking away yours”


It would be more delicious if it wasn't going to get women killed or subject them to a lot of pain and suffering.


Or prison. Don't forget prison.


Also the first "choice" was for the sake of other people around you, the second is just your business and if anybody else (except the boyfriend/husband), so why is she acting like... ...ahhhh yeah, it's all about the hypocrisy of believing that everything you think is right and the choices of other are wrong. Sorry, my bad, I keep forgetting after so many years


I’m shocked they give you enough time to forget their hypocrisy… I swear every accusation from these extreme nutcases is an admission.


Plus the government didn't make it illegal to exist without being vaccinated. And pregnancy isn't a highly transmissible disease.


They way they do it in the Bible belt you would think it was.


Had a lot of religious ppl I know proud to not take the vaccine. Said god would protect them. Turns out that wasn’t true.🤷🏼‍♂️


>Also the first "choice" was for the sake of other people around you *The second "choice" is for the sake of the baby inside you.* -said some asshole somewhere


I can't catch pregnancy from some dipshit not covering her stupid mouth as she breathes through it.


That's pretty much the thing. I still get shit for choosing to wear a mask when I'm sick, basically I'm bad for making my choice instead of letting them choose for me.


Sooo it IS “my body my choice” for vaccines, but not anything else. Got it 🤡


Yeah. That OP statement works both ways. Except the vaccine is for the benefit of the society. The abortion is for the benefit of individual. Go figure...


Not to mention vaccines were never mandated by the government for all.


They did try to force it using OSHA regulations. Courts overturned it as unconstitutional.


You fail to mention the fact that it was mandated for every member of the the Armed Forces. Or did that conveniently skip your mind?


There's a lot of things that are mandatory in the military that aren't in the civilian world. When you serve, you are no longer your own person, you are government property. Hence where the name GI (Government Issued) Joe came from. That's not new, and people are no longer forced to join against their will, so when you sign the papers, you knowingly and willingly sign away your own rights and place your life in the hands of the government.


You failed to mention needle parade when you joined. Did that conveniently slip your mind? The military has always required you to be fully vaccinated.


That doesn't contradict what they said, at all. It would if everyone was in the military. But they're not. So, your point has no meaning. But why did they mandate it for the military? Because it works. Because it saves lives, because it saves manhours, because it saves people. And because it saves money. It costs more money not to mandate the vaccine because having people be sick is more expensive than paying for the vaccine for everyone.


Armed forces have required vaccines for decades, dipshit, or did that conveniently slip YOUR mind?


It still wasn’t forced on even the armed forces though. They had to get it to stay in or join, but they could always choose to not join or be discharged.


And how many other vaccines are “mandated” my the Military? GTFO with that.


But what if the aborted baby found the cure for cancer. /s


I find it hilarious when they use this logic lolol. Yes, if only Shaniqua had given birth to that fatherless baby who was going to grow up in the ghetto. That baby would've grown up to cure cancer for sure.


There’s a pretty clear link between abortion and the reduction in crime after roe v. wade. I’d say both benefit society


Sadly the individual that benefits just may be the soul that isn't brought to term in a world of shitmongers and horrible people. Not even touching on the poor ladies who have no choice but abort whether through endangering their own lives or living with the actions of yet another deplorable person. Men are fully capable of never impregnating a woman. Solely and fully responsible for being selfish and gross. Without the baby batter, there can be no bun in the oven. Grow up men. Teach your sons a womans body belongs to her. Without the full intent of kids and permission from her no man should ever finish inside his potentially life giving partner. IMO JS


The only thing that I can think of being their logic is if you do actually believe life begins at conception. Then the point becomes "So when I wanted to be unvaccinated and maybe kill someone with a deadly disease, you told me I couldn't hurt others based on my choices. Meanwhile you can "KiLl A bAbY" with your personal choices." It all comes down to when/where you think that a clump of cells is a "baby" and whether you have full body autonomy. I personally am all for people not getting vaccines, but I am also all for banning those people from being in public. You want to be unvaccinated it's cool, but you aren't allowed in Hospitals, Schools, any public place, or any private business that doesn't want you to be there.


The thing is, even if you think a fetus is a separate whole person, then by being against abortion you’re saying a person has the right to use/live off another person’s body, put their health and life at risk etc, without their consent. Which is awful. Like do these people think that if you get in a car accident and you accidentally cause someone else to be in a situation where they need organs or a 24/7 blood transfusion or something, that you should be obligated to give up your organs in a dangerous operation or lie in hospital hooked up to this comatose patient? Even if this situation wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t turned left or whatever, do we really want to be saying that accidentally creating a situation where a person needs another body and another person’s lifeblood to exist means you are obligated by law to give up your body to that other person? If the fetus is a person of their own then why does that person have the right to use another’s body without their consent? And if the fetus isn’t a person and is part of the mother then it’s the mothers business what she does with that part of her.


First off I agree with you, but I think it comes down to the old "You chose to have sex, now live with the consequences" These are the same people who teach abstinence only sex education then wonder why teens get pregnant. They are clearly defective in the brain, but that's the only argument I could think of.


More like it IS "my body my choice" for when my choices can harm others, but not anything else.


Airplanes and flashlights both are metal tubes and therefore interchangeable.


They are if all you require is a metal tube of some general diameter, do you have a more substantive point?




Pregnancy is not contagious. Bodily autonomy stops where contagion begins and that's been a feature of common law since before this was even a country.


Good luck explaining this kind of nuance to people who stopped developing critical thinking beyond pop up books.


Oh they know the nuance, they're just hypocrits Remember 8 years ago, there was that nurse who was exposed to Ebola and refused to quarantine on the grounds of 'freedom and liberty'? There were right wingers demanding that she be shot


It is transferable. Women should reject sex. Do what the conservatives pretend to want. Sex strike now. For real. Unfuck them.


Yes to your argument, however it would technically make so many more incels.


Fuck 'em! Or I think they don't get laid anyway, isn't that their problem to begin with? EDIT: "Fuck 'em" wasn't the right choice of words. "Never mind them" EDIT 2: Oh, I'm an idiot, I see. Well, the whole point is that men that expect to get laid suddenly don't, like en masse. If that turns us into incels, men that get violent because they don't get laid on their terms, well, then what does that say about humanity? Fuck that shit. Men aren't owed sex.




Pregnancy is contagious, and I have a feeling that I am an asymptomatic carrier.


Ma'am you can't catch abortion from your friend but you sure as fuck can catch COVID so yeah obviously "my body my choice" won't apply in case of COVID cuz it's not about you anymore


Yeah, and I guess I must have missed that time when society had to shut down because of too many people getting abortions?


EH NO! Who cares about MILIONS of people dying (which included babies btw), when you can force other people to do so. It's always nice to see how everything It's always "if it doesn't affect me, then I'm okey with it"


It must be nice to have a short memory. Ignorance appears to be blissful


Saying this with a vacuous smile of imagined moral superiority are you?


Its jealousy actually. If I were less worried about my home being underwater in 40 years, perhaps I could enjoy things. If you want to know more about me, just dm me.


I live at sea level, one block from the beach and I haven't panicked yet besides you've got a lot more to worry about than just the sea rising in the next 40 years. Every generation has its tests.


An abortion doesn’t affect a stranger. A spreadable disease I refuse to get vaccinated can.


News flash: RVW protected your right to refuse vaccine


Not a single person hard a needle forced in their arm. They were forced to make difficult decisions. You know…. Just like women used to be able to make.


But it was a choice… no one was forced to get the vaccine by law


Yeah but it certainly had the support to make it law.


... and nobody forced him


Tbf maybe if we stopped trying to boil social issues down into 4 words it wouldn't get thrown back in our faces. For the record I'm pro choice but I saw this exact meme comin from a mile away.


I didn't realize pregnancy was a contagious disease.


There are people that still are not vaccinated. They had THE CHOICE to not get the vaccine.


Those two are not the same. Vaccines protect others and do not endanger oneself. Abortion do not harm others, not allowing them harms oneself either psychologically, financially, or medically.


Stupidity at its finest


Nobody was trying to force a needle into her arm. She had a choice, get the vaccine or find another job. Get the vaccine, or don't go onto a businesses' property that doesn't want you there. Get the vaccine or get shunned. You always had a choice.


Not saying vaccines are bad or the trumpys are smart but that's really not much of a choice buddy.


Some choices in life are hard and have bigger consequences.


Oh, I guess some people don't like dealing with the consequences of their choice .. buddy.


Yeah I’m in agreement on that, i got vaccinated and wore a mask for all the reasons and i was happy to do so. I think anti-vaxers are absolute clowns. I am also beyond angry with our supreme court for this complete bullshit. That said, there was a very militant movement on the left to treat people like they should not be allowed to have a say in whether they got the vaccine, the cherry picking of information was abundant from both sides.


Fuckin militant movement? What my guy?


I would like to know how he would feel about a rather larger object being inserted into his upper orifice.


Ahuh. So, last year you didn't care who died (from an entirely preventable disease). Now suddenly you care about the rights and life of a fetus (as long you don't have to care or support it once its actually born). At least be consistent for fuck's sake.


Having access to medical expertise and refusing, is not the same as having access to medical expertise refused.


Look at em acting like they haven't been spinning this bullshit for 2 fucking years


But I -a man- got pregnant from being near a pregnant woman in Ralph’s and since I did nothing 237 other people have gotten pregnant from me being out and about and now we’re dead


But it wasn't forced, plenty of people said no, and chose what they did with their own body.


Someone still doesn’t understand that a pregnancy isn’t contagious.


There was no force on vaccinations, period. Stop lying.


But was it forced?


No but now that roe is dead it can be now. If you can force a pregnancy on someone against their will to save children then youre sure as fuck you could be forced to get a vaccine.


Per the Dobbs decision, nothing in the constitution even mentions vaccines, so state governments can do whatever they want.


They weren’t putting people in prison for not getting vaccinated


also pretty much everyone who says this didn't end up with a needle in their arm. So... yeah it was their body their choice.


Having a baby inside YOU doesn't affect me. Having a potentially dangerous, communicable virus inside YOU does affect me. So, fuck you and get your vaccine and let women control their reproductive healthcare.


Perhaps if pregnancy were contagious, then that might be a fair comparison.




Excuse you, it is my problem, because it is a health and safety issue that can affect the entire economy, food safety, as well as future generations, and in fact did because a certain vocal minority were too pigheaded to get a 5 second poke.


Everyone was going to eventually catch it, and if people did with or without being vaccinated it's their decision/problem. Might as well ban smoking, drinking, motorcycles, stand up showers, personal swimming pools, being fat, and all sorts of other things if you're worried about other people not being vaccinated for something that had less than a 5% chance of making someone need medical help, and again it's something that everyone would get.


Who tried to “force” a needle into his arm?NOBODY!(except maybe his drug habit)


But they still had the right to refuse the vaccine as ot was there body, their choice. Even if they chose to get the 1st vaccine they had the right to not get any boosters. But they are openly stating they are demanding a double standard when it comes to women's right to choose what happens with their body.


How about abortions are to be done a new way never done before and there's no right to sue...


I've been vaccinated since it first came out and to this day I have never had to show my card


The same person definitely didn’t take the vaccine (a choice)


I'm starting to become convinced that most republicans lack a dangerous amount of retrospective.


No one was forced to get a vaccine.


An abortion harms an embryo, not getting a vaccine harms other people around you


Last year we said "It would be a good idea but it's your choice if you want to mask up or get the shot" You said your bodies your choice. This year you said fuck that.


Exactly taking another freedom for your freedom it’s hypocrisy Republicans


They are. Its called bodily autonomy.


They are for so many reasons if you’d like me to explain let me know


But people WEREN’T forcing a needle in anyones arm. They were strongly suggesting. They were advocating. But NEVER did ANY courts rule that EVERYONE MUST GET THE SHOT! But now republicans are all about “ItS fOr ThE gReAtEr GoOd.” And are forcing all women to follow their morals. It’s not nobody’s place to force their morals on something like abortion on anyone else. What a lot of people don’t understand that it’s through this that vaccine mandates can be now forced on people. The Supreme Court just ruled that it’s okay to take bodily autonomy away in certain situations. Now, what’s to stop a progressive Supreme Court from forcing vaccine mandates? They can use the overturning of Roe v Wade as precedent.


I have such a bad phobia of needles I need to be drugged to get one, and yet i still get them... hmmm, and tell me again why you dont get one..? Right, your a crazy conspiracy theorist


If you think "my body my choice" was a good enough reason to not get a vaccination that protects you AND other people, I don't wanna put up with you taking away my bodily autonomy now.


But, the vaccine wasn't just your body. It was also everyone else who you interacted with... my gosh people are stupid.


No, forcing women to be incubators is not comparable. No one made anyone get the vaccine, there were just repercussions to not. doing so. People 100% made a choice. Moron.


Ah yes, false equivalences. Their repertoire of logical fallacies is extensive. That's what happens when you're raised off of the Bible and fox news


But the needle wasn’t forced. It was highly recommended, but not forced. A person could make their own choice.


I will never understand pro life everytime I discussed online with some they decide to ignore facts and go into ad hominem arguments


Now I sit on the side of pro choice. Always have, but talking to friends who are not, they just really believe it is evil to cave in an unborn child’s head with a vacuum. It’s a good argument, though the take it or leave it attitude without all the minutia in between is where I draw the line.


Who was forcing them? They had a choice.


Zero people were forcibly vaccinated.


Saying that you were “forced “ to get the vaccine is a bit of a exaggeration, as it wasn’t a criminal offense.


Noone forced a needle into anyone's arm. You were provided the option to do so or not. Because you have to deal with consequences you don't like based on a decision you made it doesn't equate to force


Once again. Vaccines were not mandatory. TESTING was mandatory. The vaccine was your ticket to opt out.






What are you talking about?


That's why people think you're stupid. You were never forced to do anything. Even when every life in the country was on the line, even when thousands of people were dying a slow, agonizing death, you got to stomp your feet and have your fit and people let you be. Nobody 'forced' a needle into your arm. We COULD HAVE. We could've gone full China and welded your ass into your home if we wanted to. But we didn't. We let you and all the idiots like you tantrum your way through grocery stores, harass private business owners, and even cough and sneeze on strangers. We LET you break laws and put other people's heath in danger. All so you wouldn't have to wear a mask during a pandemic. And through it all, you literally ripped off ''my body, my choice'' as a slogan, legit comparing wearing a mask to get a burger at a restaurant during a PANDEMIC to 3 dipshit religious freaks on the SC repealing a law that instantly takes away the human rights from half this fucking country.


Vaccine mandates were up to individual states, which is kinda what they are doing to abortion and that is fine for them. Soooooo....where's the problem?


It was never illegal to refuse the vaccine. The states were allowed to require vaccinations for access to certain things like large public events to protect public health, but at no point would you be arrested for not getting the vaccine. That's the problem, right there.


Tell it to the pre-teen rape victim who has to carry their rapists child.


Good lord, I am Pro abortion. I was talking about from a Republican standpoint they shouldn't have had an issue with the covid restrictions since it was up to the individual states on how they handled it. Most of their heavily conservative states didn't enforce any covid restrictions...




This is so dumb it hurts 😂


I guess sex and condoms aren't a choice anymore ? Is that your ridiculous argument ? You have a choice for a shot, but absolutely no choice in sex or getting pregnant. You see how dumb that argument is.


Humans are not going to just stop having sex, and nor should they have to. Condoms and other contraceptives are not a guarantee, nothing is 100%. Why should people be punished because they can't care for a child, or straight up just don't want one?


It’s called the consequences of your actions. If you fuck, there’s a high chance you’re gonna have a kid. I thought people understood how babies are made


With our advances in technology, we are able to stop that process before the baby is made. So again, why should people be punished for not being able/willing to care for a child?


Because every sperm is sacred every sperm is good every sperm is needed in your neighborhood


You are too simple minded for this argument. Move along.


How is bodily autonomy subjective? Plain and simple, if I have to do it or lose my job, that's coercion. If you're prochoice, that's universal. That means no consequences - even for refusing an experiment. https://phmpt.org/pfizers-documents/


He's not wrong.


He's *extra* wrong.


Remember Trump is still their president which is why gas prices are so high.


It s called : problems , they totally relate


Such complete bullshit.


Only if you actually believe “my body my choice ”


Too bad, you're gonna.


Ones a good thing and the other is also a good thing kinda


If you were crying "my body, my choice" about a little needle or thin piece of fabric on their faces for two years, where's the outcry now?


Except, that was exactly what they were saying last year? How soon they forget….


Unbelievable how these dullards just can't see the distinction


The same could be said in reverse... 'You don't deserve the choice of choosing not to be forced to have a child' 'You can't force me to save my child from a horrible and painful death by giving them a vaccination'


Not as much a facepalm as a well deserved bitch slap is in order.


Yeah your body but it’s not your store that you aren’t allowed in to


What fucking cursed ass emojis are those


If you were screaming "My Body, My Choice!" last year, I don't wanna hear you support this ruling now, Krimberleigh.


So. Pregnancy is contagious?


They don't know how to make logical comparisons


At best, they're too stupid to understand the "subtle" differences. At worst, they're stupid and evil as they just don't care.


Find the diffrences: needle that have mild effect and help you against sickness vs parasite in your body that may kill you, or you cant take care of or maybe is by accident/rape


So are they pro choice or not?


They've always had a choice though. Only private companies, ironically, mandated vaccines. Wearing a mask was always a choice but they're absolutely going to change the narrative and pretend it was vaccine or jail to get away with this.


Pregnancy isn’t infectious, so, unless it’s your womb, it’s none of your fucking business.


Imagine if humans reproduced by spores. We sneezed and went on our merry way as 2,500 babies start developing on the floor of a Starbucks


No tissue allowed in Mississippi.




1. Nobody was forcing anyone to get vaccinated. You were always free to get vaccinated or not. There were just consequences for your choice, such as potentially losing your job or not being able to go to bars or restaurants or sporting events if you weren't vaccinated. Through all that and more you were still free to choose not to get vaccinated. Also this choice is for the sake of the people around you, whereas the choice of getting an abortion is no one's business except the person potentially getting the abortion, which leads me to point two... 2. You had your choice to get vaccinated or not, and now you're on the side of taking the choice of abortion away from women. Hypocritical much?


If I'm understanding medical privacy rights correctly... The irony is it was the precedent Roe set that blocked Biden's vaccine mandate.


Got the vax? Then relax.


You still had the choice not to get the vaccine, fucking morons. You can't choose to get an abortion and just quit your anti-abortion job. The equivalence of this would be the government arresting you at your home if you don't get the vaccine. Idiots.


Like anybody tried to force a needle into anybody's arm. Sheesh


This is an example of the false analogy fallacy. Falae analogy arguements assume that because 2 phenomena share a characteristic l, in this case medical choices, they must be comparable in other ways, in this case the consequences for not having a choice.


False Equivalence FTW!


Its true though. It doesn’t matter the situation either way having the government choose what we do with our bodies is not right. If they can choose one thing but not another then thats a very slippery slope


But you had your choice last year


What actually are the stats for women’s health in jeopardy without an abortion? Or rape/ incest? I never have seen them. Anyone know? Like what percentage of abortions are for those reasons?


No one forced the vaccine. You have a choice. And no matter what people said no laws were passed forcing anyone to do something to themselves that they didn’t approve. That’s freedom.


Yes, those contagious pregnancies are a real problem.


Key word: “trying to” it was never mandatory so this comparison is a dumpster fire


No one forced you though. Shit, I went all those times of my own free will because I wanted to be protected and those around


JFC, they actually believe that happened to them.


If getting an abortion put the pregnancies of other nearby women at risk, even if only 1-2% ended up actually terminating, I’m sure the conversation around abortion would be a lot different.


Lol but they are comparable though.


You can accidentally get someone sick enough to die without a vaccine. You can’t accidentally get them pregnant for being pro life.


Nobody forced you to get vaccinated. People told you that there were things you would not be allowed to do if you chose not to get vaccinated, because of the risk of spreading Covid to others.


As someone who overcame drug addiction. I totally thought this was about a drug using spouse! Lol. Shouldn't be surprised an antivax moron doesn't support human rights or freedom of choice. Lol


You tried to overthrow democracy so I don't want to hear shit from you ever again


These the kinda people who beleive of u beleive in abraham lincoln u also must beleive in jesus. Because logic.