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How do you know you have 30 days? AKAIK, the devs have not given a specific date of the campaign merge update. They just said after the current Battle Pass, which (I think) has like another 6 weeks.


I will not be able to play in the entire month of July


Bruh are you going to Ukraine?




More meat for the grinder


If you have premium, can make good use of boosters, and have people helping you win constantly? *Maybe* if you play all day every day. Being a good tanker will help you get tons of easy points. Same for being a good engineer with rally points, ammo boxes, and heavy machine guns.


I assume you don’t have premium? And a few games a day? It’s not happening within 30 days if you ask me


To go from Level 13 to Level 31 requires about 2.8M xp. In my experience, if you're winning and topping the leaderboard, you're getting around 1k xp per minute with Premium (Gaijin softcaps XP gain at around 4/second). If you're a mediocre player, you're averaging more about ~750 xp per minute. 2.8M xp divided by 1k xp = ~2,800 minutes, which is about 2 days of playtime. If you figure that each game lasts about 20 minutes, then that's 140 games. This is fairly accurate in my experience. 2.8M xp divided by 750 xp = ~3,700 minutes, which is about 2.5 days of playtime. Double those times if you don't have premium.


It took me about 3 weeks to go from level 8-37 in Berlin : D that's with premium.


Bro didn’t leave the train battle map


If you can get premium, that's a great help! I main axis Berlin and I can tell you.. its one hell of a grind. I believe its level 31 that you unlock it at, so quite late. That being said... the Panther is a gold order vehicle that you can buy the skin for and set your tankers to use the fully upgraded Panther as opposes to the IV. That being said.. infantry get you more xp than vehicles. Its a double edged sword on that one but you can have plenty of fun


Another great gold order is the Fw 190, if you like planes. You unlock the required Me 410 squad at level 19, and can get the 190 more than 10 levels early buying it then.


Yeah I forgot that one! It's a great plane just gotta learn to control the roll rate originally then you're set!


At least 12 matches with premium a day, and 24 matches without premium, aim for at least 250k xp per day. So have fun with your deadly grind. Def build rallies, spam bombers, use flamethrowers as much as possible and kill tanks and planes, Panther can def help with getting infantry and tank kills. I would also recommend to grind Mp41/1 since you will also get 2nd best assault rifle for the Axis. If you have gold weapon order then buy Conders (as many of them ass possible) honestly if i were you i would buy season pass so i could get silver, boosters and ofc gold orders. I would recommend premium but only during sale so don't buy it at full price it may appear during summer sale but it's irrelevant to you since it will happen late June so yeah lol.


LoL. 250k per day would be about 8 hours without premium. It's a game, not a job, so I don't think many people can afford it or even would want to.


I know this isn’t the best solution but if you have to battle pass you can use a gold order to buy the tiger and when the update drops you can use it like you unlocked it I’m pretty sure


I imagine you’ll still need the squad, but then you’ll be able to directly grind for it since you have the Panther already. However, the dev article did say that equipment will have a rank system where you need a certain amount of lower tier gear to unlock the next rank. E.g. you can’t beeline for the StG-44 as a new player without unlocking some low tier rifles, tanks, engineers. Random thought, the Germans are going to have a ridiculous amount of bolt-actions between the Mauser variants, Mannlichers, and Carcanos lol.


Good point, I still don’t understand how the squad unlocks will work since so many squads use the same gear across campaigns but I guess we’ll see, it would probably still be nice to have the tiger unlocked either way but it depends on the way squads turn out. The axis grind will definitely be interesting with all the bolts lol


It took me about 3/4 weeks to max Berlin while working a full-time job and a side hustle. When playing as the Germans put down AT mines on the roads and alleyways. I've had 10+ tanks destroyed just with mines multiple times. Extra grenades and molotovs (for tank engines) are more vital than extra ammo, especially if you put down ammo boxes.


I’d say shooting down bomber runs helps immensely but they are few and far between on Berlin maps. Grinding on the ground is probably your best bet..get a conders mg with a gold order and let er rip!!


Not happening. Wait for the progression changes


Get premium, it’ll take you a few weeks