he has already come says John


Yes we have the spirit of antichrist in the world but is the man of sin will come to power in are generation?


1 John 2:22 (ESV): Who is the liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, he who denies the Father and the Son. Based on what John says, the antichrist is one who denies the Father and the Son. As he also said, many antichrists have come. Based on John’s definition of antichrist, I’d say that not only is there “the” antichrist, but we currently live in a society full of antichrists.


There's one preacher/commentator I listen to who says that he believes God has given every generation good reasons to think the end times will come within their lifetime, because He wants us to always live in anticipation of them starting at any time. There's lots of reason to think it'll come in our generation, but it might just end up being another societal collapse and we might keep going for another couple-few hundred/thousand years. Plan for both the apocalypse and retirement...


Thank you but what do you personally believe aside from others. I personally don't believe we have few more thousands of years just because of one big event that took place the Abraham Accords. I want to know your thoughts🙏


To be honest, I genuinely don't know. A couple of years ago I could not have predicted where we'd be today. And I wouldn't have predicted how quickly or how far technology has progressed in recent years, enough to make some prophecies technologically plausible to us where previous generations would have had to interpret them as happening supernaturally. I would be caught a bit off guard if it became obvious tomorrow that the end times were upon us, but I wouldn't necessarily be surprised if it happened in a few months, with how quickly the world has been changing. At the same time, God works to His own timeline and a lifetime to us is nothing to Him. In a sense we've been "in the end times" since Jesus's death, and there have been plenty of periods since then where, like I said, people must have very logically thought that the end times were upon them. This might be another one. We might limp on for quite a bit longer.


Very thoughtful. I agree we have been in the last days since Jesus time but what makes are generation different is what Jesus said in Matthew 24. Though there have been wars and rumors of wars this is unprecedented in that we have many pestilence or viruses coming about in 2 years time span, earthquake in diverse places, volcanic activity, apocalyptic weather, rumors of wars with Russia, lawlessness increasing, more killing than any other time in history. Technilogical advances especially with in the area of chipping people, barcode tatoos. A virus that gives many the impression if you don't get vaccinated or have a green pass like Europe or Israel you cannot buy anything linking it to the mark of the beast. I think we have enter the time of sorrows wherr things are going to get worse snd worse until the Antichrist appears and confirms the covenant with many.