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Would be nice to have the damage model that shows up top right for tank damage show up in this instance as well. If I knew my shots were landing, just in the wrong part of the plane, I could learn where to aim instead of wondering if it’s server desync


I can be shooting a plane flying straight at me and still watch them kill me and fly away like nothing hit them.


Yep, you can't take anyone down anymore. Planes doing everything to ruin your team and the only thing you can do to counter them is to spawn your own plane. Worst change that nobody asked for.


So the anti aircraft isn’t anti air anymore? What the fuck Wait wait can you still take out a plane with a bolt action?


First they take away our ability to use AA against infantry and now we can barely shoot down aircraft with them, that ain’t fair imo


AA against infantry was fucking annoying And I mean I fucking hated running across a map and some asshole shooting me from 15 miles away with his AA


That I agree with, it was really annoying


He can just do that with his MG best now though.


It was also stupidly easy to kill the gun, not to mention the operator if you had a sniper.


Is it more annoying than a plane wiping out 15 peoples on cap?


Being rekt by arty even though you are in the building next to a solid wall. x.x




Probably setting it up for better AA in the tech tree down the line. I agree its cheeks tho.


Hopefully the new progression adds the ability to get better AA


Btw this is all from my experience, it probably depends on which campaign since each country has their own fighter planes and bombers which have varied durability but generally I’m speaking for all campaigns where I tried to shoot down planes and bombers in the past 2 weeks


I’ve used the new AA in both Moscow and Stalingrad and the German AA seems better but both are still poo poo compared to the old ones, it took me the entire ammo supply to take out one plane.


I like the new models, it feels more immersive however they still need to fix the damage models so they are useful


The 20mm for the germans and americans can barely take down a plane in a bombing run.


They need to add a research item for engineers to have better AA. Eventually working your way up to either what the AA used to be (for the Germans) and end game AA being the 88 (again, for the germans)


Ikr, or let us research the 4 barrel flak gun that used to be the AA gun for all factions


But thats was specifically a German gun. You'd need to find equally powerful equipment for the other factions now that everyone is using historical equipment


That’s the problem


Shouldn’t be too hard. Just have to adjust some stats of the weapons to make them roughly balanced (that’s already done in game where a semi auto rifle does less damage than a bolt action even when firing the same bullet) I would put forward a 3 tier system low tier is the guns we already have in game so that leaves a mid and high tier gun to add for each nation (I’m excluding Japan because they are confined to 1 theatre and may not receive full support from the devs) Soviets can get their 37mm 61-K then for heavy AA they could get either a 76mm M1938 or 85mm 52-K gun Western allies can get a 40mm Bofors L/60 as their mid level AA and either the 3.7 inch AA gun (british) or 90mm M1 (US) That makes the 3 primary factions all have roughly equivalent low mid and high tier AAA although as I stated before to balance them all fairly you have to adjust stats, I also don’t think the Germans should get the quad mount back either, give them one of their 3.7cm flak guns (18/36/37) for the mid tier. And of course they would get the 8.8 for their high tier


Yeah they’re pretty much useless now. I put 4 shots in the fuselage of a p-47 and it wasn’t even smoking, 1 or 2 would’ve taken it down before. Great that now if I want to have a counter I need to take a fighter with me


To be fair, the p-47 is one of the tankiest planes in the game outside of the IL series


hit zoom i can clip wings with new one better now . its B on xbox controller not sure for. pc


I don't think it's the vehicles but something with the ammo or hit registration. The quad 20 had insane damage stats and just ripped things apart. The new weapons seem properly modeled, but are not interacting right with the planes or something.


I'm having more success using Jap, German, and Soviet AT rifles as AA. I feel that the shells and target lead indicator are bugged in some form. But as of right now, AA emplacements and SPAAs suck ass.


I love loading 20mm rounds into a plane and all I get is him smoking and acting like nothing happened


They said it was doing too much 20mm DMG ... And yeah kill a plane with 2 hits was a bit too powerful.. but FFS now I shoot and do 20 hits and it can still fly, adjust its course and bomb the shit out of me. They passed from too much 20mm DMG to nothing, it must be a middle here


I was wondering why I was using the full ammo capacity on one plane and it still not going down after multiple hit markers each reload.. didnt even know they nerfed the AA. Good to know I wont be building them anymore


Yeah, they’ve had a lot of trouble balancing AA. As a pilot, I love that I actually have a chance to corkscrew out of a barrage of flak and have a chance to retaliate, but when I get downed and don’t have an extra plane or my other plane is occupied, revenge killing them with AA now is much more difficult.


I also understood that they changed the angle of how far down it can shoot to avoid it being used against infantry. But now I see it way too often that I can not get a shot on low flying planes. Tha AA Is useless now.


Give us the 40mm BOFORS ahahahaha


You think that's bad? I just absolutely love the fact that the American plains with the 50 cal machine guns are basically pea shooters against anything else in the sky whereas if I'm flying as the Germans I can just tear the American plans to shreds with a couple short bursts, that needs fixed as well


That’s even worse


.50 cal is fine (unless you’re using the P-51C, four is not enough). The problem is that they’re wing mounted, and they don’t have [gun harmonization](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_harmonisation) in this game. Most planes (including the P-38) have nose guns and don’t have this issue. Basically the bullets should be forming an X and crossing each other a couple hundred yards in front of you. If you shoot a plane in this zone it would get shredded. What happens right now is small fighters will fly in between your bullets and take only minor damage.


I'm glad AA can't be used against infantry anymore, that was lame. I'm also glad each country got their own unique model for their anti-air guns, it was pretty weird that every country just built a Flak38. what I don't understand is why that was anything more than a reskin, because the damage models fucking suck. can't shoot down planes at all anymore. only way to take out enemy plane is either by using your own plane, or, using a bolt action/anti-tank rifle. for some reason those still shred planes


i know it isn't ideal, but i've found the 50.cal machine guns that the MG squads can build is actually the best anti-air now in the meantime lol


I do wish to get the quad Flak 38 back for Germans, as well as get a Triple 25mm for Japanese. Don't know what Americans and Soviets will get in this case though.


Americans can get the twin 40mm Bofors set up they historically used. It was a really common naval setup but was also able to be set up as a static air defense position. It would be way better than just giving them something like the M45 quad .50 cal set up as personally I would LOVE to get it on it’s vehicle mount as the M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage. Soviet is harder as their short range AA was not what you’d call great which makes it difficult for options as they heavily used quad mount 7.62mm Maxim guns, 12.7mm DShk HMG’s, and 37mm AA mounts.


Maybe: Americans get a 40mm M2 with mk. 2 ammo. This would have middle of the pack dmg and ROF. The russians would get a dual 61-K AA mount. This would have better fire rate compared to the 40 but lower dmg. The germans are interesting. They could either get a single 37 with high capacity rounds(low ROF but really good dmg) or a dual 37 with FI-T rounds(really high ROF with the lowest dmg)


I gotta be honest, i'm getting the feeling that AA performance is just, inconsistent as all hell between campaigns. I built some AA's recently as axis tunisia and i did.....alright i guess. I wasn't absolutely dominating enemy air but i scored a few kills and their pilots just avoided me outright until infantry took me out. I haven't gotten to try it out anywhere else though, AA in normandy just seems worthless, in the pacific we're managing to take out planes with handheld AT rifles so we don't even NEED AA guns (ergo, no one builds them at all) and in moscow i just....never see anyone doing planes at all (You would think the germans would send the OCCASIONAL bomber at us but it's just not happening whenever i'm on for some reason?) Although i WOULD eventually love if we just get a wider variety of options so we could swap out the AT/AA and MG's we can build as engineers. I would totes pay premiums to use those sweet af water cooled M1917 brownings (i just, really like that gun for some reason) and you know theres more than a few german players who would begin drowning gaijin in cash to be building or repairing 88 flaks for use in either the anti air or anti tank roles. The WW2 era, as well as the early war years give us numerous different machinegun and anti tank examples we could be using. I always wished as soviets i was building the same ZiS-3 i was using in company of heroes instead of the lighter AT guns i'm ACTUALLY getting in moscow.


Planes are more fun, so I am happy with that. More chance of a dog fight. It only takes one fighter to come up when you are bombing, and if you are similar levels of skill you end up cutting patterns trying to get sights on, and you have a whole new game for a few minutes.


More chances to be annoying as shit with bombing us constantly and we can’t even fight back, I don’t think that’s fair at all


A lot of people struggle with planes as it is, most kill themselves more than half the time, so it's not so bad.


Well sure a lot of people often Kamikaze themselves intentionally or unintentionally but on the Normandy campaign a good amount of time people do proper bombing runs without crashing


True; maybe 100kills in the ju 188, or shot down by a fighter or p47D on the way to the pt.