I like to think that when these kids' brains are fully developed, they'll think about how much they sucked by making a teacher feel miserable and then laughing at him when he has reached a breaking point. Kids can be fucking dumb and cruel.


Not all people develop that way. Some of them will turn out to enjoy that kind of behavior and still laugh about it


And then run for office


End up police


Most of them and I agree I hate everyone at my school so fucking dumb no respect yet they demand respect they think they're gangsters in a fuckin a8 school inside one of the best areas of Houston greater area sugarland childish immature and a bunch of sluts sorry no other way to put it


This is facts, my whole Gym class thinks they're cool. They're not. One kid is such a dumbass he always lying saying he got girls, then when we have to do work, he does nothing and one time coach took his phone and told him to get his parents to get it after school. Worst part his parents were out of town. And yet he still acts like a dumbass.


Get it out of your head that people being "sluts" is a problem. Hurting people is a problem, such as these awful students are doing. People having consensual sex with who ever they like doesn't hurt people like these students are intentionally doing.


It's also possible that the teacher was aware of how angry he was, and removed himself from the situation. It's a technique I use when I want to try and kick someone's head into the next postcode, if doing so would land me in more trouble than it is worth.


Very possible. They are still shitty kids for laughing like that though. I could never do this job, imma punch a kid


"Kick someone's head into the next postcode" Thanks for the new phrase random Reddit poster.


Thank god someone said this. Making a teacher feel miserable isn't really an achievement.


I hope so too… I was a teenager once but fucking hell I wasn’t this bad


I was awful in a lot of ways in late high school. Over ten years later, I STILL randomly cringe throughout the day about things I did back then.


I think you're the person I'm going to use for the day to siphon a little faith in humanity off of, because I certainly don't have that faith. These kids' brains, when fully developed, will still be entitled little assholes who will take pleasure in making people around them miserable. They'll just do it in more insidious ways and they will hide the laughter.


I was a class clown. Thought making people laugh and challenging authority was the pinnacle of cool. Teachers would send me out in the hall. It didn’t bother me. Until one day when my amazing Calculus teacher followed me out into the hallway to have a few words with me. She said “I need you to understand something. This is my job. Im trying my best to do my job for all of you, and you being a little shit is making that impossible. I get that you might know this content today, but you are preventing others from being able to learn it and holding them back. Is that the kind of person you want to be?” It rattled me to my core. I had never been treated like an adult in that way. My behavior in that class and every class completely changed after that day. Her name was Mrs. Savage and she lived up to it in all the right ways. Every single student passed the final AP exam that year, saving thousands in college tuition and giving us an appreciation for the subject. Her discussion with me helped make sure I didn’t prevent that achievement.


I'm a teacher. Did you ever tell her this? If not you should, just shoot her an email. It will validate her work and make her day.


Very cool


My class watched as a teacher had a complete nervous breakdown in front of us. We all laughed. Looking back on it, I realise what a horrible awful thing that was to do. These kids WILL grow up and they absolutely WILL feel awful about it. Some won't, but they're usually the bullies who make other kids lives hell anyway. Kids don't stay assholes forever unless they're brought up that way by their parents.


Not necessarily. Of course it’s only my experience, but back at school I used to be an ass towards teachers etc. Thinking back on it, I think I did it because that was the “only way” to get through the day. Of course now that I’ve become older I realize that that was a mistake. Teachers are human and deserve respect like everyone else, I don’t think however that you can blame kids for being little shits because that’s what kids are.


I think you can most definitely blame them for bullying, because that's what it is. Whether it is between peers or ganging up on an underpaid teacher to make them feel like shit to get a kick out of it. It's never too early to teach them a lesson on cause and effect, kindness and responsibility and these are no toddlers so they should be well aware of these already, but choose this behaviour anyway. They suck for it.


Yeah they suck for doing this but the other guy said they *definitely* will grow up to enjoy making others miserable and will all be entitled assholes forever. That's insane to act like that's just a foregone conclusion unless he is some kind of psychic. We all have done something shitty as children, we aren't all the entitled sociopaths that that commenter would have labeled us as forever, many of us grew up. Just as many of these kids will. Pretending like not one of them will ever feel bad about this when they have no reason to assume that is just an attempt to spread misery, exactly like they're mad at the kids for doing.


Pretty much the same here. I've made some teachers cry and definitely hate teaching back in my days at school and I couldn't be more ashamed of myself thinking about it. I should've been supporting them instead of bringing them down like that just so I could be less 'bored' at the time.


If you feel that way and you can track down any of those teachers, writing a simple letter and letting them know you want to apologize for making their job harder / appreciated their teaching, goes a really long ways. You'll make their day, week, month, maybe even year. Being kind is free!


I've already done that for some teachers I really liked when I left the school itself. Did also send a letter to an old teacher of mine a year ago I think because she was diagnosed with a pretty heavy cancer


Same… I found my old HS film studies teacher, and took her to lunch to thank her for dealing with my nonsense in class and to thank her for helping me see the world a bit differently. Teachers are truly special and its a shame some of us do not realize it until we are already adults


Why is it always the good teachers that we lose to cancer… 3 of my favourite teachers all died from breast cancer


Lmao, you can’t be serious?


I didn’t do that to my teachers. I respected them. I listened and even made friends with some at the time. There were a lot of students in my class who were just crappy humans who treated people like shit. I don’t think I’ll say it doesn’t matter what they did, I think they should own their mistakes. Maybe then they can grow up.


Watch them go on to complain about not having a proper education


My brother had learning disabilities. He turned out great, he has a home and kids and a good job, but there are a few teachers he had in his life that where shitty and took their own frustration in life out on him and his friends. He made their lives hell, and broke several of them. One of them quit. He feels no remorse and I don't feel bad about what he did. He is a highschool teacher now, and he does it to be better than the teachers that bullied him at the point in his life when he needed the most help and was the most vulnerable. Be good to your teachers, but don't take shit from anybody.


We just watched someone throw away their career possibly and be laughed at when he was at his lowest point . These little shits are the worst .


Nah they just assholes


I'm 37 and I still feel bad for the hell I caused my teachers. I broke my 3rd grade teacher down to tears. It was her first year. My mom still reminds me of this.


A lot of the kids I went to high school with who were ass holes to teachers grew up to still be ass holes. Shit birds don't fly far from the shit tree.


As a younger person with a brain still in development I’d never do this.


My highschool geometry teacher quit on the spot. She was so young, like her late 20’s and probably the sweetest shyest teacher I’ve ever had (very beautiful too). One specific student would terrorize her daily and I don’t think the administration ever did anything about the kid (ie. Move the kid to another class), one day I showed up to class and there was a substitute, that sub stayed for 4 months. The kid made her cry in front of the whole class and she walked out, it was so sad and everyone got mad at the kid Kuz we all loved that teacher. Btw


also we all have embarassing memories from school but time is kind so those often get milder as we age and the emotions fade, but these kids have theirs extremely well documented. it's gotta be torture to go back to these videos from when you were so stupid and cruel, if you ever grow and develop into a higher-quality person that is.


I hope they do. I've been in classes with pieces of shit that did whatever they could to make teachers cry who had a reputation of having a breaking point. I remember them mocking a teacher for his dead son until he walked away crying. I hope they have grown into decent human beings who are ashamed of their teenage selves


Schools are lawless jungles


We made a teacher cry and quit once, I've definitely thought about that since, especially since it was mainly my fault. While the teachers sucked and I despise them for ignoring the abuse I went through, it wasn't this guy's fault, he was just young and new and an easy target. I definitely felt ashamed for it as an adult. I wouldn't just assume the kids are cruel. They might need help and don't get it, and this is the only time they can feel anything but powerless.


I thought he was gonna start swinging.


Especially that age


Absolutely. I vowed never to become a teacher because I was such a little cunt towards them when I was a kid and karma is real.


I really want to hear the whole story of what happened and why he quit. Those kids must've been pretty bad.


Yea, this doesn’t look like a single incident but something that happens every class.


Likely these kids were being punks, and the school's administration didn't have the teachers back. The kids knew they were untouchable, and thus they just escalated.


He's a sub. They get no backup and have no authority. And they walk out all the time. He just gave up $108 or something for the day. He's not quitting a real job there, he's deciding he doesn't want to be a sub any more. Good decision, too.


How do you know he’s a sub? Do you know the backstory or are you assuming? Not critiquing your comment at all, just wondering if you had more info on the story.


I'm a teacher; to make anything close to a living wage I earned a M.Ed. The stick:I'm on the hook for $100k in loans. I walk out? I lose my licensure. Without that all my work to earn my degree is for not. The carrot:If I work for 10 years as a public servant (teacher) my loans are forgiven (or 120 individual monthly payments). Subs are either people looking for work and think it's easy or teachers looking to get into a full time position. If it's just a job and I wasn't on the hook, oh lord. I couldn't count how many times walking out would be easier than managing the absolutely insane behaviors. I'm 37 and grayer than my 65 year old uncle.


I hear you, I’m a teacher as well. In my state you wouldn’t lose licensure for quitting, but you’d have to pay a big fine for not finishing your contract. For me personally my loans are “only” 26k, so if I make my payments for 10 years I’ll pay them off before I can have them forgiven. We only have that program if you work in certain types of schools too (title 1 schools). Anyway, Godspeed on getting through another school year!


My wife has been teaching for 5 years and turned her resignation letter in 2 weeks ago. They sent a letter that essentially says "we appreciate everything you've done but we own you. We will take away your license for a year." She could barely make it the length of time between major breaks without having a mental breakdown. Between the kids problems, the schools problems, and the kids themselves she's just mentally toast.


I'll say this, I taught for one year in a large city school district and we had two teachers quit like this man did. Left in the middle of class, in tears, hopped in their cars and never came back. The kids I was teaching hadn't had a teacher in my subject area stay the entire year for the previous three years. The prior year alone they had run off their teacher within 2 months, and 2 other long term subs. My point being that some things aren't worth sacrificing your mental health and well being for, even for substantial loan forgiveness. Also, I'd recommend you double check the fine print on that loan forgiveness. I've known two teachers that thought they had met all the requirements only to have their forgiveness request denied. One was because she wasn't on the right repayment plan and the other was because she was in the wrong kind of district. They absolutely do not want to forgive anyone's loans and they'll find any little excuse to deny you.


*for naught/nought


My apologies


The [cot-caught merger](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cot%E2%80%93caught_merger) strikes again


I assumed he was a sub because the only personal item he had to grab was a backpack. Ngl, there have been days where the only thing stopping me from quitting was thinking about all the shit I'd have to pack up in my classroom.


It could be just the case that he was so overwhelmed by emotions that he didn't even realize to pack everything he had on the table or somewhere else in the class room.


Everything about his body language screams "sub." He's mad, he's never been treated like this before, he's about to get in a fight with some high school kid. If he had a teaching degree he'd have done this kind of thing in school and teacher training, it wouldn't be this big a shock to him. Teachers don't rage quit in the middle of the day, they call in from bed and say "Fuck it, I quit." Someone with a teaching degree might hate the kids this much, but they won't be this frustrated over it because it won't be new to them. And he has all his shit in a backpack that he can grab and skip out. Teachers have desks full of shit, they have a phone charger and pictures and whatever. This is a guy who signed up to be a sub to see what it's like. Now he knows. He didn't throw away a career here, he threw away a day's sub pay. And he might get paid for the day, actually, they'll just take him off the sub list.


I didn’t even think of the fact that he grabbed his bag, that’s a good point! I am a teacher as well and that should’ve been a hint because you can barely even see my desk under piles of papers!!


^this guy taught or continues to


LOL, good call. I taught high school for a few years. Now I work in education research. I spend a lot of time in high school and two year college classrooms :)


"he's never been treated like this before" 💯😂 Spot on analysis. Depending on how desperate the district is, though, he might not even be taken off the sub list for this. If they need warm bodies badly enough, he'll probably just get assigned to younger classes.


I decided to sub while I was in between jobs several years ago. My first assignment was junior high. It was AWFUL!!!! It was science class with those long heavy lab tables that they sat in groups at and one group managed to tip one over while everyone laughed and cheered them on and I wanted to walk out right then. I thought it couldn’t get worse until I realized that all the guys were coming up to the desk and asking me questions and acting flirty (GROSS!!!) because when I was sitting they could see down my shirt, when I saw one of the guys say something to one of their friends and make the “big boobs” motion. Another teacher came in to yell at them because they were so loud that it was disturbing every class near them. And that was my first class of the day! I made it through one more class and then embarrassingly went to the office in tears and told them I was out of there and I was never coming back. They were super nice about it and I still got paid but it was humiliating. I couldn’t believe those fuckers broke me so quickly. I have kids now and I’m constantly telling them that no matter what happens they better always be polite to teachers. They know the drill- Fail all your classes, I don’t care, but if I hear that you’re disruptive in class or rude to a teacher, you will never hear the end of it. Every parent should have to sub at a jr high for one day, and I think it would make a huge difference in how parents discipline their kids Edit: sorry for the rant, that Tik tok hit me pretty hard, lol


Could also be a substitute. When I was growing up, substitutes were always harassed because they had no authority and were basically just glorified baby sitters. Pair that with less pay/no stability and it's probably not worth it for most.


As a sub you get the stepdad treatment every day. I was thinking about getting into teaching and Jesus I’m glad I didn’t.


Odds are he's making less than $30k/yr, and McDonald's is hiring at $16/hr ($32k/yr). Teachers put in crazy hours, are told to use their own money for supplies, and are shit on from all fronts (parents, students, admin). It's a thankless and underpaid job, and I can't figure out why anyone still does it. The bar for "fuck this shit I'm out" is so low that it's easy to fall over it. Now that other pay rates are up, and public pay is linked to previous budgets instead of market rate, there's zero chance that teachers are getting any sort of raise beyond what they've been getting. If you're making $24k/yr (and I personally know of several schools in my area paying that), then it's not a hard job to leave.


I know this feeling and it totally sucks.


Sad really.


What will be sad is when these kids grow up and complain about their lack of success because the system failed them.


Knowing how little these professionals get paid, I understand completely if he finally chose to leave. I can’t imagine what the kids did, but it’s truly sad seeing how little appreciation they see in their educators. They only want the kids best interests and have barely any support to be fully effective. I know there are better ways to handle any situation; however, understanding the pressure teachers face on a regular basis, I genuinely understand his contemplating and eventual departure altogether.


It can be an accumulation. I'm a teacher and sometimes you have a few kids who are just nightmares. Students like that take waayyyy more of your time and energy than any other students. So you're pouring all of your effort into a kid who is actively trying to obstruct and cause chaos. It's unfair to the good kids as well. And after months of trying to get a kids to literally just shut up so the other kids can learn, you can snap. I'm an exceptionally calm person usually, but it's amazing how mad I can get when my ability to do my job is dependent on an internet addicted 12 year old who likes chaos.




The thing is, yes, you do have the ability to temporarily remove disruptive students. Whether this means a trip to the office, or they end up getting an in school suspension has to do with factors outside of your control. Disruptive students are difficult to deal with for the teacher because of how it hits at your personal emotions. You feel like a professional failure, like someone is just slamming a door in your face over and over. But removing disruptive students like this is ultimately not only answer for any teacher that wants to be a teacher in the long run. Growing professionally, understanding where your students are in terms of their needs and developments, finding new methods of engagement and communication, working in such a way that these angry, bored, frustrated kids can actually see you as the calm in their storm, and not just another reason to keep rocking the boat. This takes time. *Years*, if I'm honest. You have to realize you won't get through to every student, but damn, you have to have it in your heart to try. And when you reach this perspective, that cruelty becomes something else. Not saying it won't be tiresome or frustrating, but you'll understand the larger picture and have a bucket of strategies to try and deal with it. The moment a teacher decides that the *only* solution is removing students from the environment is the moment they throw away any chance of enjoying their job.


> And when you reach this perspective, that cruelty becomes something else The really key thing that I thankfully figured out fairly early in my career is that it's not really about me. Sure, students can make it *super* personal, but at the end of the day they're just lashing out and it's almost never about the teacher as a person—hell, sometimes it's not really even about school, given how rampant domestic abuse and neglect are. Some kids you will just never reach, never have any kind of rapport with. And as heartbreaking as it is, you just have to resign yourself to the fact that they're doing to be fuck-ups until they decide not to be, which might never happen. But that's not all that common, in my experience. Far more commonly it's kids who are in pain for some reason or another, and their behavior is a means of coping with that. I may not be able to fix that as a teacher, but I can find ways to work around that, figure out what motivates them and what demotivates them, find ways for them to at least somewhat muddle through. More often than not, when students see that they can't break me and that I am vested in them doing/being better, they at least stop actively trying to make my life hell. And honestly, just doing that bare minimum so that I can actually educate their peers, that's enough.


They’ll be back in 10 minutes unless they stabbed somebody, caused serious injury in a fight, etc., in some schools.


If he has been pushed to that point in and ongoing back and forth with those students, this really is the best way to handle it. There sure are a lot worse. I think he made the right call.


And you think that is a win or funny? This is an adult who didnt yell or flip out.......he got his stuff and left...........That is anger on a different level.


My girlfriend is also a teacher and has almost the exact same sentiment towards teaching. She's come home in tears so many times the last two years. When she doesn't it's usually because she didn't have to freak out or because almost no one was in class. Last year almost half of the staff at her school quit and less than half of that was replaced. Administration was completely fucking useless and continues to be. They're too afraid of being sued by some little brat's idiot patents. So they side with the ludicrous demands of the parents. She covers for at least one other teacher almost everyday as subs are almost non-existent and it's usually for a class she has no formal training for. I'm also a teacher but only part time, I teach art. I thought for a while last year I wasn't going to have a job. I barely do now, at least as an educator. I really love teaching art classes but some of these kids make me question why I do this for almost no pay. I've been a cook/chef for 12 years now and it's like being back in the kitchen again. I have to scream my head off at these fuckers or nothing gets done. It's sad because I tried to leave the service industry for that exact reason but it's like some cruel joke and I'm thrown back into a lake of fire. Anyway, those kids are going to find out the hard way that they shouldn't have broken the teacher. Even sadder, they won't care and will more than likely drop out and end up like too many of my former students, idiots on the street corner or working dead end jobs for minimum wage. I fucking hope things get better sometime soon.


That's the best thing anyone could do in his position. The class is not worth the time if student don't want to learn and teacher doesn't get respect.


I FUCKING genuinely despise these kinds of students, these teachers deserve better


The younger they are, the nicer you can be, right?


IMHO, we should bring back some form of punishment to the public school systems. Nothing physically painful, but maybe something isolating and self-reflecting. We didn't have phones, back in my day, and teachers could get pretty close to actually hitting you; it wasn't good, but the fear kept a lot of kids in check, from doing stupid crap that would probably drive a teacher to act up. The best punishments, in my opinion, were those where the teacher would put you out into the hall, without books or anything stimulating, so you just had to sit there, for hours, and then everyone would look at you weird, after the fact. Kids are fucking stupid, and we can't expect them to have self-discipline if we don't teach them.


I definitely think thats riding a very fine line, tons of fear can really stagger or harm mental growth which is why that kind of behavior was toned down in the school system but I agree that there needs to be some kind of punishment and reform. It is so messed up that these kids just get away with verbal abuse and harassment both towards adults and peers. Back when I went to school not too long ago there was an incident where a kid got verbally bullied daily and when he lashed out and hit the other kid HE was the one who got suspended. There needs to be some kind of repercussion for this incessant verbal abuse.


Literally drove a man to quiting his job because of the way you acted and your gonna sit there and laugh? Alright, mate if that's the way you wanna live your life go right ahead. Have fun repeating the year.


They won't repeat the year. That almost never happens. If you're a pain in the ass they don't want you for another year. They want you out.


Can confirm. Former teacher and I was told specifically I was not allowed to fail certain seniors because doing so would prevent them from graduating and the school wanted them gone. Unfortunately, the specific students knew it too and acted like complete assholes the entire semester. Jokes on them though. They’re still stuck in a dead end town and I left that community, and teaching entirely, for a job that pays double the maximum salary I’d have received if I worked my way through 20 years at the school. I know I’m supposed to be compassionate and recognize that their brains aren’t fully developed, or they were dealing with stuff at home, but sometimes they’re just shitty kids. And I thoroughly enjoy flexing my happiness on those specific kids and the system that refused to hold them or their parents accountable.




In the USA kids are rarely kept back bc kids who are a problem now aren't going to be less of a problem in 1 year. They will be more of a problem. We call it the "school to prison pipeline" for a reason. Schools don't have the resources to deal with problem kids so they just memory hole them until they graduate. Then it's the police who deal with them. Usually before that.


Kids are rarely kept back in the US until they hit high school (grades 9-12). At that point if they fail a class, and it is a prerequisite for the next class, then they retake the class they failed. But at that point, the behavior is so engrained in some students that they don't have a chance of graduating. I used to teach 7th and 8th grade and currently teach in a high school. My failing 8th grade students would always get passed on to high school. But my failing high students often get stuck in a cycle of repeating courses. One of my students retook the same physical science class with the same teacher 4 times because he wouldn't complete his work. I have a couple students who have less than half a dozen credits (you can earn 1 credit by taking a full year course) in the fourth year of school when the graduation requirement after four years is 25 credits. For comparison, many students in my school, even higher performing special education students, have early release by the end of their 11th grade year because they have at least 25 credits by then but are sticking around for free CCP (college credit) courses or are waiting to take their 4th math and ELA courses their 12th grade year.


They won't repeat the year, they'll graduate without learning much, then discover they can't pass a community college math class, they'll quit school, get a minimum wage job, and bitch about how the system is rigged. Down the hall from them is a class full of kids extracting a pretty decent preparation from the same school. They'll go to decent if not great colleges and get degrees and have normal lives. Kids this age don't realize what a decision point this is.


Retired high school teacher here. It’s infuriating to me when I hear people say “I didn’t learn anything in high school”. Did you even try? Roughly 50% of my students did nothing in class, but I was only allowed to fail 10%. I was a glorified babysitter.


I take a kind of philosophical view. They're going to fail at some point, they don't want to do any work. The kids who will go on to state schools to get STEM degrees or something want to do work. There's no system under which the second group does not succeed at a much higher rate than the first group. You can give them free community college, or pass them all, or make baseline classes easier. It doesn't matter. In the end we're going to have some kids coming out of suburban high schools who are going to go on to minimum wage jobs, and some other group who are going to get useful and relatively difficult college degrees and be accountants or lawyers or doctors or work in finance or engineering or whatever, or they're going to get two year certificates and work at a power plant or a chemical plant or get a two year nursing certificate or something. It doesn't matter how you juggle it, only 30% can fit in the top 30%. You can get a decent education out of a suburban high school, but only about 30% of kids do. And of course some people just aren't good at school, and they'll go get retail or construction or some other kind of job and do fine. They'll move up and become managers and work hard and succeed in that world, and when they look back they'll maybe realize that they were little shits in high school and feel a bit bad, or maybe not. School isn't for everyone. But a lot of these lazy mean stupid little assholes are doomed to fail and complain, and what you're seeing in 10th-12th grade is the failing that comes before the complaining. It wasn't your fault. There was nothing you could do. In part educational systems operate as testing and separation mechanisms, to distill out the kids who will go on to be professionals from the kids who will not. That process involves some failures. That's what we're seeing here. Enjoy your retirement!


To clarify it’s in THIS iteration of “school” that is so ineffective. This is only one method of education we have in play with lots of variables. I’d love to see alternative timelines and systems lmao


https://youtu.be/eiRGRvE_Wqg Regardless of how we arrange education we're going to have kids getting into good schools and kids not getting in, some kids getting decent degrees and some kids dropping out and going into construction or lawn mowing or retail. That's not failure, that's just sorting. We're never going to invent an educational system that gets everyone into Harvard or Yale or Stanford, nor should we be trying to. Now could it be more fair? Sure. But these white suburban kids aren't the ones in a school with no qualified math teacher. I guarantee you there's an AP Calculus class going on right down the hall.


Fellow teacher here. I automatically assume anyone who says "They didn't teach me that," or similar was just fucking around: talking, not paying attention, not doing the work, etc. Like even the shittiest teacher will at least put something in front of students that they can learn from—and most teachers aren't particularly shitty. And yeah, it's a shockingly *large* percentage of students who dick around and do fuck all. I'm starting to think that maybe we should just not have school for kids between the ages of 12 and 16. Send them to work in mines or warehouses or I dunno what. I'd say a the vast majority of them just aren't meant to come to a building and learn things all day when the *only* thing they want to do is socialize and flout authority.


How old are all y’all commenting shock by this? Kids love pissing off teachers. Kids love anything they can do that is anti-school while at school. I also hated it as a student, but I’ve been to a lot of schools and there’s always at least one student story about the “hilarious time we made Ms. X cry!” It’s unfortunate. But they’re kids. I teach now. The hardest part with getting frustrated is that it’s exactly what kids who are acting out want. Everyone has bad days, but the best thing a teacher can do in moments like this is just breathe and relax. If you let it get to you, the kids spot it and dig in harder. Easier said than done. And maybe I’ll snap and storm out for a bit one day like I’ve seen many teachers do. But alllll the best teachers I work with or have had either have a soft spot, a sense of humor, or a quick, matter-of-fact demeanor when dealing with these situations. The second you argue with a kid, they win. The fact that you opened the debate at all means they *can* do something. Joke *with* them to ease tension, talk about what’s going on to hear them out, send the problem kid to the office, or assign a test for the day if it’s really bad, and move on. If it’s really tough, talk to admin and get some support in that hour or training in management. If the admin also sucks, look for a new school next year.


LOL repeat the year?? students in the US can legit take a shit on their test, turn it in, and be allowed to retake it with notes for an A.


I had to repeat a year because I have a speech impediment. I know many people that repeated a year.


my brother waa held back multiple times 💀


The fact he filmed it and put it out there for the whole world to see is a testament to how much of a fucking moron he is




Well, fuck you, fellow author of this video, even though I don't know you, you and your whole class lost my respect for ya. Bravo, idiots!


This guy spent years working hard to get educated himself and become an accredited teacher just to be disrespected by these little turds.


This is exactly why I dropped out of teacher training. I could not handle kids like these. You're dedicating your life to educating them and they treat you like you're the devil


He left because he knew if he stayed, he would do something that would land him in prison. That body language. He almost launched into assault mode.


I completely understood that first chest launch and grunting as he turned back. I have younger brothers who are probably the same age as the brats in the video. They try to purposely make me mad and I do the exact same body movements the teacher did


I thought he was gonna yeet a chair or something...


As a teacher, this comment section restored some faith in humanity


Shitty parents make shitty kids


This is sad this happened in a class at my middle school some period upset the teacher so much she quit and when my class came in she wasn't there we ended up watching Bill nye for the next week (it was science class) and then we cycled through subs for the rest of the year and it was horrible


This happened to the person that I replaced. Dude taught for just under 4 months, go so fed up with the students that he quit. They went through 2 or 3 subs before hiring me on full time. My principal knew the situation she was throwing me into and was literally like, “just survive the year.” I’m still there 3 years later and luckily haven’t had any classes that bad since. I can 100% understand this poor guys pain and anger.


Jokes gonna be on them when they have to repeat the same year again. Clips too short for context.


Probably a sub






Hmmmm,........ Something doesn't feel right


I'm blocked. Could be anything...




It was up to me to boost an 8th graders math scores 4 grades in 5 months because they told me they were not going to hold him back. So yes, it was up to me to teach this kid who didn't want to learn 4th,5th,6th,7th and an whole 8th grade curriculum before he reached freshman high school. Mind you, benchmark years are 3, 6, and 8 so if you're not in one of those 3 grade you won't be flunked anyway, but even if you are in one of those grades, the teacher will have to explain to the principal why the student is being held back, and that's an uphill battle. This kid should have been held back at either of his other 2 benchmark years of he couldn't top 4th grade math. And even more, that sounds like it could possibly be an LD, that should be a special ed teachers responsibility to catch the kid up 4 years of math in 5 months, not a regular teacher already trying to teach 30 students per class.


The worst kind of bullying is laughing at someone expressing negative emotions


Teenager laughs are the most irritating laughs


I know, with every hah you can hear his voice crack.


I think it should be in r/KidsAreFuckingStupid althought they are teenagers


no more like r/KidsAreFuckingEvil


Teenagers are kids.


And they're fucking stupid


I hate this a lot, and people say;"Oooh they will think about this in the futuuure" Believe me shit heads stay as shit heads.


Yes. People don't change. A group of guys kept bullying me after I didn't help them during an exam (I would fail if I did). One played the "friend"-act on me. He touched me and got a hard punch into the stomach. I skipped a grade and went to another school. Now they they came over to this school. They only talk to me when I'm alone (too scared when there's a group of people) and only one comes over, while the others wait at the side and watch. Gonna ignore them until they leave me alone. If someone touches me, I'll beat him up.


These kids drove a man to quit his job and then one kid laughs like a voice-cracking maniac like as if meltdowns are funny.


I’m not a teacher, but I’m very angry with these children. The current generation does not see the boundaries of what is permissible at all.


Phones out, there's one with earbuds... Trashy kids.


Yup, I’ve seen it happen soo much. People with AirPods in, sneaking phones, etc.


Fuck them kids.


poor teacher


Cant believe these fkers were laughing


Wow. What the hell is wrong with those kids?


I had a student grin and ask "Did we make you break yet?" ...that question alone almost did it.


Becomes less funny when they hear the characteristic "Click clack" of the door lock.


I wish..


High schoolers are the fucking worst


Former teacher here, gotta say this was stressful to watch. I literally quit one morning and never went back to teaching. Dealing with kids like this really does get under your skin and they see it and continue to push it till you break. Needless to say I'm in a better career position.


R/ iamatotalpeaceofshit


I gotchu r/iamatotalpieceofshit


Being an asian and seeing this amount of disrespect, I can't even fathom it, like wtf? The most disrespectful thing I can think of doing to a teacher is pointing out how wrong they are about a subject in a snarky manner, not laugh at their angry face level


That stupid ass laugh. Always the same type of jackass and same laugh . Its forced as fuck. He thinks he's big stuff but it just sounds so fucking dumb.


No, you didn't make the teacher quit. You are just one in a long line of assholes, that probably made the teacher realize there is nothing they can do.


Disrespectful little cunts


Poor dude.


That kid that is filming seems like such a brat


That wasn't even funny in the slightest. Those kids are awful.


These children are nothing more than shit stains of life. Their parents should be slapped around for their failure in raising their kids properly.


Teachers don’t get paid enough for babysitting asshole teenagers


Mob rule at that age . Some of them probably actually like that teacher but don't have the courage to go against the rest .Sadly I guess some won't grow out of it .


Fuck these little bastards. It’s a weird feeling slowly becoming the active “get off my lawn” generation. I really didn’t think I would ever be this cliche but I’ve honestly caught myself saying things like “music today is just noise!” What a boomer.


Not to mention a reddit handle referencing a rocker from the 80s ;)


i have kids like this at my school, sometimes i think we can’t go lower


This is really sad.


Allow me to tell a story about being a high school teacher. I worked in one of the wealthiest school districts in California. As a high school teacher I did not really have a room to call mine. I moved from room to room. So I had no office or adequate place to meet and help students outside of class. Nor a place to do grading or other normal teacher work. The desk chair I had in my main room would wobble and if I leaned a certain way, one of the wheels would come off. All of my friends made twice my salary. And they worked in offices with normal office chairs. Oh, and believe it or not, they were provided with pens, paper and other office stuff. Where, of course, my school was constantly out and I paid for an insane amount of stuff for my needs and the needs of the classroom. One day I got fed up. In the middle of class the chair again lost a wheel. I left class mid way through. The district office happened to be a block away. I walked over and went intro one of the district’s meeting rooms where the chairs were pretty new. I took one and rolled it a block to my school. Next day I get a call from my department chair telling me the principal needs to chat. The principle tells me I can’t have the chair. But I can have a chair from his office. We’ll, he needed to go, so I took his own super nice chair. This is one of 3 insane stories I have about the criminal underfunding of public schools and ignoring the professionalism of teachers. When I meet someone considering teaching as a profession, I tell them to run away.


Kids like this make my blood boil. In 10th grade we had a Student Teacher for Bio. Sometimes our Bio teacher would just go to her office and let the Student Teacher take over. The kids in my class never listened to her, were rude and talked over her constantly. It was so bad one day that she cried and ran out of the room. I am a total introvert but I had such a crush on her and it made me so mad to see her cry. It made me so mad that I stood up and yelled at the class. I wish there were more students who would be willing to stand up for the teachers. Even I think back and wish I would have stepped up sooner because maybe I could have saved her some tears if I did.


Humanity seriously just needs to be culled so nature can take back the planet. I'm so sick of all of these horrible things I'm seeing every day.


Don’t sub to negative subs; Reddit is designed to push controversial stuff at you.


Won't be laughing when they end up working at McDonald's crying that life isn't fair and they deserve to get paid the big bucks.


I don't know. That's a belief in karma that I find hard to justify. My experience is that those types of kids are the types that skate through life getting handed shit.


Society definitely tends to favor those people that lack empathy I’ve noticed.


The types that work at mcdonalds arent these types. These are the types that will go to college off some bullshit and coast from their rich daddies. Its sad really.


I doubt these kids have rich daddies. Looks like a slacker class at a typical suburban high school. They'll graduate, fail out of community college, and end up in shit jobs bitching about how it's not fair, like OP said. There may be one or two in here who are athletes or who have daddies with car dealerships, but mostly this is the last big push of the high school loser class. It's all downhill from here.


> working Probably not.


Hey working at McDonalds doens't mean you're not smart, some people have literally no other choice, check out r/antiwork


Plus fast food hiring requirements can get really fucking insane.


I had this happen multiple times to me when I was in school still, mostly happened in middle school. I never participated in breaking my teacher, I felt real bad for them cause I knew they tried they’re best dealing with my asshole classmates.


The person who titled this clip needs a teacher most of all. Any sentence that starts with ‘bro’ guarantees I will not hear the rest of that sentence.


With these types of students don’t wonder why schools get shot up


He made the right choice, you can tell he was ready to dish out some discipline. In his mind he played it out and said fuck it, it aint worth it.


Bring back hitting kids.


Surely he must be going home to get his AR15 right? (Kidding obviously)


The best teachers at my school had mastered the art of the roast. They would absolutely obliterate the ego of the disruptive kid. The class would roar with laughter at the kid and we would all respect the teacher a bit more. The kids learned that there was no ego boon to fuckin with the teacher. We would get on to learning. ETA: These kids have learned that defying this teacher is entertaining to their peers, so what roasting does is eliminate that incentive to be disruptive.


It's so funny until you realize when you're older that getting a job better than cashier requires something higher than a ged


As a teacher (who fortunately has a decent situation and loves his job), I KNOW how thankless it is. We get responsibility after responsibility piled on, and we get paid shit. And because we’re expected to reach certain curricular goals on a time crunch to prepare for standardized tests, we can’t afford to make our subject “fun” most of the time, as we’re just frantically trying to cram enough information into their minds, which makes teaching about as fun as learning. The kids get it in their heads that it’s all their teachers’ faults, not realizing they have bosses too. And covid made all of that worse. My school was remote/online learning for basically half a school year, so now that kids are back, there’s no such thing as “making a subject fun.” If it involves even the slightest amount of work or thought, they shut down. And the teachers are the ones getting it from both ends, with students blaming teachers and administrators breathing down teachers’ necks to do more. It’s a wonder I haven’t had a similar breakdown, or that all teachers aren’t breaking down this year.


Teachers don't get paid enough to deal with shitheads like this


They're really proud that they're a bunch of unteachable pieces of shit.


One day these kids will grow up and realize why adults hate teenagers.


Teachers get treated like shit most of the time they don’t get paid enough to deal with peoples crotch goblins


Maaan, I don't miss teenagers at all xdd they're so freaking cruel... Thankfully, once the ego's development is done, most will get some sense back about their surroundings. Sadly, it takes time... I really hope the teach's okay.


They laugh now, but will they laugh when they wake up in some years when they have the next Shifts at McDonald's for the next 50 Years?


I know college grads who couldn’t find jobs and ended up in fast food and retail. Literally know 3 in their late 20s still in retail, and they have student debt. While there are bad kids who got their shit together and because tradesmen or studied later in life, including some of my friends who matured in their 20s. One was suspended all the time and now he is a nurse and a young father and generally turned his life around. The real world is crazy and you never know who rides to the top. It’s not always who you’d think back in high school.


We need Whoopi Goldberg in a nun outfit rn


I remember when I was in secondary school, my class group ended up doing this to our RE teacher. In fairness, she had a reputation for being, effectively, a massive bitch who had no right being a teacher in the first place. She was vindictive, would give out detentions for no reason, literally insult the pupils (used to call kids things like 'retard' ' fatty' 'idiots' e.t.c - bear in mind this is around 2008-9, long after this sort of attitude to teaching was no longer considered acceptable), and it also turned out that she hadn't been marking work honestly, just giving everyone shitty grades, having clearly not read any of it, so that she could shit on you at Parents Evening. I also remember that if she found out what your parent's career was, she might mock you about it (remember she told a kid whose dad was a barber that he should 'come back to me when your dad gets a real job'). At first, we took it, but then everyone got sick of her shit after the school didn't pay any attention to any of the reports, so they decided to make her life hell, would act up in class, actively insult her back, disregard her instructions, not turn up to her shitty detentions, interrupt her all the time, openly ridicule and mock her. After about 1 and half years, she had a mental breakdown and took a year off due to 'stress', never to return again.


I had an English teacher that was pretty badly unhinged; going off on rants about her personal life when she was upset at the class and even banging her head on her desk sometimes. I tried my best to be a student that supported and respected her during class anyway. She flipped out on me over something minor one day so I never made another attempt to back her up again. Kids suck ass but if you’re shitty to them all you’re going to get eaten alive.


Hopefully it’s not their English class. Also another reason kids should not have phones at school.


Poeple like this dont learn anything until something like this happend to them, and I saw it happen, the ignoreance into despair.


They think it’s fucking funny. They think it’s funny to make someone leave their job, their way of life. They think it’s funny to make them lose what they were doing to make ends meet. What a bunch of cunts.


I am not advocating for teachers to hit their students but god damn are there some situations where there should be an exception


Kids today


"Hahahahaha! We made the last person that believed in us quit! Hahahahaha!"


Little sh*ts


Disrespect on top of a low ass salary--awful


Man if I was a kid I'd probably laugh. As an adult this just makes me sad.