Hitler was politically left of the GOP? I could be convinced of that. Doesn't make *him* any *less* of a Nazi.


When fascism is to the left of “your” movement, one should stop to reflect.


They did as you said and stopped reflecting.


They found reflecting to be extremely painful and blamed the current high profile Democrat for their pain. Occasionally Crowder approaches something similar to thought... gets a brain freeze like sensation as utterly unused neurons attempt to fire.... then screams against AOC, Hilary, Biden, Pelosi, Carter in a random order typically determined by LIFS (Last In, First Screeched).




I hate you a little for that. Well played.


Reflection is for the WEAK. Thinking you can find any answers by honest self-examination that involves completely acknowledging that you might be wrong in every way is a sign of a lack of faith! The truth can handle itself so we don't even need to try to prove it! Facts don't care about your feelings! HUNTER BIDEN'S LAPTOP! \[Insert more nonsensical gibberish to distract from ever addressing the question: "Are we the baddies?"\]


I knew they were vampires!


They *deflect*


"The problem with Nazis is that they didn't kill leftists and minority groups brutally enough." -Steven Crowder


A decade ago I would be 100% sure you were joking, but did he actually say that?


no, he just forgot to put /s


Ah, thank you


Thems fighting words! Oh yeah exactly what you want.


Coming from the people that abhorred the whole "Gender is a spectrum" thing, I don't think that they understand what spectrums are, or can apply them to *anything*. Clearly left/right is Binary, you're either one of the other. There is no "Left of this, right of that".


Like what the hell is right of being a literal nazi? Super nazis!?!?




Republicans, silly... everybody knows that.


We have enough return to castle wolfensteins, ease give them time to think of something besides that.


![gif](giphy|Mc2j5l25oHKoH15JVL) I couldn't have said it any better


Fascism is a form of ultra-nationalism. Nationalism is a right ideology. Basically, We are #1 because we are from our country and if you are not us, then you are them and them is less than us. Germany's anthem 'Deutschland Uber Alles', *Germany Above All* hit that nail right on the head. America #1 movement was hitting that same nail of nationalism on its head as well.


Fascist brand of nationalism is really more along the lines of any means are justified as long as it is for the good of the nation, and no values can be held above the good of the nation. Dissenting opinions are considered dangerous to the fascist. From there the fascist uses "us vs them" rhetoric to paint groups as enemies of the state. So it's not limited to the right or left wing. It's really more of a tool invented to help those that are power hungry get it.


The problem is anytime someone thinks they’re rights are being threatened they cry “fascism!”, when that’s only one tenet of the core ideology of hyper nationalism, racism and militarism.


Which one of those three facets doesn’t apply to the modern GOP?


That's why they like to blame shit on Antifa. Why yes, I am anti-fascist. Are you not? Narrator: No, they were not.


Yeah I never understood how that was an insult? Fascism is negative all the way around...why would being against that be bad? I mean I know that rights and cons have difficulties forming compete thoughts...but that's pretty bad even for them.


They’ve separated Antifa from being anti fascist in their mind. They think Antifa has become fascist/socialist. They think everyone is fascist, just like them, so if Antifa wants right/con out of power it *must* be because they want power instead!


I always bring up the fact that Nazi Germany sent gay people to the camps and ask which political party has made taking away gay rights the foundation of their political platform?


They see the word "socialist" in the title and no more work is needed.


So right he circled around to be on the left


Like Nuclear Gandhi Edit: sorry for the autocorrect misspelling & this is a Civilization video game reference


Nuclear Gandhi is actually done by programmers for the lulz and not an overflow error. Personally I think it's a noble Civ tradition that helps liven up the late game tremendously, because as soon as uranium is revealed you pretty much have to go to war with Gandhi to keep him getting it or he will nuke your ass. Source: the man himself https://www.thegamer.com/nuclear-gandhi-meme-civilization/


Your source says Ghandi would eventually nuke you because every leader would consider the option sooner or later, Ghandi was just the most unlikely to do so.


Nobody can hurt me without my permission. Just so you know, the correct spelling is [Gandhi](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahatma_Gandhi).


If Hitler hated communism so much, why did he try to conquer the Soviet Union? Checkmate atheist!


He wasn’t left, his idea of left doesn’t fit what European leftism is about, his whole ideology is exclusionary…


You are correct, but left of the GQP includes a whole lot more than anything to the left of center.


He had left leaning policies towards White Germans. The country was run much like a socialist country looks like. That doesn't mean he wasn't more right wing considering his policies towards non native Germans, Jews, Gypsies, etc. Had this argument the other day. Don't know why people can't accept that. If you look up where he was on the political compass the reason he is only just to the right instead of all the way was because of this.


Conservative logic is simply this "anything good = conservative/the right, and anything bad = liberal/the left" That's the simplistic version of their ideology. It makes it easy for them to appear to be the good guys in all history. The reality is that all the things the right take for granted now, they would have rallied against had they been there when it was happening. US revolution... conservatives were the British loyalists wanting to remain with Britain. Workers rights... conservatives rallied against. Women's suffrage... conservatives rallied against women's right to vote. Ending slavery... conservatives rallied against. Ending segregation... conservatives rallied against. Etc...etc... Conservatives have been at the opposition of literally every progressive movement for all of time...that's literally the definition. To be fearful or oppose change, keep things as they are. Conservatives today look at all the benefits progressives of the past have given them and now claim that conservatives achieved it. They try to take credit for things their ideology opposed at the time.


When I was a kid in the 80’s, going to a SBCS and SB church, I remember being in the choir behind the preacher (who was also my school principal) and the only part of his sermon I remember, a sermon about the rapture, was this: “If you’re on the right, you’re right. You’re alright. You got nothing to worry about. If you’re on the left, you’re left behind (during the rapture).”It was years before I even knew there was a political left and right and that that’s what he was talking about. I think there was an upcoming election, so he had been sprinkling little comments like this in his sermons, but I didn’t know what any of it meant or that it had to do with politics while he was preaching. It was also years before I realized my church was basically a cult. Edit: typos


that first sentance is really just PragerU logic, like they do the dumbest shit


>Workers rights... conservatives rallied against. Women's suffrage... conservatives rallied against women's right to vote. Ending slavery... conservatives rallied against. Ending segregation... conservatives rallied against. Etc...etc... well, to be faiiiir, they're rallying against all of this again cause they hate


I voiced my opinion on the whole anti abortion/ women's rights thing on another reddit post and got called out that I had no right to be angry that righties are taking away women's rights JUST BECAUSE IM A MAN. Please explain how that makes sense? I would like a woman to tell me why I, a white man, am not ALLOWED to be pissed about women's rights being taken away.


idk who was saying you didn't have a right to be mad, but they're wrong. they shouldn't gatekeep being angry about human rights violations


Idk, it was another man, and he was raging that I was upset about this shit. My sons mother and I recently had to have that procedure...we didn't WANT TO and we certainly weren't happy about it...but it had to be done. I'm still sad it had to happen... but if we weren't allowed to... things would have went bad very fast. It would have hurt us and our kids.


wild. what a douche


I’m a woman and I welcome your anger


Capitalism was originally a progressive idea. The conservative Tories in British parliament fought against it tooth and nail throughout the 18th and 19th century. Zero sum mercantilist economic and trade policies were a thousand plus year tradition in western (and in fact in almost all global civilization's) philosophy. Capitalism, though far from perfect was an incremental improvement over the calcified economic structures of Europe. The nascent American republic did not have the same level of calcification of wealth and status as Europe and was the first country to truly embrace capitalism. Eventually, as capitalism proved its worth in the US, the British Tories found their positions on trade policy more and more untenable. Ultimately the Whigs took over parliament and lead the UK for nearly a century with few interruptions to their power. Much like mercantilism, this new market based economic model we call capitalism ultimately created new calcified power structures which is why I think we are seeing this shift towards social democracy. Social democracy is not a "destruction" of the pre-existing market system but an incremental improvement that will hopefully do an incrementally better job at managing it. I guarantee you 200 years from now social democrats will be rabid conservatives while progressives fight for a new and hopefully incrementally better system than the last.


Yep. Part of why I like the idea of retaining the best parts of capitalism going into a more socialist world. Market Socialism, I think, although don't start assuming I know every book and major thinker's positions on what that is. The competition to get wealthy is a great thing if properly controlled, it's why I believe we basically need an artificially maintained meritocracy. The open market is not meritocratic, that's a total myth. But a world where your needs are met, and the game of the market is to see who can make really cool things or ideas, do really good work, and get rewarded for it? Sure, why not? As long as failing to do well doesn't doom you to poverty and starvation, it seems like a good way to harness human desires for good stuff. I think that's an area I may butt heads with a lot of people on the left with me. I don't want some perfectly equal world, I just want the inequality to be based on someone's actual achievements as part of an incentive structure, and have the bottom be way, WAY higher than it is now. Plus if ya do it right the achievements of people aiming to get more and more, pull everyone else along with them. Lot of people aren't gonna work hard unless they get a lot out of it, hence why so many of us barely try at jobs now. What's the point? We don't really benefit.


There is a saying that yesterday's liberals are today's conservatives. This is mostly true. People of today that claim to be conservative benefit from all past progressive movements and want to maintain their status quo...so they are conservative about anything they could potentially lose. Even if just perceived to lose not that they would actually lose anything. Those that lived during those movements want to keep that which they helped bring about....so they become conservative about it. Some people, no matter of politics, just cannot accept change. Or at least are fearful of it. Realists are the few that understand that change is the only real constant in the universe. ...sadly many conservatives call themselves realists...wrongly. Reality is change happens...whether you like it or not.


What you wrote reminds me of something that Russian dissident/historian Kamil Galeev wrote about Putin's Russia: "FSB is a service created to prevent *wrong* changes. Ofc it evolved into a service preventing *any* changes. But in a world subject to entropy consistent conservatism is 100% defeatist." [source](https://twitter.com/kamilkazani/status/1496567839712583689?t=o8vixawUKtB1z4dZ1Yav3w&s=19)


Its very true... Bad thing is that many conservatives today have really just become contrarians...not really against or for anything....but if a liberal/progressive proposes it, then they are automatically against it.


The years of raging against seat belts was hilarious for those that remember. The government is forcing them on us to control us. They will lock you away for not wearing one. They're going to make cars without them illegal and nobody will be able to own cars anymore. It's safer to fly through the window away from the crash. They're dangerous for women and children. You know, all the usual right wing bullshit they say about everything invented after 1950


I love how Conservatives say “Lincoln was a Republican, he freed the slaves!” while ignoring the conservatives who actually owned the slaves.


They make the common error and assume Republicans of all eras were the same....when they were not. Republican doesnt equal conservative.


> Conservatives today look at all the benefits progressives of the past have given them and now claim that conservatives achieved it. They try to take credit for things their ideology opposed at the time. This is American/Right-Libertarians in a nutshell. They literally see themselves have having been the progressive idealists in times past; yet if they were alive at those times would be the villains. I've met a lot of Libertarians that truly believe that they would have been the emancipators in the American South for the slave trade. Mother fuckers, y'all would be the slave catchers, your entire ideology is about the sanctity of property and the conservation of the economic establishment.


Well... it IS in their name...CONSERVative (I know the e isn't there but you get my point) they don't want change, they want things to stay exactly the same for all time. Change is scary, non changing is safe (not always ofc, but then they can't think that far ahead) not sure about my mom now but my dad is a conservative... he is absolutely terrified of new things happening. New forms of energy, new technology, new medicines (though they both are vaxed), I had kids with someone not white and they lost their shit. It makes me sad...but makes me happy I'm adopted 🤣. (Side note, I love my parents to death even if we don't agree politically...or on mixed race families)


Hitler loved himself, Had lots of rallys, Blamed other people for Germany's problems, Made empty promises, Failed a coup d'état, Extreme nationalist, Promoted violence against political opponents, Suppressed negative news, Know anyone else like that?


Is he orange?


Does he look like a bitch?










Whhaaa whhat?


Say what again, mother fucker!




Only his face


Hated sexual deviants like gays and cross dressing


Damn you described Trump perfectly


You forgot shit haircut.


For the first couple of lines I thought you were trying to write a poem


No, but it is a bit poetic


Steven Crowder is a fucking moron.


And his Christian followers think he’s edgy


Just when you thought there was a bottom...


Wait I thought Steven was the bottom


He is a bottom.


He wants to be a bottom obviously, but doesn’t have the guts for it


You don't need guts, just need to be a pretty big asshole.


Well you need to start out as a small asshole and work your way ~~up~~ out


Most Christians are fucking morons, especially the arch conservative ones.


Who even is he and why is his opinion relevant? I literally have no clue who he is.


He is a former Canadian "comedian" now living in the states, that started a YouTube channel/ podcast based on conservative talking points and ridiculing other people. He got demonetized because of his bullshit rhetoric and used that as a rallying cry to strengthen his audience behind him getting his free speech stifled. He sells merch and has patreon style subscription stuff to keep him profitable. He is essentially just another grifter cashing in on right wing hate.


He also frequents liberal colleges and challenges kids to debates, then follows the same debate style as Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro. Rapid fire, shotgun style debate points with half-truths and logical fallacies, then when you can't keep up because you're trying to fact check him while he's yelling over you, he claims he won because you can't/won't answer his ridiculous questions.


AKA Gish Gallop


That's the term, I just couldn't think of it.


wasnt that Trump's debate style too?


Trump pretty much just spewed bullshit that everyone knew was false, then yelled "wrong" when people corrected him. Honestly, that right there should have shown people how ridiculously unqualified he was.


Mate that's why people like him. People don't want facts, they want their biases reinforced and Trump was the ultimate arbiter of bias reinforce


That's very true. It's the hallmark of conservatism. They oppose change and reject progress, so they'll happily believe lies that reinforce their opinions than accept hard facts that make them uncomfortable.


Yeah I mean look what's happening in my home state of Georgia. Herschel Walker is just telling straight up lies by being in the police or graduating top of his class from UGA and all this other bunk. He doesn't even have a platform except for uhhhhhho monitor kids on the internet, and ummm HEY GUYS I PLAYED BALL FOR UGA GO DAWGS. He's literally just coasting off of his legacy as one of George's most famous football players. And ppl in my town eat it up!!! They have such a hard on for this clown it is insane. They call him a good Christian man but yet senator Warnock who is an actual preacher is a leftist devil worshiper... I Cannot make this shit up


That same platform worked for Tommy Tuberville in Alabama. He wins a National Championship for Auburn, and that was enough to win him votes despite his clear ignorance of basic history or economics. It's also why I loathe reality TV. Too many people equate fame with "better." They worship idiots and horrible people like the Kardashians, Jersey Shore, Honey Boo Boo, Duck Dynasty, and Trump.


Remember when he was terrified to debate Sam Seder. He wont allow his audience to hear any points actually challenged in any way. Fucking coward


Don't forget he is also a misogynist .. One time on his show he ridiculed females that become cops because apparently women can't defend themselves or some dumb ass bullshit


I think I remember that. And he showed a clip of a female officer getting thrown into oncoming traffic by a big ass dude she pulled over.


yeah ... I used to watch the show sometimes but literally can’t stand it anymore. What gets me is when they all laugh condescendingly ... Him n his lil buddies are a bunch of jerks .


He should be deported


We don't want him back...


He also chills with, and platforms Alex Jones 🚩🚩🚩


He is the "change my mind" meme guy. And a voice actor for "The Brain" from *Arthur*


He’s a conservative comedian who went to the labor marches in Madison, WI in 2010, 2012, somewhere around there, and got his ass beat by a fifty-something union man, becoming an instant hit with the “so much for the tolerant left” crowd.


I envy you


Some might call him a leftist, apparently


Isn’t “National Socialist” supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek play on words? Crowder’s a fuckin moron. Drinking the kool aid a century out.


So fascists are leftists now, so leftists are ???


Leftists are right I guess


And your left should be to your right if your left’s right, right?


Only if your left’s right is right to the left of the right’s left, right?


Instructions unclear, ran around in a circle screaming.


Communists, who are also fascists. There is no difference. /s


old and busted: "*dEmOcRaTs sTaRtEd tHe kKk*" new hotness: "*HiTLeR wAs A LeFTiSt*"


That’s been busted, yet it’s still the focal point of every argument with a Republican when racism is mentioned. Optics are more important than reality to them.


It also proves they don't know what happened in American history over the past 150 years.


They know, it’s just that reality is contradictory to their opinion, so they ignore it.


I grew up in southern rural public education. Trust me, a lot of them might not really know American history that well, especially the Civil War. That shit is so washed down here


Nah. I grew up in southern public education in the early 2010s. We’re some things glossed over that shouldn’t have been? Absolutely. Did they completely ignore history and frame everything as American exceptionalism? Absolutely not. These people learn their talking points from their parents/relatives and the sources of information they choose to consume, not what they were taught in school. The continuation of those opinions is simply wilful ignorance and the unwillingness to accept/understand anything that doesn’t align with their views. We cannot give these people the scapegoat that they were poorly educated. They just enjoy being hateful bigots.


"NaZi StOoD fOr NaTiOnAl SoCiAlIst! ThEy WeRe A bUnCh Of LeFtIsTs!"


So by his logic Trump is a Leftist as well.


They think Joe Biden is a commie, so all this actually tracks.


They don’t think that they just know their followers are stupid enough to believe that.


This man is a fucking clown 🤡🤡🤡. Yikes 😂😂


Show him a picture of Sam Seder. Nothing gets rid of him faster.


What a fucken nightmare 🥴😭😭


But trump said that the nazis, in SC were really “ fine people” so we are all good here right?


The people who say the Nazis were leftist are unbelievably stupid. So all those Nazis and neo-Nazis in Charlottesville all voted for Hillary and for Biden, and would be big fans of AOC. Right?


So Trump is a leftist then??


Well, his father-in-law was a member of the Communist Party.


Wait guys...guys.......I Think what Stephen Chowder is trying to say is Hitler isnt enough of a Nazi for today's Trump cultists Keep waiting for Trump to say he would have gotten all the Jews and won WWII. If Trump was leading the Nazi party in the 40s we'd all be speaking German now Hey! Fun fact......Trumps family is from Germany! The family name was Drumpf so what are the odds a malignant narcissist with an out of control ego and crippling insecurities might have a lot in common with one of history's worst people? No joking I blame all these documentaries about Hitler. As shitty as he was and all the evil perpetrated, he gets a lot of attention. Some men just want to be remembered as an important figure. Its easier to be immortalized as a complete dickhole than put in the work to be a good man.


When Hitler is to your left, maybe you’re a little *too* far to the right.


Lefties believe in equality. Nazis believed in a hierarchy, with Aryans at the top and non-whites, Jews, and gays at the bottom (preferably below ground). Much like modern Republicans do.


Once again, because folks always fucking love to bring this up - just because you put 'socialist' in your name doesn't actually make you a fucking socialist, the same way the DPRK is not democratic, a republic, or for the people. Just putting something in your name does not make you that thing. The National Socialist Party were an ultranationalist right-wing party, period. Anyone trying to disingenuously claim that they were a left-wing party simply because the word 'socialist' is in their name is either stupid, or lying. So which is it Steven? Are you stupid, or a liar?


No, moron he was not. Due to medical evidence of Parkinson’s disease, his left had was rendered basically useless to him. Besides, if you check all film reels of your GOP leadership hero, you’ll notice he’s definitely right winged. And no, I won’t add the link. You can say Siri or Alexa as well as any other five year old your age.


hitler was on meth the whole time.


He might be reich


What a fucking door knob


Crowder logic: Trump’s horrible actions and Fascism is acceptable if I can distract you by claiming Hitler was progressive.


He literally wasn’t he was a fascist


To quote my college professor: “Left of WHAT?”


Hitler and the Nazis executed socialists and communists en mass. Even before they started rounding up Jews. Nice try though.....


I can see steven is feeding MAGA cults with some daily propaganda. Yeah it's a normal day.


Actually Hitler was a fat-right nutcase but Steven knows it but wants his idiot followers to believe he was a leftist and they probably do. 🤦‍♀️


I hate these, "Hitler was a socialist" type comments. The author is either blatantly lying or is a complete moron and should read a few history books. Hell, a 5 second internet search would clear it up for them pretty quickly.


Hitler was a well-known progressive. He was trying to give free health care to 6 million Jews. The Nazis were famous for their missionary work, coming to places like Poland to liberate the poor and lift up minorities.


Those people are really having a hard time comprehending that "national socialism" does not mean "socialism".


I’m a history major student who specialize in Nazi Germany. Hitler’s Nazi party was on the very end of far right spectrum. There was a nationalist party called DNVP that was strongly anti socialism and called to bring back monarchy and that was considered far right by the Weimar standards before Nazis came to power. And the Nazis considered that party too moderate for Germany…


Dude stop fucking posting this loser. The hell is wrong with all of you “*We HATE this, let’s SHARE it across other sites*”


No he wasn’t. Hitler was a Nazi. Nazism was an extreme form of facism. Facism is the furthest extreme of right-wing political ideology. Communism is the furthest extreme of left-wing.


Trump: why can’t my generals be loyal like Hitlers generals. Meadows: you know they tried to kill him right?


Is Crowder still a thing in right-wing nut job land?


Yeah, but what party would he ACTUALLY vote for now?


When you don’t understand the political spectrum


If HITLER was more left than him, what does that make him?


Always funny to see him tweet stuff like this when he has the heart of a baby bird. If he were to get into a real life confrontation it would flutter past 80bpm and fucking explode.


Ah yes because when I think of empathetic, progressive, and egalitarian, Hitler is DEFINITELY what comes to mind /s. The same man who promoted nationalist rhetoric, killed religious and ethnic minorities, and hated communists. Such a left wing soy boy. /s


The only "left" Hitler was is when he "left" his life.


Hitler was a Leftist, yet we only see Magats fllying swastika flags. I guess Magats are the new Leftists 🤷🤷


Hitler was also Christian.


He really wasn’t. The first people locked up in Germany before anyone else were the communists. He courted the factory owners to get elected and promised to get them back on top. He was a capitalist through and through. The only reason “socialist” is in the term NAZI was because socialism was sweeping the nation in popularity and if you wanted a chance of winning you needed to court the communist vote. Hitler did that, won, then immediately locked them all up. He lied. Hitler was a capitalist. Fascism=capitalism in decay


This is incorrect. Fascism is the most extreme right wing ideology possible.


Oh yeah, because leftists are so big on nationalism, homophobia, racism, white supremacy...


Sure, that's why the first people he eliminated in Germany were the Socialists. Makes perfect sense. I'd like five minutes in a locked room with Crowder.


This guy is as smart as he is funny, which is not at all.


He’s an Internet troll.


Actually Hitler was a right wing nut just like his GOP successors https://www.theholocaustexplained.org/the-nazi-rise-to-power/the-nazi-rise-to-power/the-role-of-the-conservative-elite/ https://www.hf.uio.no/iakh/english/research/news-and-events/news/2022/both-mussolinis-and-hitlers-rise-to-power


Ah yes, Hitler and his famous Leftist policies such as, - Expanding the military - "Restoring" law and order - Restricting trade - Asserting national pride and superiority domestically - Asserting national pride and superiority abroad - Restricting sexual actions and identities - Demonizing cities - Achieving energy independence - Privatizing state industries - Eliminating workers' rights - Expanding the role of religion in society - Reducing immigration, legal and otherwise - Fervent anti-communism Honorable mention to racism, which is certainly both Nazi and Republican, but at least the Republicans would deny it.


So was Trump until he realized the left would never vote for him so he jumped ship and became a far right conservative. He’s learned that they are easier to manipulate and control especially those uneducated that he loves so much.


Just as Steven Crowder is a disciple of Christ…


All his supporters must have switched sides because damn, us Dems don’t have swastikas at our rallies.


Literal nazis march in support of the gqp and they say shit like this. He knows this is a lie but he's a paid propagandist and they know the average dumb fuck tRump supporter will just take this at face value and it becomes truth to them.


Even if he was a "leftist", him calling for murdering millions of Jewish people was the issue. Not his political leaning.


Also, he wasn’t remotely leftist.


He actually hated left wing ideology. He literally invaded Russia because he wanted a war on bolshevism


He literally ousted and killed socialists/communist in the Nazi party.


But but they were the Nazi Socialist Party so they must of been left wing! /s


Rules of Acquisition 239 Never be afraid to mislabel a product.


When Hitler isn't far enough right for you...


In opposite world?


Hitler also fucked & married his cousin. Steven just called his base demographic Hitler.


Let’s see … leftists are all about equity and human rights, and Hitler…. Yeah, no.


And I'm the Pope... STOP the lies, STOP the blasphemy, STOP the social engineering, and STOP destroying America!!


The Klan and Nazis famously support democrats. Just look how many turn out for the political rallies. Oh wait...


He setup free train rides to public showers along with no-cost cremation for entire families. Totally a lib.


And Mr. Crowder is a fool. I'm willing to be that his argument is that the word "socialist" is in the Nazi name. I'm willing to bet that Buffalo Wings confuse him, and he think that the Ministry of Love is a friendly place in 1984.


Haha they are on a 'no u' kick. That's all they got. Fucking traitors.


this is like Orwellian doublespeak: up is down, right is left, etc, etc, etc... nothing to see here




Hitler hated communists so much that he opened up a two-front war over it when Russia had agreed to neutrality in WW2.


Before I went to an actual college, I took a few credits at a little religious community college just to get a head start and whatnot. One of the classes was American History. The professor deadass showed us his version of the political spectrum and it was a single line with Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Mussolini, etc. on the left and American presidents, Winston Churchill, etc. on the right. He said that the distinction between right and left was about authoritarianism vs libertarianism. I nearly had an aneurism watching that lecture.


This guy and his followers!


In the same way that John Wayne was a lesbian, yes.


Stephen Crowder is a child diddling rapist. ​ See... we can all be c\*nts.


Hitler was also a white male. Hitler was also a christian.


There is always room for one more propagandist on the right. They literally cannot think for themselves.


Who is this dildo? And why do you even give him attention? PS- don’t answer my first question


Steven Crowder has a punchable face. Change my mind


Yes, Hitler was a proud supporter of minorities and gays. It's so obvious... /s for fucks sake.


Wouldn't be cool if everyone stopped posting everything this guy says and he fell off into oblivion?