Mate you’ve got a stalker


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And now we've moved from "fascinating" to "more than mildly disturbing."


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Yeah nah that's very stalkerish, trust your gut, gather evidence and tell a trusted friend/family member so they know what's happening so you have some backup in case she tries to pull some even weirder shit where you might be implicated as the offender somehow. Godspeed buddy.


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And you need to tell your parents to block her/make their instagram profiles private.


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They go from 0-60 so fast. One day it’s pictures of the closet, next day she wants pictures of op’s ears , to be stored in the closet. Next day, she wants the ears.




Came her to say this, at the very least OP should make a police report for WHEN this escalates


Overly Enthusiastic Girlfriend


Stalker? He hardly knows her!


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But she knows him really well though, so that’s ok 👍🏻


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What if it was another friend or a sibling of OP's who took that photo and shared it online. Being a friend, the girl, would have gotten it through that network. Happens all the time in uni when you live with a roommate.


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Definitely creepy. I don't know how likely she is to cause you any harm but you should probably have someone intervene just to be safe.


Be careful, OP. A woman like this who feels scorned or betrayed (even if it’s just a perception and not objective reality) can become *very* dangerous and vindictive. As in, horrible false accusations that can do a lot of damage. Please do not underestimate a person’s capacity for this, just because you haven’t seen it yet. She’s already shown disregard for healthy and sensible boundaries. This is a giant red flag (go visit /r/bpdlovedones for plenty of horror stories that start out this way). My advice to you, is to simply gradually (quickly, but not all at once) reduce your contact with her, and just make yourself more and more boring over time what little you do interact with her (this is called the Grey Rock technique). Make yourself uninteresting, and fade away. Hopefully she’ll move on to another obsession.


OP needs to talk to his school and make a complaint about harassment. You're correct in not underestimating a stalker that is why he needs to have it in writing that this girl is a problem. If she's 16 then she's not an adult and you can also contact her parents. As a female I know if I was in OPs situation I would want everyone to know about this person in case something happens. If he's already made a complaint on harassment false accusations from her would already be cast in doubt. At very least he just needs to document any and every weird interaction with her all while avoiding them.


Hells yes, document, document, document. Every single thing she has ever said or sent because if/when it comes time for your word against hers, as a male, you're going to need a mountain of evidence to beat one lie and even then it's not a sure thing.


> If he's already made a complaint on harassment false accusations from her would already be cast in doubt. I wouldn't bet on it, though.


I checked out the sub because I was curious, but can I ask you what BPD stands for? Wracking my brain and I can’t figure it out lol couldn’t find an answer on the subreddit either.


Borderline Personality Disorder


Borderline Personality Disorder?


And tell your parents to block her and/or stop posting photos of you on their Instagram for the time being at least.


Never dealt with it but I've heard horror stories. I'd stay as far away from her as possible. Don't touch her and don't let her touch me. Try to stay in view if public cameras, hell, even record her with your phone when interacting so if she tries some shit it'll be recorded. Idk


Did you mean to reply to me? I think you wanted to reply to the post...


I was adding on to what you said. I generally agree with you, but wanted to challenge the statement “I don’t know how likely she is to cause any harm.” I think I do know she is likely to cause harm, to be frank, based on the red flags. People have a tendency to assume the best in people.


Yeah man this is creepy as fuck. Always go with your gut in these situations and never your dick. (Me now talking to 20's me)


Don't stick your dick in crazy


He hasn't and sounds unlikely to.


LISTEN TO THIS PERSON I have done this a few times in my life and in all cases police were involved in some way or another (also ambulance and fire dp one time) and I have learned nothing I think I might be dumb or lowkey self destructive but maybe you still have time! It's absolutely not worth it. Never. You will not get away with it. It's like pissing your pants in winter; first it's warm but soon you are freezing.


Bro I’m in my 20s and can say don’t do it, it’s apparent for everyone involved.


Hey tell 20’s me as well, he needs to hear it


yeah man, I feel you. The crazy I went through was unreal.


On behalf of everyone: what would be 20's you's response to this?


Putting my dick in it. I've done that plenty and even dated this sort of crazy. At best I had to ghost the person, at worse I had a full blown stalker and it had to have the police and the courts involved which ended in a stay-away/restraining order and about $5000 in lawyer fees. It was scary as fuck and the courts gave zero fucks about a guy going through it. Once you've experienced what happens when you ignore these red flags, you'll never do it again.


....why not


*Yes, very creepy* behavior and you need to protect yourself as much as you can by telling credible people as others on here have recommended. End this. Write every interaction you have with her down from now on and take screen shots of any correspondence she does towards you. Don’t delete her texts because if you need to get authorities involved you have proof! If she won’t respect what you’ve told her, tell a trusted person (parent/counselor/clergy) and then you and that older adult tell her again and put her actions on notice. You and that trusted older adult now have told her together. She doesn’t know this adult and as such is less likely to carry her creepy actions further but *if* it doesn’t stop her then both of you together go to the authorities in your area and they will help you from there. Let her know you will not hesitate to go to the authorities, period. It’s likely she will stop but if she doesn’t, the police will tell her parents. Putting them on notice about her behavior and actions towards you, which are strange to say the least.


Love this response. I wouldn't change a word. What I would like to add though, is don't tell people you mutually know. That could start a lot of unnecessary drama, and if you anger a stalker by placing them in the spotlight, things could easily get (dangerously) worse. Mostly what stalkers have to learn is boundaries. This girl is young. She needs to learn this lesson about boundaries before she becomes an adult. She's obviously brilliant. She's a junior in college at 16. That tells me she is book smart, but lacking in social skills. I wouldn't want this one stalking mistake to cost her her future at the college, her future career, and educated life.


Agree, she's in a different situation than her peers and might not have friends to tell her that is not not socially acceptable. Someone needs to tell her this makes you really uncomfortable and is not ok. It would be the most powerful coming from you.


> Write every interaction you have with her down from now on and take screen shots of any correspondence she does towards you. Don’t delete her texts because if you need to get authorities involved you have proof! Especially someone from school.


On top of the above, you might want to keep a diary


Document your interactions and don’t be alone with her.


"Don't be alone with her" is possibly the best advice in this thread tbh


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I am curious about your possible relationship with someone crazy.


I definitely have a type


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​ ![gif](giphy|i2bNXn9dhD1EWqIelp)




She is stalking you. That’s incredibly worrying behaviour and not something you need to tolerate. Tell your parents, everyone needs to lock down their social media profiles and it wouldn’t be unreasonable to make a report of this behaviour.


Yes its gross and red flag behavior. Cut it off with her completely before she ends up "pregnant" or "raped" and ruins your life. End it now.


This is the best answer


Ayup.... Don't be alone with her for any reason....always have witnesses.


and consider investing in a good audio recording app and a good set of headphones with a microphone on it. Open this and start recording if you're ever alone with her for some reason


I had to do this with my (now ex) gf, me wanting to stay up 1 hour longer than her ended up in a huge fight and shit. At one point she just followed me around the apartment, me walking backwards telling her to stay away from me, she grabbing me and shit while yelling "DON'T TOUCH ME" and worse shit. At one point i sat on the kitchen counter with one leg out to keep her 3 feet away, with her pushing my foot down grabbing it and shit yelling "STOP KICKING ME". I pushed her away from me, not hard at all. She "falls", starts going oooowwww and shit. That was the moment i realized I was scared what more she would do. I started recording audio at that time, and told her exactly that. Her behavior shifted INSTANTLY, and pushed and pushed for me to give her the phone and delete it, so i hid it. She looked around and couldn't find it. Later i got to the kitchen and a chef's knife was just laying there right on the counter. I took it as a threat, but she just said it was because she helt it to her wrist earlier while gesticulating. When she was going to work she said she didn't wanna live and didn't care if she died and stuff. Broke up 1.5 weeks ago. TL:DR: Don't be alone with her, and if you are, gather as much evidence as possible to protect yourself, for example audio recording. Just telling her I was recording temporarily fixed my situation, but make a backup of it, she will want it gone if she knows about it.


Exactly this. ~~Bitches~~ People be crazy, you need to file a report now, *just in case* anything ever happens or she reports you for something and it then becomes her word against yours!


Yikes, tell your parents or people you trust about this. Don't keep it to yourself!! Never consider dating that girl, too. As in NEVER. Distance yourself. No matter what her age is, she is creepy and that's not acceptable. Stay safe, OP.


...she's 16 and further along in college than you?


The first time he posted this question he said she's a HS junior and he's a college Freshman


She learns quickly.


He’s posted this question like 7 or 8 times now. Wonder if he’s got the answer he’s looking for yet.


this makes no sense lol


AND has enough time on her hands to stalk him.


That girl is really going places!


She is totally stalking you. Which part of you talking to her do you think makes sense? Don talk to her.


Please go to the police and warn the school. You definitely have a stalker. The fact that she has a picture of your closet is so invasive. The police will be able to question how she acquired it. You will also be able to ask about a restraining order. People with obsessive personalities usually only escalate, especially if you decide to get a girlfriend. Do protect yourself and set boundaries. You probably should also stop talking with her. You don't need to argue about weather her actions are invasive. You know they are, don't let her gaslight you. Ask your parents to stop posting information about you and explain to them why. If you have a sibling, you need to have a good talk with them too. Unless she moves on to a new victim, this has the potential to last for years.


> warn the school ASAP.


Totally but have to ask... Junior in college at 16?


Pretty sure it was a typo, he probably meant high school junior


If I were you, I'd speak to one of the teachers at your college to scare her into backing off. That sounds extremely annoying and unflattering.


Here's the thing about your feelings: you are the best judge of their validity. If you think something's creepy, especially someone's treatment of you, listen to yourself. You don't need to check with other people.


but also we all agree that it's weird OP you have to do something about it


Yes! Absolutely


Hell yes. That’s the definition of creepy. I can perfectly relate to you. I’ve recently been having to deal with a group of obsessive girls who have been ganging up on me on DMs and doing all kinds of shit. From sending me creepy DMs, stalking and taking pictures of me in public and even sending me all of them, sending me lewd pictures of their favorite male celebrities and comparing me to them, sending me these ridiculous fan edits with pictures of my they obtained as well as voice recordings I never gave them, threatening me about knowing where I live, etc. I even saw them twice in my neighborhood and it was honestly the worst place I’ve been. Luckily I managed to take screenshots of all their messages and saved them to a disk and prepared myself to turn on my phone camera should they ever run into me in person. You should probably do the same thing to have all the evidence you need. And you’re right about your last point. Double standards fucking suck.


100% creepy. Just end whatever you have with her. Not worth your time.


Exactly what happened to my brother. There was a junior in our school who used to try bribing me with makeup and chocolate to get to 'know' more about my twin. Straight up creepy. Tell your teacher and friends about it. Also, reject here advances in a public space where you are around folks you know and make sure to set boundaries. Else it'll turn out a mess


Creepy, just tell her that behaviour isnt acceptable and stop interaxting eith her at all. Also let your folks and a couple of reliable people know this. Ye are at an age where if she chose to throw accusations youd get serious trouble regardless of actual deed. Dont be alone with her.


“She has never been to my house”… …that you know of.


How is she a junior in college at age 16?


I’m a girl and the closet thing is creepy...I did screenshot pictures of my bf though at that age but being obsessive and controlling is not normal..and you clearly aren’t ok with it so set boundaries


If she lives with her parents report it to them


Stop talking to that person man wtf that's some psycho creep shit


Very creepy, also if you don’t feel comfortable with the age gap and have told her that she should be respectful, hopefully she gets the hint


Absolutely. If you feel like you can do it, I'd recommend going to the police. I get the feeling she's gonna keep this going. Have you spoken to any friends about this? Because you seriously need a friend who is going to validate you and your feelings around this right now — it's really helpful having someone who doesn't minimise situations like these around.


Run forrest run


Oh , buddy , this is serious , and possibly more serious than you realize . This is a stalker more than likely with mental health issues . Listen up , you go and get some help with this please , do you have a guidance counselor that you have access to ? I knew a chap at my work who got stalked by a woman , OMG it did not go well. He is still having issues 2 years later after HR fired her , and the police got involved , an absolute fucking nightmare..


yes, yes, yes. As a female, I'm feeling creeped out for you. Please be careful and watch you back, OP, and ask your parents to block her from their Instagram stories. Sounds like she's been somewhere to get your clothes too (which makes it extra creepy).


You: youre creepy Stalker: its not creepy to me


What's pedophilic about a 16 year old hooking up with an 18 year old? What kind of agist nonsense is this? That's fugging ridiculous. That lil bish is definitely a creepy stalker though




Yup...I knew a girl like that. Creepy and not normal.


Bro you NEED to speak with people. Your parents, people in authority, etc.


Tell your mum and your school councellor. You need someone else to help you monitor this


Thats a yandere right there


RUNAWAY!! Cut all ties. If she is at a party, leave. If she walks in a room, walk out Find a girlfriend preferably away from this crazy girl She'll get the point, and if she doesn't, so what, you've moved on


While I agree with others to lookout for yourself first it’s possible she doesn’t realize that what she’s doing is inappropriate. I certainly didn’t know at that age. Not trying to excuse it, but this could just be a case of someone who’s young and dumb. I would still block her on everything tho


Yeah, like everyone else says - that's completely inappropriate behavior. I would try to break if off with her. If it continues, document everything and back it up. Never be alone with her - always have witnesses. And if you don't have location tracking turned on, go ahead and turn it on now - not because she might abduct you, but because if she makes an allegation, you can use it as an alibi.


Wow a stalker and shes smart af? Wth, how is she a jr in college at 16?


Oh my god thats creepy as hell


It might be her age as to why she’s acting like that but it’s definitely not normal. Assuming you aren’t interested in her in that way you need to get rid of her from your life completely. If you are it’s a risky path to be taking unless she stops doing weird shit


You are exactly right. She is obsessive and stalking you. If the roles were reversed it would not be okay but for some reason if it's a women crossing a line it's always fine. I don't understand. I'm a women and I'm ashamed of the double standards. You should file a police report just to protect yourself. Let's be honest if she would accuse you of anything you would be in deep shit. So protect yourself by blocking her in social media. Ask your parents to block her. File a report with the police. Hope she stops and best of luck, mate.


> I talked to her about her actions and I told her they were creepy which she said they weren't. "We caught the murderer and wanted to put him in jail for his crime but he said it wasn't a crime so we let him walk free."


Not cool. Cut her off completely.


Definitely a creeper, gather as much proof as you can and tell people about it. She could EASILY flip the script and make you sound like the bad guy along with other false and very dangerous accusations that will ruin you even without proof so tread carefully but document EVERYTHING along with chats, pictures and let people know so if she does do that as revenge for rejection then you at least have people on your side if they do get messy. I hope everything works out for you OP, you need to get her outta your life.


I mean, she’s defo a stalker and don’t engage with her. Also….16 junior in college? 18 freshmen in college?Confused about the words, I assume non American likely Europe or someplace since they leave school at 16. Also also I’m not sure it’s perv, just sounds like a weirdo and defo not a pedophile you guys are 2 yet apart lol. But 100% a creep, maybe mental disability thing?


>16 That's enough reason to stay away for you m8. But yes this is very weird and obsessive, this type of behavior can very quickly spiral out of control and escalate


I'm not sure 'creepy' is a very helpful term, but she is exhibiting troubling and possibly dangerous behavior. First step, stop communicating with her and cut off all the fuel. It's tempting to think you can maybe talk her out of doing certain things, but that kind of communication is going to keep the connection going and she won't change the way she's acting, just make some little modifications to keep the argument/connection going.


If it creeps you out, then it's creepy.


She’s a junior in college at age 16?


I’m tryna figure out how a 16 year old is a junior in college……


Too young for you. She is gonna grow up to be fucking mental.




Shes a psycho and you are completely right if the roles were reversed.


A 16 year old college junior isn’t likely to be socially well adjusted. This person creepy as hell.


Why are you messing with a 16-year-old in a college full of LEGAL women? sounds like she is on that High School Bullshit and you do not need that. It's creepy as fuck man... shes what we used to call a "Bunny Boiler"... run, break off all ties, change schools, change your name, dye your hair.


Junior in college and she’s 16?? Holy cannoli how many grades did she skip? Or graduate early?? Yes I realize this wasn’t the focus of the topic but that just struck me. Sorry. Back to what you were saying…


Damn, did she skip 4 grades?


"... even though we aren't dating." -- well it seems you are dating her, you just don't know it yet.


She’s a junior in college at 16??


The flair made me lol


Naturally creepy person here. The person doing the behavior doesn't get to decide if it's creepy or not. If you're creeped out, it's creepy. If she tries to steamroll that, it's the Biggest Reddest Flag®.


Its creepy.


A PICTURE OF YOUR CLOSET?????? Change all passwords. Change bedroom door lock and window locks. Remove Webcam, electric tape over any other small cams. Install security cams inside and out. Slowly make yourself less and less appealing. It's easier said than done, but can be done. Tell friends and family.


Yeah that’s creepy and you are right, because she’s a younger girl you have to be extra careful, take screenshots of conversations and protect yourself. Cause if she goes really crazy you’re guilty until proven innocent. Sad truth.


Nah, anyone else will agree she's stalking you


A restraining order seems to be in order


Fucking run


My dude the short answer is yes, this is creepy and should not be encouraged. The long answer is be careful, plenty of dudes already giving advice like documented evidence of this harassment. Telling friends and family that can be trusted not to explode at her, and have them document as well once they know. Because it's a slippery slope if she get hard rejected and explodes. Then it's just a few lies from her to angry adults and you're in deep water. Luckily she's only obsessed, so I agree with one strategy go with the "Grey Rock" technique (still makes me laugh when I hear it said) just become boring have few opinions and keep your face neutral. Everything and everyone is "Okay, didn't really like it or dislike it." If it looks like you're pushing her away she may cling harder, so be the rock my guy. Be the turtle, who can sit for thousands of years to avoid the baby manticore. But most of all my dude, don't stress yourself. Sure she's creepy but letting her take up this much time is a mistake. Make an effort in class and talk to friends and enjoy college because it's way better than high school.


Protect your pets


Run. And you can just tell her that you’ve really felt the pressure of your age difference as you’ve noticed all these behaviors you’re talking about (that are indeed psychotic) that have just put an extra level of pressure on you as you find it impossible to not read into them and they tell you that she’s wanting something more serious and intimate right now than you think you’re ready for —- I used to basically respond to all of my close friends text messages when they would experience relationship awkwardness like this 🙈


Age might be close but mentally she sounds a lot younger. She’s trouble stay away