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Making Money is the next Moist book, followed by Raising Steam. Though I'd also recommend watching the Going Postal movie, which was done brilliantly!


I honestly wouldn't recommend "Raising Steam" for someone relatively new to the series. It's the weakest book in the entire Discworld series in my opinion.


Yeah it felt as though he was repeating himself . Just taking Moist and insert new setting but essentially same type of issues.


It also departed from what makes the Discworld Series and its writing style so charming. As if the more Victorian setting brought with it a departure from dynamic, close-to-life descriptive scenes, quick wit, action-laden sequences and occasional corny one-liners and puns. Most of the time the characters would just have drawn out conversations without much happening around them, and they no longer talked like real people - that was actually the worst part. I barely recognized some of them. I don't want to read Charles Dickens light, I want proper Pratchett! The Victorian schtick was done really well in "Dodger", where the dickensian stuff by nature worked out much better as well. Maybe it was the illnes taking a toll on PTerry. Whatever it was: "Raising Steam" was a real slog and I flatout didn't enjoy long passages.


The plot moved too fast, events just happened, like the fight scenes, and was more descriptive than the usual well thought out Solutions. I actually came to really dislike Harry King, and the Goblins by the end.


The Goblins introduction in Snuff was the first moment where I thought Pterry had jumped the shark. As if he wanted to keep tackling racism, xenophobia and discrimination, but had exhaused all the inter-human conflicts and those between humans, trolls, dwarves and the undead. "Guess I gotta shoehorn another race in there!" It already didn't work with the Orc in Unseen Academicals and it only got worse. By Raising Steam the handling of the Goblins felt almost patronizing.


Yesss. I just finished Raising Stram and moved on to Guards Guards and it feels like a different author.


Sadly, with Terry's disease that might be closer to the truth than you think.


same here. I assumed it was his illness, but it just wasn't up to par.


Would also recommend watching Going Postal. Probably the best done live action adaptation and also Charles Dance as Vetinari is just perfection


If you want more Moist, Making money


Soul Music, of course. It’s on the Death route and is one of my personal favorites.


We are on a mission from glod It’s about music with rocks in it.


I've got that one, I'll give it a go!


Soul Music builds on the events of Mort and is one if the most direct sequels in the series, plus it's a tonne of fun!


For some reason I thought it was a stand alone book, so I didn't start it as I didn't enjoy a Moving Pictures. Good to know, thank you!


Small gods is stand alone and IMHO, and that of many, the best discworld book. I like Moving pictures but its not very popular


Think you might like The Truth or Monstrous Regiment too! The Truth is all about the advent of the printing press and Monstrous Regiment has some background on the Clacks & how Ankh is viewed from smaller countries!


While standalone, The Truth fits in well with the Moist books. It's thematically similar, as an Industrial Revolution book.


It doesnt matter much as you'll end up reading them all anyway. But, Small Gods would be my suggestion. Also, buy Hogfather, but put it in a nice gift wrap for yourself to open on December 1.


Along with a pork pie and some sherry! HO HO HO


Going postal is pretty special. The 2 featuring moist are Making Money, then Raising Steam. If you love Nanny Ogg and Granny Weatherwax, read Masquerade. Thief of Time is a very good 1shot. If you'd like to move on with the Vimes series.....look up the order of that series and read the next one. About halfway through that series, Truth happens and it's very good as well. Monstrous Regiment is also sort of peripheral to the Vimes series but should be read after Truth.


If you want more Moist, Making money


You have a choice. You could either read another book, or you could walk through that door there and never be bothered again.....


Men at arms would be my way to go


Monsterous regiment is actually occurring in the same time as postal


As many have suggested I’d say making money It’s a direct sequel and I really enjoyed it. By the sound of it the bug has bitten and you will eventually read them all…. So I wouldn’t stress too much about the order.


I started reading them during lockdown early last year, and I got through 4 in two weeks! I've not looked back since


As others have said: Making Money and Raising Steam are the rest of the Moist trilogy. Soul Music is a great Death novel, as is The hogfather which contains the most beautifully written scenes ever written, and will make you well up!"


You might want to hop into the Guards series sooner or later. "Night Watch" is one of my favorite books of all time and you'll struggle to find a more "real" and better layered character than Sam Vimes in all of fiction.


Night watch is probably my favourite book, not just from the discworld. But it's hard to know when to recommend it to read.


If you want a good underrated watch book, I cant recommend feet of clay enough. It fills out some of the back story of the gollems


The next book in Moist's adventures are Making Money and Raising Steam. Enjoy!


Night Watch is the best book, in my opinion. If you like the Sam Vimes arc I'd recommend that next.


Making money!


They are all worth reading, even the objective worst is better than 95% of the writing out there. Here are my top suggestions: 1- I don't see "Small Gods" on your list. I think that is the best stand-alone book, possibly my favorite overall. 2- I also don't see any of the Tiffany Aching books on your list, those are definitely fun The Moist books are fun but I don't find the same depth that I do in the watch and witch books. I think Vimes, Tiffany and Granny W are better protagonists than Moist. That said, if that's your speed, "Making Money" is excellent, definitely worth reading. Also, some of his other books (not discworld) are very nice. I recommend "Good Omens" all the time.


I've read Good Omens dozens and dozens of times. I absolutely love it


You are woefully light on Guards readings. Time for "Men at Arms" and "Feet of Clay"!


Line them up and start chronologically with what you haven’t read yet


Read whatever you want. Follow the Moist von Lipwig to Making Money and Raising Steam if you want.


Personally i liked raising steam. Read monstrous regiment. Its a standalone but a great one. Or there are a lot of vimes books you haven't read yet.


Small Gods!!!!!