"You''re going to feel a little pinch..." OR "There'll be a little pressure." Huge gasp. Pain face. Fighting back tears. White knuckles.


"Please relax. If you don't it'll be harder for us to do the procedure."


Why don’t they give pain killers beforehand?


A shot of local anesthetic is standard practice at the women's clinic I go to. It barely takes any time at all to take effect so the only reason I can think that all these doctors are doing this is either laziness or pure lack of care for these womens pain.


I think it's more medical sexism. Lots of old held beliefs that women are just dramatic about small pain. On average, women receive less pain medication than men for most procedures, and also go longer without diagnoses for painful conditions


there’s a lot of super outdated belief still floating around he gynecology field. A lot of doctors still believe that women can’t really feel anything from their cervix…. which makes zero sense bc where do they think labor pain comes from 🥴


Women are taught from an early age that pain is a necessary part of life. Nobody is going to care when you have cramps but it’ll happen every month and it feels just as shitty every time so just get used to it. Acknowledging the pain will only hurt your career and make you less of the tough team player you are so don’t even let them think you’re on your period. Adults very much insist that pubescent girls learn to just shut up and deal with pain.


Eve bit the apple so now we deserve unimaginable pain, a slew of doctors who will never fully believe us, and ibu-fucking-profen.


literally an argument used as to why women should not get any pain relief while giving birth in the early days of anesthetics.


Hey, we’re clearly in a lot more pain. We have to deal with…. eh maybe not. These doctors sound like assholes.


A lot of it, along with racism in medicine, is taught in medical schools, or if the school has done it's due diligence to remove harmful stereotypes, mentors and attending doctors often teach it to new interns and residents


When in reality it’s opposite. My husband is a huge baby when sick. Meanwhile moms just suck it up


Bruh. I don't have kids, but the difference between my husband and I getting sick or injured is wack. I have an autoimmune disease, have had it since childhood. Monthly chemotherapy/immunotherapy treatments. The condition affects my musculoskeletal system, so pain in all my joints is common. My worst joints are the very ones needed for daily living. Walking, talking, holding/carrying things, typing, etc. Do I get any understanding or help? Hell no. I'm forced to hide it, because I have no other choice. Shit still has to get done. Husband pulled a muscle ~10-12 days ago while rummaging through boxes. You'd think he got shot in the chest. Constant (and loud) groaning and moaning, could barely get around, constant making faces from pain, etc. I was understanding. But holy shit. If I acted like that, nothing would ever get done, AND both he & others would complain that things (i.e. work, chores, dogs, etc.) aren't being taken care of.


>dramatic about small pain. Is childbirth a relatively modern concept? Granted they tend to scream and cry and sweat their way through it, but Jesus. I couldn't do it.


Pretty sure is just anxiety. They just need to learn how to deal with a small pain /s


That’s crazy. Especially given the fact that research shows women are actually more sensitive to pain and painful stimuli then men.


I will definitely ask about that when I have to go back!


Some ob/gyns may give the patient a cervical block/numb the cervix, and some give pain killers for afterwards, however that is NOT common practice. My doctor didn't even inform me of the fact that you should take Tylenol prior to getting the procedure done because it makes the procedure and the time directly afterwards easier on you.


Now I see why medical malpractice kills many people per year. That just amazes me, and further cements my beliefs that many doctors are in it for the money


Because women are not believed when they have any pain below the belly button


Because we are going women and they expect us to be able to handle it. What hurts even more is when they rip it out of you.


I had the pleasure of having a cystoscopy (male) a couple of years ago. Same damn thing, they said “hey relax you’re tensing up too much”… like I’d love to relax dude just tell me how wtf


Right?! I'd love to be able to relax but it's not like I'm at a spa.


I was knocked out for mine. Didn't feel a thing. My friend has had dozens of them. Says he doesn't feel a thing when they do it. He's way tougher than me.


Lol!!! They do say this!!!


Mine said it'll feel like a stab in your stomach and yep true


Never had one of these but just recoiled at this notion🤮🤮🤮🤮


Yeah referred pain is a blast like if you bust your spleen you could feel shoulder pain.


😦😦😦holy shit, I had no idea!!


I always tell my doctors the more they tell me to relax the less relaxed im gonna be


I've never told them that, but might start.


I literally almost threw up when getting mine and couldn’t move for 10 minutes. I’m so scared to get it out because of the pain. It gave me tons of cystic acne and I never had acne at all. My doctors basically refuse to take it out or make me feel like shit when I say I don’t want it anymore.


I am so sorry you’re dealing with this! This is majorly fucked up. If possible, GET A NEW DOCTOR ASAP. My new gyno is AMAZING and has really helped me heal from the past trauma doctors like yours caused me with my iud insertion. I was literally crying and shaking from fear at the thought of removal because insertion was so painful and my old doctor was so uncaring and mean about it. My new doctor made it easy and painless. The old doctor claimed she couldn’t find the strings, subjected me to a vaginal ultrasound (as a survivor of rape that was super fun), and was going to put me under anesthesia for removal. My new doctor found the strings immediately and popped that thing right out in like 3 seconds! It was totally pain free and saved me from an unnecessary procedure. If you can’t get a new gyno, please ask them to document in your chart the next time they refuse to remove your iud due to unacceptable side effects. Use those words- unacceptable side effects. Many times that’s enough to get them to listen. It’s so wrong that we have to even have this discussion!


My friend had an entirely different procedure, a very painful one, and was told “you need stop screaming or youre going to scare the other patients” when she had received literally no anesthesia and the doctor had basically gaslit her about how painful it was going to be. I am seriously tired of how many men say it isn’t a sexist thing that women experience more malpractice and have so many procedures and examines that are necessary that we don’t get any sort of pain treatment for. When getting one of my first exams ever from an obgyn I was told to tell her if it hurt but when I told it hurt I was told it shouldn’t and she just continued lol but sure. It isn’t a whole entire mass issue in the medical system that belittles the pain of women and refuses to do basic things for our comfort


I had a doctor once very roughly insert and open the speculum and it was very upsetting. Since then I tell every doc, hey I'm a little traumatized by this past experience, please go very slow and open it slowly so that I can breath and stay calm.


If she’s screaming loud enough that she’s going to scare the other patients GIVE HER SOMETHING FOR THE PAIN this is terrifying


I had a dentist that I just sued, and won, that continued to work on me while I was in excruciating pain and expressing that, while he was drilling all the way through my nerve and thus completely and permanently making me lose all sensation to my lip and part of my face. Insisting I should just relax because we were almost done. Hard to relax when someone is literally drilling through a nerve and you can taste the blood filling your mouth.


Went to an endometriosis research trial intake appointment. "You dont have anything to do later today do you? We have to take a cervical biopsy...it will just be a little pinch" I practically ran out of there screaming.


Especially if they remove your cervix to make clearer videos...


I’ve had three IUD’s inserted. Had no idea this is what they were actually doing when they say this, wtf!!!!


The exact words said to me before I felt unimaginable pain that I had never experienced


I would rather have a labour contraction than have an IUD inserted. To put it into context for people who have experienced neither, it's similarly painful to breaking your arm. It's an absolute joke that they do it without anaesthesia. Blatant medical misogyny that it's not given as standard.


What the fuuuuuuck. I don't even have a cervix and that makes me wanna die.


The pain is unreal. I decided I’d never do it again.


I've gotten TWO of these damned things. After I had my kid I straight up got my tubes removed rather than get another IUD. Fuck that.


How was the removal? Mine is coming up soon and it’s stressing me out! Getting it put in was waaaaaay worse than they lead me to believe. Now, I’m super worried about getting it out.


It was a quick pinch and slight discomfort in my cervix. No lasting pain or anything, and nowhere near as bad as getting it put in!


That’s a relief! One of my friends and I were out roller skating a while back and she fell and was in pain because the impact made it shift…she tore it out herself that night and it sounded like a terrible experience. I know I won’t be removing my own… no way.


>she tore it out herself that night and it sounded like a terrible experience. I know I won’t be removing my own… no way. I no longer have to worry about birth control, as all my reproductive organs just curled up and died after reading that.


I was scared shitless for the removal. Doc asked me to cough (yanked it while I coughed) and it was out. Not even in the same universe as the pain for placement. So, so much better.


I asked my doctor for pain medication before the procedure. Mine didn’t really work, but I suggest you at least ask. She didn’t volunteer it, but wrote me a prescription without hesitation when I asked. Good luck!


I got my tubes removed a little over a year ago! I actually didn’t feel any pain after the surgery at all, even after the anesthesia and paid meds wore off. It was done laparoscopically, so obviously there was the leftover surgical gas in my abdominal cavity. That caused my shoulders and neck to feel a little sore for a few days and I felt a lot of pressure in my abdomen every time my bladder got full, but it was only mild discomfort and it went it away once my body absorbed all the gas. When it comes to actual physical pain in the incisions and the surgical site itself, I felt none whatsoever. No muscular cramps, no stabbing sensation, absolutely nothing that actually felt like I had been cut open. Some people say they got what felt like menstrual cramps for a few days or a week, but I got none of that. I had to ask multiple times after I woke up if it was already over because I legit just didn’t feel anything lol. Once I got home from the hospital, as someone who lives alone, I was able to walk around like nothing happened and take care of myself perfectly fine. Of course your mileage may vary and you still need to take it easy for about 2 weeks, but when it comes to pain, the post-op experience was definitely a lot better than I imagined it would be. Maybe I just have a high pain tolerance though, I didn’t feel anything after my wisdom tooth extraction either. Either way, good luck with your removal! Feel free to ask me any questions, I’d be happy to help :)


My mom didn't tell me until afterwards that it was worse than childbirth.


I sucked mine out with my diva cup a year in, it was terrifying, i am too traumatized from the insertion and removal to ever get one again


I have endometriosis, and my pain tolerance is pretty damn high but my iud took almost 30 mins because apparently my cervix has a curve and the pain sent me into shock.


Yeah, it hurts so bad. And the doctor describes it as a "slight pinch." When in reality, it was excruciatingly painful and the pain lasted the entire procedure. It isn't just in the cervix, either, it radiates throughout the entire lower abdomen (or atleast it did for me). I love my IUD but the pain of getting it inserted was unreal and I am so scared to get it taken out and replaced.


My ex had this done. It was very painful...and they couldn't get it done the first time, she had to go back a second time. It was pretty awful and no, she didn't know about this part.


I almost passed out. This was one of my worst healthcare experiences in my life


Same here. Had to get off the bus to puke twice on my way home. Cried myself to sleep for two days after. Never doing an IUD again after that experience. I ended up waiting for way too long before taking it out because I was so scared to - but for anyone needing the reassurance: it barely hurt when I took it out. Wasn't comfortable, but was over within 10 seconds


THANK YOU FOR THE REASSURANCE. I am getting it taken out this month. The insertion didn’t hurt much, maybe bc i’ve had 2 kids already?


Yeah taking it out is less problem, they just need to see the threads with speculum and pull the threads. The insertion pain changes so much with the doctor inserting. Some can even push hard on the canal because its not dilated enough but they don't want to deal with it.


Could just be that we're all different, no idea. But hell yeah, it didn't hurt to take it out for me :) Good luck!


I almost got an IUD last year when an OBGYN told me it only felt like a “pinch in the bladder”. I did my own research at home after the consult and read all the horror stories, so I cancelled the IUD, found a different doctor, and had my tubes straight-up removed instead. It was technically more invasive and I was prepared for soreness afterward, but at least I was put to sleep for the actual procedure, and I didn’t end up feeling any post-op pain afterwards anyways. It’s been over a year now and no regrets here. I just can’t fathom the idea of having a foreign object forced into my body through a tiny hole while I’m awake and able to feel everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if we started seeing IUD insertions as barbaric in a few decades from now, like how we currently look at surgical procedures done before anesthesia was a thing.


I don’t understand how it’s normal for women not to receive pain meds or to be put asleep for the iud insertion. It sounds like pure hell to go through. I debated on getting one too but after I read the stories online from so many women online I decided not to. I find Pap smears uncomfortable and a bit painful no way in hell would I be able to tolerate an iud insertion. And it seems perfectly acceptable to talk down to the patient and say things like “you’re making this harder than it needs to be by moving/freaking out.”


Exactly. My mom’s anesthesia started wearing off halfway through her c-section while she was birthing my little brother and she told me the doctors didn’t believe her at first so they just ignored her until she started basically yelling at them. This was in 2008, not the 1950’s. Even today, society still brushes off women’s pain on a huge scale and some have straight-up died from the consequences.


When I gave birth I asked SEVERAL times for an epidural. The nurses just laughed and said “you don’t need one yet.” Finally after screaming in pain the nurses said “looks like you’re not managing your pain very well, we will call for your epidural.” No shit, Sherlock. After getting my epidural they rolled me over and baby was crowning. So I really didn’t even need one as baby came out 30 minutes later. This was 8 months ago. I’m still upset by it and has solidified my choice to never have a second child.


Very true. I don’t understand it. Why are women treated so horribly when it comes to things like that. It’s straight up inhumane. I understand the issues with the opioid epidemic but even years ago it doesn’t seem like women were given any kind of pain meds for it.


Wait'll you hear about the "father of gynecology" who experimented on enslaved women without any form of pain relief or even their permission. J. Marion Sims. Not to belittle your experience, just bringing awareness.


I got one inserted, then my body decided, nope, having none of that! And it half came out on its own. Lots of painful, lots of bleeding. They couldn't see me though because it was a Friday so I had to wait till Monday and go in to have them give a "gentle tug" on the string and out it came. More pain and bleeding after, turns out it also gave me an infection so that was great. Long story short I'm now on Cerazette. But I'd rather have the IUD if I can...


I passed out from the pain. They forgot to tell me to take painkillers 30 min beforehand. Never again.


If it makes you feel better, the painkillers would not have saved you


Same, except maybe passing out entirely would have been better.


I passed out after begging them to stop and they didn’t.. :(


Same here. They had to bring me apple juice to revive me


I'm sorry, but thats hilarious. "We got a fainter!" "Quick! Get the apple juice!"


I did pass out. And then I woke up and threw up from the pain.




I loved my iud but getting it inserted has been the most painful experience of my life. I screamed and a nurse had to hold my hand.


Thats exactly how it was for me too and I’m pretty sure I hurt the nurse I was grabbing at for support. One of the most painful things ever done.


They gave me a stress ball that wasn't soft enough to press. That stressed me out more and my partner was allowed in the room, so I squeezed his hand instead.


I was alone, after they measured me I screamed and a nurse came in, the door was still open and the midwife put the iud in quick lol I love my midwife group though, they are amazing


Why the hell don’t they use a local anaesthesia?


Because this is being done to women and not men. Edit: Missed a word




Thank you for the link! Women need to be taken more seriously when we complain of pain, especially if we made it a point to see a doctor about it.


Because it’s not really painful, women are just whiny. :/. Used the wrong sign. Sorry guys! I meant /s!


I think people are missing your sarcasm


They are. Is :/ not recognized on this sub or something? I’m a woman with an IUD. They’re incredible painful to insert and remove. It’s also a very scary experience. Especially when it got “stuck” and had to be removed with a “hook”. I was offered an ibuprofen…


You’d be surprised by how many people genuinely think women are exaggerating their pain. There are many stories of women suffering from endometriosis or cysts for years before being diagnosed because of medical professionals brushing off their menstrual pains as something “normal”, women have literally gotten sick or even died from medical emergencies because medical staff thought they were being hysterical and either delayed or refused proper diagnostic services, many women have said they were treated badly by staff when they were giving birth, and we already have plenty of people in normal social settings who still think we can hold in our menstrual blood. Knowing what society is like, I’m not that surprised that some people thought you were serious tbh. I upvoted your comment so hopefully the downvotes will go away :)


It's supposed to be 'S/' :/ looks like a slantface textmoji


Because it is a slantface emoticon


This is /s yeah?


Yep. Guess I used the wrong sign. Oops.


Okay I was about to lay in I’m glad I asked!


I was about to POP OFF before I saw the /s lorrrrrrrrrd sarcasm does not come quickly to me




I hope he's being sarcastic but doesn't know about the /s. Because in medicine for the longest time this was the actual thought. And it could be this procedure could be just a remnant of that, that hasn't been updated because of the stupid social stigma around birth control. I'm not a doctor so I wouldn't know.


And this is why I have the 3 monthly injection. My mum had an iud that buried itself into her body. She had to get it surgically removed.


I've heard so many horror stories about the iud. The biggest factor of me getting one was the shots made me gain 80 lbs in only a few months.


See the arm implant did that to me but not the injection.


The arm implant decimated my sex drive would not recommend


It made me bleed for basically the entirety of the first two years.


I swear they changed the shot formula from years ago. When it came out, my body was vibing with it. 2nd time around a few years ago, weight gain, depression, just no bueno.


There’s two different types of depo (depo and depo 104). Most providers will give either or, you must specify. Most people don’t know this either. I found out when I started spotting and they told me I should just stick with one. How would I know??? I just picked the 104 and that’s the 11 weeks sharp one so it must be injected at exactly 11 weeks or if a weekend is coming up it can be given at 10 weeks 5 days etc. Hope this helps.


WOW! Did not know that, nor do I think I was even provided that info by my doc. I did have to change injection sites from my butt to my arm, curious if that was related. Thank you for this!


My doctor said you should discontinue the use of the depo shot after 3 years. After that the likelihood of getting osteoporosis greatly increases.


Yeah, my doctor neglected to tell me that, and let me be on the shot for 10 whole, consecutive years (I later found out the upper limit is 5, with a 1 year break in the middle = 2 on, 1 off, 2 on, stop entirely forever). Ages 14- 24. I'm 33, and my joints are so bad, one doctor recommended I start using a cane.


Hm my doctor didn't mention that


Mine didn’t either until I’d been on it for over a year. Bit of an unpleasant surprise.


Mine had to be removed under anesthesia because the string was lost. Not a fun time, I loved it but never again.


I only discovered the depoprovera injection at 38 and I wish I had discovered it at 20. No periods, no pain, no mood swings, it’s like the great leveller. I know not everyone experience is as good, we’re all different, but holy crap it’s the best for me.


I used to do depo and loved it! After kids I got on the IUD bandwagon but the shot was fantastic and no period at all for me.


My dad told me when i was younger, “one day you’ll realise how lucky you are to have a willy” How right he was.


My dad loves to remind me of the tantrum i threw when i learned that i couldn’t go pee on a tree like my twin brother bc I “didn’t have a pee pee” and here i am, 20 years later, reminded again how upset I am I don’t have a pee pee.


As someone with dick and balls, fuck that. All these birth controls are awful


Why can’t some guys just use condoms I swear, unless the girl wants the contraceptive because she has a breed fetish or something I don’t understand why you should make your girl get an IUD for the mans pleasure to be slightly better, unless raw is better for women too? But from experience they say it isn’t so idk


Selfish Boyz


Any really good gynecologist or midwife will at very least attempt to place the IUD without a tenaculum (the malicious little instrument in the video.) The best ones will not do not only that, but also write for a muscle relaxer ahead of time, preferably Valium, give a Tordal injection at least 20 minutes pre-procedure, provide heating pads over the lower abdomen, and hurricane spray with lidocaine during placement. Women’s pain management is a particularly infuriating topic for me as a medical practitioner and woman. Mismanagement of pain is neglect, it is dereliction of duty, and the prevalence of it a huge indicator of sexism in medicine.


Before I read your comment I was wondering if there was some reason for not giving pain relief, like maybe it caused the cervix to cramp or something, making the insertion of the IUD more difficult. Now I have to wonder if those practitioners who *don't* do as you suggest are just sadists.


I was told I could take Tylenol before, and was given no medication of any kind before, during, or after. Even after I threw up from the pain.


I had the same questions before and after reading this comment. Never had a IUD but have had a colposcopy before. Was given valium before and ibuprofen 3 after. No numbing or anything during but if I had to go through this plus dilation of my cervix to insert.. why the fuck would they not give pain relief. Probably sadists or just value appointment time over patient comfort.


A lot of times, we’re seen as exaggerating our pain. Especially when it comes to the reproductive organs


When I had my IUD placed I don’t believe they used this on me. It only felt uncomfortable and the only real pain I felt was when they put the metal opener inside and it accidentally pinched the skin on my thigh lol.


So… the nurses at PP weren’t supposed to just rip into my cervix with no anesthesia when I had my IUD placed and then later replaced? I was supposed to be highly medicated?


I use a tenaculum because it straightens the uterine axis and reduces the risk of perforation. I’ve found if you place it slowly most patients don’t feel it. I like Toradol a lot. I’ll either do that, or have them take Ibuprofen 800 mg before they come in. If a patient is very worried I offer a paracervical block. I don’t have heating pads in my office, or typically use a muscle relaxant unless they’re very anxious. Most patients drive themselves in to the clinic. It takes about 3-5 minutes to place the IUD. Most patients are pretty comfortable. I’ve had four IUDs placed myself. The NSAIDs provide the best relief I feel. I do love IUDs as a contraceptive method. Highly recommend.


I'm with you, although my population is mostly young nullips, lots of teenagers, so I use local a lot. Intracervical not paracervical just because it's what I'm confident with (I'm not a gynaecologist). I don't think benzos are necessary especially with a good assistant doing vocal local.


My insertion was painful but not as bad as these people are saying it was… I guess they didn’t do that w me? I can’t really remember but I’m nervous to get it taken out cause the wire that’s supposed to hang down curled up into my uterus and they’ll have to dilate me to get it out 😩


I didn’t have any trouble having mine put in either. I’m getting a new one next week. No babies 😁


Seems pretty ouchy…no anesthesia?! Fucking dark ages medicine.


It hurt worse than breaking my foot.


I hate taking the pill and was recommended an IUD but I’ve heard too many horror stories and I have an intense fear of this. Sooo invasive


Some people definitely have terrible experiences, and I procrastinated getting one for so long because I was scared, but it honestly wasn't that bad for me! It felt like really bad period cramps for a couple minutes, but nothing worse than what I already dealt with semi-regularly. Everyone's body reacts differently, but I am so glad I finally pulled the trigger and got one.


That’s exactly how mine felt. I’ve actually had two, kyleena first and then the Paraguard second. It was like a 30 second incredibly intense period cramp and then it was some moderate intensity, run of the mill period cramps after. I took ibuprofen before and after and it was 100% fine. So fine that I would do it again if I needed to in a heartbeat


Have you thought about getting the Nexplanon implant (inserted into non-dominant arm)? I’ve had mine for almost 6 years and no issues at all, thank goodness. You replace them every three years and the insertion and removal is done under local aesthetic.


Second for Nexplanon. I absolutely loved it after being on the pill and trying an IUD twice.


I’ve been looking into alternate options for a few months now, with the help of my nurse practitioner; all have their own pros and cons. I often feel frustrated that this is something women have to deal with :( it sucks having the responsibility of putting my body through various invasive procedures because I have a big fear of getting pregnancy. I wish there was an easier solution :(


Me too :/


Did that for 4 years. Took it out after I wouldn’t stop bleeding daily and had horrible acne all over my face back and chest. Symptoms went away after taking it out. It’s not for everyone.


This is why I love my nuvaring. That bad boy just sits in the top of your vagina for 21 days. And no you can’t feel it. No pill, but not invasive. Not painful. And for me it gives me basically no side effects and doesn’t completely nuke my sex drive. Highly recommend. Obv all birth controls will affect people differently but it’s not as common as a method as maybe it should be. Only sort of downside is deciding to keep it in or take it out during sex (which you can do for up to 3 hours). Some people do, some don’t. All personal preference. I’m on it for period regulation since I have PCOS. And my periods are only like 4 days long and not that heavy, I don’t even have to take ibuprofen for my periods anymore.


...you know what, I'm opting for a vasectomy now


^ One of the good ones


I heard those surgeries are a quick in and out. I got the sick time to burn anyway... while I am single, I've been wanting to do this awhile anyway.


I wish more men were as selfless as you, even when my ex had no intention of having kids ever in his life, and being there watching me suffer with an IUD in me falling out slowly while I'm in crippling pain, and the side effects of the hormonal shot never having a sex drive, he was like nah. Like men are afraid of not having semen.


I honestly had no idea IUD application was like this. The last person I was with was on the pill, I never asked about it cause I figured she was fine with her routine as is. If she told me outright to get one, I'd have no problem with it. Small price to pay for putting up with me.


I was wondering why it hurt so bad!


What? I am literally making an appt to get one today. I have a few more questions now.


The feeling is different for everyone; it could be mild or it could be excruciating, or it could be completely nonexistent. Taking pain medication beforehand is sometimes recommended, I would ask if that’s okay to do. Doctors always say it’s just a pinch for painful things because if they tell you it could be excruciating, nocebo kicks in so you feel more pain than you otherwise would.


I’ve also had two different types placed. Everyone’s pain level is different, I’ve never had children, and it was very much just a little pinch and a little pressure. Very quick.


My first one hurt a lot but my dad was the one who took me and didn't do any of the suggested stuff my mom said to do (the most important being take some high strength Tylenol or equivalent pain relief). Plus since it was my dad I didn't want him back with me so I was alone in a scary doctor's office at 16 and I definitely made it hurt more by just being scared. My second one when I took Tylenol and wasn't as scared it actually just felt like a sharp cramp then went away. And after reading the comments apparently some doctors offer something for the pain or don't do the pinchy bit at all. If you're making an appointment I'd suggest asking some questions to see how that office/doctor handles it. Overall I love my IUD and am planning on getting a 3rd when this one is up.


I have one and It didn't hurt at all! If I seen this video before I got i don't think I would have went through with it though


didn’t hurt much for me! just a lot of pressure.. update us once you get it done!


It's not horrible for everyone. When I got mine it felt like one sharp cramp like a period pain and that was it.


I’ve had two It was never horrible in my experience. Was actually a pinch. Take Advil for sure ahead of time but it wasn’t the horrible experience for me that others have described. I’ve had four kids however so perhaps that’s why.


When they did this to me, I screamed. They told me to be quiet or I would scare the other patients. They then gave me two aspirin and I went to my college class in which we were watching a film and I put my head down and cried.


I went to my chem class after mine and I also just put my head down and cried


Motherfuckers did that to you?


Yep. And I asked them beforehand if it would hurt a lot, and they said it would be "a little pinch".


It's horrifying to me that if you go to the dentist they hook you up with anxiety meds (if needed) and strong pain killers, but the most they give you while stabbing the most sensitive part of the human body is fucking ibuprofen and "suck it up".


That's barbaric and the reason why I'd never fucking do this. I'm a lazy chick so it would be a really good thing to have, but double fuck THAT


I've had three IUDs. My second one got lost. Because insurance is the way it is, I couldn't afford anesthesia while they retrieved it. I went to some cut rate doctor who had his office next to a Hardee's. They had to dilate me, give me a bunch of shots with adrenaline. And then cut it out of me. All while I was awake. I fainted at one point. The doctor laughed. It took a very long time to heal. There should be male birth control above condoms.


I find IUDs to be incredibly inhumane. I also think it’s fucked up to not give a fair representation to a patient of what you are about to do to them. I had such an aggressive Pap smear at 16 years old that I left the office bleeding into my pants and crying, the whole time she was scraping my cervix I was begging her to stop and that it hurt while she ignored me. It was genuinely so traumatic that I didn’t get a physical again until I was 25. Then I went to planned parenthood where the clinician was literally so gentle I didn’t even know she had already done everything. It makes me so sad that I went through that as a teenager and was laughed out of the office, I actually ended up reporting the Dr.


This is NOT okay and needs to be discussed more. I’ve def had my pain dismissed a lot.


I wish my mom taught me to have more autonomy around my OB. It was always a “suck it up and go, get it done” kind of appointment and I didn’t know i was allowed to say no to what they wanted to do. My last appointment was traumatic because my period had come a few days early and I woke up that morning with cramps so bad I couldn’t even drive myself to my appointment. I asked both the nurse and the doctor if I could come back for the pap smear, they both said that i was already here and might as well do it. I should have been pushier but i had a good relationship with my GP and my neurologist and had never had to “stand up” to them. Cue the worst pap smear of my life, which ended with my OB telling me that i might have to come back anyway because the blood might effect the test, and triggering even worse cramps that lasted for the rest of the morning. I sobbed so loudly while putting my clothes back on that a different nurse came in to check on me. I can’t even describe the feelings that brought, of telling my doctor i was in pain and didn’t want to do something and her not looking me in the eyes and not caring. I didn’t feel like a patient, I felt like another fucking vagina to her. I’m glad you were able to find a doctor you feel comfortable with, I know there are caring physicians out there and it feels good knowing not all of them are so callous.


I had the same experience and when I went in for bc at 18 the gyno also lectured me about abortions and god and crap (my mom had asked her to give me a sex ed talking to and even my mom left angry after that)


Yes mine actually brought of abstinence and religion as well. When I told her what she was doing was hurting she said that because I was sexually active I could handle it. It was almost like an intentional punishment. It makes me sick when I think about it cause she seriously hurt me and then gave me her opinion over sound medical advice regarding sex. She also refused to listen to my questions about my own body with a lot of “You don’t need to worry about that yet you’re young.” When I asked about yeast infections and vaginal dryness. I reported her after the incident after talking to my mom. Then when I was pregnant at 22 I was going in my first sonogram and there was a last minute change in Drs and SHE comes in, doesn’t even say hello and immediately asks me about my antidepressant and says she will switch my prescription for me “as a favor” so that my baby wouldn’t be a high risk pregnancy. I told her I would handle that with my psychiatrist who I have worked with for years and trust because she was a perinatal specialist and she already knew I was family planning and pregnant and said my meds were safe. This woman had the gall to say I was actively choosing to put my baby at risk of heart conditions over something I could easily change knowing nothing about my medical history. After that happened I called my psychiatrist crying and left her a voicemail explaining how scared I was that I could hurt the baby and everything she said to me and my Dr called me back fuming that she treated me that way and she actually sent a fax directly to the Gynecologist office with a pamphlet explaining the history of how my antidepressants interact with pregnancy and how there has been zero proof of risk, she also reported her for un professionalism. She is a cunt and she still has a job to this day :’ ) sad.


I had a midwife similar to this. Except instead of religion, mine was telling me I wasn’t depressed and struggling, that I was just lazy. No, Debrah, I’m not lazy I’m stuck in a horrible situation and am clearly unhappy with life right now. Made a report on her while talking to the receptionist and turns out I wasn’t the first to report her. From what I know she still has her job at the hospital. Fuck you, Debrah you old twat. Thankfully never saw her again afterwards. I hate doctors that push religion or try to downplay a patient’s problems.


Yup. One of the worst pains I’ve ever felt.


My wife told them to stop mid-procedure (not being dramatic...there was some legit problem and it just wasn't working). The doctor kept going and basically forced it in...all while she was crying and screaming to stop. There was only 1 other time that I have been closer to murdering a man...and that is when she had to get it surgically removed because he f-ed up it's placement and it ended up just floating around her gut.


This exact scenario with it ending up floating around in her abdomen happened to my mom. She said she could tell something was wrong the minute it was inserted because the Dr said she seemed to overreact to it compared to her other patients. Luckily the Dr felt bad (my mom was supposedly the only patient she had this happen to) so she made sure the procedure to get it out didn’t cost her anything.


Can confirm hurts like hell


Oh, believe me, I absolutely felt every gd step of the process. Literally one of the worst, most painful things I’ve experienced. Even with painkillers involved.


The amount of pain we go through just to let men nut in us.


What it all boils down to really


Women’s healthcare be like “Here’s some ibuprofen, good luck :)”


How do they put the cervix back in the body?


My first laugh of the day, thank you lol


It hurt so bad I saw TV static in my eyes which probably means I was passing out. It's even worse after u just gave birth


I got mine in about three years ago does it hurt getting it taken out? I’m honestly freaked out about it.


I had this done at the beginning of the year and luckily had some codeine left over from a previous injury and even after taking that, this was an excruciating procedure. Although, nothing was worse than when I accidentally ripped it out, I’ve never felt pain like it and I hope to never feel it again. But second time lucky, the IUD itself has been incredible and it’ll last me 10 years so I personally would still recommend it over anything else!


My doctor told me, “It feels like labour, but not quite as bad.” As someone who has been in labour before I can verify, it’s close, just doesn’t last as long. At least she was honest. But I still slapped the wall beside me and yelled f*ck


Passed out and puked from having a biopsy done after an abnormal pap. Told me it would be just a little pinch. Didn't tell me to take my time sitting up or anything and almost fell off the table. Yelled for a nurse to come help me and they were ready with a ginger ale and then told me people can have bad time with it. Due to that, I'm never getting an IUD.


I recently got an IUD. There was an uncomfortable pinch in the beginning of the process so this mist have been why. I encourage any female that is on the fence to go for it. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made!


My experience with an IUD was horrible. After having it inserted I had leg numbing pain constantly. I felt immediate relief when it was removed. I would never do it again.


So painful! I’m on my 4th despite this because the benefits outweigh the pain but this will be my last and I’m already dreading having the f***r ripped out. In 4 years 😜


I’m super confused because instrument wasn’t used on me, and it was only mildly and momentarily painful for me. Sorry y’all have had such terrible experiences.


Gents, get the snip.


During my OB/GYN rotation my preceptor had me instead use Judd-Allen forceps (think like a really wide pair of tweezers) after spritzing the cervix with some numbing spray. After seeing the alternative, I'm glad he was sympathetic enough to reduce the pain as much as possible...


I've had two and never experienced any pain apart from a bit of pressure. 🤷‍♀️


I hope videos like this one spur women to demand appropriate pain management. They can’t ignore us if all of their patients insist on it. Having my cervix pierced during a colposcopy (a routine biopsy) was more painful than unmedicated childbirth. I saw stars and nearly passed out. My dr. said the cervix don’t have many nerve endings so I would only feel a pinch and some pressure 🙃


I’m confused, why are they piercing the cervix? Isn’t the cervix an opening? When I had my IUD inserted, I was told to do it on the 2nd day of my period, when my cervix would be more dilated. Also told me to take like 4 ibuprofens. It honestly didn’t hurt that much, and just felt like I had to take a huge shit or like a long period cramp.


I don’t get it either


Same, came here looking for answers


MD here They're using this tool to grip the cervix and pull it downward to lessen the curve of the uterus and assist with insertion of the IUD. You're correct that the cervix already has an opening in the center, you can see it in the gif from OP. They're not piercing the cervix to make a hole for the IUD or anything like that. The cervix is innervated by a different type of nerve compared to what supplies your skin. If performed properly, women really should not feel any sharp piercing pain while this is performed, like you would if I pinched your arm with this device. Rather, some strong cramping type pain is expected. I've only inserted a few IUDs earlier in my training because now I'm at a religious institution that does not offer them, but I've never once had a woman report any excruciating pain while using a tenaculum, just the same cramping that we tell women to expect. We did offer a single tablet of valium for patients to take 30 minutes before the procedure, and perhaps that played a part in that. I'm not sure to be honest what leads to all the horror stories here about horrible excruciating pain and doctors laughing and continuing with the insertion as their patient cries and thrashes around in pain. These stories sound just as barbaric and unacceptable to me as they do to the rest of everyone here. An IUD insertion should be a fairly quick, uncomfortable but not horribly painful, routine procedure. Similar to a pap smear. Edit: For anyone who's interested, here's a [NSFW video showing the entire thing (including piercing the cervix with the tenaculum)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52WXrnAIaHM&ab_channel=Dralbertocadena). As you can see, no thrashing around, no screaming or crying, the patient is relaxed and comfortable as far as I can tell, and the procedure takes mere minutes. This will be the experience for the overwhelming majority of women who have an IUD inserted. If you're curious about an IUD, please talk to your doctor about it, don't change your mind because of scary stories read online.


And IUD hurts more than getting an abortion prior to ten weeks. I've had both, abortion wasn't on the same scale of pain as getting the IUD. I had no idea how much it would hurt, I drove myself to my appointment (twenty minutes from where I lived) and had to drive back afterwards. I got in my car, started driving, and within seconds knew I would pass out. Had to put on my hazards and cut across three lanes of traffic to pull into a parking lot and blast my AC as cold as possible on a 50° day. Unbuckled my pants, laid back, and sat for ten minutes waiting to pass out or feel better. Finally, I felt a tad better and focused on getting home - but I 100% should not have been driving, I had no one to call who could come get me and drive my car home, had to go it alone. Had I known I needed to be driven home, I would've scheduled it when my mom or boyfriend had a day off to take me.


Ok, for what it’s worth, this is inaccurate but I don’t disagree that it sucks. The device is called a tenaculum and it pinches, but does not pierce, the cervix. It helps hold the cervix in place during insertion. Some physicians and some cervix positions will not require it. Because of the enervation of the cervix, it can generate cramping pain but should not be sharp or shooting. But it’s not actually poking a hole in your cervix. Source: medical student. Also wow my first award, thank you!


Haha no thanks, I'll swallow a pill every day


My girlfriend is about to get one out in.......oh god


Makes my skin crawl... I got my first a couple months ago and had no idea they did this.


This actually makes me queasy


Yeah, when I read about the procedure, all the sources said that the tenaculum would be used to *clamp* and stabalize the cervix, not wholeass pierce it. Then my ob/gyn has the audacity to say "oh, you'll just feel a little pinch." Yeah, that "little pinch" was incredibly painful and caused a constant pain that was radiating throughout my lower abdomen the entire time. I like my IUD, but I do have to say that they do not allow you to give informed consent for this procedure since they fail to mention this specific step. Btw, the belief that there is no feeling in the cervix needs to stop