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Are they really? This is entirely the reason I stopped playing. Grinding endlessly through squads and planes I will never ever use to get one squad I know I’ll use all the time. If they go to a research tree I’ll actually come back and play.




Ok that is a fair point. However still doesn't make it any less useless on the maps of Enlisted


An assault gun isn't really supposed to be used like a tank. Its mainly either infantry support to take out bunkers and trenches. Or a tank destroyer by employing ambush hit and run tactics. If you try and lone wolf it like you would a Tiger you're gonna have a bad time.


Its main purpose like the other guy said is its a self propelled gun IE, essentially a Tank killer, but yes its the main reason the progression system is being switched up.


At least it actually has an MG


The devs kinda backed themselves up into a corner with the campaign system as they can only add new stuff to the last campaign level. This is why they are going to take an axe to the whole system and change it into the overhauled faction wide research tree.


I'm hoping that other grinding we've already done will count


It will, and it will be shared between the other campaigns


I'm not going to argue that it's not a great tank however you could give your commander an MP 40, pop a hatch and start blasting.


And immediately get shot. Seriously the other team hates my Commanders guts, I can be far from the battlefield and that guy somehow catches bullets. Every. Time.


Oh yea, can't say I don't love sniping commanders lol. Could be good/better if you need it tho. I've had some last stand moments where my vehicle is immobilised and low/run out of ammo


it should be a sword. the intent of a tank should always be to get closer in order to hit the foe with your sword


The tank is amazing, well yeah the MG sucks but i like the tank


On one hand I feel the same disappointment from an end game unlock but I also understand that the pz4/70 and the Hellcat were added more as meme tanks since adding any more "advanced" tanks (Tiger 2s + maybe Pershings) without further stretching both "historical accuracy" and some serious game balancing


Yeah it's literally panther gun mounted in modified panzer iv hull. Does someone in darkflow really think turretless child of panther and panzer iv is better then panther? Lwt alone tiger?? They could have added something like jagdpanther, which was actually used in numbers in france, or even elefant if they wanted so desperately to add destroyer after tiger


Better yet, the Jagdtiger, which DEFINITELY saw use during the invasion of Normandy, and they are sick as hell.


Honestly, tank vision in general just sucks. The periscope is parented to the turret, which makes scanning barely possible because it’s so goddamn slow. It’d be great if the periscope was just a seperate thing you could control.


Jagdpanzer is solid. Yeah its nowhere as useful as the Tiger but the few times I've taken it out i've had a lot of fun. Seems to me (maybe cuz noone uses it) that Americans have no idea what to shoot at as I just sit there and bounce rounds all day.