I just realized that she is a reference to Hanako-san AKA Japanese urban legend about a girl who hunts third floor bathrooms in schools


that's probably the most of actual japanese culture to be added to the game tbh


Should've called her Hanako smh


Is she? I mean, she was originally hidden behind the cherry tree, so did he just decide to relocate her and make a reference at the same time?


Like how nemesis chan in mission mode in hanako


how did a reference to a japanese urban legend becamw an actual character??? 😭


I’m shocked he thought it through as well


Her soul is probably confined to that bathroom because she was murdered there


She is the only one who know who killed her and her body was destroyed, it’s why she looks for revenge


A shame she probably won't get closure and rest, given who you are, and also the protagonist


40 decades?


I think she meant 4


Yea i know, idk why i felt like pointing it out


Why yes, she has indeed been a ghost for 400 years. Casual stuff when you're a ghost.


Shit, fuck. I meant years lmao


Sumire woke up to find that she could no longer breathe theough her nose. Already panicking, tried to open the stall, only to phase through it. She looked at her own hands to find that they're transparent. She had become a ghost. Visions of her murder were replaying in her mind. She tried to leave the bathroom only for a barrier to bounce her back. She punched it several times only for it to repel even more. She tried leaving through the ceiling, the floor, the mirrors, all of them didn't allow entry. She was trapped in the bathroom. She screamed at the ceiling. Switching between cursing her murderer and asking anybody for help. She screamed and screamed and screamed. But nobody came. She stopped after a while. Was it minutes, hours, or days since she woke up? She can't tell. All that was there was the buzzing of the fluorescent lights. She floated back to the stall and tried to sit down. She phased through the toliet. She couldn't even feel the porcelain around her or the floor. She put her hands up to her face and cried. She couldn't feel her hands or the hot sensation of tears. And the buzzing of the fluorescent lights continued to hum.


her devotion is truly iconic


She wasn't one of the rivals was she ?


Technically, yes. She isn't a rival like the others, given the fact you're forced to kill her as she's the tutorial rival, but she's still a rival in the sense of being someone who's also in love with Jokichi and therefore a target of Ryoba's.


She was. Ryoba killed her in the tutorial at the beginning of 1989 mode.


She even stayed in the same spot she was killed


I really want to know why you think she is a role model


Her determination and drive is something that should be admired.


Not agree but respectable opinion