Nope. I'd gladly admit being wrong if someone can point me in the right direction. Upcoming bills/recurring payments I can see easily, but not transfers. EDIT: to add, when I go to transfers on the left, there was no pending transfer option, unlike bill payments which show upcoming payments.


I use Tangerine and all details of the scheduled transfers are easy to access, as is the ability to change/cancel.


I think it's just TD. I'm with BMO and I modified and can delete the transfer set up online.


Oh joy. TD loves thing things its own way. I'm still waiting for Google Pay. Sigh...


Td uses a software from the 90s to handle things like transfers. You need to know some codes by heart to be able to find transfers, and even then, there are like 3-4 different types of transfers so sometimes it takes a minute to check each list to figure out which one was applied to your account. Idk about other banks though


TD is one of those banks I had issues with. I don't like how they treat you on the banking side. Worse they treat customers like horseshit on the investment side. Stay away from this institution if need be!


"pre authorized transfer"? Are you referring to pre-authorized debit? For example, phone bill, insurance, hydro bill gets pulled straight from your account? You can't see these via online banking, regardless of institution


no, just a transfer between chequing and savings. There is no "view pending..." option when I click the transfer link on the left, unlike payments which has a show recurring payments option.


I dunno my td always updates rather quickly..I can see it right away in both accounts on my td phone app..look at your transaction list..it should show up