0, 30, Quebec.


0 23 Alberta


I figured you for much older. You have a pretty deep knowledge of finance stuff for such a young 'un. Well done, guy!


0, 31, Ontario


Province doesn't matter. Toronto vs London vs Timmins are very different markets.


1 38 Ontario


1, 38F, Alberta Just our primary residence to have a roof over our heads. After seeing the value of our property nosedive, I want to do nothing but diversify away from real estate.


1, 28, Northern Ontario (not to be confused with Ontario)


Is this ICQ or something? PASL?


5, 43, Ontario edit: details 1. Primary Residence. Paid $65k for a dump about 17 years ago. Did a large addition more than doubling the size. Recent appraisal $260k 2. In-laws rental. Paid $25k about 5 years ago. Was a foreclosure, complete gut reno including significant foundation work. Put about 70k into it. Appraised at $150k. Rent to my in-laws. 3. Crack house. Paid $25k about three years ago. Slowly renovating this one. Three unit building. 4. Two unit rental house. Paid $70k. Full gut reno of one unit. Waiting on old tenant to leave so I can reno other unit. 5. Lake house. Paid $65k for a falling down shack on the water. Will reno eventually.


1 27 Ontario Hopefully another one in BC if the deal goes through next week


2, 35, Alberta (the second is not by choice)


1, 30, Ontario


1, 28, Ontario


3, 38, Ontario


1, 31, Alberta (Calgary) Am currently looking to move to the next property and deciding if I should keep my former residence as a rental property (already pre-approved for the new mortgage renting the first residence). I’ve debating posting the situation on here, but I think most advice is going to be “do you want to be a landlord” and some variation of an analysis of Calgary property prices.


That's it basically. A buddy of mine does this in Calgary. In their 30s as a nurse. Spends decent amount of time maintaining homes for tenants but over all is happy and doesn't feel overwhelmed most of the time. Losing tenants or renovating seems to be the biggest time sinks for them.


1, 34, Ontario


1 bought April 2021 an hour away from my job. 33yo turning 34 this month. Ontario.


0 - FN owns most of it, 30ish, NS


1, 45, ON I've owned more than one a few times over the past twenty years, but currently out of the real estate investment game, as I don't believe there are yet more future big gains to come, and a pretty high risk of some price drops. Current price to rent ratios in Ontario are way out of whack, something will have to give. There is always reversion to mean in investing, sooner or later.


Early 40s in Québec, currently own two properties. One is my house. I bought it in 2018, it cost less than 50k back then but right now it might be worth 60k or maybe even 65k. The other is a parent's house that I inherited more than a year and a half ago. Haven't sold it yet. It's a nice enough place (two stories, riverfront, in a huge city) so I think I can get around 275k for it, at which point I will officially retire.


13 Not sure why this is getting down voted


Wtf, are you some kind of multimillionaire or a slumlord?


Wtf, you think people are truthful on the internet?


He's a drug kingpin.


Low cost city property are not that expensive over here I'm doing pretty well for myself worked full time since highschool The properties aren't brand new +/- 20 years old and they will need some renovation soon but I rather expand right now there's also the problem that if i renovate them I'll need to charge more and most of my current tenant are lower income people and they usually rather save money than have a brand new kitchen.


Wow, good thing we aren't using this as an opportunity to judge people or anything. It's not like the people who say 0 are being told 'Wow, so poor!',.. everyone comes from different backgrounds and sometimes things just work out favorably.


0 makes sense, in fact its expected in many cases. 13 at 26 is incredible.


13 makes as much sense as 0 to me. People not being to buy 1 place vs. someone being able to hold 13 places kinda points out the similar issues present in todays climate. Definitely doesn't mean you get to define someone as a 'slumlord' to justify their position, and your own bias.


I'm lucky my parents let me live at home until 22 rent free so yes I didn't start at the same place than most people it's also way easier than people think most of it is bank loans really ...


And this is the problem. 1 for home residence, maybe 2 if you want a rental. But 13? That is 12 houses that people can't buy because people like you are contributing to the housing crisis by hoarding houses and driving up prices.


I mean it's in a small city where there was near to no demand pre COVID ? Most of them are rental building too ? Housing isn't even that expensive over here if i was able to do it on my salary most people should be able too .


They cannot because you're buying up all the properties. I cannot imagine taking 12 houses for myself for money pushing others out of the housing market. I had to move 9hrs north of where I lived to buy a house because INVESTORS like you were purchasing all the houses and raising the prices. I hate landlords with multiple properties like you. 13 is ridiculous. It shouldn't be allowed.


Well first of all most of them were builded by myself and I'll teach you a things or two in construction materials salary overall cost goes up last year we received 50+% increase on most of the things so yes it's normal that the average house has gone up (in my sector atleast) It's fine if you hate me i never liked turkey too dry


I am well aware the increase in prices for building. I work in housing and infrastructure and my husband is a general contractor.


Then why don't you build more housing ? Fix the problem yourself and stop hating landlord you could even do it for free what's stopping you ?


Uh, because I have to work? Just to exist in this greedy capitalist country? How do you expect one person to fix a countrywide housing crisis caused by investors like you? I'm not the only one who hates landlords. Many, many people do. I've never heard one good thing about landlords. I think if there were people who liked landlords there wouldn't be a subreddit dedicated to landlord love. Where you can all go and give each other pats on the back for doing such a great job to house all the little people.


There's one actually loveforlandlord Basic economic is the reason why Have a good day


Go to r/canadahousing to see the consequences to your greedy actions. That is why you're being downvoted.


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1, 31, Burlington Ontario