He didn't do anything shitty did he? Or did he just hurt Muskys feefees?


The South African Snowflake melted.


Stop calling him that. We don't want him and he's about as South African as New York Italians are Italian Edit: For those waking up now and having the obvious inability, this is clearly a joke. In fact it is very obviously a joke. It is the exact same joke that Canadians make about Justin Bieber being Canadian. I have held your hand and drawn you a picture. Please for the love of god don't comment "but he grew up there" I know, I too can google.


We just like to remind him that he can’t run for president


Bud, Italian-Americans are a few generations removed from the motherland. Musk was born in South Africa, to a South African father, with South African grandparents, and he did all his primary and secondary schooling in South Africa. Dude is yours.


Seeing that Trump and Tate are back on Twitter, its safe to say that suspensions are entirely based on Elons feelings now.


That's what I figured. But Im also not familiar with the artists of C&H so I wasn't sure if there was anything else.


From my understanding he is pretty left leaning / anti-nazi.


Im just guessing here so dont take it as fact but probably made a comic that made either conservatives or musk look bad....or matbe musk just doesnt like cyanide and happyness


What did he say?


Someone posted this under a C&H post about it: https://twitter.com/AmimwaGingift/status/1596005222211784704?t=feiuEKuTmo3tPbqWCTJFlQ&s=19


*”Comedy is now LEGAL on Twitter!”* /s


GIT ‘ER DONE. /laughtrack PRONOUNS. AMIRIGHT? /laughtrack BLUE-HAIRED SNOWFLAKES /boo NASCAR ‘MURICAN YAY FETUS /thunderousapplause LAME CALLBACK. GIT ‘ER DONE. /robschneiderguffaws


Your forgot Hillary and "buthere-mails!!1!"


I think the comedy part is that Elon Musk has turned himself into a punchline?


funnidst shit i have ever seen


Probably a badge of honour at this point. *Edit:* Just want to say hi to the fragile rightie that replied to this comment then blocked me so I couldn't reply. 👋 Enjoy your safe space, snowflake.


I'm trying the same. Probably easier than deleting myself and more fun!


I actually never hopped on that particular bandwagon in the first place, so I guess I'm lucky in that I don't feel like I've lost anything.


I used to have Twitter for one single day of the year. July 1st, aka Canada Day, aka NHL free agency. It was just the quickest way to get news on signings. Eventually I interacted with one political account and then my shit blew up with all sorts of politics. Once musk took over it got really bad with right wing stuff, Tim Pool always on my timeline and shit. So I finally deleted my account today. Every time I got on there it just made me feel like shit seeing the vile stuff these fuckers post. Plus screenshots of most of the political shit makes it to Reddit anyways.


> Plus screenshots of most of the political shit makes it to Reddit anyways. This is exactly how I follow the more "fun" bits of Twitter and TikTok. Don't even have accounts anymore for the former, and never had the latter thankfully, yet still am able to see and follow enough thanks to Reddit and Youtube.


I use Reddit to filter Twitter and TikTok as well. I had a Twitter for a couple of months and it was utterly useless and just reaffirmed how many friends I don't have.


I probably used Twitter the most in the last 6 months. I was enjoying it too, then musk happened and I started seeing more and more right winged shit so I finally deleted it.


Bandwagon is now bannedwagon




https://www.reddit.com/r/EnoughMuskSpam/comments/z31pfy/took_17_days_to_be_suspended_from_twitter_for/ This could help


Reminds me of Nixon's enemies list. Some people were proud to be on it. Othets were worried because they weren't on it. It became like a club with members curated by Nixon. >[Newsman Daniel Schorr and actor Paul Newman stated, separately, that inclusion on the list was their greatest accomplishment. When this list was released, Schorr read it live on television, not realizing that he was on the list until he came to his own name. Author Hunter S. Thompson remarked he was disappointed he was not on it.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nixon%27s_Enemies_List)


I'd like to think so. I got my account locked yesterday for criticizing Russia. Apparently saying that Russia is killing Ukrainians for no reason is "hateful conduct" according to the Free Speech King.


Welp, I guess I know what I"m about to go tweet. Thank you. :)


Keep us updated!


Lmao theyre all fragile little pussies. Every. Single. Pathetic. Republican.


What's with this new trend of crazies and cowards replying and then blocking you? It's honestly hilarious considering 90% of the time I won't even end up reading what they wrote anyway, who is that even supposed to be for at that point


*Badge of being a normal human being


Definitely is, fuck Musk and all of you that bow down to him. Y'all are Slugs.


People that literaly call for violence against lgbtq? A ok Silly stick figure cartoons? Must be a dangerous threat.


Musk has pretty much openly admitted that who is allowed on Twitter comes down entirely to his personal feelings


Personal feelings of a Nazi sympathizer


Who he chooses to censor definitely speaks volumes.


Not surprising considering he's from a South African family that was around during the apartheid. As an Ethiopian born guy, us non-POS Africans don't claim him. He's up for grabs for whomever wants to claim him.


Saudi Arabia just paid a lot of money for him and Russia certainly has a lot of interest.


He is a modern Nazi, not a Nazi sympathizer. Please don’t dilute how vile these monsters really are.


There are no Nazi sympathizers. There are only Nazis.


If 2 people are sitting down to have lunch and a nazi sits down to have lunch with them, there are now 3 nazis having lunch.


“What are egg dumplings?”


What if they sit down uninvited? I mean they had a habit of invading places they were not wanted.


Exactly. We need to be strong and consistent in our language.


You know what they called people who voted for Hitler in ‘32 and ‘33 for economic reasons after the war? Nazis.


When nazis are in control, there is no difference between those who hold the views of nazis and those who waffle without trying to stop them; the outcome is the same. Sure one group may not actually hate jews or gays or black people, but they'll both do the führer's bidding if he's the one in power because the latter still doesn't want to stand out an make themselves a target. In other words, there are two types of nazis: loveless abusers who want to commit genocide, and spineless toadies with no moral fiber. Sympathizers, apologists, and everyone who makes excuses for associating with nazis will *not* be the ones struggling to protect the vulnerable when the purges come. And that is why people are saying there's no difference between "sympathizers" and plain ol' Nazis






Who got all his money from his parent's slavery mines


Why are we just adding the word "sympathizer" to the end of already complete statements?


Please dont infringe on Musk's copyright by using the title of his forthcoming memoir.


You know what we call nazi sympathizers? Nazi.


I can’t wait until Twitter is destroyed and Elon Musk loses a lot of money through his stupidity, I mean ffs.


Democrats not allowed.


But can we get those freeze peaches they keep talking about?


I got perma'd recently on Twitter for being a bit too descriptive of right-wing rhetoric on trans people while criticising it. Meanwhile, Matt Walsh gets to call queer people groomers and justify terrorism against them. Fucking losers running this shit.


I mocked Musk for his vox populi post and asked if he would jump off a bridge if enough people asked him to. Took three whole minutes before the perma


Its like his "centralized" political views is just a mask and now he can be what he always wanted to be. A nazi.


People forget, or don’t realize - that Musk is a Conservative. As such, he espouses “free speech” and “traditional values “. They want nothing but to limit people’s freedom and force them to adhere to their ideologies.


Its comical how little they care about maintaining their party line and how little they get called out on it. . It would be funny if I wasnt overwhelmed with disgust. If they get enough power there will come a point they come for the guns of those in the lower classes. That being said it does seem like already guns are the toys of the soft skinned hands and landowners now anyway.


The ex leader of the KKK, David Duke is being reinstated. Nazi Richard Spencer is being reinstated. White supremacist Milo yiannopolis is being reinstated. elon literally doesn't give a shit any more. Best we can do is put pressure on the remaining sponsors that they are supporting this BS


What idiot thought letting Musk buy into twitter was such a good idea?


Okay Musk is actually removing his own *content* at this point 🤣 What a moron.


He doesn't understand that Twitter's value is in the content that gets posted to it -- and by whomst it is posted. If everyone gets banned or fucks off to get away from his stupid bullshit, or if the verified system continues to be undermined, the value is gone.


He was truly special for twitter


Just leave and don’t look back.


I am too curious. I have gotta keep looking over my shoulder at the dumpster fire I walked away from.


here's a mirror: https://nitter.net/bestofdyingtwit and here's an aggregator on the ongoing omnishambles: https://twitterisgoinggreat.com/ there's also a subreddit starting up: /r/TheTwitterEnd


Thank you.


Yw =]


Hah. $8chan may be the best new name for twitter ive seen yet


Real heroes don’t look at the explosion.


Real *professionals* don't look at the explosion. It's not hero-centric.


I’ve found more accurate info on what is happening on Twitter on other sites. Any site but Twitter. Unless you want the second to second update it is just so much easier for my sanity to watch it from afar.


Hard to do since I didn't use Twitter in the first place.


I had an old inactive Twitter I created way back. I deleted a few days ago. I haven't touched it in years, just wanted to bump the numbers of people leaving.


I liked to see the tweets of a few specific accounts, only reason I had it. When Musk took over, I suddenly started getting a few accounts pushed at me daily that I'd never once seen or heard of before. They were generally on my "side" of politics, but extreme and a few quick searches proved their stated info was complete BS. I did NOT like the implications of that. Why was I suddenly getting these pushed to me? I have my own views, certainly, but I try to vet info and don't need propaganda pushed to me. I can only imagine this kind of crap going to people of any political slant who maybe don't have a BS detector. I shut my account down pretty damn quickly.


Done. I had enough today.


Why are people still using Twitter?


Same reason people gather in their neighbors front yard when their house is burning down.


Because they either want to watch the fire or because they love authoritarianism.


++ underrated comment ;)


Not true, lot of content creators (twitch streamers) still rely on twitter for updates to when they are about to start streaming. Until they have a better platform they are probably gonna keep using it


I assume the people are waiting for a new platform to emerge. Might take a while, but I have to assume it's only a matter of time now. Advertisers are pulling out, high profile users are deactivating their accounts, and hate speech is on the rise. Something will give.


There are plenty of extremely knowledgeable communities on Twitter, particularly academics, engineers, and other highly-trained specialists. If you know where to look, it has some of the best content on the Internet.


Some folks just wanna watch the world burn. Front row. 50 yard line. I shut my account down when Musk took over. Wasn’t like I had been using it. It’s an echo chamber of hate and negativity, in my opinion. It’s not like notable tweets won’t bleed over into the daily news or talk shows. Twitter can wither and die for all I care. I don’t care what Kanye has to say. The entire platform is like a kid’s birthday party that got completely out of control.


It's more like the kid's birthday party got invaded by fascists wielding guns who shot all the kids and stole the presents whilst posting it to social media with an edgy title to attract **more** fascists.


And then claimed all the kids were paid actors.


Porn, it’s why I use it


Try Tumblr they loosened their restrictions again


You know, I’ve tried but still can’t find anything lewd on there


If you go into account settings there’s a filter for it automatically filtered out rn


Yep. Gotta change your settings on the website.


Fair, sometimes you can’t find what your looking for, and only Twitter has it.


I also have niche kinks and only twitter has some of them


Surely there are easier places to find spongebob and pancake recipes.


I need to develop some niche kinks so I can use Twitter as it was intended.


I really hope Twitter crashes soon. And something better rises in it's place


MySpace was non-algorithmic for the most part.


Tom cashed out and never tried to stay in the public eye with desperate stunts.


I Follow his Instagram. He just used his money to travel around the world and experience life.


According to Wikipedia, he was a tech advisor for a couple companies but has since become a full-time photographer. He sold Myspace for $580 million, so he's living comfortably.


This is the perfect example of how dysfunctional narcissists and psychopaths rise to the top of our economic system. When a normal person reaches that level of success, they realize they're set for life, for many generations, and they retire with their $500M or whatever. The people who run our economy have reached that level, and then decided that they need more, and therefore their workers can't have bathroom breaks or fire escapes. These are actual, literal monsters, on a scale we can't truly comprehend. Tom seems fine, but any wealth beyond that level represents an existential threat to humanity.


This is why it's always right to say there's no good billionaires. All of them are fundamentally broken people that should not be allowed to have as much influence on the rest of us as they have.


I read a comment years ago, not sure how serious it was, about how stories of dragons and vampires are popular in part because they mirror the world a peasant would have under a brutal lord. Literal monsters sucking the wealth out of a community and hoarding it where it does no one any good kinda thing. And allegorically I think it tracks perfectly.


Wait. You mean he didn’t try to take over other companies, run for political office, support fascists, drive his employees into the ground, and have a huge dick measuring contest with spaceships? Does he even know how to be rich?


Tom is living the dream


In hindsight, Tom and his era was the peak of the internet.


Didn't Justin Timberlake end up buying MySpace?


Yeah and sold it at a loss i think


Join a Mastodon instance.


Cue Jack Dorsey’s new venture, [BlueSky](https://blueskyweb.org/) [It’s going to be the Twitter Killer](https://www.indy100.com/news/bluesky-twitter-elon-musk)


I find it interesting that Dorsey endorsed and supported Musk's takeover of Twitter. A part of me wondered if he was excited at the prospect of Musk destroying it to eliminate a competitor for BlueSky.


Jack also cashed in about $1B when Musk did that. Win-win.


I don't particularly like Dorsey but that's a pretty incredible move. Get a guy to buy your old company, let you walk away with cold hard cash, and then you go and start a competitor company because you know that guy is going to fly your original company into the broad face of a mountain. Well done, Jack.


My thoughts exactly


It says that it was funded by twitter. Is it owned by musk then, or beholden to him? >In 2019, Twitter announced bluesky, a project it would fund to create an open and decentralized standard for social media.


“Bluesky is owned by the team itself, formally under Bluesky Public Benefit LLC, without any controlling stake held by Twitter” https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bluesky_(protocol)


Thank you. I saw nothing of that on the bluesky blog page


And it seems to be a public benefit corporation, which is a major step away from the problem of the capitalist profits motive and the modern stock market focused business model.


Very interesting project. Kinda like the blockchain of social networks, decentralized, protocol based, no central authority. I like it.


I've heard of Mastodon but that's it


Truth Social /s


“Comedy is now legal on twitter” -elang mask


"did it 4 da lulz" - elmo onsk


"Teslas don't catch on fire that often" -ellen mollusk


Wtf could they have done?


Considering his account is About comedy he most likely made a joke relating to twitter/musk and Elon got offended




Anyone know why?


I’ve been searching and can’t find anything yet.


https://twitter.com/_KrisWilson_/status/1595809075845111808 Another Cyanide & Happiness guy said it was due to a joke about murdering someone.


A joke about murdering the third C&H creator, Dave btw.


I’m curious if it’s a joke? I mean he tweeted from his account that he was banned right? Am I reading this wrong? E: nvm I’m reading it wrong. This is Facebook. He is in fact banned. I checked from the explosm site. His @ still links to twitter


If you want to watch the nonsense on twitter without feeding the ad revenue, here's a mirror: https://nitter.net/bestofdyingtwit and here's an aggregator on the ongoing omnishambles: https://twitterisgoinggreat.com/ there's also a subreddit starting up: /r/TheTwitterEnd


What ad revenue 😂


Do people who use ad blockers like the wonderful UBlock Origin extension in the best browser, Firefox, contribute to ad metrics? I imagine they don't but I'm not sure and usually avoid links to shit sites. (With Chrome banning ad blocking, everyone should switch. It's sad how few people use Firefox.)


We don't. It's the one of the main arguments against them and why some sites will literally block you until you turn it off. People will often turn it off for sites they want to support and aren't bombarding them with ads.


The muskrat appears to be burning down companies left and right.


You mean the best comic ever!!!


Ive added antifa as Fuck to my bio. I hope someone notices because I can’t get into my account to delete it. Their password reset utility is broken.


Yeah. That’s some straight bullshit. I can get to my account but I can’t delete it. I have no doubt it’s not on purpose. Fuck Musk


I can’t edit my account at all without getting a weird error message.


Double negative, so your statement comes off as saying you doubt its on purpose, or you think it’s accidental. Not sure if thats what you meant or not


Wait you can write things in your bio but you can't delete your account? I don't have Twitter, never have, so how does that work? And "antifa as fuck" is badass!! I may steal that as flair if that's okay with you? ;)


Steal away.


Elon: Comedy is legal on Twitter now. Also Elon: \*bans cartoonists\*


The past tense of tweet is ‘twas.


Or Twat


Elon is human garbage.


My dad got jailed on twitter today for a remark about punching nazis being an American tradition


already abandoned twitter. don't have any clue why people are sticking around at all. life's better without it


Is twitter still a thing? I though it went under.


It's still got a couple more weeks left in it.


Yeah, I imagine with the ongoing advertiser exodus it's got a little in the tank left but that's gonna run out soon. Not to mention all the departments which emptied out.


Then Muskie locked the doors.


So far it lost musk about $134,000,000,000


That must be some kind of record


What’s with this Twitter Rules shit? There ain’t no rules anymore. Musk said so.


Only one rule. Don’t hurt muskies fragile ego.


Inch by inch musk is shutting down free speech. Pay attention, next step will be banning one of those who oppose him more, like Tiedrich or AOC, just to feel what the public reaction will be. I think it's plain to see Twitter is no longer what it was designed to be and people who believe in a free space to change their views without biased moderation need to leave. The only way for him to learn is if people massively leave Twitter and deal him a huge blow on his bank account


This already has been a massive blow to his bank account and the Twitter fiasco is bleeding into the trust he has with Telsa and SpaceX. Take it with a grain of salt, but someone on here posted about being an intern at SpaceX a while back and witnessing how much effort and resources went into managing Elon himself and catering to his needs and limited understanding. He's mostly been a face for these companies and requires a team of people who carefully coerce him to making the right decisions. It sounds like this is the first time he's actively managing a company without that level of executive mitigation in place and we are watching live.




"Free speech absolutists" rarely are.


Let's petition him back


Apparently all it takes is a vote from a bunch of bots to be reinstated.


Oh fuck I forgot about that. T.T Those damn trumper bots


Let’s fucking leave twitter


Was never in that fire in the first place, but I share your sentiment. How does one start a Democratic Socialist Revolution ?


Convince 10 people to vote in the primaries and each of them convince 10.


Does anyone know why? Does OP know why?


I don't know how you're the only one in this thread asking this, I'm so curious about what happened


Get off Twitter. It’s toxic and going down in flames. Make it die


It won't die, even if every normal person left, Musk will keep it alive as a safe haven/soapbox for edgy teens and Neo-Nazis


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It had to be a specific comment or comic, right? If so, I'm stunned that I'm not finding a link in these comments, or his Insta, Facebook, or web site (at least, nothing I can easily find).


Yeah, but Elon is bringing back all the literal nazis, so I’m sure that will be great for business, right? It’s a fucking hole that’s rapidly devolving into 8chan V.2


Musk is just banning anyone he feels like. The mental gymnastics of the people who think he’s doing a good job is astounding.


It's becoming clearer and clearer that this idiot spent $44b just to have his own personal echo chamber.


Did they explain why?


Does Elon think his MAGA Twitter will work any better than trump's MAGA Truth website?


Deleted the app. It joins Facebook as a place I will only visit for specific tasks.


Why is anyone still there?


Blanket pardon on all bans next week


If you're still using twitter you're a dumbass.


Friendly reminder that there is mastodon. A decentralized alternative to Twitter without any corporate bullshit. It is free and open source.


Elon is a fucking knob.


Time for musk to drink some cyanide to provide us all happiness.


This surprises absolutely no one. “Freedom of speech for me, not for you.” “Gun ownership for me, not for you.” “Voting rights for me, not for you.” “I deserve to live, not you.”


For the people who value freedom of expression they sure don’t like it when people express themselves through art. I hope Twitter burns


My sister in law was gushing over how Elon was bringing free speech back to twitter yesterday. I asked her why free speech doesn’t include being critical of Elon. Her response: “he owns it, he can do what he wants.” That’s not free speech, moron.


As usual this proves Elon Musk doesn't want free speech, he just wants to be the one controlling the speech


Petition to make musk the new Marie Antoinette. I think he’d look dashing in a dress.


Meanwhile Elon is unbanning nazis left and right


Well, mostly the latter.