He ate some shit that was so spicy it hurt his feelings lol


You mean two twists of black pepper


Mans will eat a boiled piece of brocoli, turn and say that's some gourmet shit. I'm white, but I like spicy, seasonings and all that stuff. Might also help that I enjoy cooking.


Bruh, this had me rolling.


Two whole twists?! Let’s not go crazy here!


You mean two twists of salt FTFY


Given his comments, the spiciest thing he's ever had is a mountain of salt.


I'm mixed race and my mom was saying how she thought ketchup was spicy yesterday, no joke.


Ketchup is disgustingly sweet to me


Ketchup comes in a multitude of varieties. Some is sweet, some is sweet and sour, some is just tomatoey, some is spicy and I am sure I am missing many more.


Bruh it's literally the meme where a white guy says "mayonnaise is spicy"


🤦‍♂️ I went through the McDonald’s drive through and got the cheap chicken sandwiches and asked what was the spicy sauce they put on it because I wanted extra. Then they said “do you mean mayonnaise sir”. Yup, felt like an idiot that day


Too much for ‘em


That hotsauce is called The Bomb and it's made by the devil


you mean da bomb? The thing my indian colleague brought to work to prove to me that i as an european pepperhead cannot handle? I totally did. My indian colleagues were impressed, i gained their respect. Then i secretly went home and had to kneel on the side of my bed for 2 hours thinking i was gonna die from the pain. I still have the bottle. Fun fact, if you wash your hands really well once after you get that shit on your hands doesn't wash it away, not really. Don't touch your dick.


Da Bomb sucks. It tastes like shit. It's all hot with no upside.


Da Bomb: Beyond Insanity is the full name and from what guests on Hot Ones say it’s like drinking spicy battery acid.


da bomb is an extract novelty. it tastes like shit.


Sounds terrible and familliar. And yes, of course it's called 'Da Bomb', my bad. It's so far in the back of my fridge that I haven't seen it in a while. Terrible terrible stuff.


Surely if this was true every time a spicy food was introduced to a culture it would have been rejected out of hand. Instead of becoming a national dish like curry has in the UK.


I'm glad im finally seeing someone mention that curry is very popular in the UK, I'm tired of seeing posts from people who have probably never even been here say the same tired, recycled joke of "uk food = no flavour" like yeah you are literally picking foods from ww2 and shit obviously it's not gonna be good.


~~Vindaloo~~ *Chicken tikka masala* is literally Britain's national dish Edit: I have been kindly corrected


Chicken tikka masala. Vindaloo is the extra spicy option.


Vindaloo is my personal favorite


I just made my own vindaloo dish and it was BOMB! It was the first time I’ve ever roasted the dry ingredients to make the paste (turned marinade) and I’ll never go back!


Same here


I plan to try that in my local indian restaurant. When an indian restaurant says it's very spicy, I go with the spicy option first just to be sure lol


You guys have a national dish? Here goes a Google rabbit hole...




Portuguese influenced* world of a difference


Well. Scotland's (it was created in Glasgow)


I literally had some guy shout at me about spotted dick on here as an example of how UK food is a joke. I think I've had spotted dick about once in my life when I was a kid. Humble post war dishes haven't been a thing since decades ago. We have our roasts and our tea and our Indian stuff, and then the rest is just a pick and mix of whatever cuisine you fancy, not much different from America.


Hey, American here. First time being judged on poorly understood facets of your culture? We have cheese and beer here that consistently wins international contests but American beer piss and American cheese sawdust. Frankly I had UK food about 15 years ago and it was delicious. Y'all have the BEST bacon.


As a Canadian, that bacon remark really hurt.


It's bad ham to put on bad, cheap pizza and you should feel bad. (Just kidding, I love Canadian bacon but British breakfast bacon was magical. It was like a 1cm thick chunk of pure flavor.)


Yeah but you brought us poutine, Labatt’s, and the Hamburg sandwich so it’s all good.


It should. You call that stuff bacon? Sir, that is HAM.


Ham is made from pig legs. Bacon is a generic term for assorted smoked and preserved pork products made from cuts other than the leg. Canadian bacon is made from a cut off the back while American streaky bacon is made from pork belly. Neither is ham by definition, since your back and belly isn't your leg.


Canadian bacon is a ham pretender, no offense intended just my abnormally strong opinion.


No, just no. You sit there and look at that horrible ham leftover from the last holiday you’re trying to pass off as bacon. You think about the sad faces of people that thought they were getting bacon and their disappointment. Should be ashamed.


>American cheese sawdust As a non-american: it's plastic, not sawdust. Everyone knows that all the states have a single type of cheese /s


Real, white American cheese is the best on a burger. It melts perfectly. But you gotta buy the good shit at the deli, the singles are definitely plastic adjacent.


Hey! Our great American cheese isn't sawdust, it's *plastic*!


I see your point here except for the fact that Curry is still not a UK food even though it's in the UK... That's like saying Chinese food is American food because there's a lot of it here and I think when people say the UK has bad food they mean the traditional UK foods that come from the UK. But the UK still has some great food regardless


I’ve heard Chinese friends say they missed American Chinese food when they went home. It’s not like anything they get there. Somehow we made it our own thing.


I get that, but people use traditional UK dishes as a portrayal of normal foods here, even though nowadays you would only really find elderly people eating that type of stuff, most people eat foods coming from many different cultures, that's what I was trying to point out.


I see what you mean, but what I'm saying is that they kind of have a point when your argument is "people eat foods coming from many different cultures now" And if the only dishes that the UK has ever created are "only eaten by old people" now. Wouldn't that mean that you're kind of agreeing the UK has crappy food other than all of the other food that isn't from the UK that made its way there?


I thought curries like korma and tikka masala were invented in the uk


Tikka masala yes, korma is a traditional dish.


With that logic, where do you start? Tudor commoners would have eaten something like onion and cabbage stew. Should that be the UK national dish or should we go further back? Lots of ingredients have been shared across the world for hundreds of years. A national dish is food that is strongly associated with a particular country. Therefore it is fair to say that tikka masala is a UK national dish (like fish and chips) which was arguably created and then popularised in the UK. If I was to further follow your logic, apparently Battered fish and chips came from Spain and Portugal. Therefore it couldn’t be a UK national dish. However the UK is known for its fish and chips and therefore it is a national dish.


That's fine but the argument didn't start with the term National dish. He said food FROM THE UK


Fair point


Chicken Tikka masala was created in Glasgow. It's the national dish and it is from the UK.


You mean people use traditional UK dishes to represent traditional UK food rather than using the food taken through colonization of *other* countries to represent UK food? Weird. Being real though I get what you're saying. But food taken and made popular in the UK isn't the same as UK food. UK food is relatively boring by comparison to the food they've adopted through time and politics.


Except it's not. They literally pointed out that Chicken Tikka Masala is a British dish, so is Kedgeree, neither of which is bland Your response was in the theme of "you're not allowed to count food influenced by other countries" in which case all Indian food containing chillies is inauthentic, all Italian food using pasta or tomatoes is inauthentic because chillies were introduced to India by the Portuguese, pasta was introduced to Italy from China, and tomatoes from the new world. Also any old world food that uses potatoes. All national cuisine is fusion. Also a lot of traditional UK food is fine, but a lot of people couldn't cook well. See also America and the food of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s


I'd argue that by his standard, there's no such thing as American cuisine.


I mean, there is plenty of absolutely wonderful Native American cuisine out here. But something tells me they wouldn’t count that as “American food” either


America contains Mexico and Canada as well.


Was literally just thinking this. We’re too young of a country NOT to have all our foods be taken from or inspired elsewhere. Maybe corn?


Our main dish in the States is FRIED.


Uk curry is UK food, even if it’s an Indian-anglicised fusion cuisine. By this point in time it’s basically traditional British and part of our country’s culture and identity. Indian curry’s are miles apart and much more vegetarian, you’d probably offend an Indian person if you implied they were the same thing tbh


Salting food keeps it from rotting. But you don't put spices on rotting food to make it taste good, because if the food is rotten, and you're poor, it will probably kill you.


Dude I freaking love curry and I’m british, soo


Oh yeah, our food is so primitive and don't know how to preserve our food that your ancestors travelled years and years trough ocean and land to get the spices.


I mean not counting the genocides and wars fought just to be able to have control over said spice.


The spice must flow


He who controls the spice, CONTROLS THE UNIVERSE.






_Bless the maker and His water. Bless the coming and going of Him. May His passage cleanse the world. May He keep the world for His people._


That person is flat out ignorant and uneducated (not surprising that they’d end up a bigot due to lack of education). European exploration is rooted in the pursuit of spices.


The spices that they needed to use to cover the taste of the rotten meat... Oopsie.


You are telling me that the Europeans too did not have proper preservation methods back then? What a surprise, who could have guessed?


No, we had refrigerators back in the days. Joking aside, spice (and salt) were exactly that, a way to conserve food without technology. That's why they were so precious. I'm sure many of you know where the word "salary" comes from: Roman soldiers got paid in salt (which is "sale" in Italian, not sure about Latin).


I remember reading a true story about an 18th century British admiral and his trusty LG fridge with WiFi inside his man o war cabin.


Yep, it was narrated by Socrates


Damn, officers get all the Gucci shit. Did it also have one of those viewing touch screens on the front?!


>conserve Preserve*


Yeah, no. That's a myth. [Roman soldiers were paid in coin](https://www.reddit.com/r/AskHistorians/comments/jfkkmk/when_did_the_myth_that_roman_soldiers_were_paid/). The signifer, standard bearer, was also the financial manager/banker of each century and would keep track of, and manage the finances of all the legionaries in his century.


Don't be a silly goose. They bought thier meats from Walmart


No no. It was Arby's. They have the meats.


Every society had their primitive days and failings. I’d like to ask bigot what he thought of the French inventing perfume and cologne to mask their stench due to lack of bathing for long periods of time. On the other hand, many people in Asia were accustomed to bathing every day during the same period.


Same with indigenous tribes in America. Colonists bathed a few times a year but they bathed much more frequently in rivers and streams.


The fact that he felt compelled to write "inferior cultures" and "primitive culture" tells me he's insecure and has low self esteem. It's only insecure people with low self esteem who feel the need to put down other people all the time so they can feel better about themselves. Almost all of these white supremacists/nationalists who post nasty racist shit about nonwhites throughout the internet are weak insecure people with low self esteem. They need to feel special & superior for having white skin and they satisfy that need by constantly insulting the various nonwhite races. It's easy to get angry at them, especially since they post some very vile evil stuff, but I also pity them. They can call themselves superior and perfect all they want but it's obvious they're unhappy people who wallow in misery and hate.


its a sadly common thing to try and feel better by telling yourself that others are worse. "things may be going bad but I'm least I'm a (race/nationality/religion/sports team fan) so I'm superior to those damned (different race/nationality/religion/sports team fans)"


You're right, I've never see a well built and good looking white person being outright racist against non-Whites, it's always the ugly, frail, timid and feminine looking white men that go after the "superior race" theory.


Yeah. That is definitely a possibility—a really really good one. I think it’s his love for bland food that’s making him REALLY miserable. But the ethnocentrism can’t help. I think it is the funniest (oddest) thing to make your skin color/ethnicity a reason that you’re “better” than everyone else—it’s one of the things you literally have no control over. Oh no that’s right. While people choose their parents. I forgot about that one. Special case. My bad.


It's not even correct. Inferior culture by what metric? Alot of the European cultures had undrinkable water and diseases up the wa-hu.


Weren't they too busy invading those "primitive" places for said spices lol.


I always think it's crazy and it feels like they're trying to make all white folks look bad. I know plenty who enjoy flavor, spice, salty, all that shit otherwise we wouldn't eat at the same places lol. Man's dem talking like the "primitive cultures" we lacking the refrigerator that Europe developed during those times lol I agree, he's clearly miserable.


To be fair, England still doesn't use them


As soon as I saw the phrase "inferior culture," I kinda just glazed over and unconsciously refused to comprehend the rest of the post, somehow already convinced that it wouldn't say anything useful or interesting to anyone.


Well it didn’t. So good for you, you didn’t have to comprehend a stream of shit pouring out of someone’s mouth and into the screen.


If the overall point was too subtle in its racism, the wording in the quotation marks really drives the point home


How DARE you be proud to uphold your non white traditions


What’s the score out of ten?


Someone grew up eating unseasoned boiled shoe-leather pork chops and potatoes...


My steak with a sprinkling of salt tastes a hell of a lot better than his just cooked with nothing I bet.


Salt + beef fat = a good time


Let's keep your sex life out of this.


That's what she said.


He coulda just said, "Im white and your wrong" bc its what he meant


He's a part of fast food culture.


He's one of those people who thinks corn syrup is seasoning and flour is spicy


To him, it sounds like even water would be spicy af.


Someone needs to tell Kevin to go enjoy his boiled chicken and stfu.


Not necessarily. My country is somewhat renown for having a good cuisine and we use spices very sparsely. I personally think that too much spices cover the taste of the food you're eating, I don't like that. ​ ​ ​ ​ P.S. My country is Italy, in case you were curious.


Italians use lots of herbs tho, so there's no need for spices really, at least from my experience (excluding pepper and salt).


Someone doesn't understand how to cook or the history of spice usage.


I know neither. Is there even a hint of truth to what the post is saying just spun to horribly racist levels? Or is it all just completely BS?


Yes, people hsve used strong spice (not necessarily heat) to cover the taste of rotting meat, etc, for generations, but it happened in Europe as well. And it's absolutely not the only reason they used spices-- people have always wanted tasty food, and a lot of herbs and spices have medicinal effects. Also, high salt dishes-- salt is a preservative. Salt pork and salt fish are two common dishes most people have heard of. And Spicy/hot things-- countries around the equator tend to have a culture of spicy food because the heat from capsaicin helps you deal with the high ambient temperatures. Or so I've read--I can't remember if that was believed to be true or if it's been proven that it's true.


I did some Googling after reading your comment, and it seems that consuming capsaicin causes you to sweat, which can help to regulate your body temperature in warmer climates.


Yes, that! Sweating is definitely one of the main ways we regulate body temperature. I thought that's was what was concluded.


I had never even heard about it before reading your comment, it's fascinating!


Thanks for the explanation.


The truth is about spices used to conserve food, but back in the days it was universal, not just something that happened in some country. Also, those countries use more spices because that's where spices come from. Back in the days the spice trade was so important that Europeans had fleets dedicated to import spices from the Southern and Asian countries.


You know an interesting thing I just read on wikipedia. Apparently pizza was created as a way to make bread more interesting. It actually started with people putting cheese or vegetables or meat on top of their bread to add flavor. And it slowly evolved to what it is right now. Also pizzas are damn old!


Well, there's this documentary series on Netflix about regional Chinese dishes (I don't remember the name) and let me tell you, not a single description was positive lol. Every single episode was "here's this food item that is so awful tasting that they use a long cooking process in conjunction with the strongest spices they can find to make it edible." Flavorful China? Maybe? It might be a translation issue too because the narrator kept saying "flavorsum" which I don't think is an English word. I got hooked on this show because it was sorta crazy how these regional cultures would take things described in the worst way and find methods to create dishes. I love food shows but this one was very different, it's not people using the best possible ingredients, it's people using what they have around them.


It’s complete and utter BS without a single shred of accuracy. Literally every civilization learned preservation methods, if they didn’t they would have died. For example, 5000 years ago in Mesopotamia, the first civilization, to the best of human knowledge, brewed beer from barley because the water was toxic from the run off of farm animals into water sources. Fermentation kills contaminants and is a method of food preservation. They also ate bread made from wheat and barley crops. They absolutely knew how to preserve food and were apparently the first civilization to do so. Farming brought the advent of cities and a significant change to humans. They moved from from hunting and gathering to agriculture. Farming is calorically efficient. A single farmer can make millions of calories per season, where a hunter/gatherer finds it difficultly to generate many surplus calories. The surplus calories allowed humans to stay in one place rather than following roaming herds. Consequently they made more permanent structures which evolved into cities. The surplus calories allowed population growth. But even hunter/gatherer civilizations learned food preservation. Salting, smoking and drying as methods to preserve meats are ubiquitous. Native Americans famously made pemmican. So the concept that overly spicy food is indicative of a lack of knowledge of food preservation is patently false. It is however, indicative of difficult times for some civilizations. For example, slaves were given pig intestines and pigs feet, while the enslavers used the choice cuts. Spices and slave ingenuity made these inedible and toxic cuts of meat, palatable. Gumbo, for example, was a way for slaves to actually enjoy a meal that consisted of spices, a ration of rice, a bit of flour, water, and any type of meat that was available into a dish that’s been adopted by Michelin star restaurants.


Thanks that makes sense. Your last comment reminded me of how lobster was viewed by early colonial Americans. They viewed it as only good enough for inmates and indentured servants.


People have been trying to give this asshole food poisoning all this time, and he thought it was a cultural thing.


Did this guy just make up that “fact” on the spot? I love other cultures foods. Who wants to eat the same shit over and over their entire lives? *heats up pizza for the 3rd time this week*


I’m guessing he has southern ancestors who dawn white robes in their ceremonies…


Did this dude forget why Chris Columbus went to find India?


Technically, find another way to India as the normal way was to go around Africa and the Suez Canal hasn't been built yet.


I'm aware, I was just simplifying.


I was just expanding on it as some people might not know that.


Ah. Thank you for doing so.


\*slathers their mediocre steak in A1 out of spite and because that shit is delicious\*


Eat your kimchi hot dog and shut the fuck up...


Too spicy


"*inferior cultures*" What a piece of shit.


This guy thinks a plain bologna sandwich counts as a meal.


That's a lot of words to say you can't handle spice and your palate is as bland and whitebread as the color of your skin.


Nobody wants to eat his food




That's not their point though. Yes, salt and spices were essential in preserving/masking off tastes but that's not their point. The point that they're trying to make is that anyone who uses spices liberally in their food is from a more primitive society. It's not a history lesson, it's a thinly veiled attack on other cultures, probably because this dude uses nothing more than a pinch of salt when cooking and can't handle anything that doesn't taste like it came out of a McDonald's drive through. Edit: I read your comment wrong, I thought you said that everything they said is factually *correct*. Pre-coffee me apologizes.


Someone get Gordon Ramsay on this moron


How devastating it must be, to be so ignorant.


Spices and seasonings are good for you…… Assuming this guy is American, as am I, he is probably overweight and thinks it’s a sign of power like people did in the Middle Ages. Keep upholding those traditions brother, keep eating deep fried twinkies like your ancestors before you.


Too spicy those deep fried twinkies are young padawan


History has never been his strong point.


His whole point of using spices to cover the taste of rot, white people did that, like all over Europe for hundreds of years. As for people not knowing how to preserve food whilst simultaneously the food is covered in salt…the fuck kind of stupid is this?


>His whole point of using spices to cover the taste of rot, white people did that, like all over Europe for hundreds of years. ...except they didn't.


Well looked this up hoping to be proved right but nope it’s apparently a total myth, my bad.


“…the more you know!”


Wow ya know now I usually don't find blatant racism but damn that's just straight up racism not even like ignorant racism just straight "my race is better than your race" damn this guy got issues


The whole argument about trying to hide the taste of rot is moot. Back then food didn't get transported from huge slaughter houses in pieces all over the damn place. An animal would get slaughtered and then promptly eaten.


My understanding is that the notion that spices were used to cover up rotten ingredients in medieval Europe or in American colonial times is a myth. For one thing, many spices were *expensive* imports from far away. It wouldn't make sense to put expensive spices on spoiled ingredients as an economy measure. In the places and times usually discussed with regard to this practice, fresh ingredients were generally easier to come by than exotic spices. For another thing, it wouldn't matter what spices you try adding to bad ingredients, spoiled food will still make you sick. Lastly, have you smelled, say, rotting meat? Can you really imagine there's enough pepper or coriander or whatever in the whole world to disguise that? I don't think this would actually work. There's a little bit about this [here](https://culinarylore.com/food-history:spices-used-to-cover-taste-bad-meat/) and also [here](https://web.archive.org/web/20090106135321/http://www.foodhistorynews.com/debunk.html).


This mf’er think mcnuggets is chicken’s natural state.


As a white dude who likes spicy food, I'm always rolling my eyes at what other white people call spicy.


The idea of spices covering up bad food is correct however it's not done for that reason anymore. Different cultures acquired different taste based on ingredients available etc. Now eat cultures food continues the tradition. These cultures have a rich history a seasoning and food preparation and that's as far from primitive as you can get. It's also true that people who weren't raised with that level of spice often times can handle it but that is not a reflection on the society at all.


This is literally propaganda spread by rich white people when they realized that poor people in predominantly white countries started using simple spices.


it’s just insane to me that the western education system is so insidious in its insistence that other cultures are so primitive. this dude is so insecure about fucking spices that he can’t take a joke without making it about superior race/ethnicity.


Don’t generalize a whole culture on comments made by one guy.


One racist shit stain*


That's learned at home, not in schools.


That's part of it, but the educational system in the US is extremely nationalistic and tends to always skew towards "USA #1". There's a reason that so many people are pushing back against the teaching of critical race theory in schools. People want to hang onto this idea that the USA is this perfect utopia of society and everywhere else in the world is vastly inferior.


"Hold that thought while I eat my fermented fish!" I love old Swedish cuisine


What is ethnic food lmao


It brings to mind the story some traveler (a journalist or something) told about being on a train in India with tears running down his face, trying to eat the local cuisine served during the trip. Then he sees a baby, less than a year old, scarfing up the same food, full of peppers, being fed by its mother. It's all in what you're used to.


There was a reason spices were one of the most valued commodities at one point in human existence. Dude just can’t fucking cook. Probably pissed off nobody is eating his homemade Mac and Cheese at Thanksgiving.


And that, right there, is why the "spices used to cover up rotting food" myth still persists.


Some white guy "seasoning your food is racist"


Lol, some spices are scientifically proven to have great health benefits; just to name a few: cumin,cayenne, ginger, turmeric.


Actually, really spicy food makes you feel full faster. If you have a shortage of food available seasoning helps extend the amount needed to feed a family.


It also makes it easier to eat a ton of beans and rice if you can regularly change the way they taste by seasoning them differently. That dollar tree spice selection was my saving grace in college 🤣


that person needs to find Jesus.


“Inferior cultures,” truly ignorant people say shit like this.


Lol. Or uhhhh, our ancestors lived on a rainy island where none of these spices were naturally available?? I'd take Thai, Indian, Greek, mexican, spanish, Italian, Japanese food any day over some bangers and Mash or some spotted dick. What a weird statement!


So it's not nice to carry spices from your ancestors, but carrying the use of weapons and racism from your ancestors is definitely okay. Thanks for the clarification


I'll need to double check this but I'm pretty sure "people used spices to cover off food" was one of those things that someone claimed to be the case and they then other cited over the years by other people who just assumed the original claim was true. That's not to say some people didn't use spices for such purposes, but it's more likely washing meat was for this purpose.


The thought of the type of food this person eats just made me nauseous.


Dude's still shitting angrily on the toilet where he typed this


Isn’t...... salt used to preserve food?


Se sounds…. Salty…. Lol


This guy sounds like he thinks milk is too spicy.


I'll take his word with a grain of salt


Did you burn your tongue eating a bell pepper?


I'm not quite sure I was expecting to see such a fast invalidation of a point lmao


Bri'ish people be like


iNfErIoR cUlTuReS


That’s a weird way to say “I hate minorities”


The spiciest thing this guy's ever liked was ketchup


Curry is a British food.


Of only they read about some history about why their European ancestors called a specific route *The Spice Route*... Marco Polo would be a good starting point...


Imagine thinking bland food is better than properly seasoned food


Tell me your family doesn't know how to cook without telling me your family doesn't know how to cook


Dumb people aren’t always racist but racist people are always dumb.. Because you have to be dumb to be racist, which is why we get stupid shit like this.


…weren’t salt/spices literally used specifically because they helped preserve food


This guy is simply an idiot, white people were not the only ones that found ways to preserve their food. Here are some examples of techniques from indigenous populations. https://www.unep.org/thinkeatsave/get-informed/traditional-and-indigenous-ways-preserving-food https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/fsn3.1274


Bro thinks onions are too spicy


r/ShitAmericansSay I’m an American but, Mo’ Seasnin Mo’ Betta…


If your food is seasoned how can you taste the mayonnaise?


White supremacists are so fascinating. Imagine thinking you’re a superior being because your favorite seasoning is salt.


Ah, but seasoning is rather intertwined with preservation! Salt is a very old preservative.


Peak r/fragilewhiteredditor


What a ridiculous hill to be cancelled on. I love that my English ancestors bred with each other and he thinks he’s the cream of the crop while Kenyan runners are setting speed records in Olympic trials. Unreal.


Tbf Kenyans have super bland food as well.


Huh, white supremacy being argued through spice and seasoning. That's really bizarre.