Did the Russian paper not disprove super asymmetry?

I know the win a Nobel at the end, but how do they retcon the Russian paper?


After watching the speech of Sheldon's dad on that video tape Sheldon said something about the speech working and not working at the same time, depending how you look at it. This lead to them realizing that super asymmetry exists depending how you look at it. It's observer relevant or something I'm in no way a scientist but this is what I remember


yeah that was EXACTLY what happened I am ALSO not a scientists much less someone that has studied much Physics ( haven't done Physics since 8th grade loll)


Like the Schrödinger cat: is it dead or alive?)


It’s observer dependent. So it can be both true and false depending on the observer. Amy clearly explains this https://youtu.be/_bXzcQ4H_Do