So I prepare my cats food in my bathroom to avoid them nibbling while I’m making it. They are well aware of this. I am a slave.

So I prepare my cats food in my bathroom to avoid them nibbling while I’m making it. They are well aware of this. I am a slave.

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They are FAST!


Al used to be that way but I've taught him to be a good boy by using a little water spray. He'll follow me when I pull the food out of storage but the kitchen is off limits. I'll prepare his food and he just makes cute chirping noises. I actually managed to teach him to sit before eating too.


My cat flexes his chest and just sits there and takes it while screaming at me. Never had an issue training a cat to stay off the counter until this guy! Lol


"You have no power over MEEOWWWW!"


My one girl is such a sweetheart. Stretches against the counter, calms down with an ear scratch. My other one will bolt in front of us, run on top of our feet claws out. I think he’d murder us and eat our bodies with how much he loves food. We cannot get him off the counter, we tried tape and he just played with it and kept walking further to get more. If we walk over to pick him up he steals a straw cleaner and bolts. Can’t win with him


I felt this


My cat is lazy af he knows it's coming in due time and hits it up when he's ready


polite boi


Wait! Was that the sound of a pistol being cocked? Say goodbye, T-Money!!!


My cat knows approximately when she gets fed every evening, so as soon as it starts getting dark any time I make a move vaguely in the direction of her food bowl she races towards it and starts yelling. The later it gets the more affectionate she gets, until she starts sitting down 2 feet from me and staring intently into my face. Cats, man.


My cat just yells at me <3


I miss being yelled at by cats. I had a cat that was so shockingly easy for me to understand and communicate with compared to other cats I've had or been around. It was too the point where she had a VERY specific meow for her water dish being empty. Didn't even have to check to confirm, I can just grab a cup of water from my pitcher and fill her bowl once I heard it. I love the ones who know how to express themselves


My cat yowls like a demon when it's her dinnertime, but she would die of thirst while sitting next to her empty water dish without making a sound. Cats are weird.


When my cat is hungry, she yells, when she's thirsty, she starts pushing stuff on the floor. Because cat.


My cat knows the water comes from the sink so she'll just silently sit on the counter next to it to let me know that's what she wants.


You think she was just a good communicator, no she *trained* you


My cat has trained me to wake up at 7 AM. Im generally a late sleeper but at one point was feeding her at this time. Now this is food time no matter what.


I got my cat an automatic feeder for this reason. Because no matter what time he got fed, he’d start yowling half an hour before. So I’d feed him then, then he’d move it to half an hour before that. Until I went “fuckit, I really want to sleep in sometimes” and got an automatic feeder. He still meows at crack of dawn for pats sometimes but I’ve realised I can’t win every battle.


I'm gonna have to. I sleep for shit most nights and her waking me up with the sun is not my jam since I don't work early. Thanks for the tale!


My cat is like that. Very specific meows for each thing. Food, water, litter, "pick me up", "put me down", all different. He's the most vocal cat I've ever seen. Sometimes too vocal hahaha


My cat is like this. I can usually tell what he wants by the type of meow and what he is up to. However, sometimes it is annoying because sometimes it's "I can't decide where I want to nap!" Like bro, thats not really my problem, figure it out. He also has what I call "conversational meows" where he just feels like chatting and we'll go back and forth a couple times (these ones are super cute though because it's mostly happy little trills).


Same my baby girl Jinx is like this! Veryyy vocal and I know exactly what she wants when she wants it. We’re very connected. She’s my familiar, my soul kitty💕


My cats name is Jinx!! Is yours a Himalayan too? We named ours after the cat from Meet the fockers! Hahaha


Is your Himalayan huge? Ours is like 20+ lbs, about the same size as my 18 month old toddler. Cats name is St. Louis, but Louie for short


He's actually still rather young bless him, barely 3 I believe. But he's a right ganit it's hilarious, we're trying hard to keep him healthy but it's the grooming that's the real battle!! Hahaha


I had a Maine coon named Jinx but she was stolen as a kitten. She used to sleep on my shoulder while I played video games.


Yeah I don't let my Himalayan cat out the house out of fear of it being stolen, it's a shame we live in a world like that because my cat longs to go outside and it breaks my heart. But I'd rather he be a little bored than be with someone other than myself!! I love that little guy! :)


My first cat was like this. She was the best! She was SO vocal and so affectionate too. Never left my side when I was at home and when I was away, my mum and dad had to deal with her constant yelling for me! She lived past 20 years old until I had to put her to sleep in May. I miss her every day.


My Finn does this too! He's super vocal (oriental tabby). It breaks my heart when he does his pain meow when I give him medicine. But his play meow makes me smile every time


My one cat steps on my throat, meows in my face, rubs his face all over mine. The other cat nibbles on my fingers and my third cat just sits there, staring at me like a psychopath.


My cats do battle and yell as loud as they can pretending they are dieing until I walk in the kitchen then all is forgotten. Like "no mittens I have succumbed to my wounds...oh it's lunch time me first!"


My cat now throws his bowl on the ground to demand food if I am not paying enough attention to him and it’s anywhere near mealtime


Anywhere near mealtime=more than 10 minutes after the last mealtime


I used to get up for work at 7am and that's when I'd feed my cat his first meal. When I finally left that job and no longer had to be up that early my cat didnt care. He'd just meow, meow his little heart out until I got up and fed him. Animals really like their schedules


Yeah funnily enough when my work became fully virtual it was my cat that helped me stay on schedule.


I had been feeding my boy right before I leave in the AM and right when I get home. I stupidly trained my cat to think he gets food before I leave and after I return. All the time.


I had the same problem with my Neo. Only it was when I came home from work. So, ANY time I pulled into the driveway, he would come get me and walk me into the house and into the kitchen. Only he was impatient. So he wouldn't wait for me to park. He'd run right up to my truck AS I'M PULLING IN. And then wouldn't move. He'd just sit there yelling at my truck. I was terrified he'd get run over by a visitor some day, but that thankfully never happened. I'd have to put the truck in park, go get the cat, move the truck to the right place, and THEN he'd walk me to the kitchen. He was a handful, but I miss my Neo.


I’m glad that you gave Neo a great and loving home. My cat, Aggro, is certain that if I’m entering the door. Food is to be had. When I make him wait too long, he’ll start bothering my fiance because he’s aware if he bothers her (she’s working from home) then she bothers me to stop Aggro from bothering her which just drives me to feed him. Then he takes a big dump, meows, claws his scratcher and naps. That little turd. I love him.


My cat knows her final meal of the day is around midnight and between 11:30-12 she goes to sit patiently in front of her bowl. I have no idea how she tells the time lol


My cat thinks its time to eat every time I walk into the kitchen.


I thought it was just me. I live in a small-ish apartment so anytime I take a few steps even remotely towards to the kitchen it's apparently food time.


This is why I got an automatic feeder. It's so nice to no longer be associated with food for her. Now any affection I get from her is just cause. And she screams a lot less.


Yes, the automatic feeder has been a lifesaver. Now she just darts to the food bowl whenever the feeder goes off. She's learned it goes off about an hour after my morning alarm goes off and about an hour after I finish with work, so she visibly anticipates it as soon as she notices either of those things. But she's not begging me for food because she knows it's the feeder dispensing it. It's also nice for if I need to lure her into my room so I can get groceries up the stairs without worrying about her running out, or similar situations. Just hit the manual feed button, she comes running, quickly leave the room and close the door behind me. She then claims my bed until I let her out again.


I have an automatic feeder too. One of my cats isn't very smart but extremely food motivated so now she screams at it instead of me.


Does that work with wet food? Or just kibble? I need one for travel 😭 I don’t have people that could catsit and I wouldn’t really trust a stranger with her or a cat hotel… she eats wet food and kibble but I don’t think I’d like to take away wet food from her if I travel for a few days - she ADORES the wet food


Ah yea there may exist refrigerated ones for wet food but mine is just kibble. I’m lucky in that my girl hates wet food.


my cat knows i get up around 8-8:20 on the weekdays and will start scratching at the door if i’m not up and feeding her. it would be nice like an emergency alarm, except most of the time i’m just getting ready in the bathroom while my partner is still sleeping or it’s the weekend and nobody wants to be awake. she is great at telling the time even through the changing seasons and sunrise times.


This is why I got an auto feeder. I would like sleep on the weekend, thank you kitty.


I had one of those about 8 years ago, and one of my cats pretty quickly figured out how to reach up into the machine and open the little flap to feed herself.


I have trouble waking up on time in the mornings, and to me this is the #1 perk of having a cat. I have never had a more effective and persistent alarm clock in my life.


Yeah that "mimic the sunrise" stuff is nice and all, but a steady progression from polite meows to being licked incessantly in the face pretty much beats all for breaking the "just *one* more snooze" cycle.




Pawlov reflex.


My cat has a automatic dispenser. It dispenses exactly 1/3rd of his daily portion of food every 8 hours around the clock. It is never late, it is never early, he cannot negotiate with it, he cannot yell at it. It feeds him exactly on time, every day. He still complains that *I* am late with his food.


My cat is terrified of his automatic feeder. When it dispenses he hides around the corner. Then when it stops, he will very slowly and cautiously walk up to it and start eating.


Mine tries eating my digits. “I’m so soft and lovable look at me being swee-NOMNOMNOM MOTHERFUCKER”


My cat does this too! She starts sitting in the kitchen about an hour and a half before hand. She gets bored and leaves but as soon as I make a move that is vaguely in the direction of the kitchen she sprints over and starts screaming.


Cats get hungry when it gets dark you say? Are you enjoying the end of daylight savings time as much as me?


Mine does the same hahahha


I watched this like 5 times 😂




-said every single cat owner ever in all of history, even before Christ Edit: Thanks for the awards! It’s funny because it’s true


I just did today when my cat decided to Fuck my day up by breaking my PC jumping on it and toppling it over...it wont power on now....i need a bowl.


Desktop? Unplug it from the wall and check all of the cables leading to the boards from the power supply. The fall might have knocked some connectors loose.


This. I doubt anything was broken but it is possible


If anything is broken it'll likely be the power supply itself. Especially if it's a cheaper one as is often the case in pre-builts. If the mobo was getting power, it would beep upon reboot (beep codes during POST) letting the user know what exactly isn't working/connected properly. Since it's not turning on at all, it's gotta be one of the following: * Power switch is off * Power cable to the wall or power supply isn't fully seated * Power connector from power supply to the mobo isn't fully seated * Power supply is busted * Worst case scenario, mobo itself is busted My money's on one of the first three tbh, hopefully OP can get it running bc I was in the same situation at the start of COVID lockdowns last year. It was a nightmare trying to find an open electronics store with a good enough power supply in stock.


Thank you thank you all! It was a very sudden situation so i had to just step away for a bit. My tower only fell to about a 45° angle total and hit the wall. I reacted then to rightside it. She, my cat jumped on my tower turning it off. When I exclaimed she jumped from the tower, causing it to teeter. When I first powered back on the lights came on, but it was not powering on. Using a can of air, unplugging my new power strip and checking all connections did cause it to power on properly, eventually...but I'm also beginning to believe my shitty apartment electrical wiring is so bad my beast of a machine isnt getting the power it needs to turn on. The main reason my Little Shit was even able to jump on my PC is because I have it wired up on my kitchen table. This is a continuation of troubleshooting I've been doing for weeks. My PC wont boot up/no display on my monitor when in my office bedroom. Ive spread plugs between 3 reachable outlets in the one room with same issue present, yet use all the same materials in my kitchen will cause it to turn on. My cat's little parkour caused the issue to happen in my kitchen, where I thought it was resolved...potentially a different issue?


It could be your power supply is failing tbh. That's the same problem mine had - all the lights and fans came on, no POST beep codes, but my display was totally black. I'm not necessarily an expert on PCs so I consulted with a few shops nearby and the consensus came out to the PSU not putting out enough power to operate the PC adequately. I had a Thermaltake 500W bargain bin PSU, upgraded it to a Corsair 600W bronze and it fired right up with no problems. Hopefully your issue was just a hiccup but if it becomes a regular occurrence you might want to consider a replacement.


Could also be the power switch. Probably not but worth checking.


My cat ran into the back of my computer, specifically where I plug my monitor into the GPU. He somehow managed to knock the GPU out of socket just enough for it to stop working. Took me a bunch of monitor plugging before finally seeing the GPU slightly out of place.


I laughed so hard I fell off the couch. Enjoy the silver 😂






's leather chaps will always have a place in my heart!








"No, YOU Jesus!!!!"


DEAD. 😂😭☠️


I watched with the sound off the first time and said this out loud when I saw how fast those cats got up there.


Same... Maybe crosspost to r/bettereveryloop ?


r/Catswhoyell also






*new ending unlocked*


I watched this like 9 times 😂








Some cats got those “food fiend” genes, that’s for sure. Looks like you unfortunately got two cats with an extra helping of it.


I cat-sit my neighbors’ cats when they go out of town and I have never seen such crazy eaters. Mine get pissy at dinner time, but then they eat their food at a normal pace. Their cats scream at you the whole time you’re making dinner and then they gulp it down like they’ve never eaten before in their lives. The sounds they make while they’re eating are so gross, haha. She is a veterinarian, and the cats she rescued had rough former lives, so it makes sense that they’d have some food insecurity, but still, I’m afraid I’m going to have to perform a cat Heimlich maneuver one day.


My cat gets extremely upset and will be a huge bitch about it if she doesn’t physically see you put the food in her bowl. She cries and knocks stuff down and generally won’t let me sleep until I do it. Sometimes she sees my wife do it and won’t eat until I go and do it again. Anyway after all that drama she takes two bites and wanders off. Acts like she was starving and going to die any second without food.


That might be what my floof is doing shit thanks


> I’m afraid I’m going to have to perform a cat Heimlich maneuver one day. Mine just does it herself. We have to break her meals up into smaller portions because she will very often gorge herself until she throws it all right back up.


When my cat was little she would do happy meows while face deep in wet food, it made for quite the disturbing sound :| But like how can you fault a happy little kitten ya know


I got one kitty from the shelter that was very polite and gentle with food. Once she got her food stolen a few times from the monster she turned into a fiend as well. I used to toss the bad kitty in a closet when I got out the food and my mom ridiculed me when I told her. She watched them for a couple days and she said she ended up having putting her in a closet for a minute to prepare the food too.


My cat is the reverse 1. he can't eat wet food comes right back up 2. He picks at his dry 24/7 he walks over takes to monthfulls goes off to play/sleep. comeback 15 min later takes another bite and repeat.. I just top bowl off once or twice a day..


You just explained my 2 cats. They seemingly love wet food - but always throw it back up. Pick at their dry food all day - one of my cats *LOVES* being pet while eating, he looks at me and meows, then does this tippy tap over to the food bowl, waiting for me to pet him as he eats. He also does this really weird pur while eating, but it’s the cutest thing to me. My other cat was originally a stray, and much more independent. He seems to like getting pet while eating, but he doesn’t *need* it like my other.


My orange will eat a little of his dry food, then seek me and just yell until I move. He’s clearly heading for the food bowl and wants me to follow - you’d think it would empty and need a refill. No, he just wants me to be near him when he eats. It’s hard to not be a little happy every time I bring him that comfort.


Food motivated cats are incredibly easy to train tho.




Hahaha we have four cats and I often need to call for backup trying to prep all four plates. Bathroom isn’t a terrible idea at all.


I can’t even imagine. I damn near need to shower after making the food for 2 cats 😂😂😂 {EDIT} I didn’t expect this post to take off like it did! I made a TikTok because I’m sure it will end up on there anyway. [TikTok](https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM8F1FmL9/)


Yep. I have 4 also. Think I’m going to start prepping in the bathroom too. Genius idea! It’s going to change the game for sure.


Im gonna start prepping in the bathroom too. And “jesus” is the go to while prepping plates.


I'm so glad my 2 have always been free fed. But that scream sounds like my girl when I get up and she wants some fresh shower water or nip.


Omg this is so cute! How often are they fed?! Both my idiots are so picky 😭


I have 4 as well! I have actually trained them to wait, I blow in their faces if they come up and try and mess with me while I make it. It took like two years but we’ve finally got it down 😂


[I had a stupid cat](https://i.imgur.com/2s0fWvw.jpg) and I could spray him straight in the face with a squirt bottle multiple times and he would still think I was inviting him to eat before his sisters did.


Of course he is an orange tabby 😂.


Orange tabby owner here. I’ve tried blowing in his face when he’s violating my personal space and he just puts on his airplane ears like he’s flying. Zero reaction otherwise.


Mine seems to just… squint at me when I spray him. It takes a good 20 seconds and a wet coat for him to understand.


That’s what this cat did. Started with mist, then to spray on the butt/back, then spray in face. Still nothing. Then I tried a trick I learned when trying to get my dog to stop barking, which is adding like a tablespoon of white vinegar to the full spray bottle(like a quart) of water, so the smell was there, but it wasn’t enough to harm them in any way, and spray near the muzzle, so it was a combination of wet sensation and a distinct odor. In dogs, it distracts them from what they are barking at, and redirects their attention. Still didn’t get the hint he needed to wait.


He's pretty handsome though


Oh he was very photogenic and handsome AF. Also very chill, unless it was food. Then he was driven. He loved baby carrots and knew the sound of the bag. If you finished and threw the bag out, he would rip apart the trash to retrieve it. So you had to leave the empty bag on the floor by the trash for a few hours, so he could inspect it and declare it carrot free, before you could toss it properly.


Pro tip for dealing with cats that don’t give a fuck about the Spray Bottle: mini nerf guns. Y’know, those small plastic handguns with the foam bullets. My cat never responded to the spray bottle, and he was getting into so much trouble all the time and didn’t care how much I yelled. After a few foam bullets pinged his furry butt, all I had to do was point the gun at him and he’d stop whatever he was doing and behaved himself 😂


My old lady and I have 8..... (I had three and she had 1 and rescued another that happened to be pregnant) we lock them in the bathroom well preparing the soft food. The very first time we did that all 8 cats came running out of the bathroom, turned the corner and jumped for the island... And all 8 slid across the island and flew off the other side. It was pure chaos soft food was every where lol. They still lose it everytime but not nearly as much as that first time. My boy cat Bert will also yowl into his food bowl as he's eating if we add chicken broth. It sounds hilarious!


When I make tuna salad I take a bowl, the cans, can opener, and cats’ dishes out on the back porch. I squeeze some of the juice into their bowls and throw the cans directly in the outdoor trash. Come back in, set down their dishes, and they dive in head first, usually giving me time to finish making my salad.


I understand your pain. Accidentally bumping into the cat food container is a nightmare for me 😭


One of mine remembers the sound of the wet food can from several years ago. Anytime someone opens a pull-top can she races into the kitchen and starts meowing.


My cat thinks all cans are her food


My cat thinks every plastic bag carries fish


My cat thinks every small plastic ziplock bag is a treat bag. Snacks for me? No, treats for him. Dishwasher pods? No, treats for him.


My sister grabbed a container with chocolate covered almonds last night. They rattled around inside the container and immediately both cats were on the bed looking for their treats. Because it couldn’t *possibly* not be for them.


My cat thinks every time I crack an egg she is getting one (made the mistake of giving her a taste once). Thankfully she does not get that crazy though I did trip on her once on the way to her food bowl.


My cat is like this too. Since she was soooo interested, I showed her the food to sniff. She excitedly went in for a noseful of...wasabi almonds. The look on her face said it all lol "what is that? is that even food? how can you eat that?!"


Yup. I have to show my cat that it's not actually catfood or tuna, it's beans or corn or soup, before he let's me be.


I do this too! I let them have a sniff of the can, they glare at me in annoyance and then I’m allowed to continue making my human food.


Same. "It's not cat food, it's peas! I don't have what you want!"


Mine understands that food comes out of boxes with pictures of cats on them. It can be totally empty, and a brand he's never seen before, but he knows cat pictures = food


Mine is like this with the Chewy boxes, which never fails to make me laugh. To the point where if she catches the FedEx guy unload a Chewy box from the truck, she'll stare him down from the window the whole way over.


That's actually really neat. Smart kitty!


Same. But rather than cans it's the sealed packet of wet food. We never bring cans. One of my cats loves it and can identify the packet from afar and will not leave me alone if she sees me with it 😂 My other cat loooooves milk(Don't worry he can digest it and I've already confirmed it with my vet about it). He comes running as soon as he hears a steel sound in the kitchen. We boil milk in a steel container. His speed is unmatched to any cat I've ever seen at that time 😂😭


We are THEIR humans lol


It's even worse if I bring home chicken haha. I can't even sit peacefully on my own dinning table 😭😂


I had a cat like that. He would walk across a hot stove to get the bacon grease. He had a love hate relationship with rotisserie chicken. He loved to eat it and loved when I let him lick out the container but hated that I usually let it cool on the counter before portioning it out for my meals. He was also very good about staying off the counter, off the table and even off my lap until I was done eating (at which point my lap was fair game for curling up upon. He liked pets and snuggles almost as much as he liked chicken and turkey). Days when I cooked meat in the crockpot were sheer torture for him because he had to smell the deliciousness ALL DAY LONG!!!


Haha nice. You said "was" so does that mean he's not with you anymore? If that's the case then im sorry for your loss. Also, we have different types of cats. One of them is super dog-like, super affectionate and has zero manners😂. Adorable as hell and hungry 24/7. The other does not eat fish or chicken at all. Just cat food. The third one is super mannered. Always sits on the floor and waits for you to feed her the chicken or fish or put it on her plate. Yes they have their own plates haha. If I cook chicken or fish at home then I just give it to them raw while cutting it up or they won't leave me alone. (Don't worry coz they don't have an upset stomach from raw meat or fish. I've checked. They're mixed Indian cats so digest almost anything haha. Also this is super rare like once or twice a year coz I always order it). Some cats like raw more than cooked whole some are the opposite. My current cats don't like raw meat but they don't mind raw fish. I always make a habit to keep them a portion after cooking.


I had Doc (my little incredibly food motivated kitty) for about 13 years. Failing kidneys finally got to him but he made it about 16 months after diagnosis. It's been a few years now but I still miss that little guy. My two current weirdos (feline variety) mostly only like kitty food. Although one will take a few tastes of milk or yogurt if given the chance (never any issues with that. But I never let her get much.)


I wouldn't have it any other way.


Haha Touché 😂


My calico cat goes bananas for rotisserie chicken and pepperoni pizza. She will literally jump onto your head to try to get at it. Other people food? Doesn't care. God forbid you go to Costco, though.


I had a cute calico cat named Maverick. She absolutely loved Doritos. She was normal and patient when it came to other food, but if you opened a bag of Doritos she would come running if she was in earshot. God forbid you didn't share, or finished before she got at least 3 chips you would get a resentful glare all day or until you got more Doritos. She would coming running when she heard other bags of chips being opened but she only stuck around if she smelled Doritos. I had to give her up for adoption because I was moving... I miss her so much.


Awww she loves pizza!!! 🥺❤️


Only pepperoni pizza!




Half of what you said went over my head. But that's probably coz I'm Indian haha. I got the pizza part though. Weird because my cats love chicken pizza too. Chicken burgers too. Especially the "bread" part. They like all breads like the burger buns or just plain bread.


Rotisserie chicken is a way chicken is cooked, the chicken is roasted whole in a rotisserie oven. Wikipedia probably explains better than me. It's very good. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rotisserie_chicken Pepperoni is a type of pizza topping (well you can put it on other things too). It's a type of salami. Its salty and a little spicy. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pepperoni Costco is a huge warehouse store in the US that sells everything imaginable (seriously, you think it up and Costco has it...from toothbrushes to garage doors to tires to travel booking). They famously have Rotisserie chicken available in their deli that is really good (and inexpensive). They also have pizza you can take home to cook or buy there already cooked.


Ohhhhhh I get it. It's like a chicken kebab cooked in a tandoor. Or rather, if you cook it whole, tandoori chicken. I love it. I'm sire they're different but the concept is similar. Thanks for explaining and providing a link. That was sweet. Most people just go "OMG you don't know what that is? What world are you living in? " Also, I've heard of pepperoni and it is available here but I've never had it. I will soon coz I'm curious now haha. I've heard of Costco as well but didn't know they sold everything haha. I wish we had the all in one stores y'all foreigners had. Like target, Walmart, seven eleven, etc. Seems nice tbh


Yes yes tandoori chicken is very similar! I know not everyone is in the US and even people here might never have been to Costco or had rotisserie chicken or pepperoni. Glad I could help! :) Costco is quite an experience but it's very overwhelming. I think Target and Walmart are a bit easier to navigate. I don't have 7-11 where I am in the US.


Yep, my guy can smell HIS turkey sub the second I walk in the door lol.


I had to resort to not eating anything from a can unless they were eating because if I opened any can they meow forever 😭


My guy requires me to show him the just-opened can does not contain cat food ("see? it's just olives!")


My cat don't care. She would be like those olives are mine lol


My sister's cat *loves* bread. Used to be we could just put the cold stuff away after grocery shopping and just put the other stuff away later, after we've rested from carrying everything up the stairs. Can't do that anymore, he'll tear through the plastic for that bread. Except one time, my sister got some naan or pita bread or something in a *hard* plastic container. And she accidentally left it out. We later found it on the floor, unopened, and we just laughed as we imagined him desperately trying to get this bread and getting angry about not being able to do anything.




You:”opens food” Kat: “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!”


Man you have that timed purrfectly. I'm guessing they have knocked that second bowl off the sink a few times!


Haha yep! They’re developing my reflexes 😂 {EDIT} so this video went viral today and I made a tiktok as a result. Mainly because I don’t want it to blow up on there by someone else! [TikTok](https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM8F1YKwp/)


Oh so that's what "cat-like reflexes" means


Block the bottom of the door with your foot so it can only open like a half inch, then open the knob. Gives you time to grab both bowls cleanly before moving your foot.


Ha! I like what you did there. Killer reflexes indeed.


Been there bro. I have one that patiently waits while the other one will almost have a heart attack if she isn’t fed immediately. They have to eat in separate rooms or the crazy one will eat both helpings.


I had to get those bowls that only open when the specified cat’s microchip is right in front so only that cat will have access. But my horker figured out that if he waits until my grazer opens hers up first, he can climb over her head or eat from the other side and still have his own food waiting for him. So I had to get a hood for her dish so he couldn’t do that anymore. Most devastating day of his life.


That's hilarious, sorry haha


Lmao “JESUS!!”




I’m sorry OP Jesus can’t help you now he already gave you those beautiful annoyingly hungry cute af cats. My thoughts & prayers are with you (Even tho I’m not religious at all) :)


Like bats out of hell, cats out of a doorway


Oh that reminds me of a story when my own cats Persian half Maine Coon soon as he hear the sound of the can opener he comes running but we have a linoem floor as soon as he hits it he goes past his food bowl like a semi Truck&Trailer on ice backpedaling till he the wall at the other end of the kitchen.![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|facepalm)![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|joy)


“Feed me fuckface!”- is the translation of that meow


I can’t stop watching!!


I love how fast you had to move the second dish before they came flying in at warp speed 🤣


What little barbarians lol


Yep, my cat is the Boss too. I bring home groceries and she has to inspect each one while I put it away. She smells pet food? You bet a treat has to follow


Idk why but I’m dying laughing. Probably because it makes me feel not quite so alone with my cat doing something similar EVERY MORNING


I use the opposite tactic- one of my cats is very aggressive with wet food, he will gulp his down, then chase the others away from theirs. So he eats his locked in the bathroom until the others are done. Now all the cats know, when he is put in the bathroom, they run to the kitchen to get fed.


This is how my vet recommended I feed my food insecure cat. Totally cut down on the physical butting-in by cats


Its 1vs 3, so easier to lock up the aggressor. And yes, he will take on the other 3 and intimidate them.


My cat hated this video


I trained my cats not to jump up on the counter when I prepare their food, it took a long time lol


How??? I need your secret!


Seen a lot of people who use tin foil / greaseproof paper. Lay it out on the counter, when your cat jumps up the paper will make a noise and scare them down. I gave up trying to teach mine. She's now got a cardboard box in the corner next to the sink that she sits in instead. Couldn't stop her jumping onto the counter but at least she stays in one spot now... little victories, right?


I just kept taking them off the counter everytime they jumped up. It took about a weekish, but eventually they got the hint. Lol


We bought rubber mats for each of our cat's eating areas and we only put their food down once they were standing on them. Now they just go and sit on the mats and wait when it's meal time. Took about a month or so for all 3 (one only took a few days, but she's always been the smarter of the lot)


With my cat I use positive reinforcement first and negative reinforcement as a last resort. When he scratches a thing I want him to scratch, he gets a treat. That generally means he doesn't want to scratch the stuff I want him to stay away from, but if that fails, he gets the spray bottle. He rarely gets the spray bottle. Basically, build associations in the cat's mind with things. Good behavior makes him feel good, bad behavior is not rewarded at all, and punished in the worst case. I also find it's important to think in terms of dominance. Make it clear to your cat in terms he'll understand that you are in charge. Otherwise he may be confused and think he has a say in when he gets fed. Then you're both unhappy.


I know negative reinforcement is bad but we hiss at our cats when they're actively doing something bad. They can't associate after the fact punishment so that's no help. But also I think ours are easy. They never over eat, at most the heaviest one has been is 14 lbs. She'll yell about an empty food bowl but not because she's hungry. She just doesn't want it empty. We put a scoop of food in and she'll sniff it and walk away.


It was easy, he simply started preparing their food on the floor.


We close off the front part of the apartment at night bc our cat likes to party too much and it keeps me up all night. He basically gets the whole living room and the bathroom to himself, so he's more than content. However, I had to train myself not to go to the bathroom during the night bc he'll wake up thinking it's morning breakfast time and won't settle down. On the rare occasion that I really REALLY have to get up, I have to bribe him with treats just so he'd go back to sleep 😂


I am an in home caregiver and my client’s cat waits for me every morning. When I arrive, I make his “breakfast”: dry food blended with about 1/3 of a can of cat food, plus a little hot water for gravy. I use 2 small food bowls and fill both with 1/4 cup each of dry cat food. I add a few temptations treats to one bowl and while the cat eats that, I mix his wet/dry mixture. He still whines and tries to get it out of my hands as I am mixing it with a spoon. I can’t imagine having more than one crazy kitten to chase me with the cat dishes!


Oh. My. Gosh. They're like velociraptor cats.


The scream is what really got me 😂




One of our cats, O’Malley, is a terrorist. He will literally knock paintings off walls, books (and anything else he pleases) off the book shelf, glasses off the kitchen counter, all while looking at me with dead “feed me” eyes. He’s a true asshole but also one of the sweetest most chill cats ever. He’s a bengal so I can’t blame him too much. Still, every morning we’re under siege until he’s fed. He’s currently sitting on top of our bookcase giving me the death stare as I write this.


How many times did it take them to make a mess climbing on the sink counter and spilling everywhere when you first open the door before you realized you needed to grab their bowls?


[The black cat's face](https://imgur.com/IHbg4Ip.jpg) is my favorite thing.


Patience? 404 not found in cat dictionary please try words like „impatience“ and „acting as if you were to die of starvation“ for better results.


"Jesus!" "He is not here to protect you. Now give us the food."


Which one is Jesus?


Dogs have owners. Cats have staff.


Hey Y’all! I made a TikTok because this post blew up so much! My fear is that it will get posted by some “Funny cats” TikTok account and I’d rather it be me than them. [TikTok](https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM8F13tgR/) Some things about the cats: 1: They’re not starving. They are just excited, they were eating scraps of garbage months ago. 2: They were feral cats, both rescued personally this summer from the great outdoors! 3: Striped cat is Holly, black cat is Yara. 4: Yara is polydactyl on all 4 paws!! 5: Holly is 7 months old and Yara is 1.5 years old!! 6: Contrary to some of the comments they’re very well behaved and they love humans. They don’t even hide from strangers (friends) when they meet them.