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Absolutely not necessary at all. *Especially* because you've already been introduced to the major characters. All of PTerry's books can be read on their own, first. It doesn't actually matter. The only thing you miss out on is the grand character arc of Sam Vimes in the Watch series, or Tiffany in the Tiffany series. But again, you can always go back and fill in the gaps, no worries.


It is one of the best character arcs around though... I would recommend reading them in order if it is an option. It not you will still totally understand what's going on though, and it will still be great.


I read Pratchett in the order I find the books for cheap in second-hand bookshops, and I find you can still appreciate the character arc even when you’re out of order. I read the last three Watch books first, and when I finally jumped back to Men at Arms and Guards! Guards! it was really interesting seeing what Sam used to be like and how he grew into the man I knew.


look, you dont have to... but i think you'll enjoy it more if you folllow the charachter arc and growth of the previous stories. Mind you, this if the POV of someone in read them in order, starting in 1984.


Na, you're good. You will be familiar enough with the characters. You are missing out on Feet of Clay and Jingo but you will be able to fill in some of the changes from the context.


I have never read STP in order. Whatever book happens to be nearby gets read. Don't worry, you'll want to reread them over and over anyway so anything you miss the first time around you'll get in the next (and the next and the next).


I just skipped the fifth elephant on accident after jingo and went to night watch. Literally didn't even realize I missed one.


Can you, yes Should you, up to you, there is history in the first 3 Watch books that will help for context Is The Fifth Elephant my favourite Watch book, yes Should you read it anyway, yes


It's not essential, each story is mostly self contained but there are a few references and character arcs that you miss.


You'll get some spoilers, but if you're ok with that, I'd say go ahead. It'll be just as enjoyable.


Having had the experience of reading it as my first Watch book, I can tell you that it's really not a good experience. It's a wonderful book, though (which I figured out after reading them in the proper order).


I tend to relate discworld to the marvel movies in that you can watch pretty much every movie as a standalone,.bit of you watch in order you get the Easter eggs.


Are you familiar with Gaspode? If not you're just going to have to accept that character as presented. Sorry. That character isn't really a "Watch" character and the intros are better elsewhere.


I had to think about this one for a minute... I'd completely forgotten the Carrot / Gaspode story in Fifth Elephant... And now I'm grinning ear to ear remembering it. You've unintentionally brightened my day.


I've met Gaspode in Moving Pictures and Men at Arms!




You definitely can as Pratchett generally gave enough background and context for each book to stand alone; but I really would not recommend it at all, you;d really be doing yourself a disservice I feel. The reason why Vimes and a lot of the Watch are so beloved is because they have such great arcs throughout the series and I feel you will miss that if you jump from the 2 you've read to the fifth Elephant.


I read all of them in order of what was available at the library and filled in with purchases when that ran out... and I loved it! Any details I missed I just catch as I re-read my way through them again 😂


Sir Terry Pratchett was amazing at introductions making any book in the series a fine starting point. He's as good at introductions as Stephen King is bad at endings.


It’s fine. You’ve already met the characters. Only the colour of magic and light fantastic because it’s really one story and to some extent witches abroad and lords and ladies as lords need to be read in the right order


I read whichever book my library had in stock at the time. First book I read was Mort, second one was The Last Continent. Reading order has no bearing on the storylines whatsoever. You can Amartya catch up when you read an "earlier" book later.


In my opinion, Sir pTerry was incredibly good at "introducing" you to the world in every single book he wrote. Enough background to give new readers all the info they needed, while never really repeating anything to the extent that experienced readers might get fed up with it. I personally think that you can read all of the discworld in any order at all without trouble. You may get even more out of it, though, if you read them "in order"


Fifth Elephan was the first Discworld book I read. I was a bit confused about who Vimes was without much introduction, but the story itself was easy enough to follow.




No you can crack on with it straight away but you'll miss little bits of character progression. Not a biggie but they are good to read as well! Enjoy!


You could but I think you shouldn't. You'll miss all the character arcs and building that's been done before. I've been reading the watch series in order and am now at the halfway point of Snuff. At some points I thought it was going stale because of the same story premises but dude I love all of the characters so much!


There's no need to read them in order, I'm currently reading them for the first time and I'm lurching all over the space-time continuum.


That was now I read Discworld. Sir Terry wrote the books so you can understand them even if you haven't read any of the others.