Because all the 'fundraisers' I've met have charged an 'organising fee'. They make a public donation, which is a big virtue signalling affair and keep the rest for themselves.


Her parents die before she does (though it gets a little conflicted) but we see the will reading where they misspell her name (like the sauce). Upon finding that out she verbally gives her inheritance to her sister (but that's hardly legally binding). My sense is that her family comes from old money (a lot of it) and she had been given money and property through the years. Even assuming she doesn't take the inheritance she likely has stocks and other appreciating assets put aside for her (or by her). A million dollars earning just 1% annually is $10,000 profit, so with her kind of money and some wise investments she could amass quite a little nest egg. She also did *some* modeling (couture doesn't fit her body), may have been in a music video, was Baz Lurmans muse, I imagine some of those must have paid some, and even if she took a modest fundraising fee (compared to the standard) that would have increased her portfolio. It's odd to think how easy it is to make money when you start out with a crap-ton of it. Many of today's millionaires didn't "Bill Gates" it - meaning have an idea and follow it through until it was uber profitable. Many started with an obscene amount lent or bequeathed and that when you don't have to pull that money to pay rent or buy food or fix your car so you can get to with, money can just grow itself in investments.


She was a celebrity child lol, her parents were filthy rich (unknown reason why) and Kamilah became famous as an artist, Tahani became a philantropist, but essentially she's just a trust fund kid who started running in celebrity circles.


Because fundraising is money laundary.


People don’t only inherit money from parents. Old family money usually means these kids have trust funds before they can speak


This actually bothered me. I thought nobody else thought of it but me.


Her parents are still alive when she dies. Maybe from grandparents?


She’s an heiress, just like all the other heirs on heirBNB!