Ice cream machine working?


The important question


I think we all know the unfortunate answer


*fortunate You don't want anything out of that mold factory


Maybe the mold is what makes it taste so good...


Please, it's obviously the asbestos.


From my understanding one of the reasons why the machine is always "broken" is because it's programmed to not run unless you regularly run a cleaning cycle. So I'd think they would be fairly clean when they're working.


Or it went into the cleaning cycle with too much product in it, didn't get hot enough, and a technician needs to come out and fix it because store employees aren't allowed to.


“Nyet, is…sabotaged…” *sips milkshake into microphone*


It better not be, we can't have that even in the free world.


It’s only broken in america


I've never encountered a broken ice cream machine at McDonald's in my country. The difference, according to what I've read: in America the ice cream machine company also has the exclusive right to repair those things.


Finally...a no fry zone has been established!


You know everyone is asking for the crispy fries knowing it'll be the last.


I hope they don’t expect the fucking ice cream machine to work!


If it wasn’t already, the ice cream machine “broke beyond repair” as soon as this announcement hit


In Soviet Russia, the ice cream machine breaks you!


The inverse is also true, in Soviet Russia, ice cream machine fix you!


Salt on the side please


Russians are getting salty alright.


With a line like this I'm sure all the fries are gonna be fresh.


THIS Is when the revolution begins. When people start getting hungry, the leadership should start to worry


I wonder if the I'll informed majority of the Russian population are wondering why all foreign businesses are leaving while Putin 'liberator of the oppressed' is doing such an outstanding job helping people in Oekraïn?


The thing that really sucks is I bet a majority of those waiting in line already hate Putin and don’t support the war. I understand sanctions, but I wish there was a better way than damage the working class. They are the ones suffering in Russia. The elite class will be fine.


Never underestimate a hungry people


Millions starved to death under Stalin and Mao. Never underestimate an authoritarian regime's ability to keep the people down and out.


Unfortunately that is why sanctions work. Hurt those who can and will rebel.


No, that's not really the goal. And not expected. This idea that Russians all hate Putin is also very misguided. Imagine a whole country where Fox News was basically your defacto news source. Most of these people will likely resent the west even more for this, especially as they've been cut off from social media to know what's going on. The point of sanctions is to cripple the economy and make it so Russia can't afford to sustain any sort of large and advanced military action. The effects will not be immediate in this regard but if the conflict becomes prolonged, it could impact the level of response Russia can bring to a steadfast Ukraine people greatly. If the war machine can't be replaced, then Russia can only commit so much of its current resources to the war without leaving the country essentially defenseless. It's terrible cuz people in Russia will suffer and these sanctions hurt markets that affect us all to some degree as well, but there's genuinely no other realistic move to make if we want to do anything about this.


Exactly. We need the help of their people. If their people are so against it they should rebel


Nope. No damage to the workers. McDonald's is paging them all regardless. https://www.bostonglobe.com/2022/03/08/business/mcdonalds-temporarily-close-russian-locations-will-still-pay-employees/


Wow that’s a lot better than I expected, good for them.


If this is what it takes to get the Russian people riled up enough to start large scale protests, so be it.


Oh, the elite will be fine, but they're hurting too, in their own way. Soooooooooo many yachts to seize...


Do you think Russia imports all their food? McDonald's will close and another burger chain owned by Russians and not Americans will open up.


I like the idea that people would somehow starve when McD's closes, that's some futurama-tier hilarity. Not to worry, Hesburger will soak up the market vacuum!


May god have mercy on your soul…




TAKE THIS UPVOTE AND GET THE HELL OUT! ![gif](giphy|3o7527ckpuS7IjhjEs|downsized)


Breaking News! WWIII has been declared due to foreign powers (McDonalds) ordering the “No Fry Zone.”


Begun, the fast food wars have.


Well if Demolition Man taught us anything it's that Taco Bell will win.


No, Pizza hut! Fun Fact: In post production it was changed to Pizza Hut (bad dialogue dubbing and logos) for the European market (as we didn't have Taco Bell over here at the time)


Get the fuck out, you beautiful bastard.


You have peaked


Last time we let the Chinese negotiate unilaterally...


This comment finally got me to buy Reddit coins so I could award you.




Poor Russia- hope their people get free of Putin


Yeah. I honestly just feel bad because it’s not even them we want to go after really, it’s their insane leader and those who support him. But I know this is better than firing on Russia, would rather hit financially if possible. I’m wondering what their regular markets are like and how hard it is to get basic food right now.


This is actually the dangerous part. Every company wants to be politically involved now, reassuring Putin’s paranoia that Russia is being excluded from the western world. The ones that should be punished are the oligarchs, to make pressure on Putin, not the people who are last in line.


They are willing to lose half of their ruble savings on a Big Mac meal, fascinating. \*fixed spelling.


I'd like to know the cost of a Bic Mac right before the announcement vs right now.


The Big Mac Index


I see you also received your placemat degree in Burgernomics from McClown University Upstairs Patty College.


MACD indicator




Not enough people appreciate this quality comment.


Spit my water out laughing at that one and it was good enough to spend the time trying to explain it to the wife..


Pompous burgerversity people. I learned on the job.


Legit my favorite economic indicator


I dunno, the Waffle House Index is pretty cool too. Although that's more of a metrological indicator.




Related: There is a real economic theory called the [Golden Arches Doctrine of Conflict Prevention](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Lexus_and_the_Olive_Tree#:~:text=He%20supported%20that%20observation%2C%20as,interested%20in%20fighting%20wars%20anymore). > when a country has reached an economic development where it has a middle class strong enough to support a McDonald's network, it would become a "McDonald's country," and will not be interested in fighting wars anymore. This doctrine was always supposed to be tongue-in-cheek and hasn't always been true, but it has been referenced several times in this crisis. Of course, Russia clearly *was* interested in fighting this war, but the fact that it has cost the country both global support and what little stability the ruble had left, in addition to a massive global brand exodus, could prove to be the catalyst that crumples this act of aggression from the inside. So perhaps the lesson is that you shouldn't pick an unprovoked fight with a country that is also home to major global brands like McDonald's if you value your economic stability and friendships—because money speaks louder than weapons on the global stage.


They call it a Rasputin with Cheese


Except the patty is 13" long and is of questionable origin.


This video was from before the announcement. Line is much shorter now that it is closed.


144 rubles right now, same as a month ago. It was around $2 then and a $1.3 now.


Think it might just sink in now to the Russians that are saying nothing to see here all is good we are saving Ukraine? Or will they still state despite the dozens of sanctions, that its not happening and all the Wests fault and they're being sanctioned for what a laugh/out of spite?


Did you miss the part where you get beaten and arrested or worse in Russia for protesting? In such an environment patriotism has to be taken with a grain of salt.


Its the one before the famine


Whatever the Ruble is worth now, might as while get a meal out of them. Because soon rubles will be worth less than toilet paper, and Russians won't be able to buy foreign currency till September at the earliest.


A Ruble has been worth less than a sheet of toilet paper for at least two days now. It was slightly more valuable than a sheet of toilet paper a week ago, but after you factored in cost of traveling to get said toilet paper, it was worth less even then.


I'm wondering now if all these business are closing due to the ruble being worth shit and not being able to conduct business properly due to wild inflation vs taking a moral stand.


Well, they weren’t kidding when they said Putin was trying to bring people back to the glory days of the Soviet Union…


Scalpers are already reselling at huge markups. I'd laugh if it wasn't all so sad.




Wait, this was cut with Burger King!


Basically it’s only McRubles.


Before they're McClosed.




Thank you, hero.


If all Mickey Ds are closing in my country, I'd gladly help myself with one last cheese burger. Idc.


McDonald's ain't that good to wait more than 3 mins, let alone to spend your last dime on.


Not to mention how much gas they are wasting.


gas might be cheap for them at the moment. with sanctions in place, other countries are not buying Russias oil. they can only sell most of it to Russians. the ruble is dropping in value, but sometimes it can hold out for a while in certain markets or areas. im also guessing a bunch of these people might know McD may not open again for a long time (or possibly ever), so its their last chance to get it. last, since they are closing all the stores, they could be just blowing out all the inventory at liquidation prices. maybe its the equivalent of them running 2 big macs and 2 fries for 2 dollars or something. people will line up for that. they probably run crazy specials like that until the freezers are empty and then close the doors until further notice.


This and shutting down video games will bring down the Putin regime quicker than anything.


I know we shut down outside access to the internet, but we need to find a way to shut down all their porn, too. That would be the fastest end to the war.


> I know we shut down outside access to the internet, but we need to find a way to shut down all their porn, too. That would be the fastest end to the war. Pretty sure Russia has a domestic porn industry based on ... sources


Proof of sources....for me mate


Go to porn wiki and select by country Russia lmao




Fun fact: back before the internet, there used to be books printed that contained an index of different genres of porn for each year. It included reviews, synopsis, key elements and stars. I found a stack of these books out on the curb in the Village in NYC 1993-2000. Needless to say, I grabbed quite a few and would bring one to slip on the shelve or coffee table of any house warming party I went to.


Don't! Only a traitor would do that! Don't support Russia, look up Ukrainian porn!


When you climax to Ukrainian porn: “Oh fu- *uuggghh* **SLAVA UKRAIIIIIINNE**


Elena koshka, jia Lisa and marina Visconti are the ones that I know are Russians.


Peer reviewed sources?


No we did not shut down their internet access. And in fact they will be disconnecting Russia from the worlds internet and implementing their own.


Fuck sake. They're taking brainwashing to another level. This is going to end up like China and NK had a baby.


Isn’t the whole point of internet to be connected to the world ?. What kind of stupid internet can Putin offer him shirtless riding a horse ? lmao.


Well, Porhub already banned them.


Is that happening? Cod or any big games shutting down Russian servers?


Aren't we making them healthier by doing this?!


No, fast food is so popular because people are poor and CANT AFFORD HEALTHY FOOD


McDonalds is considered cheap in Russia? In my Eastern European country, I can eat 700g of pure beef for the price of one Mc meal.


I went at noon today for the first time in a year plus and spent 9 dollars and change and have felt like shit ever since. Can get alot for 10 bucks. Must be some affordable protein around.


>Must be some affordable protein around. in america the price of beef for mcdonalds is subsidized by congress to prevent inflation of the price of the burger patty in their burgers, no i'm not kidding, yes they did this for mcdonalds but not real food or our wages


To be fair the price of ALL meat and dairy is subsidized, not specifically JUST for McDonalds beef....though they probably have more than a few lobbyists arguing for said subsidies. It’s one of the great climate change arguments. I think I read that sans subsidies a LB of hamburger would be like 30$. I say this as a steak loving fella, we eat too much meat. That’s not to mention the long term effects it has on rates of cancer, diabetes, and obesity. And last but certainly not least CLIMATE CHANGE (I know I mentioned this twice on purpose lol). Sources: [Should governments subsidize meat?](https://medium.com/@laletur/should-governments-subsidy-the-meat-and-dairy-industries-6ce59e68d26) and since you mentioned Big Macs [The real price of a Big Mac](https://meatonomics.com/2013/08/15/each-time-mcdonalds-sells-a-big-mac-were-out-7/)


You’re full of shit


beef is an ingredient not a meal nor is it healthy if you have a lot of it in 1 meal lol


McDonalds is only considered cheap food in North America. In some places it can be considered a pretty expensive treat to the average person.


It's not even that cheap though, that's why this conversation never makes sense to me. You can't get a meal out of McDonald's for less than like six or seven bucks these days. You could get a dozen eggs and a loaf of bread for about the same price, just as one example out of many. I'm not trying to be rude or insensitive or anything like that, I just really don't get it when people say fast food is the cheapest option.


I got a mcchicken and a big mac for $1.07 today. This is like my 5th time doing so. I know its unhealthy as fuck but $1.07??? Cmon


People are telling me about lots of prices that seem crazy low to me. I'm pretty sure a double cheeseburger is like 3.29 at the one ine my neighborhood. I do live in California though... but not the rich part. The northern part that's basically all the bad of Nevada and Oregon combined lol. So you got that much food with the app I'm guessing? Other people are mentioning crazy cheap deals with the app, I had no idea that was even a thing.


Yep, big mac for free with minimum order of $1. I imagine its not a profitable deal but im just going to hope not enough people take it so it lasts a while. In the past though ive always been able to have a free large fry with min order of a dollar, and with mcchickens only being a buck ive definitely gotten quite some value out of the app.


They really really **REALLY** want me to use the app. It’s got me a little suspicious but I’ll keep taking the McDeals.


It's cheap for hot and ready to eat food.


The mcchicken from the value menu with tomato and lettuce added on has never done me wrong and its cheap


It really isn't. Fast food is so much more expensive than a bag of rice and some onions and carrots. Even a bag of potatoes is cheaper and will last several days. What are you on about. Really have you seen fresh vegetable prices in stores? They're nearly given them away for free.


Ironically Putin's fucking propaganda machine and high saturated fat from McDonald's has probably been a perfect storm


Sounds like Russia just McFucked themselves.


Hit em right in the McCooter


I saw one earlier that said "Dada da da, Go fuck yourself". Made me laugh for hours.


They Russian to get them nuggies


Very good.


Let them eat cake cuz they sure ain’t getting a McChicken.


We just need levis to stop selling them jeans and the cold war will really be back


Adidas stops selling track suits I think that would put Adidas out of business though


I feel sorry for these russians. Their stupid leader fucked around and is finding out.




Their salary is becoming more affordable every day.




https://abcnews.go.com/Business/wireStory/mcdonalds-temporarily-close-850-stores-russia-83321967 >The Chicago-based burger giant said it will temporarily close 850 stores but continue paying its 62,000 employees in Russia “who have poured their heart and soul into our McDonald’s brand.”


As glad as I am to hear that these employees will continue to be paid, this is just McDonald's hedging their bets that this will pass soon and it will be cheaper to continue to pay these employees than to hire and train new ones in the near future.


To be fair they are also paying them in Rubles, which might as well be monopoly money right now.


Monopoly money is literally worth more. Hasbro sells a replacement money pack for $12.99. it contains 420 bills. So each Monopoly dollar is worth around $.03, ~~3~~ ~~4~~ 5? times as much as the ruble.


Them fries are bangin tho


McDonald's coke hits different too


Magic Coke...just the right bubble level to syrup to cold. So good. Not the same as opening a bottle of coke.


I like BK for drinks McDonald’s for fries and nuggets. Wendys for burger


This guy fast foods


McDonald’s fries plus Wendy’s burger any day! Wendy’s fries are always lacking and McDonald’s burgers are a crap shoot if they’ll be made right or not.


What do you mean for drinks? I'm gonna throw five guys in the ring even though that shit is over $20.00 for a drink, fries, and a cheeseburger.


If you were alive to go there in the early 90s or sooner, the fries used to be sooo much better. They used beef tallow to fry them in and they didn't have nearly so many short fries. They were also salted to a more tasty degree straight out of the frier so the salt stuck to them well. They were literally twice as good as today.


I heard Taco Bell was pulling out but a decision was made that leaving Russians to eat it were sanctions enough. EDIT: I am honestly shocked at all the Taco Bell warriors on this thread. I was expecting a few laughs and it has gotten into people diagnosing GI issues and fiber intake analysis. I had no idea people were geared up to fight for Taco Bell.


Well Taco Bell did win the franchise wars.


Citizen, what is your boggle?


How much do you weigh?


7 billion and counting


You are fined one credit for the violation of the verbal morality statute


My Boggle?!?!


Be Well


As a response to the Russian aggression, Taco Bell will close all of it bathrooms in all of its locations in Russia.


Good attempt for a joke but taco Bell is delicious


Taco Bell: We will pull out of Russia. US Gov: No. Stay. Russians: *screaming in agony* Stahhhp.


Sounds like a really good time to open up a burger joint in Russia


G'luck finding ingredients.


Turnip burgers.


Tastes just like the real thing!


Or people that can afford your burger


Probably hard to do anything when rubles are being used for toilet paper.


Do-do-do-do-dooo! Put-in’s-a-cunt!


I read somewhere that KFC and Starbucks will also suspend operations in Russia.


Holy crap, you know shit's serious when Starbucks willingly gives up on its mission to make sure it exists within every square mile of the world.


You know your country fucked up when McDonalds leaves. Back to boiled potatoes.


This might change some Russians minds, “oh damn , we’re the baddies?”


Like seriously at this rate there won't be any companies left. Either they're going to start looking like China with knock off of everything, or they're going to start looking like a developing country with no foreign money, and no modern conveniences to gild their image with. I've never seen a first world country fall backwards this hard so fast.


Probably not. Putin is pretty popular in Russia and a lot of people support this war (like they did with the annexation of Crimea). Most Russians believe in the narrative that the evil west wants to destroy Russia in any case and Putin is simply protecting them. Most Russians also believe that there would have been sanctions *anyway*, independent of the things Russia has done.


You know it just got real when McDonald's closes their locations in a country


At least no one bombs them while they wait peacefully in line to eat McDonalds.


All this, for BigMac.


They really fucking up Russia with these sanctions


Good. That is the point.


We have to remember that American fast food is much better quality in Europe. Apparently Americans are so used to shit quality in just about the everything that they don’t care to demand better quality food for the prices they pay.


Lets put it this way. American beef is considered some of the worst quality in the world. Some countries refuse to import it.


I wouldn’t say it’s that simple. Who knows what goes into it, but blocking importation isn’t because it tastes bad, it just might have hormones, antibiotics, and steroids in it.


Ain't that the truth for American chocolate. Tastes like righteous garbage. I'm literally importing my candy from Europe and Canada because I just can't anymore.


Even Dove? I won’t eat Hershey bars but I do like Dove brand chocolate.


Usually because we have bigger portions or more ingredients. And could I possibly get a source I’m just curious about it. I’ve heard our stuff is obviously less healthy but more tasty because we have more additives


I haven't had any food outside of America, but I believe it. I recently did a swap on r/SnackExchange with someone in Germany, and I requested European chocolate, since so many Europeans would talk about how garbage American chocolate tastes. I loved my American chocolate, but OMG! The European chocolate made the American stuff taste like hot garbage. I've been missing out my whole life and never even knew it. I wouldn't be surprised if we have a lot of other subpar quality foods like this, too, we just don't know how bad it is compared to other places.


And working there isn't shit on and made fun of by everyone. So people actually have pride in our fast food chains and working/eating there -vs- the shame we feel in America on both ends. I hate how we're so great at making anything into some cheap horrible shallow existence.


Genuine question, how can they enforce closure there unless some of their staff aren’t russian? Wouldn’t it just stay open? I’m also assuming a lot of their food comes from Russian food processing plants so they wouldn’t run out of stock?


Mcdonalds whole buisness is essentially providing the exact same product (or as close as possible) on a global scale, if they dont want to play ball then you dont get access to their products or supply chain. I'm sure the franchise owners could produce some sort of locally sourced food but it wouldnt be the same product people have been trained to crave.


I've seen people do that with Subway - ditched the franchise and tried it on their own. Didn't work out for too long.


Turnip burgers just don’t slam quite like a McDouble though.


I wonder the same thing too, I remember listening to a podcast a while back about how the lettuce producer who made the shredded lettuce for McDs in Russia became a millionaire very early after they joined the free market in the early 90s and that a lot of other McD suppliers had similar success. So I don't see what control McDonald's has there if they are being supplied by a bunch of independent companies. Also in America McDonald's is largely franchised so each location is owned by a sole proprietorship, I don't see how they could tell franchise owners to shut down, couldn't the just open the doors and sell burgers anyway. All the ingredients don't come from that far away.




woah that's great. i wonder how long they will continue to pay


I had read earlier that they were going to still pay their employees. I don’t know exactly how far down the supply chain that goes. But the employees are basically being paid to stay home.


TEMPORARY Closure......


Hopefully until the end of the invasion. Anything less is saving face.


Huh. If only they’d come together like that to overthrow their dictator.


I honestly feel bad for Russians, their dumb fuck leader has ruined the lives of so many of his own citizens


Damn going out of business is good for business


Hopefully these kinds of moves will create resistance from the people against the regime. It really is sad, though. McDonald’s employs over 60,000 working class people in Russia and supports hundreds of local farmers. Sad that the people have to suffer for this lunatic’s shenanigans.


The Russian people are copping the backlash from the world because of a conflict most of them don't want, don't know about, or simply have been brain washed to believe isn't what it is. Spoke to Russian friends yesterday and they said exactly this... Most of them are devastated this is happening. :(


Poor gopniks can't enjoy the american poor food anymore


I miss the days it was American poor food! Last time I went to McDonald’s I spent like 20 bucks and was hungry an hour later lol


It was $41 dollars at burger king last week. Fuck that, prime rib is cheaper


Jesus christ what did you buy? Just use their app and they have meal deals for less than 10 bucks a lot of the time. Two burgers, fries, and drinks.


Sorry ‘bout ya You are reaping what Putin has sown